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8-14 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- governor yet I'm sandy -- there's a mailing case -- and emulate the attorney general and home. Which is means housing opportunities made equal decided to go after this actually to a number we're focusing on one. There's landlord. Who has a policy he does not accept. Government vouchers from anybody. Anybody not just one group or another group not one sex not one ethnicity or anybody is okay now they're saying look. You have now you have an apartment that doesn't meet standards. For section eight. -- follow me on this and at at that but you don't accept. Section today. So at that point you would think the conversations over. It doesn't meet the standards and accept it so whatever is familiar to meet the standards it's a good pitch attempt. But no. Don't know they're saying he's got to accept of these these section eight he's got to accept government vouchers. But if he doesn't have this apartment doesn't meet the government's standards how can they force them to take the government voucher. It is so screwed up I can't believe this at the -- now with a 5000 dollar fine. He yes the go to a fair housing class that is on expands. And that's that because of the city of buffalo in 2006. Passed an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against a prospective tenants. On the basis of lawful source of income. That includes discrimination against those who receive government vouchers. As well as those who earn income through any legitimate job. Now here's the deal. That is so so cock guide that it says to me that there are no standards to be set by the by the oh lord. Because otherwise you're not discriminating against anybody if the same set of rules apply to win every one. Pretty fundamental knowledge and thank. It's just bewildering to me let's go to Franken is not a lot of Frank -- government keep their nose out of this guy's business. Oh absolutely couldn't hear that rhetoric he grew nobody could understand. An ally in every landlord that does -- are. -- apartments that. So are sending we all need to have a lawyer targeted a site that the rules. It is you know you're subject to awards -- -- needs of the government which aren't there. I don't call my whitener now called it on or what I -- hit an eight unit apartment. -- god. Who turned Democrat would have been able -- it has changed over the years he court. Right. Partnered to people that were -- here. And hit gap. And we're making good guardian being scrutinized department all electric said there -- change as a Democrat that they're able part. -- a quandary equipment out apartment because nobody would hear what -- AB CEO Gregory yeah. And ordinary would start between Iraq and a hard place though. What was heated through so he proudly work and he went affectionate with these yours well -- -- the beginning of the nightmare being tired. -- watching guys included when they're -- to actually make things these people literally. Aren't involved are more appointments through impact because no matter Wharton. It was not deterred by the government. You know people would -- and right. It was going undercover of darkness deliberately. Take everything that was going to be a -- bear you out of those apartments copper. Portal at. The doors smoke alarm. Particularly -- what in the paper and they want war are our -- onboard. A part in order he did everything that you export duty keeping apartments now. And every time that he bought one into what it would take a while every part of ready that you -- -- -- card and increased prices it would take out. It was like the parts that help. Well you know of throughout the first time I ever did a show about landlords I was on WGR radio. And -- I would have landlords telling me what you just told me that when tenants left oftentimes. The they took -- let's with -- -- they took the foreigners whether they took copper while wiring with them. And I I was a novice at this -- I did not know it and since then I've heard that story over and over and over here's a guy who's tried it. It's simply do a job ran -- and apartments at the same road rules and regulations for everybody the government does a lot of and to be able to do that. Are below and then back on top of their. You know they had the nerve to come -- did it yet to put our mayor and it would as they would investigate. -- because it would never did it would have been much rent we don't hear their I don't care that -- are very deep ball there weren't sent these apartments. -- every guy in the air and then it would boil an entity entity entity out. Forgot what the agency wiped it off well. I think people are whipped up operative it would -- that a government agency that they. That we don't have the copper apartment we don't -- that we don't adapt you know what that it was topic it is -- W apartment in court -- well. But some crazy and you know got involved with this. The attorney general Eric -- snyderman who gets involved with -- everything. Except of course not he's the chief blunt force an officer of New York State except that I he -- -- fifteen emails a day on different things he's investigating. I'm waiting for that email -- says he's investigating the that the dissolution of the -- Moreland commission. I'm waiting for of that one after that what shows up then I'll start paying attention to. I know are there any -- that would -- Oddly static record it to operate court Irving Berlin and an -- it would cockpit more tired Marty. They're great people in the war. It's not that report or what -- were prohibited -- if -- -- get -- and -- -- -- and -- they would favor him. But for now he wouldn't get it anyway that they get over it ever anything. Don't need it ended up at the you know it's always been the scapegoat he -- column -- that there would end up pretty air and eager to what other. Whatever bottom -- get it got pretty sure that he took -- and you are. And I thought not to do it deeper tonight eight unit apartment building on the lower white guy and -- just. -- it just took quarterly could get just that they're popular in the current Centre court ticket anymore. Well they of the government always wants to perpetuate their own programs in their own departments as an earlier caller said. They try and though also gets you involved with heat which is the heating assistance out. So the last thing they want is independence. Because. Our target that -- network that I would never ever. One I'd be in this in the business not follow only. Income property no way I don't care what people tell -- -- that they got full time job award curator. It's like the other -- call. I'm where I've heard -- -- -- -- anymore Franken and will continue to Eric thank you for you're -- appreciate it. -- Schneider amen what a joke. And so -- I you know I should do some there should download all the ones I get -- any day and tell you what the latest news from the attorney general's. Offices in New York State however. That one email that I've been waiting for. Is an investigation. By his office in two -- to -- our governor dissolving the -- commission now we know the US attorney. As information on that but I wonder why New York State attorney general. Doesn't have anything on that haven't seen -- I mean -- among my delete delete delete delete delete when I get his crap. It's amazing that I've not seen one single email him. They don't trailed by Israel 18061692. Through six are right -- this is the guy and saying to you you can't set your own standard. We'll tell you'll what the standard is and even if you lose money. He invented no matter what the situation is that's just the way this is where the governments for them. Squirrel Val -- not discriminating against anybody if you are rules apply to everybody and you faithfully execute those rules. If you have a standard if you have a minimum at your restaurant where you must spend ten dollars for lunch. If somebody comes that was seven dollars and they they don't meet the minimum you -- not discriminating against some it's just say that's that's the benchmark. It goes from here to bear. Are they discriminating against you when you go to buy a car and you don't have the money that that they want to sell the car -- Plain and simple it should be a buyers market. As long as it's fair and non discriminatory the government shouldn't have anything to say about that will be back after this. We're talking about the fact that here's here's another our guy getting batted around by the authorities. Because he does not want to accept government vouchers for his rental properties he has eight properties and as a wanna go -- Now he's not saying I don't -- accept vouchers for this group or that group or this sex or that sex he says everybody has a lot of -- And now they're getting after him because of the 2006. Ordinance. The city of bubble that prohibits discrimination. Against prospective tenants on the basis of lawful sources of income. That -- discrimination against those who received government vouchers. As well as those who earned income through any legitimate source so in other words they're trying to force him. To do that because of this -- they find them 5000 dollars. And some other stuff. And I'm saying it's none of their business. Not discriminatory but applies to everybody now many times in the past when I've done shows similar to of this. There have been many but there have been a -- I told you that I have a friend who tried to do it the right way and found out that there's a lot of obstacles in the path. And that friend in the women's group around this time is a -- never tied down. I'll tell you a couple of things that happened -- packets happened. -- -- -- both old and build those beautiful Rexall not to -- easy at all. Area it was becoming you know what you were -- and it was going to be -- -- the people worked on -- -- -- I -- -- pretty good why. Property in weren't Georgian agent. I was an abrupt. Very close together little narrow alleyway between them. And a couple of its acreage that you talked about the government agencies it didn't look okay what. We had mentioned there they were terrific people right. But it would choose sides so it -- very purpose now. We stepped down because you -- -- can't get those people to wait for much anymore so now we have to read -- someone else or someone else and turned out. Actually like -- sitting. You're I was just I don't actually two other birds that collect the -- I don't that the read is true -- it -- matter anymore but here they Eddie your dog Sparky. Side and you not only insure your house I don't know how anybody plus they live like that there was thought. There being a chop of the cabinet. And a bit in the -- is it I mean it was all I cleaned out the basement right built. Three garbage bags -- so we're gonna do. Something and somebody to do like I would ask anyone to do it it was horrible okay that's what we can't -- some -- the stuff yeah. Another ship it at the station at McEachern the only part that they have their rental property there are. -- there's actually truck and if Erik you broke the door down last night at the back end it on purpose future. I don't there and I'm not -- order here. It on the court outlawed and watch what -- -- that supported that our our. That I'm not saying that happened that was it really -- -- We had a also set a walker the -- okay that must be a break in the line somewhere so I call. The plumber came out the check -- yachts in the history. The -- broken in the area of street. So. Why did the right now I like all the possible. Water people connect all the application and you're out there we'll get it right away our right so they get down there is no legitimate. All right -- are eligible. To that it won't. -- Responsible for that. Whole infrastructure was urged that the at what -- Deteriorated so years that. Asian. Order book -- I'm responsible. It. Should. She call -- a -- and street I call. -- -- But it's actually. Swipe -- what is probably. You -- -- to make sure about what your response. So. It looked like out of a child's. -- It was light and it showed it. Will. Now. Yeah. Well. Well I remember. -- remember when you're going through this there we had a conversation and you said to me. When you bought these properties yield fix them up as if you were going to live in them yourself and then this is what they did on. Yeah. -- Deal with the issues aside. Now we want to -- -- what is -- What else so we're we're gonna be treated to a 2000. Because a preservation district remember. Related in this. And -- YIROR. But. For the port. -- here. At. All. You're. Citing -- -- -- what is a lot. And said will that change secure. -- This palace the best out exactly and iron -- I don't know I don't know -- -- If so you have to you have to look like. Or -- okay well what about the windows so. You're out there but in this window. I had let it take so what do you know he's new energy efficient windows. Lately between the two houses. -- He changed the care. All I can. Those windows. And what you'll property next to it what fire at. If there are so -- here. Outdoor activity. It is all action out of very good attitude. That's about twelve pictures that. You'll there are a lot of slope there a lot of that the -- and what a producer and a tour are you don't look at fifty dollars back home. Well I -- So I just said oh that's for well I think their on air and idiotic. Well first of all I'm glad you re confident because I know you put in a good faith effort also what people should know that was in the seventies and that's the last time he spent money on anything so -- now. -- Well we're -- -- that that was then never at that and truthfully he said he set those houses up as that he wouldn't aluminum. And they got trashed that but the threads will be back -- nervous you or. Hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- and I'm very -- toll free line is 1806169236. Yes let's say -- goal -- you might end up being a talks growth which this guy giving out warnings are so fair warning. It is Bates and governor I am I'm sandy beach they're ticked off or heard this yesterday and then I saw the story in today's problem is by Jerel McNeal. About a man who has eight apartments. And that he owns and leases in the Riverside neighborhood. He's simply says he put in -- man and and said that he does not accept. Our government vouchers which would be basically section eight doesn't accept the OK but he doesn't accept them for anybody. Black white. Hispanic. Male female doesn't accept them. So that therefore everybody that walks in that once the use them won't be able the -- but everybody that does them wanna use them. It's welcome what's what's better than that. He even said he rants ever body I rent to blacks and Hispanics men and women. Of all races I have tennis -- disabilities. They all have different incomes. Was better than that well of course the government always -- was better than that and Eric Schneider -- the attorney general who seems interest and and everybody's. Parking ticket except the governor's. I haven't seen anything out of his office regarding. The governor and here is. Did dissolving the Moreland commission but he decides a home to what team up with home. Holman is the housing opportunities made equal that's what it stands for and it turns out there's an ordinance in the city of buffalo. From 2006. The prohibits discrimination. That's a key word here. Against prospective tenants on the basis of lawful source of income. Are these include discrimination against those who receive government vouchers. As well as those who earned income. Through a legitimate job so what they're saying is you can't say. You can have this apartment if you want to use a government voucher. But he's not just saying it to blacks or whites are women or Hispanics he's saying it's everybody. So there's no real discrimination there but they vote they've come to a settlement -- them. 5000 dollars he has been a 5000 dollar fine. He has to agreed to attend a fair housing class of his own expense. He Wednesday the landlord said. He don't lament the fact he was not a praised. Apprised of this in advance about the city's fair housing example. And of course the man from the agency. The home agency says Arizona law isn't an excuse for violating the law. But then he contradicts himself. Listen to this he says of mr. PH throws the landlord. -- had done his due diligence. He would know that the laws that are governing his business I infer that he probably hasn't come complied with the city's rental registration law either. Or he should've been told at that time about the city's fair housing ordinance. He also added that under the section eight rental assistance program rental housing. Four recipients of the vouchers. Must meet federal housing quality standards. And are generally in line with -- -- standards. If he believed that the unit he was seeking to rent was not up the federal housing equality standards. He said that his -- that's tantamount to him the landlord admitting the apartment was sub standard. Okay. Doesn't anybody see on the face of this the hypocrisy of that. If indeed the accusation by the housing authority Astro that he thought the apartment was sub standard. What if he did accept. Vouchers. May be in trouble. He's in trouble accepting vouchers on an apartment they claim that he was hurt. Saying. It is sane. Yeah I mean you talk about just off the law all insanity that's what ideas. Had they come back and said look this guy knew the apartment was sub standard and he -- -- via. Of them the money from the government so he's cheating the government which they got a case with that. You don't -- case of a guy if they if he agreed that the apartment with sub standard who doesn't want to take government money because it wouldn't be. Applicable. I just don't yet this at all. Let's see our Chris we have some FaceBook your argument come. On the will go back through tackles this is firmer and a she says I didn't realize it was OK for the government to decide how you accept -- some businesses don't accept personal checks others credit carrots that's not discriminatory it's their personal preference. That's exactly right if you go into a restaurant and it says casual way -- not discriminating against you because you don't have a credit card because. They don't want your credit card -- discrimination it's a standard that's what they wanted to -- they can live or die by that they might lose business wise man who knows. But it's their choice. So of the government getting its nose in every aspect of our lives is getting a little pathetic another one police. It's misses from Sammy says this is not discriminatory in many cases of government assistance is used as payment. Then the dueling have to meet certain requirements and that can involve an expense to the landlord. Yeah obviously there's so many aspects of this. All of which say man. If you're thinking of going in the renal business think long and hard about it and talk to somebody who is already banana. We'll take a regular we'll go back to Lyndon I don't think lender agrees witness. Will be back to find out on news -- 930 W via. They always they always position that as some kind of this -- what we're doing now in America if you wanna get something done to your point of view. And somebody opposes that. They are presenting a war against something. It's that this is how the government we have now is positioning the war against women -- -- war against children console war against minorities or against the war blob blob blob -- -- secretary it to be honest with you. And -- disk the of the gentleman from our home. I join me. -- says this is discrimination. Based on source of income it's a major problem in Western New York has been the most free -- record are recorded basis for discrimination. In terms of reported cases. I think it comes from the year ago prejudice against them for. And the dehumanization. Of the floor. It has nothing to do with that it has affected the does not want to accept this as a form of payment. That two different issues but there again if we can think somebody's taking advantage -- somebody why not just pile of the government involved. Linda may not agree with -- -- as an Orchard Park here on WBN London. When they learned a critic action to talk shark. First of our molecular partner throughout this guy on base that -- problems apparently it's like and touched. -- you know conditions around the -- is toxic or. On second thought I would like to say that -- much auctioning but detectives. Section eight does not force any landlord whatsoever to take their morning. And their money that they get from -- section -- is directly deposited in the checking account and unfortunately. For one reason I'm disabled and I had my -- and three grandchildren. So that was the only reason why don't flops we -- fortunate that it makes me Shaq. And it shocks about other people to take advantage of the system. That destroy property. It and it makes it hard for a good select -- itself -- -- go. To go in Iraq and JK listen I got section rates are all on or whatever and they're going to be scared it's slipping back. But that won't four there's something that you mentioned in their post of the newspapers something. People first knowledge nicknamed themselves and that they saying it armored. A candidate and I still got my job around because -- -- -- -- -- the court where our church. And yet I think it's. Which corner and -- some public but there are key is that the popular mission from that continent. I agree with you because I've read this a dozen times. And there are things that just don't fit first of all regarding -- on section eight. That is designed to help people and and to get you through whatever has to get through and those who Obey the rules were fine -- it's just the fact that we don't think that the landlord should be still a strong arm by the government. Right angry -- its insurance -- anybody. Anybody can Saxony and and you know there's a lot of people that don't icon dominant such an extra their own personal reasons. Probably because this someday it will work for the good people -- page and I don't blame them or hurt your Q percent unemployment. And I agree with cure -- Turkey percent of the government should not force anybody to take. Section. One article I went -- so that they can keep his job actually. Well you know oftentimes some people get a chance to have their name in the paper they they jump at it and we'll see if there's any follow up on this because. I'm I'm sure that as I read this and although a lot of other people read it we can't seem to make hide their hair out of it. You know I've heard some horror stories for the poor landlords stat where it can -- sanctioning people command. And you know what they're into a lot of rules about section commentary and in -- can say issued for the children and people good they had their -- but the fact is that. The landlord has to say yes before they comment. You know -- got you okay I agree. You could comment and I'm gonna take before coming in look at. Yeah CIA that's what I like either the landlord says yes I'd like to be a part of his program common -- do whatever or no I don't wanna be and I want to opt out of it. But as long as it's for everybody and and includes everyone and doesn't. Odds -- set aside one group or another group or another sex. Then I think it's perfectly fair. -- and in my partner program original furniture to Shannon and I really believe to summer church. To the people in the paper. And including that there's not there's not all the key to the -- I think you're right on the thank you thank you for your call appreciate it let's go to -- because we haven't been able freak out. It's certainly easier to figure out the best. Because if the claim is that the landlord know the apartment was sub standard. But he's refusing to take section eight. Well then he's complying -- -- he can be had taken section eight knowing the visit the via property was sub standard that would be wrong. But that seems to be what big government is pushing this guy to. Now the guy has an admitted that its sub standard that's needed that's just the supposition. That if it war. And that's they supposition on the guy from home. It and I don't I don't know if you can make that supposition without. Offer authentication or not. But will say in will be interesting to see if there's any idea continuing if this story as -- continuing -- let's go to Pete in Ontario -- you're on W beyond. Eight and you -- like yours in. The carpet into it and in another form continued seeing. That the last three strength in stop light is what I really think you're about to become massive turn. People are -- -- Obama on it. Here it's great -- the problem is -- dreadful you know it's seven million people or whatever. I think that topic is public opinion that -- -- -- we know liberalism. The strong lasted about fifteen to 20% of the population. What these people are -- no -- for their children. And ignorant left wing. Art -- that. -- They get hurt by not reporting proper news. And I really think. Like we talked about it in -- in black. And not one conservative in its americorps would not want it. Okay it's the left that book laughter and could be can continue we. Knew exactly he'd be able report put. People around you know that you know is it because the rocket. You know you know. You know. And that's why we keep getting this. Actually Oprah pitting one side against another a division in the American population and if if there's something goes against you it's only because there's a war against you are you -- there's a war against you are -- minority does a war against you are -- woman is a war against -- and that's what they do they've pit one against the other because they can't take on the whole thing at once and -- at the York. Actually aiding and abetting them if you buy into these programs thank you. That's basically what we talked about that we talk about all the time. -- outright or you know I don't wanna bring up Obama's name on every single show but basically every speech ever gives is that. It's dividing one against the other how come this person has something you don't have. This is simple as that while they couldn't possibly have deserved it. They got it through some favor they know somebody they inherited that it's not that they were doing work. Hard work they were giving up things when -- were sitting on your ass watching television it's not that possible cars it's because somebody had a war against you you were cheated out of your fair share. And that's the America we're living in today it's pathetic. It really is. And whether Hillary Clinton hugs Obama -- She's a continuation of this program believe me. I doubt about wraps it up on news radio 930 WBO. We'll -- much they never has to needs to be used she.

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