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8-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think it's ever been a dot I'd give -- a you guys -- agree disagree. Now I suppose first of all we must clarify what I mean when I say some say when I think summer I think. 7880. Degrees clear skies low humidity. For more than just that they're true. Do you like this week. Hours ago. Of flawless weather just like that that what we've gotten has been two or three days. A decent weather followed by. What three days the man shows ago. Kind of reminds me of about one of the Summers as a kid. Riding the bike up the Brighton pool at a -- to really pay that much attention to whether. Because all you're really all about is that going to the pool in swimming. So. You wanna -- the summer parents. -- my idea of summer and what we've experienced are two different things this year. I'm just curious. Never took. Do you think if this were gonna major help from a farmers and from other observant people. Do you think we're going to have an early fall. This year and I've mentioned this yesterday and I'm kind of stunned by the amount of responses I've got to take up more responses to that -- giving BG Arnold. Yeah are we gonna have an early fall because that made reference to the fact that in my neighborhood over the past couple weeks I've noticed the squirrels. Are acting squirrelly there's a reason that our commitment to -- Squirrels act swallow. Because there something that tips inside -- like they seem to know. Better than the National Weather Service -- winter in bad weather is really going to Iraq. And the squirrels seem to have started going about their business of storing food for the winter and -- A lot earlier this year than they did last year. I don't remember ever seeing in early August squirrels acting squirrelly in my neighborhood. So soon. People have also pointed out their neighborhoods. Threes. Are starting to change color. That leads to shoot me. That leaves are starting to fall. And that an increasing number of Judas trees so called because of the first terror and are changing color along the 29 and other places. You wanna send me pictures. Of the signs of early fall in your neighborhood. I would love to see those pictures because idea. I've learned how to follow mother nature's -- When it comes to climate change and I'm not talking about and I'm talking about just climate change going from summer to autumn to fall to winter. And it just seems if I had to guess I'd say that we're gonna have an early fall. This year if you -- the Vermont last year in October for the changing of the leaves my guess is this year you might wanna go on September. I can't verify that scientifically but it would just be my guest. Based again on the activity I'm -- in the neighborhood which swirls and also the changing of the leaves around Western New York I was just me. And then people started sent an email yesterday -- yet -- we get leaves change everywhere. So up to comment on that again how do you rate this summer. And do you think we're gonna have an early fall are using the sides of an early fall now granted this is not something to do for four hours. Element do it for very long it really is is up to you. But I felt -- that important to get the opportunity. To rate the summer and tell me if you've seen any signs whatsoever of an early -- 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB at 8030930. Start I'm thirty. And 180616. WB -- now a lot of you may not pay as close attention as I -- to squirrels and nature. And mother nature's cues but this squirrel is God's little weather messenger. And I'm pretty sure that the early pioneers here in the Niagara frontier. -- pretty sure they were shoot them and eat them. That the pioneers kept an eye -- what the squirrels were doing and where they were doing it. Because they knew they had them. Because they lived with nature they didn't go all would sit behind their computers all throughout the fields they were out in the wilderness they were clearing farmland. They were these stopping their farmland. And they had a closeness with nature and they understood nature. Better than we do in America today they were self sufficient so they really frankly folks their lives. There families' lives depended on the early pioneers of the Niagara frontier being very very very very in tune. With wins this season was going to turn. And did it do you believe it's going to be an early fall have you seen any of the signs. And if you have photos you wanna -- of -- already started to turn and it's only the middle of August. Or squirrels acting squirrelly I always like squirrel pictures I'm a sucker for several mergers just don't say. The one. Now also -- debt picture of this world you know which one I'm talking about. 803 -- thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WBE. Again. Again it's something I thought I'd bring up see if anybody gave a damn and if nobody cares I am more than happy to move on. By the way this might -- self congratulatory and it is I really don't care about FaceBook metrics. And I think so often -- too many people in this business and many other businesses. You're caught up in an analysis. Analysis. What is your feet you know which covers metrics -- FaceBook engagement for the posts. It's like hey guys. It's called analysis. Paralysis. You can look at numbers until you're red in the face in the bottom line is they're just numbers. That's all a car. And somebody pointed out. Bet my page on FaceBook has only 3000 fewer lights on it -- the entire WB and page. And so I ought to mention so consider mentioned. What conclusions to draw. -- But I just thought I'd mention. Now. The scene worthy of sent. All right nobody cares about the weather -- excellent. Ever you guys are fickle yes it was kind of it was raining cats and dogs you guys can get up whether you ought to be an. Everything has torn the cover thunderstorms. Today I ask you to read the entire summer and this is what you give me nothing zero zip. Okay that's fun that's fun. Barbara and a set it was inevitable -- on if there was interest fine if there wasn't cool I don't -- his personal -- There's something else to. That I also wish to bring. On the program. And I'm doing so my own riskier. Because. I don't know if anybody here's. You know that there's a guy named George -- -- right and you know that he has been the king of Niagara county. Since I don't know the stone age. And you know that people want his job right. One of those people is young lady named -- Arnold. GO Arnold. Had a pretty active campaign -- Four states and it. Pretty active primary campaign -- are Carl Paladino sent out email on her behalf. Other people I know have had good things to say about G Arnold. But there's a problem. And the problem news is that. GO. And a fair. -- You know I've got a real hard time restraining myself from laughing. But. Two words. Bill Clinton. Bill. Clinton if you wanted it to the full -- William Jefferson Clinton. You are really need to go over. I think ultimately we -- The problem isn't the affair. The problem is I don't think she's just cut out for the job. Yeah sweetheart. Somebody needed to tell you what you got interrupted this sleazy field of politics. That it is blood sport. Year have you ever listened to my show. Had you ever heard me say it is not for the faint of heart. If you go into politics to be be love it you're in the wrong field. Just like if you go into media to be beloved you're the wrong field election hang yourself. But if you go in to anything. Could be beloved. You're in the wrong field politics is an especially. Blood -- way to make a living. And you know heading into this. That your marriage was unhappy. You knew that you had found happiness elsewhere. You'd know that those things can not stay secret. Two are really wanna go and revisit what happened to Carl Paladino and what we learned about Carl when he was running for governor. And what we learned is that despite a personal shortcomings he acted in an honorable fashion vis a vis his daughter. And that's all I wanna say about that. -- the problem is not your fair. The problem is somebody needed to sit you down before you made the public announcement you should have called me. You should've said Tom what do I do. And I would have asked you point why. Do you want the job or don't you want the job do you wanna be a state senator or don't -- And hedges said yes I -- said then guess what. You have got to grow some thicker skin. Because people are gonna call you an adulterous. They're gonna call yeah -- helped a lot worse than that. And you just gotta smile enough and not let him get the and you've got to publicly bifurcated. Between the personal. Decisions you -- And York public trust. You know Taylor I've got to again out of here -- have to talk to myself about G Arnold there are some things you have to be sent. I'm not disappointed. That she had the affair that's her business. And by the way it's an eternal truth. Nobody and nothing can ever break up I'm happy merit by definition a happy marriage cannot be broken up. -- all my -- he operates from -- Yeah. So much to -- If you wanna talk about this I suggest you call -- otherwise -- moving to some of the things. BG Arnold story she's basically pocket actively campaign because of this affair and she doesn't think it's right now thinking of myself. At this point what difference does it make. A woman running for president who help for Americans at least died in -- -- That's a whole lot more important than what you do that. This is probably -- really benefits from south. Brand. Joining us right now is that GO Arnold. Who is not actively gonna camp at the state senate. Anymore. GO. I'm glad. I'm glad you called then welcome to the power early show I do appreciate your. I'm a little bit confused. If you don't mind my settings because. You say you're not actively campaigning. But it sounds like you still want people's support. So what is. Well you have to say that and I will actively campaigning when I see visit and I've made. And media at present going to take you to find solutions to the problem that created. Having said that I've stepped down from actively campaigning which means they're not going to be attending a bad and I'm not going to be. It getting any further questions to gain support. -- 00 why -- why chipped. I could today and I never would. I can't name right off the top of my -- twenty people in elected office who have had or who were having extra marital affairs. All right why can't you just buy -- for Kate separate. Between your personal decisions which are your personal decisions which revolve around your personal happiness. And the greater good of the public IE when it comes to a position of public trust you cannot be. Bought bribed purchased at any price one to go that route. I don't and everything and you know like that they weren't record -- and they're not anything that I regret. In the idea happier now the way in they're going that I was a month ago. The reason and I'm stepping back from actively campaigning it because it's not all about -- I have three kids and I need to make sure that. I'm making very choices that their future will be held -- Kathy. And that you know loud now my. Children's father and I will be able to come up with a relationship where we can be parents together and a -- with any longer. -- were you -- -- have literature review real concern that any opponent you would have after the primary would make an issue of this. The fact that you had extramarital affair because I'm sorry I I know too much about too many political figures and had they gone that route. I could occupy basically direct shotgun and pretty much anybody's figurative direction around here. Well you know I may have been and a very honest person. And I don't like -- picnic they'll like quiet and yet it's only been hasn't even been QB and everything started the night I can be a fair. I lost my husband Ford is later. And I have a league where at the time where I was the citing what option I knew what route I would rather take -- that you people on Al. They've got the that I did not saying anything -- after the election and I late. And that is being raped me it didn't fit my personality or my platform and I thought that. The best -- I could hold myself accountable. And be transparent because of the public figure yet -- my personal decision but I'm in the spotlight and you know I've ever came out I -- I wouldn't want -- to have been honest. From the start from the get go I I want it to you don't want to. You know. The -- did you ever. Okay that I respect that back Judea. As a public figure. Who is honest to the point of excruciating. About his personal life I have to tell you something. People are suckers for the truth. If you know not one person. Has ever complained to my knowledge. About the way I conduct my personal life will go on vacation. Well what do. Nobody caters you know they appreciate the appreciate the honesty so why not you just say look. I -- personal decisions. Because. I was in an unhappy. Marriage I wished the timing had been better and I'm a wish everything would have played out but life doesn't always follow a script. And I would ask the voters of my district to consider which is worse. Eight personal situation to which everybody I think Kimberly a marriage that is unhappy that is going nowhere. Or messing with the public trust which is something Andrew Cuomo has done. With Moreland. The tire I think this problem this issue could have easily been dealt with that's what would've told you that though. You got egg and it clearly and I. Elements are what direction I wanted to go did you know that needed it sent back at it and being -- and you figure out how to manage to really duplicate. You know I heard -- my children obviously -- -- the -- -- a letter. You know going -- Hendrick -- the -- America on the part whether it. I am a homeowner doesn't media or via email from it Cuban air bag -- stay in the -- that are commenting and neither support though it now is able. And the opportunity of changing. Now the cynic in -- GO wonders. I hope you forgive me. If I'm way off here. But is this a publicity stunt to get to garner sympathy from people so they say boy. This -- meant she went through hell and back I don't vote for this woman. Not there. Flew in I would never thought I can't -- my children did that. I I don't mean what happened with that your marriage which I presume I presume that you're getting a divorce in my correct. That would be my plan yeah okay. And when you say it again if I ask you quite. Question that is out of bounds you let me know because I'm a conservative area what you do in your private life is your business unless you choose to make it otherwise. Was this a long standing love situation. As opposed to a one night thing. I tell you that it. When it began as a notes and -- and the thing and it. Has an area -- potential of becoming more and being let them accurately. -- very close friend -- -- and yeah obviously still standing by me now so. I am peaking at -- and attended an eight year relationship with my husband and I am not I'm going to make promises or you know. You know anything like better commitments such as bad as it's still a lot you worked out -- -- -- it was a person on the. Here with respect to the man in your life. One of my eternal truths there's nobody. And nothing. By definition. Can break up happy marriage I'm happy marriage by definition. Cannot be broken up. I agree 100. And I'm a little again I I I have to tell -- -- that. Mean you're not asking for your name to be taken off the ballot I don't even know if that's legally possible you're not asking people to not. Vote for you you're simply saying -- not going to actively campaign in my correct. It but can't you reversed that decision because -- The Carl Paladino endorsed and endorsed you strong as strongly as I've ever seen him endorsed anybody correct. Okay Carl has a lot of influence. Carl also has a lot of life experience as most grownups do who've been around the block once or twice now you were younger -- why. You were younger than Karl. You did realize heading in to politics. That it is a merciless. Blood sport am -- correct. You you didn't know there were under no false illusions that it was going to be. I -- that bet that people in politics had the easy ride especially somebody on your side of the Iowa as opposed to a Democrat. -- Her right -- And you know -- Things definitely can change and taking it one day at a time. I EL and I'd look at Cedric in -- alarming amount of support from people. -- definitely more than -- expecting. Even -- being out today or any of the people that encourage you need to continue on in the campaign. So I. May eventually change my mind you're an injury in change my mind and go back actively campaigning but it's not going to be one day at diamond ring I really. Need to placement of the Obama the children and I've got. OK but who. Army even if you're elected and you go to the state senate obviously there's going to be some distance between you. And your children in terms of -- space in Albany is a four hour drive away. And arrangements we'll have to be made while the state legislature is in session. I'm and I you know I don't wanna talk about your kids too much but if you choose to tell me what ages are we talking here. And that's great kids between the ages of five and -- Well between two and five are right so really and it. There at that point where they know something is different. But a lot of it depends on how you and your soon to be ex husband. Are able to resolve it and like I talked before about being honest. My ex wife and I went through eight. Legendary. Bitter divorce we made legal case history it was so nasty. And today my ex wife is one of my very best friend she is longer. One of my very best friends so no matter how contentious it may seem like it is going to be right now. I guarantee in terms of anger bitterness. In eight or be worse than mine. And my ex wife is proud to call me your friends and I'm proud to call her for a. And the girls are a great debt. No matter from the kind of the amendment -- for being able to have a recommendation chip where we can be exceptional parent and they bloodshed in Brooklyn -- -- We're talking with the -- got Arnold bashing your your leave the door open a bit which I think is good because. You know the I don't know if you've ever listened to my show you're you're what 2930. We got Syria to him too early for what it was thought are you 24 years old and obviously very well spoken 24. Com how to -- how to Lifesavers analysts say this delicately. I have done my imaginary in fictitious campaign speech about a zillion times on the radio and I call it the Madonna approach. The very first thing I would do is say look. I'm a human being I have done some really stupid personal things in my life I've made some really stupid personal decisions. And these are my burden and my burden of my heart this year. Now in terms of the public trust I want you to know I can't be bought. Bribed blackmailed in any way shape or form the public trust is one thing. Andrew global thinks nothing of urinating all over the public trust my private life is my private life and allow me to be human being. And you believe it -- something on the line here and I am not there I am only human. And then on ideas on it's possible that the people because knowing that candle well up quickly and that you know and they learned -- -- and -- rather than me it was. Immediately seem untrustworthy. And -- all come out. And I agree a -- but GO I think here we need to separate here you are admitting to. Eight. I don't even know -- if I could call it wrongdoing if your marriage was not happy. I'm sorry you don't get a second shot at life. I and every show by saying no yourself. And as I said earlier nothing and no one can break up a happy marriage. It wasn't working people can relate to that. You have to you have to stop actively campaigning I think you could have been honest with your personal life and then move done. Look quit and I hate to even bring this up because it's just an old story and I don't want to open up but he -- for me and a lot of but you know what went through during the campaign. And he simply said yes this is what it is and I'm campaigning and I'm moving. Yet you know we -- Am married to a failing grade on time we got married we've seen I put my husband -- sixteen so. You can imagine how much of that -- -- -- in the past -- ears and and fortunately here in that direction. And I think that the that it and I need it the right at this and obviously. It was. Figure what about in a more appropriate -- where you know getting separated before choosing tax participate in an affair -- has obviously been a lot. -- more appropriate. I think most most adults can understand the concept that the heart wants what the wants if you said look. I'm 24. I was with my husband since I was sixteen it was a working in my personal life I made the decision. That was I wish I could make again but I can't make it again and I'm admitting to it. Personally before somebody says something that just isn't true. And folks I just urge you to look beyond by. Personal shortcomings and things I wish I personally would have done differently to understand that the public trust that's a different kettle of fish altogether. I think you can still do. Yeah well thank you I appreciate I think I did that and -- and at a time I'd definitely receive rectified and it expected here and you know it. It's something that I was fighting very hard for and -- out very passionate about so. Depending on how smoothly that -- he is dying made you reconsider and. I think captured I hope you do I honestly hope you do because I think public service needs somebody like you. You know and you know people are gonna look -- to take heat for some people for supporting you as I have supported you and I really don't care. Because there is a guy who lived about 2000 years ago. Who looked at an adulteress who was being stoned or about to be stone that he stepped forward and he said okay -- he who is without sin please cast the first and everybody walked away. And anybody in this life who claims to be perfect who claims that every decision they have ever made has been morally correct even according to their own moral compass. Is -- lying piece of dirt. -- I see you want to run for your job. They have to buy it on and -- epic and that was what my alternate I don't -- right that I needed to be completely honest and they'll. Did you feel like taken calls from people or would you just as soon not. I don't mind then. In getting called out Iran. All I've got breaks I've got to do you know a lot of good go to put -- I'm gonna let you take your whatever you have to take care -- the next fifteen minutes to clear your schedule they can't just keep got a hold that long it wouldn't be here we're gonna -- touch base with you at about four or five and will open up the telephone lines of people talk with your. All right so will like it will take your number down and and get that they're taking care enough folks I have tire. You know what my approach has been I've already given you my fictitious campaign speech and a zillion different occasions. And I hope you reconsiders a really do. And any politician out there who wants to whip out GO Arnold in which she did folks I get a list of about Claudia. Indeed -- help a lot worse this year protect let's go to traffic right now here's Alan Harris. All right and AccuWeather for today. We're gonna look at some patchy clouds and cooler tonight the overnight -- old 55. Degrees -- -- -- a -- at least some awesome pictures of yesterday's thunderstorm. That he took in north east Pennsylvania. They were great pictures unfortunately it didn't get insulted that I don't know if it's too late to put a -- probably. But I already getting some fall pictures I think it's gonna be an early fall. Okay so -- sent me some early fall pictures just read where they were taken if you like credit I'd be happy to UniCredit on my FaceBook page I'm not a credit -- think you know that. AccuWeather continues a blend of sun and clouds tomorrow a shower in spots breezy and unseasonably cool. With a high temperature of 64. And right now I won't. Name the temperature I'll just say it's between 68 and seventy I would not wanna offend anybody. It's 352. News radio 930 WB -- sorry little touch of sarcasm. In my voice today well. We're gonna have G Arnold witness after 4 o'clock. And some argue rightfully are saying hey our. How come you're giving a different standard two G Arnold and he gave to Hillary Clinton. And I will tell you what I've told you this but you know I made the statement several times months ago. That if I had that interview to do all over again I would not have asked her about her personal. Because as a conservative -- and one of my key beliefs as a grown up. Is that what people do in the privacy of their own homes. And their own hearts. Is really not my business. Now if somebody wants to make a political scandal. They can then they're gonna make a political scandal out of everything -- -- -- a story about a guy named Steve. And he was a very prominent. Buffalo politician at one point. In fact I don't know if your word is but there's a time when Western New York actually sent people to Albany to be governor of New York State. And this -- actually ran for the presidency. Of the United States. But it turns out that Steve. Had an illegitimate child that he fathered with a prostitute. In buffalo. His name was Steven Grover Cleveland. He went on to win the presidency of the United States. During the Victorian. Era. All say that again. Deep Victorian. Era. America elected a man who admitted that he had fathered a child out of wedlock with a prostitute. Now ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps our ancestors were little smarter and more savvy. And more world wires. Than we'd like to work romanticize them -- -- We're gonna speak live which you are coming up we'll take your telephone calls. I think that you -- -- -- actively campaign. I don't I don't even see this is an issue to be honest it all three on my third start 93180616. WB.

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