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8-13 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes great -- calling cards account executive I think today meaning they had a -- taking the opportunity to use this as a revenue graph. That's what it's about Ralph Wilson's barely in his. I in his heavenly a chair in the owner's box. And I am the league goes after the city that they consider and new area that they consider Western New York as being vulnerable right now. Where are nervous about who's going to by the bills. -- via pledged to keep them here we don't wanna lose them. We just signed and new -- a year ago and and so for at least another six years. There's a huge buyout so we're pretty comfortable of that oil wasn't. -- but the NFL season opportunity to put the squeeze on. On us they're doing it. Make no mistake about it forget that Roger Goodell is from the southern -- it's. Silliest thing I ever heard about I don't care about that I care about is he's a mile pace -- -- dollars. He's the commissioner that's why -- pay him thirty million dollars a year not the same note of them but the find out how to say yes here's some more money. And that's what it is if we need that we needed but I I think -- cars who's doing the right thing by asking for some documentation. To show that what we have now. Is not viable. OK let's go to a bill and ten more banks -- holding billion on WB again. I love -- oh yeah as Garnett. Well hello bill yes I dongle that. Good by bill there ago you get through the third century. Good -- -- There's no we must be cellphone issue you know him as the issue of by the way of for those of view we're having problems streaming. Okay but when whenever we do we see you urologist usually but in this case we see our engineering department and and where will work him out right now so fabulously overnight thirty that's great. If you're listening on streaming not so great. -- a OK let's go to Dan Dan the man in LeRoy Dan your on WB -- I'll I'll make this quick out of our respect -- our callers pocket if you want to wait for -- Andre reed saying but he did I'm certain that you know they know all the build the bill's leading off all. Awful collapsed like golf cart I went and I -- in all it's and I'm certain it's all you're likely to. Yeah well he didn't mean it from the point of view that that -- in both. I was a malicious there was a malicious he was trying to emphasize how important bills are the community but you -- -- It is spoken -- -- but -- -- credit -- that jar opposite now without -- fire is -- I would like to see another eighty they'll. Well it's not that there I think well -- they'd go out. On it -- that in need to we could get one but you know. -- -- -- -- -- Com. And it's -- I think all of our zip right you know -- any -- money. You know Irish make sure you to make sure that idol but I don't think it is that there. And did you find it do you find it delicious. That at the same time they're handing out these packages to people might wanna by the team which I'm sure are very rosy and and the top prognostication. On how much money they can make a -- by the name. In on the other side they can't more about that and say this stadium is not viable so bit if they -- polling cards. Demanded one of those packages. If that's the view he's going to have and they won't be able to make their case with. I think I think the other owner of the other two are pretty. Terrible there with what they don't look like -- and state situation. And I need quick and I think I thought what the C that's the most oil out of the state. I think that's a good idea yell. Yeah. Are down -- -- thank you it be great government to -- when I was in San Francisco. And their course emphasis -- -- two -- well they have one team the niners but the the raiders -- right across the bay. And Bobby -- playing there used to get me tickets. And I would go to the game but here's the good part I get on the Bart. The Bart goes right to. Oakland. You get off the carrier at the stadium no must no fuss no parking no worries. -- watched the raiders game get back on and a and go away it's nice to have a Bart station. Like that there and be nice ever metro rail station like that here I can see that as being very beneficial and very nice but keep in mind. The cost of and that that could be used if that stops in between. For other purposes because it was just football that's prohibitively expensive it is starting those things. If they're underground in an above ground as expensive as well. But that's a good idea it's -- -- You don't Treo and I've trio 1061692. Visits are 930 Chris why don't you give me another -- -- This is from a dare she says I don't see the bills leave but I'm getting tired of these billionaire owners in their lap dog Roger Goodell bullying these smaller markets. Paula -- right if you want our money they show us proof. Yeah I'll show us that our show us Leo but the deal show us so why the contract. One number 200. And the have the irony is we haven't even seen. The 130. Million dollars UK because we're talking in the billions now. A 130 million doesn't sound like that much. But it is it's a 130 million dollars we have agreements -- not atrocious sat in a seat there yet. And they -- wanna know one. You figure out man out its call piggy it's called greedy and it's not called the consumer friendly. And what would you face you face higher taxes. And you face higher ticket prices and higher everything prices soared above in buffalo -- on WB yen. Act got the Arctic loose and -- good -- adamant stadium. On their -- -- did they dealt with your money where your mouth. You can -- that stadium. The owner and is the pay a certain amount for the it and aren't yet up -- at a mile that way they don't want them are not -- expect. I like that a guy like that a lot -- will support the team as we always have. And that you put up the money if you want and then you also have the stadium for multiple use. And will be up to you do -- -- -- will beat the beat the drums as though who should be booked into it and you could make the money from a good point thank you very much. You remind the way it is now. That's a big get all the revenue from -- the bills are doing any outside activities. Now this last police I'll say this the last least that we signed. In -- signed last year was the first -- in my memory that didn't holy site. Okay at least we had a big buyout numbers before that it was embarrassing. How bad those leases work. If you had a lawyer and he suggested you side he should get a new lawyer. OK but none of accounting executives. Wanted to lose the team on their watch and so they they kind of did it in really want to but they had duke but it at least in this last one. We got some thing in their for the taxpayers. We'll be back tomorrow with -- ago. But this -- like there. It is -- company were talking. Basically -- argue about -- a tale of two cities. There were talking. About the affected them underrated. Talked about buffalo and its need to keep the Buffalo Bills and and we're very very happy that -- is in the hall of fame he certainly deserves it and as though given us a lot of enjoy watching him play football but he did say that if we lose the bills. He said you -- quoted as you might as well just take this city throw it in the river and let it go down to Niagara Falls. Which I think is obviously an overstatement but he was probably. Very passionate in his desire to keep the bills -- -- and -- should be applauded for that but Don Asman says notes Andrei. This region has plenty more going for -- then a chronically sub standard. Football team that over the past half century. As brought us more heart Aikman happiness and that is such if quote I love that -- asking do you believe that the city would dry up. And a float away if we didn't have the bills. And now we've talked about this before on times when it was possible that the bills might have left town -- my position has never changed. Psychologically. It would be devastating. To think that we could not keep an NFL franchise we couldn't do it. Psychologically a lot of it will be down and angry and letters and talk shows and all kinds of stuff all kinds of protests but. But that's of the extent of it would be the psychological accent. Fiscally I don't think it matters at all to be honest with whether the bills here or not they're not large employer. And that basically were looking at when they don't play in Toronto. Eight games the year unless they get in the playoffs so that's what we're looking at his eight games the year. And -- because of -- would not have a big financial impact and people get wrapped up and. Lords and they tend to throw away all rationale when it comes to. Things like subsidizing. Sports teams and the special their stadiums. But the bottom line is there have been all kinds of studies done that shows that that sports are on their own do not. Produce a large amount of revenue for the community which. Another phone and so that's that so fiscally -- and -- who wouldn't really matter much psychologically it would matter a lot. Anonymous wanna see the team ego I don't know anybody that's rooting for the team to leave. But there comes a time. When it's though like you're. You know it's like you're nagging wife threatens to leave you every hour on the hour eventually you're just a month -- thank you. It's been fun. But in this case I think that the stated that we have now. Which we just completed a 130 million dollar renovation on. A which of people like Bill Polian. Who has been MS NFL executive of the year several times and as won a Super Bowl. When he says that this stadium is perfectly fine. And perfectly suitable and great sight lines and now we just sport and I'm a 130 million into it before the first persons at -- match error. Before the first hot dog is sold they wanna know one. And that's because the NFL. Is -- They always have been and they always will be and a great example of how big they are comes at just -- preceding the Super Bowl. If you own. A pizzeria. And you put an ad aware that says. Enjoyed -- -- Super Bowl pizza from Sandy's pizzeria the about lawyers will shut you down. They will make and you got a season to assess you they don't allow you cannot use Super Bowl in advertising. You can't that's there that's their term you can use it now you're saying how could be NFL will be harmed. By letting a pizzeria Acela Super Bowl it's. That's a good question because I don't know. But they want every last penny that they can get. This is goes -- well beyond protecting their brand this goes beyond just wrapping the countryside when they catch. And this is how they do business. And in in I've always use that as the prime example. So they want the last penny so Ralph Wilson wasn't as grave yet when they already started talking about a new stadium. In that no but not everybody agrees they need a new stadium in fact we haven't heard any real official type voices saying the stadium. Is not viable we cannot continue to play here. So what happens is everybody has a vulnerable part park right now Andrew Cuomo is partly vulnerable because. He wants to win big in the next election. So that'll enhance his trip to Washington. As he thinks Italy's. All right so. He doesn't want know either lose the team. Or seem like he's a roadblock to the National Football League seeing that the other two teams that call themselves and our teams are New Jersey. Teams they're not that the jets are in New Jersey the giants are in New Jersey based okay. -- as you have that. So that's why he started -- -- RG the stadium looks pretty good too well we should considerate and now Roger Goodell. Who is the frontman for the owners whose from the southern tier regional. He's that one guy a good looking guy who says I love you buffalo. Yes we're going to do everything we can't keep the team they're all by the way we think you need Tuesday. So he's the he's the billion dollar. Barker basically saying step right up dig into your wallets because we need a new stadium why do they need a new stadium they don't as the answer. But because they shared ticket prices and not prices but it's bigger revenue. The other owners would stand to. To get enhanced payments from buffalo. So they don't care if Ralph Wilson is in his -- or not it's an opportunity now that they didn't have -- office here and they're gonna take that they're going after. There's -- there is no problem as -- playing nice this is a big time league looking for every dollar they can yet. The thing that -- Dell also said was that we need to explore. New new new avenues for revenue. -- what we're essentially saying is we're talking about luxury suites when he says a new stadium that's cold for luxury streets right. Assume our -- seat licenses. That's not gonna fly well I know that I know -- all right but that's what it is also I love this. Then he wants to enhance the fan experience. I love that -- July of that. 'cause the what does that exactly mean. You wanna sit in his seat it's gonna cost you more money does that enhance your experience you wanna pay a higher tax bill does that enhance your experience. Is that what you wanna go. A true enhancement would be get rid of beer sales yeah exactly that's not a man well they don't do that because he didn't say we want to enhance the fan experience at the expense of revenue. -- you'll never hear him say that okay. They'll -- do all these cute little things though they'll have augment the public service announcement saying what wonderful people they are there all Albert Schweitzer is. But the bottom line is they're business people they want your money. That's all hours to a so I say to mark calling cards. Stay the -- See if we really don't need to stay here if we do and proceed and see what we can do to make it happen but if we don't. Thelma prevalent somewhere else on news radio 930 WVU. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 ever toll free line is 1806169236. Yes. Mark -- -- -- -- -- -- Erie county executive and president of the hair club for men says I'm not going to cut libraries. I'm not going to cut parks I'm not going to cut Child Protective Services. To give money to have a multi billionaires who run professional football. And good for him. I think that what you do is he's he's challenge and show with a box. Show me the books. Bull why you think this stadium is not viable especially -- -- 230 million dollar refurbishing. And that's the right thing to do. If afterward in the books he it's a rational decision that it is not viable I don't know what the criteria is that they would use but. Then you proceed to try and build -- -- If it is viable then there's no need for a new one and and no need to grab more money from the taxpayers in fact he says. He sees this. I think they are taking an opportunity uses as a revenue grab that's exactly right. The league season Leo -- ability in the market now because of the team is being sold. And they're going for they figure is a better chance now than ever. Because we don't know we do know league team and I find that is ambulance chasing a really do. I think it's despicable we've been good solid members of the football community for many many years here we've done our part we fill the stadium. -- many many times and that's never enough for Pitney. Let's go to Charlie in Lancaster Charlie on WB -- Both -- One. One thing elect touch on that we haven't spoken about and a lot of my friends here quick don't go to those games should just. Totally out price everybody -- critiquing their kids they're just. Majority of people just can't afford it anymore they go to -- people's games. Talk Tony was saying that's agree that's a good value and you know if you think it's time now if there is a new stadium bill look what happening Yankee Stadium many people who had season tickets there would go all the time don't go at all anymore houses -- expensive. And it's you know it's just an entertaining I wanted my first you -- was at Marshall game we caught that hill Mary pass that -- -- Don't want about football being -- -- went to my life should probably period retaining. There it. The pictures just a fraction of the cost and I really think the fans really supported and hopefully someday you people are more -- In markets and they've maintained in -- order. Okay well we place them -- a pretty decent teams now but I'm glad you enjoyed that experience like Charlie. Tony you've been a big proponent -- Kosovo. Yeah that the game that he mentioned it was a -- against temple. And now when drew really. Throughout the -- Marion I believe those name and Roosevelt caught the talk. -- -- It is you know if you are a big time football if you're talking you know Ohio State -- today and stuff like that. While I mean that as you've got a big fan base and you can support it. UB football's gaining in reputation is getting better but it's certainly not a badly. At that level and keep in mind. Part of the reason people go to a bills game is besides seeing our pleasure to see the other players that you see on TV all the time. So he gets you some of the best players in the world. And there's no question it's an exciting sports -- good game but I said well before the best. That I think that someday the league will implode. Simply because it's just getting too bloated and too top heavy. If you really turn on the game because you want football it can be very frustrating. Keep in mind the football. Took a second. Of the game is sixty minutes. And yet it takes three and a half hours. To run again at least three and a half hours some -- longer so what do you think of those other two and a half hour czar. Nearly three times the length of the game. Is commercials promotions all kind of stuff now I'm not against commerce that's what we do for a living over. So -- no -- that but what I'm saying is they're getting further and further away from the game it's more about the presentation. The experience the most that's what they push all the time. The experience. It's becoming less and less about football football's only reason -- get you in there. Two would to pay the admission and watch it on TV to get the commercials that. Football almost seems to be an afterthought at times. But you got the best athletes in the world playing it as long as that's there they'll still have fan he's in the seats and eyeballs on Leo on the TV set. But there or they themselves or in about. The fan experience because of the quality of the TV's that hall we don't have our little you know a twelve inch TVs now we have. -- screens -- cover up the wall we have a surround sound. The refreshments are a lot cheaper there's no line at the restrooms. And you don't have a drunk vomiting in your shirt collar so there's a lot of them. Ages but I've been an expert about what you ever see my wife from team needs them. As you were sure sure problem notions were sure Ross who is another question and doors are well. -- team and how are going -- Ralph Wilson Stadium let's all go to -- is out. -- she plays the big -- -- Chastain and all via sticker sheet of paper that the and the fantasy. And it's open web it's about the game as -- Ed -- good well Roger Goodell actually has the nerve to say. That's one of reasons they want a new stadium is to make to enhance. The game experience when he says something like that would love. To see a reporter. Just say exactly what do you mean by that exactly. Not just the general. Fuzzy warm image. What exactly would be a further enhancement of the game experience that we could go with a new stadium that we don't have here. They addressed. The one and the one thing that I can see that would add to the experience. And that's putting the Wi-Fi in the stadium. So now the fantasy football fans they can take their pictures I mean they check their teams. But also the social media fans a Twitter fans and if FaceBook they can post pictures while the sitting at the stadium. That parts of -- idea what they've done it they've done it with our existence dating so we don't need a new Steve. I mean you could I'm not a technician. But I think I can tell you that it certainly could be retrofitted more -- -- -- Wi-Fi that's not the end of the world so that could be done. What has been done but hasn't -- that's what this -- and 39 upgrade that's right so that is very beneficial and almost anything else you can go out. I mean -- wanted to scoreboard or you know something it was a hundred yards wide so that it is big is the field is. I'm thinking that it's a very nice experience and you know anybody. Who stop going to games because they thought that the stadium wasn't up to par. No I don't either I've never received a call. An email attacks nobody's ever said it anecdotally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd only do that if you had to which you certainly only do it if you had the corporate support. For that kind of an enhancement act kind of an addition. We don't have enough corporations here to do that and so it -- he said that the from the column written a few weeks ago which week. We quoted what's the point and doing it if you are not going to be able Acela. That's the whole point is the -- And seat licenses we've talked about before I think the first people to do that or the raiders -- -- and that will be good today. That I will pay thousands of dollars in order to be able to me are thousands of dollars. For a ticket for anything short of Christ coming back. And it's the end of the world don't count me -- on it because I open in my wallet for will be back after. The bills like there. I'm I'm I'm suffering from a little Alaskan NV I just got back from my Alaska trip two weeks. And just a great trip and now one of my dear friends when the Pellegrino. Who went on -- Alaskan trip. I think she actually left before idea chew up to a 202 weeks we prided Antonio says she's posted something what is she posts from Alaska. There is the beautiful Linda Pellegrino holiness 75. Thousand dollar of Golden Nugget -- has a nugget yap when she says she's complaining because they ask for repair act and. Let me just tell you -- -- show more class -- that if people want me to post the picture my -- and I wouldn't do you know Charles and I and I -- I have standards -- -- me. So glad actually when I found out windows go to Alaska and I was going to last only two weeks apart different cruise lines. It would have been cool -- -- -- together because I love when progress is great year and and the -- -- -- united enjoy each other's company would have been a lot of fun. But I'll tell you this on you -- you should never going to crew is because there is the center for alcoholic. This food all the time. There is food all the time and you just walk up and it's certainly not free -- -- again on the ship. On the crew was a but it seems like history it's like. Going to a store edges they give me that that that does take him leaving without pay which you do when you're kid but dollars -- there when you had made good they've expunge your record. But you know if you wanna cruise you'll eat so much data they need a welders torch to kind of figured a year ago the -- Well I would take the same philosophy that I have with the ball think that is if I'm gonna pay that kind of money to get on the ship. I'm going to get my money on our job op Ed you know what the -- is legally it's a different there's a lot of different things especially. Like desserts. You like concern -- lot of different things and they may come and bite sized stuff so that you can have all of -- rates in of them. -- oh with the each -- And so it's a relief goods was a theme doubt like you would go on dean it's not like Italian out -- -- -- exactly that's exactly rights -- where they would have a a generalization of food but then they would have a special theme day. And that happens and they also have. On on the future that I was on too formal it's. However. I don't think it breaks on them because I did ago. -- -- impacting tuxedo now. You know but you can't let it out while actually did the food yard corrective comer -- -- good about your favorite wouldn't you have that you really enjoyed. I've -- terrorists strangely enough because I'm a big -- for -- and they have everything in the world while for all the meals but especially breakfast. And then a couple of vote at times -- went to. Where we've had reservations were certain time whatever. A lot of flexibility of phones are good it's all right having singer and I would wake up in the -- in nineteen eat ya I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ideal lock myself in the in my cabin -- -- time a time at least -- -- Katzmaier and this they wanna government refrigerators on our Chris we have some of FaceBook postings -- This one. Comes from Todd he says why did the NFL give their okay for the renovations at the stadium if you're just gonna turn around weeks later and demand more money for a new stadium regardless of what happens though I think the city will survive. Well I agree I keep in mind. That part of this article by Jerry's announced he says. That they did approve that les without making any demands. But -- of the bills originally wanted more. And they they settle for a 130 million. But later in the article it also mentions that some of the owners. Didn't blow it didn't think that was enough they want it more they weren't that happy with the lease. -- but they signed off. I'm so they accepted what was presented to them but of course Ralph was still alive. And -- is a proponent of vote you know he's a businessman certainly. But of keeping the team here so they signed off on that but now. You see they see a vulnerability. They see an opportunity that may be that in think they have with the growth and -- yet I find it shameful to be honest with you. Absolutely shameful I don't -- that's business that's crap. Is what it is. As a news should be some kind of honor -- should be some kind of standards in business dealings when you don't have a that's what gives business a bad name. -- a guy like Ralph Wilson whom who started the franchise here. And that kept that till the day he died one owner loyal fans loyal fan base. I mean there's no fans more loyal and hours. Sit in the -- freeze your ass off. For the Buffalo Bills they lose anyway. Loyalties -- one way street -- after all they care about as one caller. And it's not red white and blue which is our color is the color green that's all the NFL cares about. And your fooling yourself if you don't believe they do a lot of full -- stuff. To kind of camouflage that. But when you get down the basics that's what it's all about it's all about every last dollar. And I certainly -- a capitalist I believe it in our capitalistic system. But sometimes. You gotta use and decency to go along with -- when the owner team guys you don't you don't hold up the community. To try and get what you can before -- before they gain their senses again another one. Actress that's what comes from team needs she says these people were reportedly -- -- the bills can afford the billion dollar priced -- but they can't build a new stadium I find that hard to believe. The billionaires -- on the stadium if they want on Tuesday of course they can. The beautiful part is remember we said go with Terry Google when he sold that to them. The -- -- the rights or the land a couple of weeks ago right. He sold that were enough money to buy the team and bill was stating that about that's just that transaction. So he's got the wherewithal. And he certainly is putting is. His money where his mouth is with the construction going on down to announce. We'll see you that you favorite that you guys are rooting for for me absolutely -- -- about you know the ME two -- and the guys already invested in buffalo he owns the hockey team he's building and investing downtown and get the win when you can't lose -- -- be in his own best financial interest as well you know if he had that to keep the display he would have a rap on the sports fans. We have baseball who certainly but a wrap on the sports fans and could be one big happy time for a long time. I didn't take trump and I take -- -- bicycles over Bon Jovi. Yeah I know of it and -- -- and I know that you removed from. From here I applaud. I'm any Bon Jovi songs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sincere if he has to. Because you know you early judgment -- play him -- Are right that about wraps -- up for regional government will see you tomorrow morning. Let's agree heard that. And those guys there and oh forget. -- -- The little movie which they never had to leave it peace.

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