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8-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi yes it is region governor of sandy beach. I think I'm getting older. The chicks on the Smucker is jars are good getting to look really hot to me and overall hunger. I'll -- a parent and shut case. Mayor Jacqui thank you for that you've already won god that would be used regulation -- crime goes -- it'll be -- -- You hate it when politicians start serving to a big -- -- Louis and telling you it's a gringo I mean really that's exactly what's going on here. -- -- Mayor Byron brown I mean it's what every day somebody gets shot every day there's a drive by every day there's a mugging. And he says oh yeah this gun buyback programs really -- Oh please I mean it's it's embarrassing. He thinks somebody would talk a music -- Quit being measured for your next -- and let's sit down and really rethink this. Because that day you're on a program like that -- some of you may say well what's the danger the danger is a false sense of security that's the danger. Well well you know while just -- in this musket. Well we won't have any drive by musket shootings for awhile you believe he's going and out on. Gary actually do and I agree with him doing this because. There are so many people out there they buy into this kind of garbage it's so easy for this like you don't -- -- for ducks and. Are there really yeah it's just dome it's plain and simply dumb. And our our -- all day I lobbed it at the beginning of the day it was a 100%. We have never see appalled a 100% a 100% saying I've noticed that -- -- it's one of those it's a placebo a sugar pill. And that's what it's designed to do to take the witness. And make you think it's safer in the city meanwhile it's not. It's plain and simply not. And you know what to -- what padlock all of these shootings going on and all that stuff I would do you know we wouldn't have that because they've had what six prior. I'm buyback programs so we'll see where -- goes -- must have been these have a couple of guards in the day he missed one heron -- -- well. As a media again as I am. Is buffalo market's gonna get variances thing as a matter practice started yesterday. -- this is in television Andy Parker from channel two is now going to channel seven. Not only that -- he started channel seven and he went to channel two not only that he's taking me -- machine thing with them. So now that means I think the channel seven has like five. Whether people in there because if you watched Lee. The focus on their morning shows a special because whether every two minutes I mean every two minutes they put on a pro balls coming ending going out of -- obsessed. -- full blown forecast whatever so obviously some consultant told somebody at some time. Whether it's the only thing that's important even if it's going to be sunny and at 72 degrees. That's just the way it is so he's going to channel seven was surprised me. Is that Andy Parker wasn't tied up contractually by channel two I didn't know he and by the weather machine thing must be his because he's taking away. First we saw a memo. Online. From the manager of channel two saying that Parker was leaving it was a nicely -- actually. Of these classic and so he's going over there and for those who came in -- channel seven used to dominate ratings. And they were Herbert and Tom retired. And but he it was sold to weigh in investment company. That doesn't know how to run -- TV station obviously. And during the times it was a owned by them they ran like a whore house basically that's the way it laws. He got the money will put you on Mir that's as simple as that and Iran and into the ground. Well now they've been bought by reputable company and we Macy's more competition is this maybe just the beginning of and remember competition makes everything better when I came to this town in radio they were eleven. Different owners eleven been. You know how many we have now three. That's it. But in television now maybe it's gonna get more -- now I don't know is making good decisions of channel seven. But let me just give you my two cents worth regarding this for years and years and years the only thing worth watching as far as weather is concerned. Was Mike -- Okay Randall was was the man and I hope they don't diminish his role. Because. There's a lot of good feeling for Mike -- in this market. A lot of people like a whole lot of people have seen them a lot of people know him and I hope just that you know let's put some new faces on. Isn't the Montrose there but Reynolds good guy and very very professional. And and I hope that they're here as a substantial role in the weather future trials that. And I hope -- -- continues -- John Boris is much worse is great -- -- -- fantastic resort for us and blessed is great. And they've got some good people there it wasn't the people it was -- management. You got that I mean that's the way it is it's how can only do so much you have certain parameters that you have to work within. And -- only joint. That's the way it is and channel seven's management has socked. For a long. Time. In because of that that's what that's what that took them out what's really funny. The guy who implemented these suck. Period of channel -- just got inducted into the hall of fame. Up and. Okay how's that work. But anyway that's that counterargument. Wrote a column today. I'm saying -- any Parker is going channel seven a manager general manager Michael Norris. Said in his news release knowing and understanding the changes in buffalo weather is critically important to our viewers. -- addition blob blob lies but stronger and he has he has he's he's he's a good talent. And so that set Parker started at 7122. Now is backers have -- Maria de Janeiro who was I love origin. She's very good very professional. Now will join the daybreak team and they're gonna search for a new transformational. Meteorologist. I don't Venice. I guess it's a meteorologist that disappears. Transferring area there's one going by now so why aren't yet. I was so she's goes through that and John beard is good good people there Melissa Holmes certainly is good. In our art you know who who can go can be our people nobody. Mary Alice that are you kidding -- she's fabulous I'm Scott eleventh grade. Outlets in the punk kid would the Napoleon hairdo there of the story about the sheriff. I can't think of his name but anyway Newton who Yahoo! he's there and mouton -- -- here who won a tough questions asked he's combing his hair and just -- And so that's that's always hate the media. Circus could be exciting here in the next few months -- channel seven tries to claw its way back into. Out of obscurity. And so we'll see where that goes but anyway a lot of reporter and for what it's worth mug -- word about random because Randall's. Randall's of the man he's he's good Andy he should keep a prominent role where meanwhile in Twin Falls, Idaho. Lots of things happening and I'm gonna keep you guessing about one of the things happening while we take a break on news radio and I'm thirty WB. I guess who's going to be some changes on television in this market will be interest in seeing how that shakes out -- lot of talent here. -- Kevin O'Connell child to eat a reversal guy can do. He can from when his days as a disc jockey angels in no way anchor. Whether -- and I mean he's very reversal. So he's analog long form we talked about John Barrasso who used to work with -- us. We hated to see him go but we understood he's he's a solid professional guy. Also I'm thinking on channel seven Deseret wiley is probably on the fast track she's excellent solution young. Excellent. Photographs nicely you feel you feel good watching -- -- -- few years -- awards she sends a warm though through there. And -- of -- a lot of talent around this is the matter of the management. Putting the right people in the right places and a and allowing them to be talent and not just shells and -- -- one of our former our personalities -- news personalities Claudine Ewing just received. Some award and and please forgive me Claudine I can't really recall exactly what it was but she was honored in job tax. We vote we produced a lot of television people here through a W via that's for sure but they're good luck to all of them I think as the market we have a lot of talent. And it's a matter of how they're directed that to be used in the lawsuit word goes. But so lots and lots of good things happening is good -- is she's fairly new is Kelly -- it from channel through. I've seen her no I have not my understanding is she date somebody that we know -- we. So about that and we like the guy she's dating if -- -- play -- it's. A couple of weeks ago yeah they're very happy are very -- -- -- as opposed from time to time -- the is that I start to -- so there we got a lot of good people in broadcasting here. Are right let's say Twin Falls, Idaho all. Amanda and police say robbed a bank while in a wheelchair. Is in custody you mean they caught up. -- all about that the guy you know those police cruisers with the big engines usually can catch a wheelchair it's usually not too much of a race. Is being held in the county jail is facing a felony robbery charge. But I'm saying Smart eagle if you're in a wheelchair to rob first of all -- get the good parking space -- right -- people are not going to suspect that you're there -- them if you're in a wheelchair the odds are that that doesn't happen a lot. So let your guard down as opposed to walking in with a body in a mask and a shotgun. I think we tend to trust people. That they're not going to rob us out of our belongings and but they got them. They gotta -- I'm glad they did. And I'm I'm thinking that in Twin Falls, Idaho they should have a wheelchair buyback program I a couple of modeled after mayor Brown's. Gun buyback program you know I've met the mayor of Idaho when falls Idaho. Would say if this one wheelchair keeps our bank from being robbed this buyback program will be worth that. Byron brown have the and gumption for. Word you can see this stuff because he's a cheesy politician as she city he rarely is I -- to play with the big boys and for instance not -- man come on Byron and now that the case is on there or is about the ago I don't know what his status is now. What's -- -- duo. Why is he going to do I'm sure there's another -- waiting in the wings got to look up some old speeches by Jimmy Griffin Clinton who didn't. -- under how to run a city. Anyway in Dallas in a Delaware are no law making publishing and distributing revenge more -- a misdemeanor. Could rise to a felony. If the -- our room video was obtained without the victim's consent. Another was added to that and the other person know that okay that's still illegal but if they didn't know it and you release it then it could be a felony. If it's distributed for profit or identifies the person so they don't digitize somebody. But that's set and -- we're talking about that for road and a couple of other states through. I don't Massachusetts is that yeah I don't think we have that here yet but you I assume will be. We will just hold my -- these deals don't tell us I think we should have a point buyback program. Are willing to would you take some money on -- -- you can hit it. And -- just going to engineering women not there yet. I'd I'd let -- end all of what bloody towel and so that attack. In and these same prosecutors. Have stopped charging people with carrying a handgun outside their home or business after a judge last month ruled. That the city's ban is unconstitutional. It's you postpone the ruling. To take effect until our starting in October but they've stopped chasing it down. Because it was ruled unconstitutional -- facing the music. A Celine Dion. Has canceled her calendar of scheduled performances for the immediate future. Saying her health her husband's recovery from a cancerous tumor and raising their three children is taking up all over time she canceled. All of the dates including the colosseum Caesars palace. A lot of devote every ounce of my strength. And energy to my husband ceiling and to do so it's important -- who. I dedicate this time to him and our children which is nice. I also wanna apologize -- fans I thank them for the support and so that's that's the good side the bad side is that -- Bieber. I'm Justin Bieber. Has what I took employee he wasn't there his lawyer Wednesday and that the -- shore up court. Is guilty plea. Affected charges of careless driving and resisting arrest CD they've -- they've applauded -- of that. He was raising his Lamborghini against his -- Ferrari. Inane you know on. A place where there's kids around -- whatever and he got caught his attorney Howard a stream of street nick. Said the just a judge's message will be relate to the singer see the judge gives a a lesson on news should never do that again but it wasn't even there so I you know that's not right yes of and the lawyer had to tell. The judge says I hope that he realizes. That his actions not only lead to consequences that affect him. But they lead to consequences that affect others. That are looking up to him as -- role model according to. The county judge William outfield he said that at the hearing he just hopefully will get the message he will grow up. -- he might have gotten the message that -- been forced to go to court hearing. So that's the deal so it's just another check he wrote. Sent to his lawyer to stand there and take the you know why because this plugged in the court and other celebrity getting favorable exactly that's the way it is they should've made him shave his head. I think that would have been a good start saying you know anybody who is booked in Dade County we have the shape and I'm sorry that's just the way it is you'll have to go to a wigs or something. You shave off that little. A public dork thing from the early Elvis days Portman large jumps and all yeah now. -- with a target on his back. War on drugs for use while shower things are right like old -- -- If if if if if it. I passed us yeah I'm buyback programs Saturday a food safety is within grasp. We'll be back. Here at George Noory overnights -- until five. News radio 9:30 AM. WB EM. Sugar sugar very good -- Marriage -- -- that man picks and the scene and I know I'm sorry. Hey I'm I'm I'm I'm fulfilling my pledge you'll notice I've been back from Alaska. Tuesday. And Wednesday and this is the third today since I've been back from Alaska. Have I play one Jon Bon Jovi song no not want to know not one it's -- fulfilling my pledge. Look who's here no. This tool allows dog will ignore it homeless man just wandered in -- and get past securities. This guy get past security did you know that I mean need a last Paula me and amount but he remained and new column favors then. Never forgotten if you want to make hall of fame for those of you were desperately trying to forget what he sounds like he keeps insisting on reminding you. I'm sorry I argued that I'm sorry I interrupted you while you were watching TV. I was looking at a -- guy by the way how are your Gloria lucky or your Jew -- -- Well I. Well. A sandy seriously you're looking just like I remember dogs and I -- -- -- -- that I'd -- just got back so we can get favored the yes certainly is still -- Told me last stop sending me pictures of his children I know and and read what he had for supper is that -- I think this FaceBook thing it's his life is on line yeah his life on the line sometimes I don't see him in his underwear no we we don't need that. -- now I have you been Alaska yes or no -- there would you like. You know -- and I think I thought it was really -- I don't think I miss I don't know -- on your -- refuted or not the train I -- the -- -- that great I love the -- and had a big dining car and a double top it was comfortable I -- the -- -- and I know you've taken a lot of train excursions out -- that whatever -- -- out tours through Canada and go all through the north -- -- atrocities but no that's that's only the great -- the reason why I'm here today is wondering why did you escape -- -- -- all I'm going to Ireland. -- -- year you know I'm taking people iron my sister goes Ireland every year really luckily it's an offer your first incumbent. Is your husband love Ireland. We're gonna take a bunch of people WB you know listeners we're taking a group of all of that Ireland yeah yeah. This. And that's an average of regular is that you. I don't know if you know and I'm not gonna use of fake Irish accent because they know how you love Jackson. Hewitt -- do not that he's already totally insensitive thing. He's going to leave and I'm gonna be hot -- I'm telling us is still. I don't care because I don't want you have the care they can go back writing is tracker takes its hearing economic goes I don't care what happens here we go. A problem or forty which is his will wait a minute when driving romance with the. -- it's not yet personally there and I. I don't do that on the moon orbits -- progress on -- the government alone -- the original story this show is going well why otherwise series the wire here. This -- me because I ramifications and I'll the tell you the truth really. I -- -- for once OK you know life I did I miss you. I'm in Chicago I really miss preakness by. One has its own eyes you -- -- -- the area for -- Good you are. Inning of -- change -- an -- who had. A very much. And it changes the channel seven they vote being spirited away -- Parker from the -- from channel to and it -- and he's good guy. If all else -- all right I think only good things can happen because channel seven was so dominant for so many years and then they just disappeared. A land -- yeah. I -- that's why it's -- now because and I'm like I'm waiting for them to call me to do the on noon wherever you know Linda Pellegrino is still wishes now that they got a lot of absolutely no question on horses good I mean there. Certainly Randall no I I hope I hope they're successful I really do I always thought decided to show for a short period of time. -- nearly noon on channel two and until -- never had good innings but they always had great people where I thought -- and I really enjoyed were the management isn't it yeah. But but they but they never were able -- too much imminent than another of their dominant and so it's getting closer. It's -- and I like to see that the more competition the better exactly that's right if that's certainly unfortunately you don't have any competition so well so you can tell it's it doesn't help you if. It was a second suited to -- she wouldn't have had put up with you there unfortunately one never showed up. The dropping off it's nice to be -- promise you'll never right and again giving up against the law divide. I oh man that was good I don't like that. Not visit Iran Rivera a point are very close friend to see that as Georgia pathetic my life as well take a break -- and that would give the rock and roll and on newsreader and I started every B -- that is -- company and nice that. Every once a while we get a surprise visit from Dan Everett these she'd just option. A multi hall of fame performer. He stops in nine Islip a modified Chris five in the Eagles away. Least he doesn't pick and you like he does mean yeah he does become annualized and equipped with social media stuff. You know he's not the kind of guy you conversed and that everybody knows that that's him that's on their exactly yup that's right because he's on there not using. His real name -- -- Israel we -- -- -- using only if funny was an and one I was stranded by this name in more than one is this only to a year now and then as always it at soldier years ago got the secret to that. Grasshopper. Patent -- because. -- I heard about this story yesterday. And it bothered me and it bothered me for a perhaps a different reason that would be readily apparent. There was a landlord actually were true but the story is about one. There was a landlord in buffalo. Who I have an apartment to rent or multiple apartments and I'll get into the story by Carole -- only problem is that it. But if he had apartments were there when he advertise them he said that he does not accept government vouchers. For the -- Well it turns out he got in trouble for that. He got into trouble because the according to -- -- -- article the city of buffalo has a 2006. Ordinance. -- prohibits discrimination. Against prospective tenants. On the basis of -- source of income. That includes discrimination against those who received government vouchers as well as those who earnings come through any legitimate job. Now he was a censored for that. And has come to an agreement with the state attorney general. Now I would say this and it's this is as clear as night and data me. If he didn't accept government vouchers only from minorities. Whether they be black Hispanic whatever. But did accept them from whites that would be absolutely wrong. But if he didn't accept vouchers from anybody. Then where's the discrimination. I don't get that at all I really don't and and talking about discrimination. Including of those who have who have. Legitimate income. You cannot discriminate. Against those if if that's what they have or government vouchers to me this is that no one of -- worst deals at all as to be a landlord. In New York State or buffalo or whatever simply because you've totally lose control I mean I know some people who have had. Houses either doubles or or or single houses that they ran and whatever and it's one nightmare story after another. So I think that this person should be. Allowed to set the terms and conditions. Of vote of -- -- -- as long as it's equal and fair. And open and honest. I'm not recommending that he and he only. Except. People who are of a certain ethnicity or rejects people over certain -- I'm saying if he doesn't accept vouchers from anybody. Where is the foul whereas the discrimination. Because he's not favoring one over the other. What he is saying as he does not want that is a form of payment now for those who think Wallace Andy you couldn't be able are off base -- this one. It's totally unfair and it's not right these are government vouchers. -- -- I want holy picture of somebody walking into the buffalo chop house which is the very elite high class restaurant. And giving them food stamps. I wonder if they accept food stamps are or are any of the is restaurants of that ilk. Except food stamps why what is the votes of -- front steps the government vouchers are thanks. Now I don't know I've not had food stamps so I don't know maybe they do accept them but I would I if I would find it hard to believe that -- And so what I'm saying is this. And lets you are playing one against the other unless you favor one against the other are like shoot discourage one against the other. There is no discrimination there at all. And shouldn't should be able as a -- as a landlord to set your own terms I mean one of the reasons I would never in my life. Consider. Renting. An apartment Oreo double or something like that even though it seems like a good idea. It's usually not unless you happen to have tenants. There are conscientious. And day and care about where they live because how many times have we heard about. People who trash things simply because. They rent instead of alone and I think that's a bad rap. Because it is whether I was renting or whether I was owning or whether it whatever I would wanna keep my own. Living facilities nice. As a simple as that because remember Tony we've had stories before where all kinds of horrendous stories we're tenants move out may take the first one. Some have taken toilets would. They -- in the copper I to being in pipes up would have them. My brother used to Easter wrecked out and there's an -- -- at that I would even dare to repeat over the radio it was so bad with this tenant had -- there was -- That crosses all ethnic ratio. It's. Ethnic vote lines every one of them so it's not peculiar to one section of the population. But if somebody wants is set a standard. Why aren't they allowed to set the standard as long as that standard applies to everybody. I don't get that I really truly don't understand. Island let's goers are part of this article. I'm by Carole -- and CEOs and see if we can shed any light on this. -- France's. Appeared though. PI ETO I'm I'm hoping that's the correct pronunciation of cameras said it was not his intention to discriminate a year ago. When he posted online advertisements that barred prospective tenants who use government vouchers from renting one of his -- apartments that he owns and leases. In Riverside. He said he ran into trouble because of the stringent guidelines under the federal section eight rental assistance program. The apartment he was seeking to rent -- -- well maintained did not meet the qualifications. For -- to a section Nate. -- one of two buffalo landlords that the state attorney general's office this week said it reached settlements. Afterward no lodging that they had an effect discriminated. Against prospective tenants on the basis of the -- sources of income. Well one would say that. It was the discriminate gets me. If you go to Dubai I don't know say go to buy a new car a BMW will just taken them BMW and the BMW is 60000 dollars. And you bank and you say I wanna buy this BMW when they say OK do you have a job yes I do much -- make 151000 dollars a year. They're gonna say well sorry we can't lend you the money to buy that car because your income is insufficient. All right. And so with that feeling well of course it's not illegal your collateral would have to be able to match up -- -- asking so it's a -- alone. It's fair to you it's fair to the bank of whatever. And as the example I used earlier you're not going to be able walk into an upscale restaurant. And pay with food stamps and that's -- government voucher program what's the difference between somebody who owns a restaurant or somebody owns an apartment. There's no difference at all it's the same thing. And here's -- here's comments I ran out to blacks and Hispanics. Both women and men of all races I have tenants with disabilities and for all different incomes. Still the results of the attorney general by the way the attorney general. You'll -- see. You should see my email every day. I get at least ten to fifteen emails from the attorney general's office. He's out there you know -- every ago becoming the -- on the sidewalk. But he avoid renting to anyone receiving government subsidies over the past three years. He posts it online. That he does not except. Belmont referring to section eight. Vouchers issued by the Belmont housing resources for Western New York so he says he doesn't accept them. According to the 2006 ordinance that's illegal because it is as a legitimate source of income and so now he's got to pay the price. He says he was unaware of that law. He says. The admission garnered little sympathy from the executive director of the housing opportunities made equal -- home. Which assisted the attorney general investigation. Ignorance no I should do voice. God is. Next Ellis said Scott. Gay high GE H on org GE H Nokia moment. Yahoo! go for more than thirty years is headed to Europe with the growth. AA said he had he done his due diligence. He would have known that that was illegal he said that under the section eight rental assistance program rental housing for the recipients of its vouchers. A must meet federal housing quality standards which are generally in line -- both require by the said he. But -- -- -- just of this is that he did not want to accept those section -- at all by anybody. So if he's not accepting it by anybody you'd tell me how he's preferring some over others. He's just saying that these -- this is the requirement. In order rent one in my apartment now he's already thrown in the white flag casinos is a sense of fighting the state and and maybe the feds on this but I think it's wrong. I think it's wrong I think if you invest in a house and you want to rent it out as long as your fair. And not discriminatory. As long as the rules that you set up applied to everybody that walks in the door what the hell is wrong with that. I'd like to know 80309301806169236. Start I thirty shouldn't -- be able to set your own standards while renting an apartment as long as the standards apply to everybody. We'll be back after this.

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