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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt I

FOCUS: Depression/Suicide - Doug Fabian & Dr Maria Cartagena; Pt I

Aug 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Although police have now revealed how Robin Williams committed suicide. The Oscar winning -- fans and friends and even his family are really continuing to struggle to understand why someone who was just so joyful. Could find so little in his own life that he decided to stop living. It's one of the topics would like to delve into in depth this morning talking about suicide and depression how common depression overall is. Let's bring in doctor Maria -- to -- if she is chief medical officer. -- brylin behavior health she's with us in studio. Along with Doug Fabian as well the executive director of crisis services of buffalo thank you both for a coming in. Very glad that you're here I wanted to start -- I could buy one of the things I heard yesterday. When people were discussing. The entire situation. Involving Robin Williams Charlie Rose O'Brien CBS was talking about all the interviews that he's had. With Robin about how joyful Robin is and how also Robin would occasionally talk about depression and and Charlie said well. We were always trying to figure out why he was when he was let's listen to this for just the second. I was unable to get him and didn't try a sort of I didn't push push push push but I asked and re ask. What would the demons where did they come. Well wasn't. That need some aspects of like painful for you childhood. Injury. Real imagined and -- Is that doctor Karen -- even the right question to ask is depression caused by telling demons things in someone's life forces just something that people. Well I think actually. There's a lot of different -- and how depression forms wrecking -- agreement. -- the ultimate sort of final common pathway. Can in fact actually -- chemicals in the brain so we can be actually an illness with the genetic unhittable factors. In addition to became -- -- by trauma. -- just difficult for stressful. Upbringing begin in childhood or at any time in your life for women can actually. Beat up precipitated by hormonal changes. And sometimes it just happens medications treatment medical illnesses can actually increase your risk of depression but when it happens. It he can be it is we feel. In -- chemical deficit in game -- chemical that can -- it in parts of the brain. Can absolutely. Fat in which the way in which you look at things the way in which you feel about things he can really affect your focus attention memory concentration. And really how you viewed your place in the world to argue on the way in listening question. And at first thing out in the cities. I think this is the first time doctor credit union. And I have been -- together so. I'm definitely gonna take a backseat on the clinical aspect of depression because she speaks about so so well which is very articulate about it. My purpose here today is he has to let people know that if they are feeling depressed. If you're feeling different. That's not unusual in that they should act on it and they should call he should call brightly in the they should call crisis services perhaps first. And we could help guide them and let them know that it's not unusual there are many many people who feel depressed. Chronic depression is something New Hampshire doctor -- Kenya feels she should definitely be be be -- and that's what we would encourage people do as well. So in either case that the things that you've seen a crisis services -- or or use doctor Karen Gagnon Ryland. Is it a false construct to even say oh. Robin Williams was such a joyful guy and he was so exuberant. Do depressive people had the ability to. Be functioning members of society one moment but then maybe go home and -- account. Well absolutely and I think that's probably one of the most difficult and complex and parts of the illness. People can have Steve -- would can be very productive and feel well. And then there are other times. Where they dumped in each we each -- these periods of time making come running a very insidious way. That those scary thoughts that he must have had towards the end should be the red flag that is Doug mentioned should Harold. I'll call to to reach out to to understand. It when you get a scary thoughts like that it's not a good idea it's actually a red flag much like chest pain. A much like shortness of breath you need to get to help. Doctor if people are depressed I mean you mentioned red flags are what can we possibly recognize. When these people are reaching out saying hey you know I'm I'm having trouble. But they don't wanna come up and admitted to what should we look for what should we recognized when Robin Williams was telling. At least talk show people publicly that he has dependency problems that he was depressed was he actually reaching out all those. Points possibly I mean there there could have been a variety of different reasons but it's interesting that the majority of people who leaking DJ and such final acts of desperation. They actually do let somebody now and make a statement that's not quite telling of -- where their act I could be treatment provider could be a loved one. It could be a passer by but they usually do makes up some some degree -- and we hope that really gets it and ask a plea for help. But I do think that a loved ones and and now people that are supportive of of an individual. Can definitely. You know listen for some of these clues -- and particularly if they know that the area's history. Of depression or psychiatric illness including anxiety possibly bipolar disorder. All of these diagnosed is Jim -- an increased risk four. For such you know scary behavior and I do think that it's important to be able to monitor -- and changes in in their behavior. Where it changes in appetite worry changes in sleep pattern where all of a sudden the loss of activity in things that people really enjoy doing previously. And all of those things that certainly statements like I. I am really you know I don't feel like it's worth it anymore sometimes even the -- statements like it hasn't seemed worth it. You know I wish I could just fall asleep in and -- wake up the holes are really. Alarming. Statements that really need to be taken seriously.

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