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8-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- is -- ago I had when this happens I hate this a mop up other. My program blog is all wet. I've got a -- to dry it out either somebody's elbow bottled water abolish crying again. I can't figure out what it has got a spot -- man just attach a sponge to the migrant boat. Thank you -- a dry out here. Yes there's just so they have personal lawyers looking forward in her almost superintendent you know who's up for that job. It's argued it didn't have you know on us now have not heard Jon Bon -- really absolute. -- And we don't want him to get that job we that if he gets a job I'm just telling you I'll never doing Hamburg school board story again. -- don't want one we're. A lot of the movies stuff happening today I'm telling better than I was yesterday all tell you that yes you know as a I was. But you -- because of the fabulous ability to entertain you sound a lot -- do I go out good idea. I took some stuff but he problem with taking -- stuff does that make you drowsy. I don't like to take the stuff and -- and absolutely true but I needed to but it does make you drowsy but you'd difference. Now I love this story. It's out of Carson City, Nevada you know people always trying to get out of jury duty not me I was hoping to be called and I didn't I sat around for day and watch everybody else recall but I was not call but. I've always wanted to be on the jury but those some people did their best to get out of jury duty. About Carson City, Nevada had not even the Chief Justice. Of the Nevada -- the Supreme Court is getting out of jury duty. The Las Vegas review journal reported Chief Justice mark Gibbons was summoned and then selected. From a hundred other potential jurors to service on on the trial. This week about that you have the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court now here's what I'm wondering. If if he's involved with some kind of a verdict that can be appealed. Does he have to recuse himself when he gets his car when he was one of the people that voted that way and probably. I mean that's got to -- weird don't have a. Can -- under. Scenarios here I mean. Do the attorneys are not gonna wanna upset him solve actual owners -- don't -- does he wanna serve if he does that we need do help give him I did hear the guy exactly that they have a right to rare refused to have certain people sit them Jerry. I think then that's -- event surely is because of the ramifications. Down there. About the way what is big golden summer favorite tour at the ballpark anybody have an idea because I read this -- 47 times that -- and criminal -- means I don't know you know -- you know an -- -- going -- but I do is Google exactly what you said -- -- summer it -- our -- tour and I got something and like Charleston south -- on products that I don't think that's because. Many people wouldn't drive Charles. Probably now now Johnston and medicines -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the fans are split. In Cleveland. Cap problem one Johnny football and half of them don't. News as well as Johnson -- things going out and say this sounds very familiar you know we've had this before. I mean I'd I don't even though the back movies starter is paying now I guess is Brian Hoyer has yeah no -- is on him but. At least got something -- for think about it like that. They haven't had any room for awhile so honest true so when it's Cleveland thank you guys who's gonna -- -- -- the starting quarterback I'll say Horner. -- -- -- are ordered to I've heard a lot of their players are not since training camp before training camp after the draft. Interview on whether or not the man's -- and mr. Brennan and all the players that pointers in electing. Well Steny Hoyer is of course -- And he's been in congress for years. We're going to play caller. ID -- it. Good arm hit a rocket arm exactly and meanwhile we're gonna. Does this work. -- -- practice the Steelers notably to sailors yeah that's pretty common in the NFL I don't does this movie has its good way to I mean it's what I'm going to practice habits and not the team going to be playing that week. Well you don't team playing in the pre season and -- and I only makes -- that he's rooting for you for being at school are right a lot of things going on today including best. Wow wow wow wow -- a lot of -- Of course about ago who is going to end up buying -- Buffalo Bills. And right. Right along right from the beginning. Ability of the one person that I saw as a non cheerleader. Somebody who would actually have a way via. A common sense approach a tax -- approach maybe. Would be marked pulling cars. A regarding new stadium them and things like that he was involved with the year tenure at least that the bills signed. -- which guarantee -- here for at least seven years. Without a huge payoff if they left. And awhile everybody else says yes well it was our Ralph's gone but. We're gonna do whatever we have to do that was Cuomo that was all the other usual suspects but -- and cars always seemed. A little hesitant. -- he seemed like OK I want the bills to say I understand that. But I'm also not gonna give away. Of the candy factory. To make it happen. Well. Now with -- all the hoopla on the front page of the buffalo knows show me in the box. Show me the money essentially a -- cars tells the NFL on the stadium demand because what's going on. Everybody looks at the commissioner. Goodell as being our best friend because he's from southern tier I don't look at that at all like that. I I think he is basically a mouthpiece for the owners. And although I do enjoy looking at his wife Jane Skinner but she's not on TV anymore but the bottom line is. I think that he is the commission is the owners mouthpiece. One of the owners want. Then it also the owners don't care about tradition and whatever and keep in mind that. That the people who grew up in the NFL win of the Ralph Wilson mainly gone. Are there any of the originals laughter was -- the last one of the AFL. I think in the last that he was so you know let the months of the world in the of the ones who started the air from -- merge with the NFL they're gone. So I don't think the NFL cares that much about them. How the AFL -- start whatever other maximum. A revenue stream is what they're looking for. So because the TV money is split evenly they also sport the box office money so. Now what they what happens is the -- derby. Of the rain the more tickets and sell them more and more dimes that the fall and the ability pockets of the owner buffalo fallen to their pockets to -- They're basically going to push for a new stadium although a certain people like Bill Polian is that. The about stadiums as good as any right now good sight lines it's good good good and it's it's -- a 130 million dollars that we haven't seen yet. But that there have been two hours and whatever and a so it's it's all stiffed up. But Poland cars. As the finally. As I said no policy the books and I love his quote here. He says I'm not going to cut libraries. I'm not going to cut parks. I'm not going to cut Child Protective Services to give money to the multi billionaires who run professional football. As I have for that. First of all make no mistake about it I want the bills this day I think you want in this day we all want them to say but it's got to be something reasonable. I saw it it looks like there are two sales going on here. One would be the sale of the Buffalo Bills as a team the second is the sale to the people who have to pay the bills -- the people after vote to make it happen. To come up with something even grander than we already have just because. This is on an opportunity. They see it as an opportunity that they didn't have one Ralph was here that they have now. -- because they see a weakness and when you see a weakness in your looking for that last block. They goal for that's exactly what they do take a take forget all the romantic thought -- had. About the twelfth man. Or Goodell being us you know a southern tier guy loving the bills it's all business. Get past that no and that's what it is. If somebody gives him a dollar fifty more than the last person that's the personally yet. So I'm asking first -- -- With pong -- asking to see the books. To see if it makes any sense are you with -- on that secondly pondering congratulations on batteries now way of hall of Famer rounder and and -- by idea being very. You know diligent about wanting to keep the team -- area also since the said something that. He might have rethought it. Even you know even though I know his motive was good. And that is without buffalo without the bills the teams that -- drive up -- way and you know going to. Into nothing gonna become Gary Indiana and I don't believe that permanent neither is on -- and I have his column here to talk about that. We'll take a break we'll be back with the war on news radio 930 W -- The bill makes it. You know four years we've we've always bitch about the fact that sometimes they put things rose to read when no pronunciation guide. If it's something that would not from your work so now on this one. They actually did put a pronunciation guide. It's spelled G I held the -- and and so they've put in brackets GI LL dashed DA ends a week and yes that that means guild and or gill man one of those aren't but they don't tell us what remains so neither of you guys the -- Assistant producer knows -- primary. I could be reading something something that people might get angry about. You know please do that a lot. And somebody listening casually going wait a minute. The guild and summer favorite stores at the ballpark this is outrageous. Air base that we talk about this every year. I've been trying to get them to cut on the number of times that the yield and summer. Two or whatever Hal Gill then all of its water something dehydrated. And could not see each and -- to go with that. Thank you very much I started her about the passing Novo -- McCall call Betty by her friends. But obviously radio very important person in film and especially -- But she had heard of you would have a line. That was considered quite controversial. When it came out she was very young and very beautiful she is like nineteen at a and a model and dating comfortable environment and Marion Humphrey -- But one of lines she had the movie. Is she seductively. Looks at him and says if you're you know basically paraphrasing here but if your interest -- give me a whistle. But the line is. It is you know how to whistle don't you. You put your fingers in your mouth and -- low. That was that was considered quite easy. In those days. And as and so that was that are. That was what she is known for at the beginning which turn -- via a fine actress for the long career and passed away as India. And while -- 89 Tuesday night and these things usually on trees that's what I was thinking last night so who's next now let's the low. No president of China -- the former president John -- you're saying he would be the third one know the who's already lost two members -- that's right they they can't afford those and keep in Entwistle. Thank you. -- And it's mark -- cars and day -- -- has been trying to set the record straight I think as it is right now I think Poland Garza's right. I'm in this case let's let's go over what we're talking about -- hazard a great deal of course. Of well what's the word mystery as to how this the processes that is plodding along with -- how many bidders do we have for the Buffalo Bills. And all of that sort of thing and they're going through right. A sorting out process. -- -- you know. Bid nearly a billion dollars for something and hope you make at some of the the next round I mean that that's an amazing process. About people who have the money to play the game. So that's going on a wild that's going on. Guess who's meeting with the governor. Yes yes yes the hug and a fellow commissioners meeting with the governor Andrew Cuomo. And done he's trying to convince the governor David you guys really need a new stadium. It despite the fact as we said the Bill Polian and others have said this is my stadium which is that a 130 million dollars. But that's what they want him and I think they sense a vulnerability here. In buffalo indeed in buffalo in and a Saudi time -- see a weakness they're gonna pounce on it keep in mind. That the trust them can select whomever they chose according to the terms of the trust. But the NFL has the make the final decision they have nothing to say as to who gets that. But they have something to say who doesn't yet. I mean they can vote for murder dances you understand that but if they don't want somebody and they vote him down Lagos go to -- go to -- plan B here. So ugly Dell's putting the pressure on now subtle way. And maybe not so subtly while this process is going on while we're standing here panting like a dog in heat -- our tongue hanging out waiting to see if the team's gonna stay here or not. Of the NFL behind the scenes is working to get more revenue and that's what it's all. Yeah I think they're also working behind the scenes as to who they want as the next owner -- you seem to think they really want Bon Jovi he's group because of these hang around with Jerry Jones right and craft you -- Well the reason Jones might like him is that he probably figures Bon Jovi and get -- girls. -- If there's there's always a hidden agenda here as he's run out of cheerleaders. I will will be back with borrowed between company under Israeli and I thirtieth scintillating conversation that I am just telling it says I find out what the -- the guild and summer favorite store is will be back after service. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. -- having a bad day because the memory of you leaving a veggie burger on the grill for a full hour. Turning to dust is still gets down there. Talk show producer. It's a concept art -- -- some got a little arm that -- that jury your meat is burning. I just you know is one of those things that I let my chores get out of hand and then lost track you what's numbers on the growing started doing other things. Coming back to grow -- your intention however you forgot to do it. And they deserve a crank it yeah they were out there for over an hour all -- out there was nothing left it little drive a little hook up. I have a job I wouldn't say bat guards going at the numbers we know our multi tasker. -- a better multitasking and guys would like to do 1 am going at a time but the women 181000. Things going on ones and this and that the other point. And you found out that that maybe you should -- your wife grow and it would have been on there for now. Yeah I was the other thing is is a radio producer you'll learn how to multi we have to multi touch -- -- differ from most guys and that's one thing we are trained to do so I. A bit off more than I can chew on that. Idea you could join at all no I couldn't just -- grownups aren't. The great was like why Africa. Now are a couple of things there -- a lot of them happen while I was gone to Alaska. And that evolved Andre -- impersonal were very happy that Andre was inducted into the pro football for a great honor and well deserved. And the year if you will reform and they assure you got -- -- very happy about that and of course. A lot of what sort -- -- -- for attention being paid to the process of vote who's going on the Buffalo Bills aware they're -- ago. And underrated very much very strongly wants to see them stay in buffalo and that's good. But he did say something that. Are going to be critical of Andrei we just wanna know if you think he's right that's all if it is writers in high. In the interview which he said. That was just a casual conversation but the of the other people said no it was a it was a on the record. It kind of drug interview. He said news involving. The effective of the bills ever left. If somebody bought the team and -- here's his quote. You might as well just take this city meeting buffalo throwing in the river and letting go down Niagara Falls. And so the insinuation there and not to settle at that is that that's all we have is the Buffalo Bills. If you're asking me I would find that. Proposition ludicrous that of course that's not all we have but I would say to some people that's always have. Because that's that that's their focus and they have everything they have all their emotional and physical -- is tied up -- it. And that's editor of the team laughter they would have I remember once. One Ralph was still alive obviously and there was talk about maybe the team might move. Some fans actually said they might move with them -- -- it. IP or just talk because when push comes as she probably would happen. But the bottom line is we've got a lot of things going for us and if you're you know if you're here and you'll understand that you know that. You know that I landry's. He is mine was in the right place but he used the wrong words. So it's it's kind of like a support of the city but. Please keep them here because without it we won't have a city and I don't believe that at all and neither -- -- -- -- I Don says they note to Andre this region has fly anymore. Then just a chronically. Sub standard football team that over the past half century has brought us more heart -- than happiness. We know who that's that's that's why -- a fool. A full blast is that. So basically. I'm who have has been on this one the bills are great great entertainment great fun follow -- gives us a national stage. If the bills left it wouldn't wouldn't kill us financially. Psychologically. We would take a blow because. Nobody likes to see something that you like. Leave. But we we would survive and I hope we don't have to find out. But today. It's it's a little silly to think that the buffalo is only the bills. I'm gonna go to my two sports guys and see what they think it's only our fervent bills fan as far throughout the three of us are but some may be more than others. What do you think underrated -- or wrong. I think he's wrong I understand what he's saying that the bottom line there be a lot of depressed people who -- -- New York. But I think you'd be for short period of time I think we would get over -- Move on -- we we have lives we have other interest that we like to do I think we would be fine. Lot of things going on in the city for the first time in many years so. I would probably write off the NFL because I'll go rate to the the whole process was rigged in how does that come within. -- think Chris and right or somewhere in the middle. He's probably somewhere in the middle but I don't I think. The problem buffalo would have read more mental than finance I agree I think they'd be okay. And and it might take a few years kind of -- over mentally that hurdle but. Financially -- in the city would be okay they might even be better off if you if you believe that the that the NFL kind of costs. Is money. You know a team as I errors. As there was pointed out here and on -- -- of the team has lost more in in more years than one as far as. Having something the root for. But that was the team if the team believes than the city is the loser not a team who remain. It's said the city is perceived as a loser can't keep an NFL team something very valuable -- NFL as far and away the most popular sport we have. Is a professional football and you couldn't keep them they were there all these years and now you couldn't do it's of -- city will be perceived as a loser. And we're just getting rid of that loser tag now so we don't wanna add to that. -- now with a medical complex and things going on the waterfront and they end up housing opera and converting blow formally a derelict buildings and move in tonight's condos and a there's a lot of positive stuff going on of the big harbor project. We we don't need anything to stop the momentum so I think that it's different when the team closes as opposed to losing the team. I don't speak we would lose out on companies that wanna come here. I don't think we would lose out on people that wanted to relocate to buffalo for whatever reason. You know there's still gonna Steve Jobs is still going to be. Life call. I got an event event the bills provide very few jobs right let -- on game day yeah now okay they have overtime for cops and that some vendors or whatever. It's only people at a members only eight games a year. Especially in the last what fourteen and it's only eight games believe me and and some remember war here they were up in Toronto. So that's all it is so they don't provide a lot of jobs. And you're right I don't think any company is going if if my company CEO and the board of directors make a decision of moving there. Business. To Western New York or not on the on the strength of what you have the bills are not not a company I've invested and I can tell you that right now. You know I mean how many people think Hershey Pennsylvania will be a fabulous that plays the live. And yet I think they're doing very well will be back with more -- -- -- and company under his -- thirty WB yeah. The bill right there. Did you get that address Tony Tony it was a writing down they. The address of that commercial we just ran for hearing. People are having problems hearing because I think Tony's and having some distressed. -- with -- hearing why need to eat there Tony tells me in the last the last sixteen months he has not heard the word yes. And so I think. About his experience as the fifth. And -- and awfully nice weather we're sure is not out -- barely out of that tree. I -- there are up which are about the bills are. What Andrew read or very happy for Andre and he is very passionate love the bills -- in buffalo. But one thing he said in an interview. If if we lose the bills you might as well just take the city thrown in the river and let it go down Niagara Falls. Meaning there's nothing here except the bills and that's and as much as we enjoy the bills. There are those of us who disagree with that statement. I including Donna husband who says a -- to Andre. This region has plenty going for it -- more than a chronically sub standard football team the over the past half century as -- more heartache and happiness that that's an area as a strong statement. And then not everybody's falling in the line and not everybody is drinking the cool way. Because sometimes in a position of authority of the make some tough decisions. A week we know we'd like to do. When I get my copy of a road and track or car and driver. Or any in my car magazines I would love to have a Ferrari. But the bottom line is no it's not in the budget for a sandy to have a Ferrari. Course won by me one. Haven't in the parking lot make -- red -- -- much. And so mark -- cars. Well this is funny because while. The commissioner Roger Goodell was meeting with Governor Cuomo trying to -- -- his -- about you know if you wanna keep the team they're really have to have a new stadium. -- and cars says. And he's the county executive. I'm not going to cut libraries are not going to cut parks I'm not going to cut Child Protective Services. To give money to the multi billionaires who run professional football. So he's his kind of watching out for the taxpayers but he's got a very difficult situation the taxpayers. Want one the team the state most of them certainly not all of them. But they also don't wanna be stuck with more could be a quarter -- vote -- billion dollars. Our third of a billion dollars actually because they a third of may be of the 750. A million who knows exactly what's gonna cost. But it's going to be expensive and he does not know we have -- we have the resources. To support something like that so he says show me the books he tells the NFL show me the books. I -- an article by Jerry's -- game. There are coming executive mark -- cars pushing back hard against the NFL's the man. That the new stadium be built for the bills saying they're paying for such a facility will be a burden the county taxpayers cannot and should not bear. Now was the last time you heard anybody pushed back. To the commissioner of the national hopefully it doesn't happen very often. -- cars asked the National Football League show him the financial records. Of the teams to prove whether the commissioner Roger Goodell is right when he says the bills need a new home they have the power. They have to prove to me that the bills can't be viable and Ralph Wilson Stadium. Now see this will be interesting because. I don't think the National Football League can improve. That they wouldn't be viable. Ralph Wilson Stadium because this as -- this is on the basis of of just barely getting by. This stadium does -- both of those fine and we just been 130 million dollars for it so it's a matter of more more more more more and you know that's calls called greed. That's exactly what is calls called greed because they do they do. Share. Gate receipts so though the bigger the granddaughter. The more magnificent. Palace that you can get. Of the better as far as the National Football League is -- document mind. That. -- -- had written a column. That I quoted liberally. A few months ago which is so right. It doesn't matter what you build it has to be supported. And a lot of the support comes from corporation's. Core within that community. We don't have. We do we do not have the number of corporations to step up to give that level of support in Western New York. And so as admin points points out was the difference -- we make it or not if we don't have. The corporate support that we need -- the fans love the team and the corporations that are here of the team but we simply don't have enough of them. I don't believe the are private boxes are sold out. And Ralph Wilson Stadium. And remember we've already had about bill I think now wants with the Turkey Kilborn remember. Business. -- since the when they -- business isn't accidental spills job and they came up with. -- 125 million dollars to get over the hump and then they gave it to Rob Johnson. Had to remind I'd love to mentioned yeah it's unclear is how we had -- We had -- mothers were selling their breast milk on the on the corner just salute Rob Johnson could be on the beach now throwing a frisbee I'm you know of that. -- doesn't love that about and who is that guy he's the pick up girls that via a gas station on camp road and he's had -- he -- of Travis Henry Travis Henry. Maybe he got part of money -- -- Is that mean to me don't laugh like that. Well. That is I don't I don't this -- that's the way as good comedy but. Karzai I think is doing his duty he's not saying. He won't do whatever he can't do it yet he's saying let's take it step by step for show me -- -- show me that the bills. After just spending a 130 million dollars to refurbish it. Show me the fact that the bills couldn't survive in that stadium. They are not viable. I think via personal puts the National Football League and and a pickle right because they'd have to reveal. Some facts and figures they're probably would prefer not to reveal. Secondly it's it's very difficult for them to prove that they would not be viable because viability by one by one definition. By a certain percentage. Of vote money being shared with the other team owners is that what it's about. So I think own cars is doing the right thing because he's going about it systematically and intelligently. Not like a guy. Who's just the bills then he may be -- bills them but he's also the county executive. And he's in charge of kind of looking after the financial health of our economy and so I agree -- them on this let's let's be systematic about it. Show me want to know what you think is that is the problem and if you can -- with the problem that we can talk about the solution. But it's awfully hard to come up muscle with a solution if you don't think there's a problem. It over Arizona 301806. -- 692 music star and I'm thirty. Are you argue with -- cars on this where show me the stuff first before I jump on board. And is under every right. That we are nothing without -- level bills will be back after this.

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