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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Asking NFL to Prove Buffalo Needs New Stadium - Mark Poloncarz

Asking NFL to Prove Buffalo Needs New Stadium - Mark Poloncarz

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erie county executive mark hauling cars close -- the National Football League on and where -- demand for figures that can prove that the Buffalo Bills cannot be a viable team in the league. Mostly got a brand new football stadium. The Erie county executive is on the WBM live line. Good morning mark. Morning John Mark what ever gave you the idea to take on the National Football League on this issue. Well it. It was Leo long interview that I did Monday -- -- -- you're talking about a number of things and he asked me particular questions saying. Do you believe the bills can be viable spot followed much of a new stadium and my general response was well you know there are able ul and thoughtful well Wilson stadium we believed to be -- to better our ability. After the renovations are completed which should that should be complete in about a week. With the new work that's gone in the stadium. So I'd I'd like to know why NFL in the commissioners says they don't they can't be -- ball well they have a new stadium because another viable now. And survival though it it makes the question what is the real rationale for a new stadium as the viability of the football for a charge. Or is it hopefully just generate more revenue -- -- a -- general. And you say it's the latter at the expense perhaps of taxpayers. Well it. I don't know and that's I sort of said well it is a viability should I'd like to see the books and are like to see the numbers that prove that you cannot be successful buffalo legitimate need. Stadium in the stadium generates despite the new -- and that I don't know if you build -- stadium how much more rapidly generate there. But it's that's the case I'd like to see what's been generator power being generated elsewhere. We know that they're making. A lot of money but he stadium by charging impersonal licenses well is that something that would work in the bar or market and hope it will. But what are the other mechanisms that they used to generate revenue and I certainly wouldn't want to build -- stadium. On the backs of the local taxpayers which would be a significant amount. And in them there's really no difference at all. Well for more we heard they told you only that you will have access to these numbers eventually as part of this process but let's say. Even if even if the NFL comes forward with figures. And the figures prove that you -- right you think the lesion from the back dominant demand for a new stadium. I don't know. -- can only that we can answer -- question. My goal is to ensure that we do what's right to keep this team here a long term. -- -- so we have a tenure at least during the second her tenure at least we entered at least two. Guess through this period of transition so to speak from you look at notre sure sure in the water. Are we really can't have any super substantive discussion and -- new orders from Charles. That it's an orders dedicated to keeping the -- bought all of I think it makes it easier actually have a discussion and figure out what the long term these are. Because we currently have a facility that works. It I'm not gonna say that -- stadium would be the football stadium for the bill. 3040 years ago but and during this period that we're talking about right now. As well as what. What what needs to be done after your test I mean we're not talking about building industry and now virtually year -- well. -- we need to do is figure out what's appropriate for this franchise. This thing in buffalo has at the expiration this lease and I just don't like the statements that are being made it's that you must build -- -- stadium. Otherwise. That it can get beat by -- -- like a reject everything had been told the team scored viable bottle. Remarks in public are certainly something they can watch and react to but have you communicated with them directly and have they responded and anyway. No we we we. -- went to the bills previously and during the last week's negotiations and we're told that they would not be sharing any data at that point. So when -- Sought specific data I'm a numbers comparable regards to revenue vulnerability that was provided. About 1%. Certain that they would be providing the full edit going forward where it's something that I certainly think. -- going to be asked to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new facility analysts here it's it's just it's just not something that's gonna generate additional revenue. -- the -- But not necessarily bring a tremendous amount of difference. To this community or that -- and you're looking. We're talking live with -- Erie county executive mark -- cardinal Martin many many years ago county executive longer for you once declared please allow me to paraphrase. The the Buffalo Bills are secondary. To other important thing -- -- the taxpayers have to foot the bill for boy. Did he take a political beating for that now. With that said it appears that this time that what you're doing is not going to be politically -- expensive to you what you think. Well since the newspaper article came out yesterday had been flooded with support. -- calls to our office. Emails text messengers. Twitter messages FaceBook messages I think that it's a different time. People understand. Much more currently not in a close of business. And there -- -- like church owns and Daniel -- of Washington who truly probably don't care what goes on -- forward to relieve that even buffalo literally. Interest -- in the revenue that's being generated and other cities. And people don't wanna eat up part you closed door libraries cut. To support this something that insult. We've enjoyed what it would result in the declaration of the quality of life that we have here. I don't support the bill that -- I want you to -- when -- -- -- ticket holder -- got my tickets in the mail about two weeks ago. So I'm I'm there I want you to build web but I am not gonna. Decimate other services. Just to ensure. -- stadiums built for revenue to be generated so which distributed to the other owners -- -- and while wanting to reset it and I am not saying that new stadium will never be built. That's not the statement that I made this statement is both -- -- say that in can only be viable in this stadium and show me the -- protect. I I'd like to know what you're going to be making a faulty. Assumption. And in the Ers since the assertions saying that can go to Bible with a new stadium all that I wanted to -- up in the proves that -- Yeah that's a little different than saying at least it will never be built I didn't say that. But I wanted to be clear that you're gonna go out there and sit by those franchise. Is dependent on stadium all the you'd better show something that proved -- Mark thank you very much this morning we're grateful for your time thanks again the -- county executive mark -- cars.

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