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8-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover and you can go and do something like -- there have been told. Yourself it's live it's local ethnic food you know it's Tom hourly and are your -- news radio 930 W. Regarding items are picked the wrong kind of jammed my mouth what granola. That -- know my own and -- reporters -- are I don't know what to do. And aren't true but I got to swallow. So -- elements are. -- cardinal -- radio and I underestimate time. Noon and you can do slim Whitman herself before they're ever. Recover a sense he should have slim Whitman ready at all times. Because. Earlier today. I did a public service. If there were any martians. On planet earth two and this radio station. I saved you from them by playing swing a slim Whitman. I'm calling you and if anyone's head exploded and that's all. You know. They were marsh. Everybody's seen the movie Mars attacks knows exactly. When I'm talking about it was lesson will be the the documentary. But. Many do a change gears on WB yet but it we've spent enough time for now talking about GR Arnold. And a basically the Opel is in -- Arnold's court. But I hope that she reconsiders. Reconsiders what I hope she reconsiders. Actively campaigning for your vote. In the primary for the New York State Senate seat currently held by king George. The first king George majors who owns runs and leases and count. So. -- -- other things and I usually like to give you. Oh. I'd like to give you a nice pleasant. Topic. To end the day but. -- -- You know the top -- has received the most response on FaceBook connect. Has been my asking you to rate this summer and to tell me about where you have seen. The signs that we're gonna happen early fall. And I capital believe that we are going to have an early fall listeners have sent me pictures of leaves turning colors leaves that have fallen on their laws. Listeners have sent me pictures of squirrels gathering -- oh I'm sorry. High protein crunchy things generally in shells. And I have posted pictures. On my FaceBook page. Tom -- hourly beat a UERY. Bauer Jack Bauer 24 Tuesday at the L. -- to the end and it will be the page meet with the -- Now the page. Would be wearing the sunglasses. That's my personal page for now. -- make at a time when that becomes an active professional page. -- -- -- -- -- A federal judge. And a lot of talk guns. That you're talking guns. Now I don't I put it up on FaceBook you see for yourself a federal judge has called a ar fifteens. Dangerous and unusual. Dangerous and unusual. You know what's dangerous Ted Kennedy behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile. You know it's unusual. Leaving Mary Joseph capacity to round. When you're Ted Kennedy behind the wheel of dangerous old mobile Chappaquiddick. Now bat is dangerous and unusual it is dangerous and unusual being an enemy of the clintons. That can prove to be dangerous for people and unusual things have been known to happen to people. Who are prints of the clintons and -- -- a lot about the clintons. Not that I would ever -- endorse any kind of conspiracy theory like -- But I put it up on my FaceBook. And you can read your article at your leisure now whether this orders -- were challenges to NY say I don't know. I will tell you and I will remind you that. Andrew Cuomo whose reelection as governor of New York State will. Bring in an era of increasing. Gun legislation in New York State the minute Andrew Cuomo is reelected. And inaugurated into his second term as governor. I can virtually guarantee the son of NY state will be introduced probably is another message of necessity. And will be put into law. Because of traders from this area who vote with Andrew Cuomo. Who is probably the most corrupt governor under which I have ever lived in New York State. Demand loses slime. The man is a poll -- is that basically he is a man without morals. He's a man without scruples. His very being drew rips. Criminality they're really guts. And please don't. Well I get a lot of people my FaceBook page. Mafia. He's being that not. You have to go clear. He's just a thought. Whether he is of Italian background Irish background Jewish background German background whatever is totally immaterial. And I think that some people might be offended just because he's a ball that you use a word like off the is Buffy what used to be by the way and the proper name these days anyway it would be OC organized crime. So. It would go to my FaceBook page to read up on. The Maryland judge who was appointed by Bill Clinton calling air their -- dangerous and unusual. So good hit on my FaceBook page today has been asking you to rate the summer of fourteen. And it's getting mixed reviews on FaceBook. Now I don't know if you wanna call him. About whether you wanna read this summer on a scale of one to ten. Or if you wanna give -- a letter grade. And I would have to give the summer of 20148. And if I did was sign -- the one to ten grade one being it was really bad ten being best summer ever a given a four. I think this ever was a tremendous letdown especially given. The fierce. Relent. Under. Brutal. Punishing. Gold shall winter we experienced. We deserve better this summer and what are the reasons they say that is it's only mid August. And even in July. We have evenings that felt like fall. Even if Joseph how many times did you walk outside and thank -- liberals all. At this. And it's important in my house and as I said earlier I was awakened at the crack at 1030 very early -- and I walked outside indeed muscle shirt and shorts. And I thought to myself OK it's cold. It's August it's hole. Surely it's cold. My biggest complaint with summer is not ready. About the terrain has been that big of a deal I think we've got a perfect amount of -- actually this summer but in terms of the amount of sunshine. And in terms of the amount of cloud cover and in terms of the amount of consecutive. Days of nice web. Actually think you have three occasions where we've had three gorgeous days in a rural. And may be one of those occasions where it was five beautiful days ago. But it seems to me that for every three days of perfect weather we had four days of weather -- -- news and now. Keep in mind judging the summer. Is very very subjective because what I'd like you might not life and vice Versa. I happen to think the perfect day is one well clouds. Roughly 82 degrees. And very little -- to me that is whether perfection. The image and low humidity yes that's whether perfection. And frankly we have what about those days may be all summer. Joseph I mean -- you know what I I honestly if I I didn't even the most of the time coming in the work. I -- very rarely said the myself boy I'm really missing a great day by having to do afternoon drive now. Usually look out the window and say geez what would I be doing if -- -- right now probably not a lot. So that's my basis for calling the summer off for a scale of one to ten were -- four letter grade I give it the probably that'd be minus. -- I thought kind of suck beyond. And what is kind of frightened -- realizing that the leaves are changing already the squirrels are already in winter -- And they started about two weeks ago. I pay attention of these things. You look. Or sickness. Squirrels. Are a better gauge of an early winter and an early fall. Then I think even AccuWeather. The National Weather Service I think good god the creator. Has given the common squirrels. An uncanny. Ability. To forecast somehow. That the weather is going to take a nasty turn very very early. It in the fall. And the corroboration for that would be have you ever seen as many leaves on the ground now. As you have in previous August's. Have you ever seen so many trees starting to change color now as opposed to previous August. I think we're going to be in for a real early fall. Which I'm sure the gas companies got a lot. But. Idea -- really be looking forward to now. That would be easy show to do. And I would welcome your calls -- not taken AVG Arnold -- spent like three hours argument that. That would be easy showed. For me. Break this summer and -- -- -- Oh -- I think the rain we get about the perfect amount of rain this summer and and really if you think about it. With the overnight storms we had the rain hit generally speaking at the best possible times. Yesterday of course afternoon drive was one of the worst possible times but generally speaking. In other rains. It was pretty cooperative most of the summer. And we got enough of it so how much water did you have to do and while I usually in the summertime I have run up three and 400 dollar water bills. Summers where we have not had a lot of rain. I have not watered the lawn once this year the sprinkler I have not needed to water and it's with a sprinkler. Now the subject that are really wanna get too although it. You know it is. It goes against my natural desire to mail in the final hour. Two west ticket to the man. But I don't think I'm done yet talking about Robin Williams who was. And I don't think I'm done yet talking about depression. Which fuel on a daily basis coming to work. But. You're gonna react. -- work I think you'd. Just you'd only that the best you can. I'm talking about crew in the next room that's -- -- already checked out beavers already figuring out soda stream placement -- Bed, Bath & Beyond. But anyway. First of all. I I have two questions and this is like -- I'm gonna be serious this -- Number one. We got into this yesterday. And we're gonna get it to begin but I need to break for traffic. And ladies and gentlemen -- your home safely and soundly. Is Alan Harris Alan and me. Nice dive for the ball game. Would be a nice thing for a football game till I you can look for the Gillibrand summer favorites to work at the ballpark bison steak on the Norfolk -- first that 705 PM. It and it'll be -- patchy clouds and cooler conditions the overnight low 55 tomorrow some clouds some sun. A shower in spots breezy and cool. And the high temperature 64 right now it's almost seventy it's not 68 but it's almost seven. At news radio 930 WB. Greg don't really wanna give -- the exact temperature because god forbid somebody become offended now. A lot of talk about depression. And a lot of talk last year question that I didn't have a chance to ask you guys yesterday and navigated to any degree heat. I know a lot of you out there. Reacted to the Robin Williams. Suicide. Because you in your own life. Have lost somebody because of suicide. I've lost. Three people but who -- reasonably close. To suicide. And eight. Yesterday talked at great length about. One of the frustrating. Aspects of suicide that survivors have to deal where. Is never understanding. Why. Even if the person who suicides. Leaves on note. There is always. That sense of one. Why did day to watch. You don't. Death. Sometimes is a blessing when my father died it was a -- I was happy to see him out of his supper when my grandmother died it was a blast. I was at receiver released from her -- After eight years on this planet. I recently. Lost my best friend at fifty to a heart attack. Now that was a natural causes -- And just out of the blue. Although. Talking to some other friends. Of Rachel's. I'm starting to wonder if she had a premonition. Or -- sentiment. That she was not long produce world not just based on the EE Cummings poem she posted on the day she died and FaceBook. But a certain text to a young man to choose very close. A kind of wonder if she knew. But on the Renault but the water short of folks is a sudden death of -- what you always sucks. You know one minute they're alive heart attack dead gone. That bad. Now when you take somebody who is relatively young. Vibrant. To whom you're close and they make the deliberate choice. To kill themselves. And leave you behind it. No not that I want them to kill you -- -- kill themselves don't get me wrong but when they make the deliberate choice. That they'd rather be dead then here. Even if they leave that -- But why. If you allow it to. Can drive you absolutely. Up a wall. In the bottom line is I don't think you ever understand why. -- most the overwhelming majority of suicides. Some suicides I understand. Terminal cancer somebody goes as long as they can with the pain and they say you know what enough done. I get. I don't put them in the same class as they put a depression suicide. -- put that more in the class of personal euthanasia. Often said I think we're nicer to work at that -- ourselves sometimes but. What I wanna find out news. Did you ever come to a satisfactory conclusion. About why. Somebody you knew and loved. Loved committed suicide. Was that the biggest thing with which you had to deal was the why. And the uncertainty. And can somebody please explain to people who don't get it and unfortunately there are a lot of people who don't. Exactly what depression. Is. I tried my darnedest yesterday to explain. What it deep. Dark hit genuine depression years. And I really emphasized it's not the blues. It's not be in bummed out. It's not been -- It is being overcome and overwhelmed. By -- blackness. That consumes you and every hope and every dream. In every aspiration. And every happiness. I describe it is being at the bottom of the deep chasm. Ago. You wanna tell me about your depression. Can you put people on the picture who don't get it. 647. At news radio 930 WB and 803 old I'm thirty. Start -- thirty of a cell phone 180616. WB EN Robin Williams spawned this conversation but it's not about Robin Williams. I didn't think double -- ever left. Three. And I've I've. A -- element FaceBook page. This kid and salt and K okay please don't take it like that but. They're great. Think about trying to learn -- songs on -- these days as opposed to thirty years ago is you basically have about a zillion different teachers at your fingertips due to. Now this kid if you watch the video. You'll understand why I got frustrated with you're scared last. He could not -- he'd say something that it's it lets you know this finger none none of this finger this finger and after awhile. Loosening some very nasty things to my iPad mean the kid did a nice job what -- saw. Except if you watch the video. I think the ten minutes. He spends. Eight minutes. On the first part of the song. And then he breezes through the -- like he just wanted to get off their -- we cut the video. Seriously. You're cricket players your your young guys you play it like a pastor but. You're really should reduce the video because they're slobs like eight. Who really would like Hitler and while a Alan's wrong. Up to the bursts. And he lost -- it's like they would only -- that. All right it is 638 I know like good news radio 930 WB yet are right question. Two things actual number one. If you had a suicide hit close to your life. Did you ever figure out the -- My guess is. Also. Those of you who suffer or who had suffered. From the kind of depression. Which eventually. Led Robin Williams to end his own life. Can you describe to people who had no clue. Exactly what that kind of depression is like. Because folks I honestly don't think it is something people get. Unless you have ever had yet. I don't think you can fully understand. How all consuming. And voracious. Upon your soul genuine deep dark depression can be. Right I had eight out of it caused by brain inflammation. I can't even describe. How awful wars and it was just a short term thing some people have to deal with -- for for the rest of their lives. I don't know how you don't. Aren't in my it was easy to take care Fred in his own lumbar puncture -- And they mentioned something about a lobotomy. Here's. I forget now you're like -- a WB Ian Jim hello. Tom all of your first question you know it's a leader recourse to me. Okay that they -- lose not an instinctual side where what I consider these whole suicide. Everybody. Was even -- amniotic were picked up the to -- to a site. Is understanding why I leave you know we never will I think you're human beings there's complexes over. What -- better understanding oval. The result will boys are trying to be a process. If we're better understanding of those who it was very -- They anxiety depression and potentially lead to suicide my question is this. Prior to the actual conscious decision. Well committing suicide. In there or Mormon. And it just prior to this. They're right or wrong no longer exists and I -- it for this reason because by reason -- -- -- this thing. People are being affected. Senior studying also messages to people you're worldwide known as revenue when it was. Heels -- the two young minds it'll. I just get to a certain point report arena in owning you know we can just do these papers could play him and he was very -- -- successfully weekend. But also a personal things from me and we also that are affected by. So that's why is that you know there's something. It went wrong -- -- just. In the process prior to that it -- -- well -- you're you're very question implies that the person committing suicide is asking rational questions. And you are giving irrationality to something that is generally. Not rational. Or it might guess would be. Bet the depression Robin Williams and other suicides there. With this kind of a suicide as opposed to either the impulsive sudden suicide or a suicide because of a medical situation that is incurable. Which I think is a different kettle of fish altogether. My guess is that when somebody is in that deep dark chasm of depression. When they have tried every medication when they have tried every rehab. When they have tried every way to get out of it my guess is that their perceptions become so skewed. That they're not thinking about the -- they're not they -- about the one. They're not thinking about anything that really matters the only thing on their mind is just ending the pain now. For once and parole that'd be my guest. You know -- we want to look right when. We want to haze we want to -- OK I came to conclusion quite honestly and in my ritual that. That there crumbled moment where would -- and it is the order very deeply depressed or particularly anxiety. Uncle figure depression. There there's an incredible wind a person crosses. There -- no longer have control. Forwarded addiction or the depression. And it. In the if you're right it's something we'll never really understand. Did everything else but an exit. In all about you know -- behind will Detroit wilders -- I -- an invisible and people are in there. And we -- what you do -- public should try to you about your ability. In all Hulk which you probably provide. It just is impossible you won't need this boy understand in a lot less than what we do understand. And it that this what I -- Rich say that again we leave this life a life understanding a lot less you lost either. I believe we -- dislike understanding a lot less than what we do understand what living is like. Because they're ministries involved there. Well oh. I guess of having a hard time understanding what you're trying to communicate. You're gonna have -- -- on the other a hard time. You know. I thought what you said about the invisible line. Where it was brilliant because I think there must come up. -- point in a suicides. Behavior. Where that invisible line is crossed. And -- the decision becomes irrevocable. And and Robin Williams case. It was the minute he put the -- or did the year belt around his neck and hanged himself. You know what he was put that built up I think that was his line in the sand that he crossed. And I don't think that that would be uncommon for any suicide now I want to say something interesting Jim and I want your thoughts on this. People who have jumped for example the peace bridge and who have survived. People who have jumped off the golden gate bridge and who have survived. Almost every single one of them says they're glad the suicide attempt did not succeed. What -- held you make of that. -- it's interesting because. Maybe because the impact. Of hitting the water or eating the ground and be able to survive whatever may have been may have more was being like an electrical shock. OK you know did they get to some people -- it it is kind of problems. And moral issue actuality that the involvement of being totally. You know all oblivious to everything else around you -- right or wrong were able to be left behind. Late and we -- that shocked your system your brain whatever might be it is not elect which are obviously the shock of hitting the water which hitting concrete whoever occasionally -- You know. I'm not try to trivialize respect your thought just made me realize the are you -- a fan of The Sopranos. Our. Market. And Tony Soprano was in a deep deep deep deep deep depression. What got him out of that deep deep deep deep deep depression what specific incident shocked his system so much that got him out of that deep deep deep depression. I was vivid memory what you. What I I. It was the attempt that is like the junior put together. It was when the two black guys came at him with guns. No I bet that I mean. Well -- -- -- he'd first of what he was carrying a bottle orange juice it got shot out of his hand okay. And basically. He was fighting for his life against two guys. Ended. He figured out it was junior -- but. That was the shock his system apparently needed it. To get him out of the depths of his depression although the character. Continually had issues with depression anxiety. And obviously there was a social. They're important because we want whereupon he visited our mobile we're keeping notebook and exist but -- dark moment. And then all of a sudden could run -- part reality in the moment. It and we -- our other bit dark moment we -- a bit more reality immediately give us this survival instinct is -- -- point for a white. -- I'd do it again original. Meaning get a positive by the negative if you survive there. Well I'd like oh boy I wish we could wartime is gonna start this earlier was expecting to hear from G Arnold. But I wonder if there's anybody listening who had eight Tony Soprano moment. Or a moment where you didn't jump off a bridge and you live. I would I would call an earlier yesterday they called late I was able to get actually -- -- -- -- our. That you did moralist here it is this subject over it has a lot of people from political fault you know walked out. Don't quite a bit more what's it called inning gave her thoughts about different things because all we're doing it when a person to your book their responses to them. Or it will look I think we'll see what could be the rest of the calls -- -- -- thank you -- you know three -- by thirty what a great phone call. There's like calls that make me think about stuff that I know. But I didn't realize might actually have some relevance to the conversation. Ed again -- you can look this up on. People who jump off those bridges over water who survive. Every single one of them virtually is happy. That the suicide attempt failed. And like our caller -- it's like they got shocked it to the reality. That they are mortal. I realize Tony Soprano was a fictitious characters but there is some truth in drama. And the attack him by the two hit men and I imagine they were black because very simple reason. That was the mob technique used to you know basically -- if they want it to look like a carjacking. And -- what it really was -- setup by junior so instead use in going by as they used a couple of black eyes so that's like that was relevant at that point but in any event. You might remember that's right. You know that the whole episode is -- shot in Haiti's. And then the attempt comes on Tony Soprano is life. And that was enough to knock him out of that -- impressive. Period of his life -- he never overcame it completely. But the depths of the depression. The realization of how close he came to dying. Rebuild defied his character. Tom you're confusing reality with drama look people wrote that show were stupid. Anymore and the people who wrote deadwood or boardwalk empire there's always truth in Greek drama Shakespeare. It is 648 news radio 930 WB -- like -- Question if suicide is -- close to home. The -- Did you ever figure it out and if you survived an attempt. Real grateful. To be found in time. And I'll talk a serious suicide attempt not a gesture. We're just happy to be discovered. And what does that tell you about suicide not be a real good idea. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB NS Bauer. Yup I am -- -- FaceBook is another great topic that I just stumbled upon my the least of my Jeep runs out a couple of months and I think over the past half year. Every car dealer within 300 miles has contacted me trying to get my next bit of business. Good lord how many trees have died. Let's go to Google and intent or WB and Glenn not talking about depression talk to me on. Well actually depending on where time zone you're in we're in afternoon here. I just. And I knew earlier this can do some unnecessary in this thing which wasn't that much it was very serious to me because as well. -- -- -- Revote that. I know that it is blunt force talent is there aren't buying I'll -- stuff that you. Thought you relate to everything you're saying yeah yeah. Normal quote. Normal pressure I just senseless. And you know the feeling to despair and depression system of over -- sometimes little. But I don't bat. Okay our our trust that you have a neurologist and psychiatrist. Got to Somalia. Yeah and I got to Europe surged to. -- -- Everything you described as being causal agents of your depression is manageable. It is in your right so warrior man -- -- -- you got. You guys stand up though look I don't know I want to stay here okay. Owen stayed here are people on Wednesday here -- friends but that would merely your show most likely you know and. Well pressure how many listeners we have in the afterlife like -- missing any thing. But I mean -- my point being -- sounds as though the kind of depression you were experiencing. As a cause. That is not as mysterious as quote -- quote mental illness. This is true it is not it's it's organic in nature I believe like you say. The problem is that people are you know again it is an open wounds so to speak at been in certain court and certain city. Concerning children and did defend the attorney for the other side on the -- jump off ramp one time. When he knew that the judge -- -- keep my daughter away from media based on. Fictitious and fraudulent statements. And picking up and the like that all the -- of my tail between lately you know I stood up and kept Slaton and still Slaton and what is this society who would do that. Yeah I mean I I would definitely know I'm not a doctor but I certainly would advise your continued. Talking to your position about their son back thank you were electric or some mental illness requires you yours yours -- -- medication and therapy. Other -- other depressions. For example when you have a brain inflammation. He wasn't that big deal once they re gonna what the doctors realized this is what's going on -- this is why you don't want to move. Pitcher it's a year makes your brain has all's well on. The swelling went down and well. Back to me. Which sucks anyway. Are here is that GO Evans out too -- when you want me auditor Joseph 56. Okay here's Joseph Evans on WB and -- important call Joseph you survived a suicide attempt. Iraq it was a back 99 net fears is that I tried a couple of things but -- time. I thought the final rejection from from my glass. -- in the world. And I got to the point to make suicide -- sure. I got to appoint it was an empty true way in -- overnight for an attack. I want to go about a 127 amounts now whereas you in my mind we just keep bouncing light right away I want. Be here I remember that and then -- actress. -- And -- in the -- black smoke can. -- I didn't get hit I didn't know anything. And it was like Shaq my mind just went shopping. I -- love it who might need to be treated for PT EST. I hadn't been treated for anything I was in the explosions might -- his injured. My job my -- by about a lie you know an injury. All I know I'm I'm out of time I and a one. I'm gonna do more on this maybe tomorrow Woolsey and -- you're one of the welcome to call back but never ever ever underestimate the impact chronic pain can have and -- word depression. And you gotta be ready to deal with it. But look thank you very much for the call. Jovi are great job master control John German terrific call screening a couple of hours ago and by no yourself. About.

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