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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt III

FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt III

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Online at WB and outcome this morning we have an extra looking at suicide and depression we're talking about in studio as well. Doctor -- Marriott Cartagena is here rather from -- behavioral health also Doug Fabian the executive director of crisis services of buffalo. If someone sees. Chronically horribly depressed they probably and I can come forward and raise their hand and say hey I need treatment. If the person approaches some they're gonna get a no I'm fine or go away how do you sleep over that hurdle. Well I think you leap over that hurdle by by doing the very thing they were doing this morning. Talking about it and I think that them world and used in our field of mental health. We're using the Robin Williams incident the tragedy as it is a teaching moment not only for our staff for. -- For employees for a board of directors but also for the public. This is not a bad time. To over react this is it time to be looking at one another in assessing how are we really doing not just asking but observing closely. Yen in an overtime not just in in a moment but over time. Making movement towards helping someone. If they if they are seemingly depressed at a place like crisis services do you get more calls after a suicide like Robin Williams oh yes we do you out and and that's we encourage people to call. We of course rate our business by sometimes how many calls weekend. But. Oftentimes we look into those calls the quality of those calls what are the trends and believe me. There are trends out there today that suggests we have a very anxious we have very. Very. A -- a depressed population cast the Anthony's the we have a stress population.

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