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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt II

FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt II

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Makeshift memorial as -- flowers and notes popping up around the country for actor and comedian Robin Williams he was found dead in his San Francisco area home on Monday. Authorities now are saying the 63 year old had suffered from severe depression and hanged himself with a belt. Williams 25 year old daughter Zelda released a statement yesterday saying I'll never ever understand that we could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay. Doctor Maria Carnahan wood chief medical officer of Brian loans hospital's behavioral health division. And Doug Fabian executive director crisis services. A both in studio to help those talk about. Depression and how it could lead to suicide Doug let's start review. This time Harlow isn't. However that some people can deal with depression. And its consequences. And others can't. Well I knew the answer that question it would be sitting here. I think is much like something canyon baseball and some can some can -- -- -- some -- I think people vary in and I think the message that I wanna give today is that it's okay if you feel depressed. In the and the minute you start feeling different on on on a long term basis you need to reach out. Family members see an individual and their family. I don't know whether it's an immediate family member and extended family member or neighbor really being unusual. Looking -- usual acting in usual. Working out of their normal routines because we're all in our routines. We they need to call in in in if they're feeling like they're overreacting. That's okay too. Because many times these these situations going attended. And then we have the worst case scenario of a suicide or someone. Perhaps losing their job or their on losing their place in their family and these things I'm sure doctor -- union. Is very knowledgeable about the Seattle all the time and we want to avert -- as much as we can. Doctor -- how how difficult is it for a depressed person to seek help. I know for example today have a a pain in my foot in my hand my brain can independently say my hand hurts in my foot hurts. But in depression the brain is both to the problem. And the thing that has to assess whether the problem is there. Absolutely can be quite challenging actually it's not only the problem -- but it also can be the theory here. Because in the seat of depression is very difficult to meet decisions. In two execute to good decisions about he meant to help. In it can happen so insidious -- In the week we don't always know you know it we're having depressive symptoms and that's why I think it's so important to recognize what some of those in danger signs -- But ultimately. You know -- -- there's so many avenues that people came pursued it off and they don't know they can pursue you can so that would be a primary care physician office you concerned Leo did you land. You can you know seek touted an urgent care center and an emergency room. I think we'll be able to provide the services at that particular place that they will direction when I think it's so important to. A start the investigation about -- that fast places for that that type of treatment.

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