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8-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- backward -- governor sandy beach there and that Tony and I going over some things during the break. I'm looking at the Yankee Stadium which some people say that there's been no example. Of more taxpayer assistance. About being used to build the new stadium and Yankee Stadium. OK so it's a beautiful stadium but what do you get -- taxpayer besides having to pay for. You get higher ticket prices so much of a lot of people -- ago. So. College to be paying for the dinner and not have a seat at the call I was like that so that's the kind of goes out. And keep in mind the beautiful part. Bob mark Poland cars asking to see the books. Of the Buffalo Bills and -- in order to be convinced that they need in this stadium. Keep in mind all Poland cars tested do in this is brilliant I think. Is to ask for the same information package. That the people who are bidding on the team got. Because those would be the best case scenario. For revenue in all sorts of things and it's going to be based. On the current -- Which is only one year old basically. So here they're putting out to get the top dollar for the team. They're putting out the the brochure which would emphasize every positive dollar. Are generated. In order to get the best price for the team well that works the exact opposite for the National Football League if they have to prove. That the team would be in dire straits without. A new stadium that doesn't play at all with what they're telling the people who won by the team. So -- it's a brilliant though there rarely is as you can't work both sides of the straight. He can't say it has by this team pay top dollar because. Here's what we're gonna -- we project we're going to be able do for -- And on the other -- say well -- can do much at all with the stadium he can't work that doesn't work as a threat. So I love that the like that is that is back clever I think it is brilliant and are good for you mark poll and cars. Not a huge mark on cars spam by -- tax -- plan I. A legal question let's say and have brought this up before the -- Angela. Is the winning -- he's got the team he's got the booklet like you side. He knows what to bring in now he comes at the conclusion you know what we don't -- new stadium were fine just the way it is. Candy and a foul -- the NFL block him a card from become -- if so would he have a suit against the NFL. Getting a little ahead of ourselves but they they certainly could block him because he has to be accepted. By the bylaws of the that the vote according the bylaws of the yeah of the National Football League so they could. But maybe he wouldn't come out of that position and it's. You know if you're for hula and we're getting ahead of ourselves now but if you are -- -- but why make that statement ahead of time. So you get voted in and then suddenly you get a vote on it to be because until you're an older -- -- Provo. So let -- make sesame -- go to Mike in for don't you know Mike you're on WB -- This morning excellent show thank you welcome back what from the land of the midnight shot -- that's right. The owners talk on the united on satellite or current stand. But all wet and short so like shall report. -- start out this year I started well you know the bills when -- -- training camp here right. Open to the public are not fixed. Public it's yet. The night before it was announced that there're gonna go to Rochester new grants I thought that was talks on. Here -- me and -- are you not only to go to a low -- And equity group that but I also -- you're you're you're streeters that every time right here in the word awful bill. Perhaps I would like -- -- taxpayer money. Otherwise known airs the ball well billion. Because. You know what does that text here get. Just like about the state higher ticket prices you know what this outlook as -- Pittsburg. For college and I became a little bit of a Steelers and current modern world yeah are in you know. I give them moral support now and -- -- the bills and he wanted to well our support that morally but I'm not show -- money. To papers somebody that's you know it's a game. Is ready especially if it's not is special it is not perceived as being needed if this state it was a rambling. A wreck rented a fall down. That would be one thing but it's not. It's it's not an adult stayed in beautiful although all. -- -- improvements that they got and I -- like you said the -- or recklessly. The boxes are sold out. -- I think in Andre -- what's this all ready Gartner also name. You know stick the football and look at anybody want to take a look. Just drive around the area start from groups 62 were comes in the New York book and then all the way to. We're aunts and Niagara Falls and you probably see it you'll look at any place along your route -- in what areas -- I'd say I hear a loud and -- and his speak. -- -- and sensibly your fan but you're also you also have a brain and and irrationality about. A budget that says we ought to see if it's needed first set of -- needed then proceed as best we care -- laws such as Russia -- because. The commissioner -- were in a vulnerable position now good good good call Mike thank you. -- government CI I personally think there Roger Goodell. Yeah I -- -- he looks like he fell off of via a cereal box right looks like the all American guy. He's got a beautiful wife beautiful children he's from the southern tear he's on our side don't count -- Do you look at his paycheck courtside as he real and I think here in like thirty something million -- always just -- now but the bottom line is. He would not be getting that. If you were not looking out for the owners the owners are his employers. Is so basically I have no problem -- dueling. What we have what we have to do. -- and the key is have to do because it's required as opposed to what somebody might want. And have if a 130 million dollars and of a new stadium. Isn't enough. -- show me as a point -- says show me the books. Now the NFL can't show on the blocks it it. If they differ from the ones that they're presenting to the potential buyers. So on the buyers it's all plus plus plus plus plus. They camp -- -- cars negative negative negative negative because if that's the case somebody is misrepresenting. The facts will take a break we'll be back for more would be agent company under Israeli and I'm thirty. WB -- The -- like there. Mark fallen guards are not his biggest fan but hey I'm with a on this one. He says show me the box he says two of the National Football League show me the books. He says I'm not going to content libraries I'm not gonna cut parks are not gonna cut Child Protective Services. To give money to the multi billionaires who run professional football he is the county executive. I think that up if indeed they can show a need the then you proceed to try as best you can to fill that need. If it's a want I just would like I would want the new stadium that's a whole different ball game as -- and Paula cars as in this article. Front page by Jerry's -- ski. Some good common sense stuff. He said we're going to have to build a new stadium I wanna see something that really proves we need a new stadium. Noting that any new facility would likely cost at least 750. Million with a started that likely to be paid by the county. He's dead the core I just gave you now I want I want you know. I hate to beat the -- resident. But our Robin and a little bit on this one okay. If it's a third by the county and a third. By the state and a third by the prospective new owner one would guess that those -- what is that irrational yes I was right. So if but if you indeed. Lived in the -- economy. You're going to be up for a third of that of money and however -- eleven Erie county you're really gonna be paying more than that because you're gonna be paying the -- part of it. The county part of the battle like that you're going to send money to Albany and they're going to spend it. And you're gonna set another package of money in Albany because you live in the county. So one as a state residents who was the county residents to get a double whammy on that don't think about it like that. So often the the bottom line is I I think his approach is good. He's not saying under no circumstances will participate in saying show me in need to participate show me -- need for new stadium and then we'll talk. As fair as I said before they're gonna have to show him the same package -- showings of the all the prospective new owners. Which is going to be every possible dollar I get I would bet on that package they have every balloon they intend to sell. During the course of X amount of years. Projected out into the future so if they gotta do that for the prospective new owners they also have to do it. But the county executive and so they can't work both sides of the street on that one. Well here's something that interest and turn of events. That I can see happening Cuomo is going to be forced then to put pressure on Poland congress the -- teammates with the big. So was would be interest and see how much pressure. Andrew would remember he is. But all -- he wants to get Western New York he wants a high voter turn -- -- him. He was that when he wants a win big right so that will be very interesting but I gotta give Vai gotta give kudos to cars on this one would he stand up a formal. Well I think he is by doing this open for sure because wells is courting call Cuomo. Our for a and the commissioner who's from a settlement. You know Ralph Ralph would've wanted the -- the team Tuesday here. And because of that we should build a new tribute stadium just for Ralph you know. To be honest with you I'm very suspicious. Of Goodell and real -- you know I find that we need to enhance the dean makes a game. And I. He says that he really has. That they -- enhanced the game experience I want them to. Tell the difference between going to stadium -- -- stadium the as far as the game experience what you'll you'll want the idea. I mean -- screen there goes the entire hundred yards is that what you need. Means is seriously that. -- game experience that's has argued gibberish for we want more money maybe he means -- buckets for the drunks that are in the stadium yeah I think so I really do vomit vomit bags at a -- We want to enhance the game experience here and we want to make it easier when people fall off the higher level on two. People who are sitting at the -- it's only fair. That's exactly who it is one neck braces for everyone comes at a rate. But that's the -- let's go a bill through a bill thanks bill you're on WB again. Casey and he and there's two points and I wanna make with this. -- little movie theater I don't expect that I'm the vehicle and took only one movie theater. I'm going to private movie theater with pride on the -- I don't understand why the entertainment industry is different when it comes to sports. I think that if we're talking about -- and I don't hear the record but billion or whatever it is. We can't be looking at products aren't to build this day. And that's responsible people that often do those things so. I think that's point number one at that into our private investors that are out there. They'll be looking to build and I wish they would get the word outlook and more there's people they can do it in our interest and it's so we don't at two. Put on -- now on to -- -- A Erie county. -- like that I think game because. Investors are always step -- and build new homes. Various business ventures and this is indeed a business venture good point what's the what's an excellent. What the second one it I think it did not get into an economic and it's football there. She stayed -- at Orchard Park and that's fine because maximum what it's like you're talking about there -- many Latin or twelve and -- click. Eric concerts -- -- uncle yet but it is just eight games. Keep the stadium where it is functioning at this. If they're gonna start talking about multi use facility with the convention center or something like that. You don't electing more their opted to instead that they currently yet. Anywhere from 25300. -- Ben Heppner. Every single year so if they're gonna -- the state. If they're gonna put all the new investment into. Or the -- to make it. Multi you to -- conventions -- -- -- other events can happen and it. -- -- will the stadium at eight marking down on the that Orchard Park. And I. Well set a well thought out I appreciate it that thank you very much that's right go multi use is always a a more value bullies run -- the costs of operating the facility over voters time. -- here's a letter from Marty Farrell in west Seneca in the U bottlenose I have to applaud Don Asman for his call on the importance of the Buffalo Bills to our region. With the emergence of the waterfront another cultural and recreational class -- we've both the loss of a football team will soon be forgotten. I'm not rooting for them to leave but if the prices too high for our area to report. I'm sure the fans who watch and attend the games and find more meaningful and healthy ways. The spend their time and even being more there's a productive member of society. Marty Ferrell Seneca yeah I think so we can all agree none of us want the team to move. But we can also I think agree that. The commissioner is putting the heat on at the most vulnerable time we have as a community right now we've lost our long time owner. We know some several groups are vying to buy the team. There's always the concern that in another six years or so it could be so it could move we don't want that to happen. So what happens they figure that the time to move is now and that's why he's putting me -- you know that's why he's meeting with the Cuomo. And by I have to go to congratulate. Poland cartridge and all just a second first show me the need. And if we agree that there is a need then we can proceed and see if we can fill that need if you can't show me there's -- -- there's no reason that we should commit. Up to -- a third of may be oh billion dollars of 750. Million. A depending on what the final number happens to be. And I like that that's a sensible sane approach National Football League I think is taking advantage now. Because they see a weakness and vulnerability. In our run in our team and that's the sad part about it. Then Ralph wasn't even in the ground yeah when they started. Talking about a new stadium. Remember when Ralph was alive nearly -- his life he's in the 1 o'clock on Wednesday. But apparently whoever buys the team might be inclusive -- that or might not. But I get -- -- -- -- that massive national football. There will be back for more with -- Your hearing the voice of ball. You DN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Two basic questions for an account executive mark Paula car's front page above logos are you win them on this he wants the NFL to show on the books show him. The fact that a new stadium is needed at the one we have now with the brand -- 130 million dollar renovation. Is not viable I say good for him. -- we certainly want the team to stay -- about them. I think that's a legitimate request secondly and -- and -- reader who has. -- in the hall of fame -- very happy about that. Said you know if we lose the team. That basically buffalo is old. That we trial open and blow away. I do you think that that's him and he's right that that that's all we are we're only the Buffalo Bills I don't think he's right at all on that. What what irritates me the most about this whole scenario. Is I find it almost ghoulish. The Ralph Wilson is barely in his grave. And the other owners send out the commissioner the -- round up a new stadium when a new stadium perhaps is -- even really needed. Because that'll enhance their revenue. That to me is ambulance chasing two worst agree. They don't seem to care much about the fact that Ralph I had a great loyalty. To this area is sometimes the glossy editions were tough. But he had Seattle loyalty here or good for him he was good for us and it worked out fine. But he wasn't even them in the you know I'm in the hereafter yet. When they came around doing this because they think is a vulnerability here now. They think there's a weakness here now we're liable to agree to anything but we gotta do it now while it's still huh. And nine I find that distasteful to -- Let's go to array and Clarence ray you're on WBM. And he I'm holding in my hand able preview from. Sunday picked October 272013. The name of the book is the king of sports. And it's by Gregg Easterbrook. He talks yet about the NFL and not just regional couple little things here. Although the NFL has annual revenue of about. Ten billion. That he claimed to be not for profit corporate real. Estate taxes and the federal government allows it. And here's another little blurred. Roger Goodell commissioner. Maybe -- 29 point five million dollars salary in 2011. According to public records cited by Easterbrook. Well that's what I said thirty million dollars. Pretty close. Well you know if that's true that this is just ridiculous I would -- -- you know one of your your reporters could checked it out again the name of the book is the kingdom sports. By a great east. Well I'll tell you I can tell you it has veracity right now because. When they when they were having me walk out situation there awhile back. They said there was nine billion dollars to divide up. So that -- he says -- as close enough -- for me. And good -- salary I knew was around a thirty million he says when he 95 and I'll buy that -- you're right there at the thought of them being non profit is ridiculous. OK. And you know we go. I hit I hear right thank you -- bigger much. -- -- thirty million dollars -- the commissioner makes twenty now we're gonna round. In 2011. And made thirty million dollars. Now do you think he made thirty million dollars by telling the other owners though we have to have we have the show buffalo some respect. Because Ralph Wilson's pass away and he always had -- yeah. Your spot in his -- for the city that embraced him and made his team over successful not -- on the field is certainly off the field. I'm no no that is the way it is he was sent by them to try and enhanced their revenue that's what it's about. You know it's like it's like you die it was heart attack. And one of your neighbors sends over represented the triumph by -- your house cheaply because united sure you can stay in -- and and tells you that this is the best opportunity and they try to get your when your an emotional. Vulnerable. Period of your life will that where we're like that now as we watch and see who's being interviewed who gets the the next level. I don't know what conglomerate we want to have the team which ones we don't want to have the team. We are very vulnerable now and the NFL's taking advantage I don't like that. Because we have sent our our our portion of money to the NFL in exchange for. Them providing us with a football team and that's it. You would think they would have some. Kind of decency at a time like this but it's all about the money it always has been and always will be. So they try and Cella liked something else and I love when Tony brought up the fact that Goodell says. That they need that to quote you're gonna gag on this one to enhance the gaming experience. A hook up a in other auto enhance that by you buy him a tipping -- upside down all watching that last dime -- audio and pot of Europe and spark. You Roger got news for you the drunks and not gonna notice they have experienced he barely knows that there's a game going to the -- -- of rock while it wouldn't know it -- to game. As weak on defense or offense the time we get another one. Will take -- -- will be back with more would be to and company and is -- about thirty W -- The real -- there. I it is my you know my position that the National Football League is taking advantage of a vulnerable time. Our in our sports history with the passing of Ralph Wilson and there are actually two things going on one that trust is trying to sell the team. And I believe the NFL is trying to sell us the of the theory that we need a new stadium. And I think they think their best chance of getting that done is now. And if you really think about it the impact on your wallet is probably going to be a greater. With a new stadium that it would with a sale of the team because with the new stadium will not only time. Come the debt service necessary. A formal or whatever of the part the taxpayers are gonna pay. Which is at least that two thirds of it 13 as a state taxpayer 13 as the county taxpayer and third for the yeah. The new team owners if if that's the way it goes. So you're going to have a lot of skin in the game and it is actually going to cost you bar. To be able to do that not just in the taxes but if they build some Taj Mahal palace. Out as a buy a New England has and as that Dallas has in Washington has prices go up and you can look at Yankee Stadium I'm glad Tony Tony pointed this out. Yankee Stadium had very large amount of public money to get that done and and a forgiveness of those of certain. Certain rules and regulations in order to get it done. Regarding the money the bonds. But the bottom line is now is so expense a lot of people can't afford to go he got to make the car payments for the car isn't in your driveway. You gotta buy food but the photos on your plate for collateral like -- So it before -- so gung hold -- to do it and spend anything we have to spend the cable you might be pricing yourself right out of right out of a seat at the stadium. That isn't what you one that's not what anybody wants. I think of the fact that they're doing this makes me. -- Blows a lot of respect I think for the national football. Truly because they're being parity right now. They're going directly to a Cuomo. Because they know quorum call would love to have. -- something like that. As simply because of his national ambitions and he would not. One -- team under his watch especially if left the state so they seek Cuomo is being having a need and want. They see the the taxpayers you and I as having a vulnerability and they're going right for the thrower. And don't forget this is -- Cuomo's flip flopped a little bit at one point is no we don't mean it started out like all the while I'm open to -- -- -- Started that way he started now you know armed or you know I'd have to be convinced. And now it's well Lou we we should look at that and you know that's the way it is as though because everybody is looking out for themselves. I'm almost looking -- for his political future. Pulling cars I think is obviously looking out for the taxpayers on this once that's good but here I am praising volunteerism and carefully on him as saying upon I am. And of course the National Football League is looking out for the National Football League always looks out for money. Got -- they didn't become this big because they're room. There wrote the kind that would look at. A community like ours and say let's give them a break Ralph didn't want to move them so. That 130 million is a nice -- that'll last know they already want something else. Before -- think about like this they're pushing for something else before you do have even sat in that seat. At Ralph Wilson Stadium it's that's been refurbished you haven't even not -- 130 million dollars you have they've been there yet they wanna know. How about that. And don't forget Jerry ER Jones who essentially is probably the most powerful man in the NFL would you not agree there to. That he's the -- -- support means the literal and determine how. You know zone that's the way it has I mean that's that it would make no mistake this is not philanthropy city. There there in it for the money and appalling cars in the article that I've been calling him a written by juries -- Basra ski. On the front page above one of those I think today meaning the NFL I think they're taking the opportunity to use this as a revenue grab. Now the NFL spokesman Greg aerial. Address only the -- executives call for the league to release financial information about its terms. The exchange of relevant information at the appropriate time is part of the process. But here's the here's via. Here's the problem they have. They have a package out now goes to prospective bidders. If pulling cars -- for of that package. That hopefully is an honest package -- what they expect to receive out of what there is there are now. Okay if that's honest package they can't poor mouth and say. The stadium is not relevant right now I -- not viable if it cannot support the team India in the near future. They can't say that appalling cars and say something else. Through the it would rule is that trumps. The -- Bon Jovi -- the world so they're kind of stuck between a rock regardless on this. Our Chris about a couple of phase of his books -- them will lump. Go to the phones this is from Cathy she says having Andre -- statements have been far -- of the bill ceased to exist life would go on in the city would come or grinding help. It would certainly leave a void but the team is a critical to life in the region. Well buffalo was here before the bills Bob will be here after the bills let's hope the bill stay here for a long time. But I love. Don as humans -- remarks note to Andrei this region. As plenty more going for at that they chronically sub standard football team that over the past half century has brought us more hard date. And happiness. Nails that president your to damn good sometimes I mean that is -- Let's go to James in Cheektowaga. Danger on W via. Part of a particular Michael insurgents. You know -- -- it perplexed as being on this this potential sale of the built in the stadium what. I keep estimate question and I think divestment of the senate article few weeks back of we've been putting all of our taxpayer money. Into the state that he operates. Without I am not a lot of folk but without knowing what the awful -- organization actually makes it the one thing I keep here. All about the potential sale nobody -- Eric how they keep saying what are your which could be Rochester could be back fault could be anymore. But my my question from -- port or an order that -- is what the bill actually make it work on an out of our text one for the state. What are free tickets. Are short for -- against. Put everything out part of what the bill actually taken what would not support them because one of the Ceres -- thought that I vote. You know it it and I'm not saying there's a derogatory manner toward Ralph Wilson. But you really didn't keep that the taxpayers typically been blackmailed and pushed into a corner of this thought that the bill -- leave. -- It's gonna bet there'll be a detriment to the local economy or Erie county and we keep paying and paying and apparently don't -- what they've. Well that's a good point because they don't release that information generally we do know the overall number a couple of years ago was nine billion dollars. Among via the the various teams to split up. A so we know there's plenty of money out there and every new television contract gets bigger and bigger they keep expanding and watering down the product. And here's the deal if you live in Erie county you're gonna pay. As a state taxpayer and as the county taxpayer so gonna get a double whammy plus when he -- the stadium I guarantee of -- -- -- -- -- it cost you more money. -- and it indicated it keeps going back to how much can it be put back to the taxpayers. But on the profitable business didn't really what are becomes. Well said well said James thank you very much that's exactly right people don't wanna think about his business but it is a business. If any other business did this to you you'd tell him to take a hike. Can you imagine your favorite mall. You know while the owner of the mall has passed away. And we're going to have to build a brand new mall while I like this small mountain Margaret enough. Because we want a bigger mall because a bigger Romo might attract more regional shoppers and -- will get more revenue that. But the bottom line is by paying by saying yes and paying for a new stadium he's gonna pay for it as I said as accounting tax -- As a state taxpayer and as they -- as a customer when you walked up to the the negate. -- got to pay for it through. Knows will be back Lamar -- beach company would like your opinion. -- -- 30 30180616. -- of music star and I thirty. -- mark Poland cars right asking for that information I think he's absolutely right -- says we're gonna drive happened fly away if we don't. Keep the bills is that true is under right. Yes or no will be back captains.

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