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8-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tobacco Beijing governor has annoyed me when I found out about it yesterday. I -- my question is should landlords be forced to accept government vouchers. Now I my position is clear. As long as well a -- standards apply to everybody. There's no discrimination involved. In other words if they accepted vouchers from one group of people but didn't except number of somebody else that would be wrong. And they should be punished for that but if they say we don't take vouchers. What's the difference that I find restaurants saying we don't take food stamps. Or are -- some businesses says though we don't accept credit cards or are we don't accept cash you must pay by credit card. I mean the bottom line is I think that homeowners in this case people who own homes or apartment buildings who ran. Should be allowed to set their own standards and how that rent is paid. And I think it's ridiculous. That -- we have this tight clamp. On know what they can do as well as I said I'm I would not tolerate any kind of discrimination but this isn't discrimination. They can call whatever they wanna call it but that's usually what they do they'll throw -- discrimination in there because that say you know a buzzword delegate hair on the back here next standing up we don't -- you don't want that nobody should have to put up -- But it's not if -- alive and applies to everybody if it's the same standard you tell me how you can prove that that's discrimination. And as -- landlord said he rats he said quote I from Perelman meals column. In the Buffalo News. I ran out to blacks and Hispanics women and men of all races I have tenants -- disabilities. They -- all different incomes. So the landlord saying it's open everybody I just don't wanna take government vouchers why should he be forced to. -- had of this agency that overlooks -- says discrimination based on source of income. Is a major problem in Western New York. It's become the most frequently recorded basis for discrimination in terms of reported cases. -- he acknowledged section eight tenants have been stigma ties among some landlords here's a quote. I think it comes from prejudice against the war. And good dehumanization. Of the -- so there is always novices are. This is this this is our time we're living in everything that you disagree with -- is a war against you. It's a war against this is a war against women it's a war against the war no it is again a war against common sense is what it is. It truly is but there again it's designed to get your signature -- sympathies on the side of a robo of one side or the other. I don't think it's. At all. But apparently via the -- says it is a majority of the people. More receivers section eight subsidies are white and a majority of people who -- receiving section eight subsidies are working. But there working in jobs that do not produce a livable wage so in other words. The the person who owns the house has no control. Over how that houses rented out as far as though a form of payment no control somebody just shows up. There's section eight you have -- that's just the way it is if you don't want section eight tenants as long as not a member section eight you should be allowed to do. Let's go to Julianne in north tunnel Wanda Julianne you're on WB again. But mind and that alone. I have to tell you -- that yearning for 35 years. I lived in the home that I rent pay rent an apartment upstairs. If you live in how. You do not have to -- people on section eight. Because they're considered letting what you know okay. And if you have -- own house across the street and I didn't let there that I have to rent to anyone and everyone. So what I like a double if you had a double and you lived on one side you would need to takes action and on the other side is that what you're saying. OK so it's only if you owned a more than one that you can only live once was that time I would guess that you'll be required to do that. Right that's payment you're not allowed to. Take out the TARP program and and you had your property that you don't let. So this this problem you have not faced because of your situation what that's good at least you have some some semblance of control over -- over your own property. Yeah if you look on the menu at the -- -- the other way around -- is cake application scope through your applications still background checks. And and you can trying to choose if Google listener and you know I'm the properties -- -- about. All right we certainly can understand. Why some people have have not been treated fairly but we can also understand. How some landlords have not been treated fairly by the -- the tenants but the government okay thank you Julian. -- my it's division that so if you have a double or if you live. In the same. House. Then you don't have to accept a section name but apparently if you don't. One of these. It's who had several apartments the -- -- in the second one had several but they were not overwhelming numbers it was like six and -- or something like that. So they started -- have their own little place -- rented out but they have to accept it. Whether they like it or not and there again why does the government come down on housing like that waited. When. Indeed due in other forms have the right to protect your own property you have a right to set the standards if -- If they restaurant as a dress code for instance suppose that there are restaurants as you have the -- tie. And somebody comes in without a size -- they have to see them or is that discrimination against the war because again reported -- -- like to know that I mean I'd be variances that Imelda. In the example I use of -- I don't see anybody of being able to walk into a fine restaurant in buffalo and use food stamps I don't think that's a lot of I could be wrong. But I don't think that's -- that's allowed. I've never had the use of and number happy about that so I don't -- rules I don't know what liberals actually. But the bottom line is I doubt very much if you do that. So what I what I say is equal application. Of your standards can not be considered discriminatory. Especially since this guy. Frances Diego. Says that he -- that everybody anyway. But there again the long arm of the government when you get sick of it. M we're not allowed to make any kind of decisions. Based on our history based on our knowledge. You know for instance suppose somebody wants to rent an apartment. And it's a one bedroom and they have fifteen children. And you know amusing obviously ridiculous example. Are you not allowed to say this too many people for that it would overtaxed the facilities. And it's it's not know what I what I think is allowable. Or would that the -- a via a war against children I mean think about it because that's how we're positioning everything now. Everything everything everything. Is -- is positioning as a war against whoever you wanted to be against. As was like there's no such thing as you want to protect your investment in your property. You want the other people who -- to be comfortable and happy because. Because they -- they they do follow the same rules as you're expected to follow. What's wrong with that -- can ever prove that that your being discriminatory if it applies to everybody that's just basic. Basic thought process that I'm surprised that the geniuses that provide us with the laws haven't figured that out yet. Will be back -- more beach and company and news radio 930 W via it just annoyed me. I yesterday when I found out that a landlord actually is true or focusing on one today from the -- by Arab male. Was. Pointed out by the by the state. I am -- two landlords have to settle. Because as one landlord in particular did not accept government vouchers. But it wasn't that he didn't accept the government vouchers from one group but did accept them from somebody else is an acceptable at all. So there's there's no form of discrimination. -- the same rules apply to everybody. Otherwise is the government telling us we have no standards. That would not allowed to have standards. And if you wanna run a store that says cash only no charge card you can't. -- -- wanna run a restaurant that says that no food stamps that you can't is that what they're trying to Telus. That your investment your apartment. Your house whatever your row renting out you have no ability to put any kind of standards on what how kind of deal is that. I'd like to know the answer to that. Meanwhile you've put your heart your soul in Europe and your finances to try and put up a decent place for somebody to live and you you set up a standard that you don't want to take government vouchers. You know you know if you really think about it isn't that really more discriminatory toward you move and it is toward via prospective tenants. Because you'll cut down the number of people who might be eligible to lump. To live in your house. You've essentially. A set a standard that might hurt your bottom line. But you're willing to do it BO for whatever reason for whatever reason maybe you don't like big government subsidy program. Maybe yeah maybe you have other thoughts but it should be your call to make. Until you start separating one person from another on the basis of any thing. Race faith gay straight anything at all then you're not breaking the law. You shouldn't be breaking the law. If you if -- rule applies to everyone but that's what got. And that's the kind of -- we have crammed down our throat. I'm telling you I wouldn't I wouldn't -- -- rental property no matter watt and I'm just saying because of this kind of crap. You try and put something nice you try to set some standards and this is what you. Lets go to Tom in buffalo Tom here on WBM. Hello there to Mexico. And there -- it is. -- the landlord. Has to qualify. To be a section eight rental well -- like you I think that. There's certain. Minimum requirements -- apartment. He. This election they are -- approve or doesn't approve over at every apartment search section. That's that's what you have that's what it says in this in this article. So let -- forearm area. A landlord must span is partly inspected. For section eight. Why didn't need wasn't even there. That's that's a good question days says in this article. He won't say he said the standard applied to everybody and he rents to everybody. I would like to know where the complaint came from. It had to come from somebody who wanted to an apartment from the sky but couldn't get it because they were six section eight. So I don't know the answer your question but that it does say that that you do have to qualify for. Yeah and the government the government person who was a tongue lashing the landlord. As I first broke he said he was unaware of the fair housing ordinance. When you do this kind of business you buy property and it's not like it's a business school for it. That he did not know about it and then the people who oversee that said that he should have known about it and ignorance of the law is not an excuse. So -- you you got to run around thing going here but I if I would I would tell the government. I want you to make your case against me for discrimination. Because you can't. It's strange because -- I used to national action party in the city. I would be more than happy if the wood -- -- to check -- meat from the world for department decided that going to writers and could have never got. That's a good point -- why it hasn't paid directly now he said he ran into trouble according this article because of the stringent guidelines under the federal section rental assistance program. The apartment he was seeking to rent well well maintained did not meet the qualifications were running to section eight well if it didn't meet the qualifications. Then why is -- not a moot point that he wouldn't take it anyway. And of course if it doesn't meet the qualifications get the government say even though it doesn't meet the qualifications you still have to rent and section eight that's. That's that's -- -- Okay thank you got -- thanks and thanks them. I can you figure out can you figure that one out the more you deal the government. The more screwed up you see it is. And I I just gave you our director quote from herald -- males are column. The Hydro said Pietro is the landmark. Says he ran into trouble because of stringent guidelines under the federal section. Eight rental assistance program. The apartment he was seeking to rent well well maintained did not meet the qualifications. For renting to a section. Eight Tenet okay well if it didn't meet the qualifications. And he said no section eight he's actually. Obeying the law. But it doesn't take a Joseph looked -- super lawyer to figure this one out. If in future. If all these -- at this apartment does not meet the qualifications. For our section today. Therefore I can't accept section eight as rental payment all yeah we're the government gives us your take yet. Doesn't that violate their own rules that sound like ass backwards. It does that make -- It's it's like and now this is just some are reading of this article. I don't have personal knowledge beyond this but it seems like this guys obeying the law. And the government wants him to disobey yet in April some kind of I don't yet that I really don't and if you really think about it it can be easily argue would. That by saying no section eight he is actually hurting his own chances you have vault of his apartments rented. If he doesn't take it's like a restaurant that doesn't take charge cards. If you don't take charge cards at a restaurant you're going to lose some customers who want to put things in charge cards and am document and and business expenses or whatever and they just prefer that. So some privacy. No charge cards and walk away. While some people who would see no section eight and know Arnold federal no vouchers Nolan housing vouchers. It could cost him some business. But that indeed would bolster the argument that why would he do it in a discriminatory fashion when it applies -- everybody. How can you make that can XUK. It's like everybody standing in line -- ten people online you -- -- meets or candy bar exam on argued discriminated against them 10 wow. -- well somebody tell you how it's crazy. -- Austria and 30180616926. Start thirty. Should. Landlords. Be forced to accept government vouchers. They're usually referred to US section eight. Andy they are forced through according to the city of buffalo 2006 ordinance. Prohibits. Discrimination against perspective. Tenants on the basis of lawful. Income well that would say that anything you want to bide their cost more revenue colorful art would be discrimination against you because you -- We'll be back after this news analyst Dana one -- news -- 930 to be via. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Say this is they have no I wasn't really annoys me now because this is what we're using in today's society -- get our point across. That everybody that disagrees -- our point. Is warring against somebody or they're bullying somebody that's why you gotta gotta include those all the time. A because though when the oversight. Group. Was talking about drug this this situation that we're dealing with now he's that I think it comes from prejudice against the war. And the dehumanization. Of the war. Now I just wanna ask your question. How many times have you heard investment companies advertise around the an all time. And some of them require a minimum portfolio -- fill in the blank 50000 -- 100000 dollars. Now that's that that is their standard of which they would like to work -- investor money and give use your direction. Does that mean that they are discriminating. Against people that don't have that. I mean but the war on discrimination. Still packs enough of a wallop that is so unusual here that you are supposed to make up your mind. But just as that doesn't discriminate against anybody. If you -- -- movies and it's as twelve dollars for the ticket. And eight bucks in your pocket does that discriminate against -- Does that dehumanize. -- Hate this stuff I really hate it. Because that's what I try to do the trying shame you into being bullied by a ballclub all people but government. You'd tell me that they're not discriminating against landlords when they say you can't set your own standard. If the standard applies to everybody. And it's applied evenly and fairly and you don't favor one or the other. And you tell me I dare you to tell me how that's discrimination. There's simply a standard. You walked into a Rolls Royce dealer and you got twelve bucks in your pocket democratic regular Rolls Royce does that mean they have a war against the port. No I mean it's still open that's every time I hear this stuff it's just so in name. Let's photo whose next dug in north not a lot of Doug you're on WB yeah. Carton and so are -- -- that. Owned rental properties. Mice that one -- -- -- -- -- It section eight I -- well -- -- on guard against that he went to process. Belmont comes back to me and as well you know with where your house is located in low block -- section. The maximum we will pay for a four bedroom two and a half home. Did you wanna run that 700 dollar a month low though charging a thousand that the and they said no you can only -- 700 that the -- Well I'm not accepting it -- I'm not accepting the market sentiment -- Atlanta Atlanta and fifty. -- what you tactic that what we what we -- Not true. That I I would not automatic that the -- went on health. And luckily it probably would not -- in -- on some. Traditional organizations that say that on this community and individual what. How can the government on the what I can charge for rent and dictate. Dictate exactly what. It's especially if it especially if they want you to have to accept that client who probably doesn't have big difference between the what the government says they they should pay what you say is a fair market price. You send a simply set a market price it applies to everybody. Understand what you're trying to Belmont contracts the contracts state that you can not charged them anymore that -- Belmont this should it and you go you cannot. Should have them -- the difference. Yeah and India and you know you're not gonna get the difference and that is not discriminatory that's business practice if you ran any other business like that you'd be bankrupt. Exactly but you know the fact is that bad you know one other thing about Belmont is that I had another the tree and the tree and it. As they central heat's system and that the boiler system. Which are responsible for and I tell people and they record that includes -- today Obama Belmont won't allow that as part of their. Part of their regulation you need to have independent both electric and keep it till it. Because they have court they wanna be able to they -- -- with somebody got -- -- -- heating assistance. While it -- -- -- it's strange to you bet they are allowed to set their standards but you're not allowed to set your standards -- York the owner of the property. But but I understand that this just goes to everything that's going on in the country where. The people who are trying to do work and trying to live the -- trying to back then and make something of themselves. -- getting are getting cold what they can and what they can't do. The people that are living on social if I'm not saying everybody says you know it -- some people are bad situation -- there are. There are the only people that are taking advantage of the system and and I can name people so the fact it's that. Is that both people have more rights than than you are. Well that's it that's -- that's what it's gotten to it's gotten to the -- If the investment is yours you'll you'll put the house together the apartment together you're responsible for it and they'll tell you. Something that's under the fair value market price and because if -- set too high you're hurting yourself because you're not going to be able rabbit. If you're if you're confident that whoever comes and here. The basic qualifications and -- pay the rent will would get the apartment you could be hurting yourself why would the government get involved with that that's wrong. Well yeah I agree that it wrong but you know bode well the government that well -- -- -- well thank you Linda rejected the fate thank you very much. Yeah our first of all it sounded like a good size apartment and if he thinks that's the fair market value look at these overpriced that. Say it's not I'm not saying it is but say it's not worth what he says it's worth while and he's not a -- -- -- -- nothing. And then you would say well why wouldn't he take section -- then because section it was well below it yes because he believes it is so he's putting. His judgment on the line he could be losing money by not running at a cheaper price but he doesn't think that that that is cheaper price would be a fair price. So how does the government get involved telling him the rented at a cheaper price. If -- if he wants the early part of that program because as he said you can't. Once you sign that contract you can't charge them more. Then they've appraised at four. I say the hell -- you know I won't read it at all to through somebody. That wants to go on to your program. I mean has is this it's gotten too yeah yeah he's talked about price fixing. I mean it be against the law if Colin target got together and decided okay -- see this item is really hot. And we've got it. At coal and we've got an a target and as the Christmas season coming let's both -- for this price. Okay and that's price fix it okay can't do that illegal UB UB UB in big trouble for doing that why does the government. Have the ability to do when when you can't do as a private citizen I'd like to go or is a private corporation. This stuff sucks it really does will be back -- more preaching company. A news radio 930 WB. If this article by Harold -- bail yesterday when I heard about this it really angered me I heard the headline version. As goes as -- -- on line. Basically that the attorney general is coming after two landlords. Who did not want to accept. The vouchers the housing vouchers. From the from the government. Now there was no notes and questioned that though they were not -- questioned about whether they were fairly applied. They didn't want to accept the vouchers from anybody. And if you don't want something vouchers from anybody that says equally as you can get aunts and the government got a settlement. PA troll which is the Lamo was given a 5000 dollar fine under the settlement with the attorney general. He also agreed to attend a fair housing class that is on expenses of the fund. He lamented he was not a praise praise in advance about the apprised in advance of the city's fair housing ordinance. Now here's what I don't yet I really don't get this part at all. The admission garnered little sympathy from the executive director of home housing opportunities made equal. Ignorance of the law is in an excuse for violating the law says Scott gale I GHL. I hope while pronouncing it right. Who for more than thirty years is headed that group. If mr. PH or did his due diligence as the landlord. He would know that the laws are our governing this business I infer that he probably hasn't complied with the city's -- registration law either. As he shoulda been told at the time about the fair housing ordinance. -- said that under the section eight rental assistance program rental housing for the recipients of its vouchers. Must meet federal housing quality standards that are generally in line with -- In the city. If he believed. -- the unit he was seeking to rent was not up to federal housing quality standards. -- said that it's tantamount to admitting the apartment was sub standard. Okay. Well mr. I would ask mr. Gail this question if the land hard. If -- business opposition is right and the landmark believed. That this apartment could not meet the standards. And wouldn't take the voucher. Why would you expect him to take about the voucher why would you answer to -- Let me. Dozens of -- If it doesn't meet the qualifications. Why is his agency trying to force him. To take something if they claim it doesn't meet the globe and Asians are what they want a foursome that. This stuff drive you -- It really does I think that any lawyer I don't vote law school. More than a day and a half. Could probably get a summary judgment on this one that to -- that's obvious if it doesn't fit the qualifications. And they want you to take something. That you could only take if it fit the qualifications. How does that brief. -- -- Fagan is Eric it's not making any sense out of this nine now nobody -- -- is there anything sensible about this now afterwards situation -- getting collars ought to just kind of asking me to explain the situation dude. Yeah one what is it that way if it doesn't fit if the whole group HO ME if they say this yield it does not fit the qualifications. For section eight but we're demanding that you make section -- available ha. Huh. I can't figure that I really can't and I'm doing the best I can. But in this case I think that as far as any charge of discrimination. Should be dismissed. Simply because everything was applied to everybody. And he himself the landlord says that he -- that everybody. He says the there's a quoted here he's as I ran out to blacks and Hispanics women and men of all races. I have tenants -- disabilities in all different incomes. So what home audio line sometimes these agencies just because there in that business that their noses in and they're not very helpful. And I think this is an example of this is not a man trying to prefer one client over another client or trying to screw somebody go wall. It's asinine as what it is asinine. And let's go to Diana and I and -- on WB hand. -- -- any. Yeah I I I feel I couldn't live without I would want to be Atlanta mullet but since the about Laporte not the you know they've put up with our bad from the parents thought that they haven't and then they got to you know -- What the government you know going to go -- and but you don't -- bacon and government officials. -- -- contraception again they've got hard and you know in like Robin play Kansas so they don't want it really like it I would. But it meant that they are. Well you know what I -- about the vibe of what's -- it I don't think it was a single that they'd gotten on any of that today how good. And a lot of people you know maybe if not what happened -- and have a -- how blessed with a -- children. About the Mac addict and living their children. It's really bad. Doing good for the neighborhood I think it's it's kind of a bad situations. And if somebody wants opt out in other words when I'm gonna take some section made when I'm gonna take any section eight the government should have no redress that. Assembly because they don't wanna participate in this program. Well and they didn't want a nice quiet apartment owner and they don't want any sort of couldn't -- -- -- -- -- know absolute you know. A middle aged working people that cannot that the screening tests. What you know that's a good points good advertising and maybe it's a war against children or war against the elderly or war against you. And I think -- yeah and you don't cut and I'm advocate that the -- pilot has the good people do not black candidates screaming crying you know banging our -- -- And I think it the government should get their nose out of it thank you very much thank you. -- -- is that so I say it's a -- OK we're only going to rent with people with children. This is not a war against the those without children. Suppose ways you don't have a child and you want to rent an apartment for summary is as close to job. We only ran two people who have children is that a war against you know of course. Is that a war against you if it's an elderly upon. Seriously you must be 65 to live in this building does that mean if you're under 65 naval war against you to discrimination. Thing. This is all about setting a standard. A standard that applies to every one. Show me a standard that applies to everyone and I'll show you something that it's impossible to be discriminatory. As long as it's done for every one on the same rules apply. And everyone the same expectations apply to everyone. Tell me now. How in hell. Is that discriminatory and of course they got to use these buzz words I think it comes from a prejudice against them for. All employees. -- -- another and other agency. Thinking they know what's best for you try to stick their nose and an even one. There's no real reason to do it will be back for more. We've featured company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB.

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