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Who Handles Excess Water Run-Susan Surdej

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about traffic and weather together that's for going to do. Rain in the forecast today yesterday the Long Island got more rain in one day than the whole season prior. And earlier this week we had flooding in pounding on a lot of area roads this is the time of year. And once again certain trouble spots where it occurs each year after year after year. -- experiences insert a spokesperson for the new York state Department of Transportation Susan thanks for joining us. Morning glad -- here and I don't mean to pick on the state that you're someone who can explain this to me. Give me some storm 101 why is it a greater priority wise and easier to take care of things like potholes and these persistent drainage issues. Well the perspective entering it it is. Traditionally they they occur infrequently. We do have some travel back but. It's rare that we have the intensity of the rain and we had the other day you know we got a large amount of rain and a short amount of time. And then -- if we overworked at this down and we had some flooding in net maple road anchor -- -- area. Think like apple. And the roadway that the quick fix to a draft other things that anchor. You know every single day drivers drive over -- every single day so that's kind of the low hanging fruit. -- you have something -- entering an issue that occurred in frequently about the problem when he does like her. You know it's just a matter of risk management. So obviously when we reconstruct Niagara Falls boulevard at some point in the future. The drainage issue will be addressed. But at this point because it's not a problem very frequently. We're just going to try to manage this system that we haven't played. The Susan you know there's no doubt that all those talk about who's responsible. To take care of the flooding problems on certain roads. Is nothing but confusing for a lot of people we have state -- -- Conti wrote town or village streets. Now when there's a flood I mean people don't wanna get the run around when they called city hauler town hall -- -- Shouldn't there be a simpler answer to all of this confusion. Absolutely I end of the traveling public they don't care who owns the rotor who maintained the road and they need to know that the road is facing its capital it's open. I'm so bad. That's the problem that have to be addressed by this AT&T the town of Amherst the -- -- parent of one that the county of -- -- -- take responsibility and we now need to address these issues together. Communication -- me any time you have a great concern emergency and in he got easily open communication between municipalities can only benefit the traveling public. In a general sense broadly speaking do you think that drainage around here is adequate on area roads. Aaron they're very -- we do have adequate drainage. And in most cases the majority of cases we do have a few troubles back they had. -- that this can do get overloaded. And while we have deepened and rainfall in short period of time. We do had issue which is you know exactly what happened that -- panel on that Amherst area. What happened -- Niagara Falls -- tired you obviously have closed strange system in place. A lot of -- filed boulevard but you also have a lot of added -- -- go into the same system from -- consumer square plaza area. Now account of the Amherst did address that when it was built in the -- detention parents in place. And Eric gates. The at operate and regulate the flow of the water in an intense rainfall and and fortunately I think in this case that gates were opening and likely should hit bank closed out of the rain came so fast and so hard it means not an impossible to get those -- closed in -- Filling up confederate square plant the blotter is filtering into the same. It filtered down into the same area where -- the drainage and nagger filed bullet fired is going and then I'll bowling Q Alec creek. You know you've got to entering the water -- enough for the amount of water that's coming in. So this AT that he is going to reach out to the town of Amherst. We're going to -- -- you know we can work together to get a plan in place for regulating the gate and kind of an intense rainfall. And really get open up the line to communication and the F you know we can now work together and -- -- -- All right great insight this morning thanks for joining us. That's isn't Saturday a spokesperson for the new York state Department of Transportation in buffalo.

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