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8-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's a -- so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your -- -- hope Tom hourly. Just look today it is and guess what day it is. These live talk and I know you can hear every local. -- yeah Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and yeah. Yeah. WB. -- -- -- -- Is our -- -- Arnold on with us and if you're just joining -- you're getting into your car -- -- -- -- Arnold. I know what kind of event name why he's only talking in what's the big deal. Well the breaking news on why -- at all. Is that. She is reconsider. That got. What she said yesterday. About not. Actively campaigning. For the New York State Senate seat which is now held by George -- -- And I'll tell you why I say that. -- you know what I don't feel like going over the same ground over and over again and take -- up time. But it is so refreshing to hear a politician. Where somebody running for political office say look. In my personal life I've made mistakes. I want to Judy you're out those mistakes from me. And I'm not -- actively campaign. Because. Of numerous reasons. And what I'm telling you -- when I'm suggesting to GA news very strongly. That she reconsider. This decision. And it's not just because of -- And look she's admitted to having an extramarital. Affair were not talking about a one night stand were talking about somebody who's been a friend. We're talking about somebody. With whom she sees a potential future. Her marriage was not a happy one according to -- They put on a show as many couples do. They have been together since she was sixteen years old she's 24 years old right now. And they grew in different directions I think we might have heard this story once or twice before. -- has been upfront about it she didn't have to say anything she could just pretended. But she didn't. She came out if she said look this is what happened and accordingly I will not actively campaign anymore. At what I try to do is get GF to say you know what our -- right I need to actively campaign because it's not just about G Arnold. It's about the other people out here who were not part of the political establishment who are not part of the elite ruling corrupt -- that class in New York State. It's about people who might be interested in doing some public service for a few years. But who don't feel like having everything they have ever done. Bought -- brought out in to the public high. And she's using them adopt a what I always called -- the Obama approach which is yeah I did it so what. Except her approach so far has been yes speakers what I did and as result unlock and actively campaign and I'm trying to talk yet. In to getting back in -- actively. Campaigning. And again I just think it would be so important for her to set an example. For other people who were not career politicians. Who don't have the political investigative teams to look into the opposition. And by the way. You know what these days if you're running for dog catcher whoever you were running against has somebody hired as a PI to follow you. And to look in every aspect of your background including the us build bong water in your college door I mean is that ridiculous. And quite frankly. My approach has always been. Here's what my personal life here's here's what my private life Beers and I have taken zero -- For my fabled and legendary personal life. Something I'm proud of now it's just it's it's way and it it is you know it. Michael with good things like that when bad things just like you do. But I've always been honest about that. And people don't. Here -- somebody said to me Tom you actually saying in public that you go to hedonism in Jamaica that -- career risky. -- just looked nervous and well a lot of my audience why wouldn't I tell what pretend I'm something I'm not. Now I go there to relax and -- Truthful. Even at 420 every afternoon I go there to relax and unwind. There's a little inside -- when he Joker for it and I just on -- but the reason I've done that is because I don't want somebody who hold that over my bet. I don't want somebody to think they've got some big scoop all day we saw hourly in Jamaica all look cures and naked picture I don't. And I were a big old -- I don't give it. And that's been my approach with you guys and it's cost me zero listeners in fact it's probably given -- more listeners. Rick as you want people to be honest with you don't want a fraud. You don't -- packaged commodity you'll want somebody whose real. And that's what I try to do for that's what I tried it before. It. All I can say is -- of the ball and setting ago so is -- And if you had never made a mistake in your life that somebody could describe as immoral we -- what solar agenda. But you'd be a fraud the phone because everybody has. Now GO what are your platform exactly why should people consider GO Arnold -- Well I am -- strong -- that you are currently. Or. It is the public -- or are you are all the great. Part that I. Al party policy not be a that they op Ed. Smart local government control -- Albany control where. Already out. There and regulations. Who are sick of it and are very city they. But great for you know our moral. -- are not going to -- -- Big -- bigger idiot. It got you can't control. And Smart and lack of the mile -- our budget where it. I mean that they're in the late hour and welcome people -- We look -- -- -- people in power. Impunity. You know record and it hurt its powerful leader -- -- -- -- that happen but that. Represented parent and that people -- the in the dark you know the lower -- -- your -- at our local a local money and where. In the local community. And -- -- district by. Unconstitutional. -- a -- they pack and it back. -- -- -- They are not out there and I got a couple or 100 people in -- kids -- not oak or. And yeah I'm -- -- -- be. The only county in the all around good resolution. To back. And not where. Amen. Amen. Man you're -- you know I've got a couple about -- if you have a question or comment for Jia. Jia has been very generous with your time. The -- of them. I think Jia has been extremely courageous she's put herself -- radio auction. People out there are ideal what people are gonna say. What names people are gonna call now I've already told you that I will not allow you to cross a line. I wouldn't allow it crossed a line with the liberal Democrat either OK and I can prove that. Visa -- Dennis Garrett reject situation I defend people when I believe. They're being victimized by. But. G Arnold is what is the phone number is 8030930. Start tonight thirty. 180616. WBE. And without violating any confidences. Have you had a chance to talk to people. Like Carl Paladino -- DiPietro. People I know people I like people who know how the game is played and without violating confidences. Can you tell us whether or not they've tried as I have tried to talk you in to actively campaigning again. I have a theater art. I. -- -- Or after it. If he'd been up early and put it on line. I have been answering phone call he mount a bit on my. Wanted to make it here -- I -- available to securing. Our view that action because. I believe as. Public -- -- -- -- Of people much. By the way when people say that your. I bigger -- electorate through finish that last sentence again. -- that can't talk you -- -- cut out a birdie -- color or heard from today. Trying to catch it all out what else. Well serious times like bishop -- who your friends you mentioned earlier the people who jumped off the GO bandwagon. Aunt and frankly you don't need them. And you find out real fast who's a fair weather friend. Only there for the good times when you're picking up the check. And who is the first to jump off at the very slightest sign. That that the ball might be rocking just a little bit now one of the things that people have said an email to me. He is well she's 24 years old is she mature enough. To go to Albany I would like to remind people that Theodore Roosevelt was 23 years old when he was elected to the New York State Legislature and state assembly. Just thought I'd throw that out there for your ammunition -- us. Well you know I don't think -- is relevant and I think that mattered. You know. The hard work every time in an aggregate of one would be bringing to Albany and really the ideal case. Platform that there are offering and then looking back into what they've really been -- earlier. And that -- their people out there -- You wouldn't shut. Your. This game goes or they're wearing a good strong probably -- that are like. I -- Willing to play either. Our public art I worry -- Howell and McIntyre. There. You -- you or whether the party in the -- -- you look at that people betting that. -- that yet. And the elections -- -- -- all like. Oh. Ideally. Are actually -- it. All out. Career -- -- I think I will. Read. A record -- people up. I want to go to phone calls but I want him I have to break for traffic and we also want to get this thing with -- cell -- -- -- could this sounds like somehow you have Paul went in to -- Somerset power plant smokestack at times so. A column this will produce Poland for just the second let's find out how -- drive -- was going to evaders Alan Harris. In -- it looks like a decent night for the ball game -- -- and summer favorites to at the ballpark prices take on the Norfolk -- seminal part of his first pitch under patchy clouds and cooler skies 55 the low tomorrow 64 with a blend of sun and clouds right now it's between 68 and seventy degrees and propriety indecency. Forbids me from giving the temperature. Are we are -- -- Arnold. And let's say it takes and telephone calls your gym in west Seneca Jim you were on hello. I get a little bit -- -- -- and support. And are happy odd situation that got the cultural. And three young children under five years old grandma grant that -- now -- -- -- -- And you're pure point I'm trying to figure out the point you try to make her own baby and just stupid. The point I'm trying to make it these children need their mother operate -- not trail deck or Albany and the ability divorce. That's my point. OK Jimmie thank you for -- call DB. -- you wanna respond about. You know and that one -- -- -- that he would not back from -- -- -- -- I need to figure out all in Cleveland. You know my husband and I are still together we were working out and where we live. You know both the urge now all area they'll work out is it that shall I do think that it's important that the children -- -- and I don't think that it. Matters not whether the mother -- -- and they get. As much an equal time as they possibly can both care and but I think a lot of -- and still we look at you know the mother being called -- figure that out like whereas you know her mother honor both equally or. Number of course you know divorce are all -- in session when it's in session and you still wouldn't care of the three kids. All legal where they're below their way and they think that it definitely something that can be manageable. Even if the children out with me and I you know and had a nanny or right not mother helper they came and watched the children are passionate. They travel very young so they actually are pretty. Pretty easily adjustable is saying -- they've traveled let me turn the past year writing the impact it's not. You and environment -- has spoken at an alien and -- that they typically. You if you I ER now a hundred -- right -- In a situation that is again. They're -- -- weathered the weathered the way children area -- their help the apple. All I know people were with their kids 24/7 who don't ever have to go to work they're called welfare people. And is that a good situation let's go to market a cellphone and WB and hello. Mark -- and yes -- Do you sort itself she is this if she heads an extramarital affair is not corrupt and not. To be in New York State politician. I'll hang up and let you handle it. You know that would this is I've gotten this email as well GF and that'll be the last phone call him to have time to take for you because that you've got -- -- you need -- dirt to doing your -- but. I do find some irony in the fact that Andrew Cuomo has publicly. I mean he's committed a public sin with the Portland commission and corruption. Yours is private in nature. And to meet the public is more important. I is very and you know it is I have done that program -- -- -- -- Q1 Q can you wouldn't fit in Albany. And you I'm not saying that I wouldn't -- Happened over the past -- thank you need to make sure that. And putting the children per cent and that's -- and step back at a campaign I'm not saying that you haven't convinced you further into. You know a green Q move step back into campaigning but I think extra needed take at least a few days till we -- is set up. Make sure that picnic or else I can -- -- my children can maintain -- relationship with my. You know fathered her children fathered external are able to -- their children which earlier actually irresponsibly. Course if you were -- man this issue wouldn't come up. You realize you're getting a different standard because -- woman enough you're a man with three kids I don't think that he would be an issue. I'm -- on this -- and I I think. Look you right buttons. I I acrimony at Miami today he that I had healed it off my cast because I wanted to make sure I was on as they could be. So let you know I I wanted to protect my children and their you know they deserve it's it's a much of the constituents my camera and their pitchers out and -- that. I'm not think that I don't forget I I is unique step -- the fact and make sure that I can do everything in order that they need to get in order to make sure that. Everything we've been able Coleman even went in the race. Well every look every job is tough even this job and there's a lot of things have to be balanced. You'll figure out a way where there's a will. There's a way and Jia I really hope. There you. Do say you know what I am going to actively become active in the campaign. Because I've got to teach the establishment politicians a lesson I also wanna set an example for other people. In my situation. Who made out of -- perfect personal lives but who still can be trusted with the public trust. And and bifurcated -- between the two. And I hope we do which is to talk to DiPietro and -- -- and and -- Carl Paladino. Well. I hope -- also consider what I have said because I know a little bit about us. Union you opened my eyes to a lot more probably -- are speaking out and a lot of thinking to do an -- figuring out. I also know a lot about -- made public support that I've received so far alert you know support I've received especially today and I -- you know I had promised to continue and make sure that anything great -- make our public information and -- there any -- aren't aware of what I am planning on doing. Well -- please get back into it actively. If you feel comfortable with -- and I hope you do. And I really appreciate your honesty. Europe accountability. Your owning up to something you didn't have to come forward with and I really -- just thank you for what you did and I hope. From the bottom of my heart -- reconsider. Thanks very much -- Arnold. What a refreshing conversation that one's with somebody. Running for public office I know the morals crowd is gonna be jump on all over it. I dare you throw the first stone. 2000 years ago or guy said -- everybody went home pretty pissed off. Forget political. Almost -- -- Told them my I noticed it and Freddie Mercury's. -- -- -- -- And understood to par. Party and I mean it's just beyond restraint with a -- -- after Friday show because you got a major promotion at Bed, Bath & Beyond Joseph will be making more money that I. Close to what to think. Are you gonna be making a fair amount of money -- them and good for you user. That -- sure it will continuous call straighter now the question I have is job is your country is acknowledged. As. Well versed as -- -- okay good. Because I love -- or keeping me on my clothes with the more modern country music you know as opposed to. -- junior and Garth Brooks and you know that era and even free that era. I'm maybe one of the few people left to actually knows Delbert McClinton. And victim of life circumstances. All right let's go to a little bit faster on WB -- Lydia hello. Where I had known about gallery years. I AM. I'm fine thank you. Wonder I wonder. But I can't we'll put about Iowa and who if she can get a -- I think we need her she should run. And you -- I don't think it is no I'm not Eric -- can see the one left and right. Well there are people like to put ten. Him that that they are perfect and I. Man. Unfortunate oh look I've dealt with those people from my entire professional life and you know what to those people who always like to castigate others for their sins of the flesh may I'll simply say Jimmy Swaggart. Sometimes it's the people who preach don't I noticed about their virtues who proved to be the biggest per blows in the world. Yet I don't think I am making all opening -- It up well I mean you know Jim Baker a great look and I'm not I'm not bashing Christians please don't miss him. But what I am saying is sometimes the holier than -- people. I feel like they're over compensating for something. And old so I mean I love her I am I am it's not that I'm accurate about her. I think I think -- -- while I hope. -- people she reconsider. Romney and. She is reconsidering. I have talked her into reconsidering. I was trying to get her to commit I asked the specific question. What would it take right now today. To get you to buy this Volkswagen. And what what I afterwards what would it take right now for me to convince you to say you know what Tom I am gonna actively start campaigning again I think she should. I want her to she's a breath the fresh where you know what I love she doesn't sound like a politician she sounds like I sound hey the constitution's. It important that something. Exactly and you can't practice that it not have. -- -- Anything -- action. Our growth do it and not -- can't get it. Well again Lydia. Eight transformation. In my thinking over the past how over many years it has been is that. Somebody's personal private life. Does not necessarily reflect their public. Life. And you know I -- I've cited examples of myself. In terms of my public life I am absolutely on incorruptible. I cannot be corrupted I cannot be bought a cannot be bribed I cannot be blackmailed. Ever under any circumstances I'd rather live dumpster. Called -- a stubborn clout Lydia. -- -- And all. And again there and Jimmy -- All of give -- any Democrat -- Only. I only -- and why you don't age well even on there. -- have a family. He got there by that happened recognizable people and knee. And you in me when they are excluded because now I think it may have to go back to work on I'm going to be needed. That they'll part -- a parent. They can't afford anymore and grandparent morning winning and happy and -- to -- our children. Yeah I you know I hate to break the news but. The biggest factor in by deciding to return to buffalo from Saint Louis is I wanted my children to know. Their grandparents both my parents and it. Their grandfather. Or grandmother was at that point dead from brain tumor I want my kids to have that family connection. While I have grandchildren every day every hour right -- it and except the last thing I love them. Whip action I did it not me that I wanna do trip around. And so therefore I appreciate my great show in my life. And -- any anti Arab League how come -- commandant. Or. Anaheim and it could be acts well and -- can't do that indirectly. I -- and it's audioblog. And allowed a -- -- We will be. -- and you get a part of the no of course not of course. At that it's ever been and it it's never going to be. I'm Lydia I'm glad you called and do you -- obviously you hope that -- -- Arnold changes survive and actively gets into the campaign again and I hope she does it sooner and not. Later I hope to -- is not delayed the decision more than 48 to 72 hours. I think she needs to get back on the campaign trail I think she needs to let people know who she really is. And she obviously is a courageous woman you know again she. Offered to come on this show and take. Phone calls from people without having any idea who might call and or what they might say. And -- play is something I wouldn't of had that courage at forty much less 24. Exactly. -- and her and I hope they actually made our primary in a positive way. And hey you know. Necktie. That's all right we and other at all. -- did a bang theory in particularly the things that people cannot hold. I am and I cannot aipac and get a lot you know QIQ can not otherwise issue with that on he prayed that -- got a couple of people whatever. I pulled that they would do with the tech secrets in her private life her private -- it's her own an early unload. All right let -- a good call I am -- happy to hear from you thank you very much and you know by the way it's also very empower. To be if your politician to be honest with your constituents. Because if you're with your constituents. Don't have to worry about black. You don't have the -- about somebody holdings in the dark secret over your head. Because you Marty told people. In as I've said. People. I think in this day I appreciate. Getting beyond the branding. Getting beyond the fall -- and the packaging. That goes along with the professional political. This woman has owned up to what she did in her private life. Mom. The timing wise is lamentable. It also was an inevitable situation that was going to end. The heart wants what it wants it as I've said before. Well before this. Nothing. And no one can ever break up I'm happy. Mayor by definition. It's impossible to break up a happy marriage. And you know I talked to somebody about. Oh I don't know five or so years ago. Interesting story. About a couple that stayed together quote for the sake of the children. And as those kids you know what for eight years old to fifteen years old to 25 years old you know we told her mom and dad. This -- one that you guys just please go ahead and get divorced. We all knew you were just staying together because of us. And you didn't really have to do the charade. Kids no. Maybe not at the ages of two to five. Kids -- As they get older they're not stoop. They give it. And as -- said were beat Arnold family in its private life. I just hope that G Anderson to be ex husband are able to. Are able to work things out to the point where they are. Cope parents. For the benefit. Of their children. And not everybody I get its. As head as successful. A post divorce relationship. With their former spouse as have I and my ex wife. We are the exception I think to the rule. I've never argued over pennies with support. I've never argued over medical expenses. We don't fight maybe I don't think we ever did fight about money I mean there were some questions about hate you pay 10% of this 20% of that what's the deal. I mean at this point material like his medical expenses I don't expect my ex wife to contribute. And you know when you start. You have to start out with the premise. That as a co parent with you were expects. You must always act. In the best interests. Of the children -- to do that both the mom and the dad have got to be on the same page. My ex wife never. Messed around with visitation. Ever. If she said the kids hey Tommy get the kids out there in particular were ready on Thursday there was never -- holiday that we didn't work out. Mean even right after that the arts we always worked out holidays. Because we want the kids to know both sides of the family. And was it the best of all worlds no it was not. But I think that's one of the greatest gifts frankly. Bet my ex wife and I have given our kids. They know that in our all the way my ex wife and I love each other we loved each other as friends. Nav unit told me that I could say that back when I was going through the legendary divorce. Out of told vigorous smoking crack. But I wanna tell -- and I told you this before. Bad please. No matter how nasty it is right now. Please be careful what you say. Because those words I'm telling -- something. Ten years down the road can come back to haunt you. And make you feel like a total EB. There's no I said things that made me feel like total idiot. And for which I apologize profusely. To my ex wife who graciously. Agreed. And the bottom line -- to tell you here is whether it's G Arnold where your own situation with the divorce. Please understand. The decisions on how you behave as adults that you make today. Are going to be very important for the future. And it's all about the kids it really is some people just are meant to be buried in with each other OK but you make the best of it for the tips. That's what matters. And made by president's take on the Joba and summer favorites tour at the ballpark. Taking on the Norfolk tides in other words you can enjoy could be -- then a summer favorites as you are watching. The bison -- on the Norfolk tides 7051. Pitch under. Football's guys basically. Patchy clouds and cooler the overnight low 55. Tomorrow a blend of sun and clouds a shower in spots breezy. Betty but it cooler and unseasonably. Cool. With a high temperature 64 right now is between 6870. -- news radio 930 WB -- geared up under the temperature. Now well people of tender sensibilities I certainly wouldn't wish to in -- wrapped. Anyway we are with you on WB EM and -- that -- G Arnold situation is interest that. Plan a doing it was a topic I was just gonna do it around -- like hey here's what's happening. And I wish she would call me and somebody needed to teller at the beginning the politics is blood sport. Well she called. And you know what. I hope that I am not overstating. My ability as a sales person. And I hope that some of this stuff I said to Jia Arnold. Resonated. With dinner. And convinces her to actively re enter the campaign. Because it is my believe. That the political office in Albany and in the United States is completely out of touch with you. Completely out of touch with me they don't get it they don't wanna get it they are corrupt to the core. Trust with anything they -- to their private personal lives which is out of my concern. But. When a guy like Andrew Cuomo of folks again I can't even again. To tell you what a serious offense I think -- use. -- somebody acts against the public trust. We the people in trusted Andrew Cuomo with the office he said he was gonna weed out corruption. More than commission started sniffing around gets real close to air group all ball. And he gives the childlike excuse well I set up this commission I can take it that well Andrew Cuomo is a criminal. Thug in a suit. And it bothers me the -- Reno is so far behind in the polls. There's another guy who should be speed dialing meet daily. -- my private number. They're wrong and unethical. I'm -- product. I've definitely you know what I've closed the gap seriously close -- yeah. -- -- -- -- World of 555 news radio 930 WBE and then mark -- -- wanna see the books. -- like kudos to mark all the cars for -- the stones to -- NFL well you can't make it in Ralph Wilson Stadium open your books. I got to look the guy.

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