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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Violence Unabated - Rev Kinzer Pointer

Buffalo Violence Unabated - Rev Kinzer Pointer

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the start of this summer group of activists and church leaders called for a murder free summer in the city of buffalo. But the past few days alone of put that idea that bad a fourteen year old killed on Oakmont the arrest the jobs spoke of now a seventeen year old in buffalo also in the past two days. Let's talk more about this with reverend kinds in the kinds of pointer. He's a comedian either on Buffalo's east side he's the pastor of a topic fellowship Baptist Church thanks for joining us this morning. The morning Dave how are you both. I'm doing all right what are your thoughts have we had a worse year this year. Then and others. You know you know I find it extremely disturbing -- ever. We have circumstance like this I don't know that one it's worse than any other. Because it's such. What a full impact on families and communities. And. You know it is just awful -- who we have we have failed. That continuously. To learn to live together. To honor every person that we need to value every life. And is it that invented just seems. To be country first and that is that terrible tragedy. Robin Porter yesterday mayor brown and others should -- leaders pleaded with neighborhood residents. Role of this violence is rearing its ugly head to come forward. And tell what they know also the pollution. Make arrests now. Word was up this Oakmont -- shooter was known to the community what do you suppose folks don't wanna talk. On the freedom of being retaliated against. Well I think that that may be part of it I think we have. Really. We we live in such a violence problem age. You know we -- referred to the twentieth century. As the violence century. But you know everywhere you look not just here in buffalo but across the nation and internationally. We seem to be more direct conflict with each other every day. All over the planet is become. Eight unity desensitize. And the reality for. And and I think people are free and at the same time I think that -- we've cultivated a environments. Where -- where people have com. Abandoned. The responsibility. Of citizens our ship. And and you know part of being a good -- this is that you participate. And creating safety and your ultimate. What can be done and do you think the city is doing enough. Well. And never think the city is doing enough and let that an indictment. Leadership of this city I just. -- just believe. And we can always do war and I think collectively. And it's not always. The burden. Of the leadership. I think that every one of buses citizen in this city has to do more. So creative and and community. In environments. Of peace and the tranquility. That we've got to learn now that just two bit together but and values. Every person. That is part of the treatment she whipped us. An end when we do that when we do that we can teach. Young people learn. Not just because of what we say to the template are asleep by what we do. And and and international leaders and nascent. What -- not. We've cultivated peace and too many places. You know and and weeks stand idly by. An and I am not AM. That. Suggesting. That we go out in the world as the world's police officer. But it we certainly could do more as a nation. Towards peace making arm are around the globe. And this is just say it's an awfully. And I'm not sure that that the mayor has has increase patrols. In in those particular neighborhood. But every citizen has a responsibility. Participate. In creating -- Reverend no pointer Buffalo's new interim schools superintendent Donald Lee said yesterday the children must be. Helped to understand the enormity. Of this east side violence the students themselves must be more involved in the discussion. He said of how they might move away from violence that would take her young life for anybody's life do you think these kids in school will talk. Well I can tell you that all of that university at buffalo yesterday. With it would it would have noted urban planner and retailer. And back Taylor and eighty -- summer program. Where. He talks would about -- dozens students. In that age range. They Yahoo! and -- -- expect youngsters that we lost. A few nights ago. And they are impacted in the lead me. They understand graphically as a matter of fact. And meaningful discussions with those young people. Yesterday and. It if it's as if the enormity of Ireland. Is something bad as adults. Sit down and make a concerted effort. Says teach young people. The awful tragedy of the -- band and and we've got to start to lift Neil young people are found. Then. That what children were saying to me yesterday. -- -- Usually -- -- I'm they understand. And they are frightened in their own neighborhood. Reverend hunter -- I hate to cut you off that the topic is far bigger than the amount of time we have left we must move on thanks him. We ask Lou thank you for having me. You guys have a great debate and Western New York let's work together. Thanks so much for your comments this morning that's the reverend kinds of pointer -- -- fellowship Baptist Church.

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