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8-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mom hourly. Column in the when the now let everybody know Lindsay and -- -- welcome. It's life -- its local capital. We'll -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her -- And -- and -- W yeah. Well we've and I kind of had a show that but a little of everything today basically I have three topics. I would bring it to the table. Number one. Depression. Not to be confused. With the blues -- -- The normal vicissitudes the normal ups and downs too which were all subject as human beings. Depression is a bitch liked. Unless you've actually been there I don't think you can quite appreciate. It all enveloping. Nature. I had a touch of last summer just a sample. Of what it was like because of a brain inflammation. Man. It's impossible. For me to really adequately describe. Where you just don't want to do anything the only thing I can do. Was get up go to work come -- And then right after it get off the year just the headaches which. And when I say headaches -- generally do injustice and it was like basically simply taken a screwdriver. That'd been put in a blast furnace and hammering it in the my head that's what might green felt like. And that inflammation that organic swelling. Are caused me to be depressed. Fortunately the alleviation of the pressure. Because of print in the zone. Lumbar puncture to get rid of the fluid. Greatly. Ameliorated the situation so for me it was -- But to live that. And to constantly. Wonder. When that beast of depression. When will intrude upon your life again. I just I I don't know how you do. And -- Robin Williams case. Maybe he just hit the point where he didn't have it in him anymore. Maybe he just lost his will to fight it. After how many recaps. After how many medications. After how many. Interviews he did hawking about rehab. Maybe he just felt as though it was a lost cause. And the other issue. That I think is peculiar to in particular to entertainers spears. What you see if you're not an entertainer. Is the person entertain the person on stage the person performing. The person. Living there avocation. What you don't see is that person driving all alone. That person going inside alone. That person at 3 AM. Sitting at their desk. Alone. That person walking around the neighborhood alone I mean that's what you don't see. And a lot of entertainers. Have an issue with keeping one foot in the real world. While keeping another foot. In the esoteric artsy world that you really need to have a foot and if you're gonna be a successful entertainer. And for a mental -- Robin Williams gave the world. Inside himself. I think that there was probably always this issue of do people like me for what I do. Or do people like me for me. You know share something very interest in which you liked to have this conversation yesterday. We get so distressed. Rush Limbaugh's made the point that depression and the blues anxiety. Are relatively recent follow Obama. That in the old days when people were working sixteen hours today in the summertime they have to be depressed. You know there may be something to vet and I'll tell you why. Because there is recent psychiatric. Research I was just talking to somebody about this yet. Which indicates. That. Given a choice between. Receiving an electric shock. We're spending time in a room with only your old and a full costs. People in a very short period of time. Felt so uncomfortable. Pondering their own lives. And be introspective. About what they've done. Compared to what they wanted to do their lives. Where they were act in their lives. It became so uncomfortable. For those people. To actually pondered themselves. Without the Internet without cellphones without TV just in a room. That many people decided to give themselves. Electric shocks. Instead of confronting bigger own. Personality. Realities. And that is a peer reviewed psychiatric. Study I can't sources but if you look it up you probably court. I'm absolutely. Fascinating. But not surprised. And I told you guys when I got -- vacation. And you know or go on vacation as the -- secret. The only thing I did. Was spent a lot of -- socialized. But. The times it wasn't socializing. It was a great opportunity. To sit by myself. Under the tropical sun. And just ask myself those kinds of questions. What are they don't look -- The right doing what I wanted to do. And happy. We're -- failed. How can I do it better. Am. Unless you are a psychologically strong person and I am. It can become very. Uncomfortable. To ponder. Your own life. Without any distractions. Of the Internet or cell phones TV technology or what have you. And I will tell -- that even though it was a relaxing vacation that my favorite spot. There were times. Where I had to come to some very uncomfortable conclusions about myself. And the decisions I've made it. And a lot of people can't handle it reality. On a stubborn. Little miss. Her so I care I'm sure -- stature not character. Com. Depression. Suicide. I received an email. I don't wanna read it word for word because I don't think it would be feared the lady who wrote that. Basically she told me about an impulsive. Suicide. Of someone very close to order and that happened relatively recent. And this individual had everything. Going for everything people loved this person. He got into an argument. With his spouts. And committed suicide. You remember earlier I talked about the impulsive. Suicide. Unfortunately that is a situation where the expression suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Is appropriate. And the people left behind. Days until the crack of doom can ask themselves why. And what if and you know what there's never going to be an answer. And there's never going to be closure. You know you leave behind so many questions. Of people. Who loved you. And the impulsive suicide is one thing. And the suicide that is the culmination. Of a lifetime of battling. The deepest darkest depression. That is another thing altogether and that was the Robin Williams. Man. I hope if nothing else. That at least for awhile. And books stories will happen. Other stories were also playing this one in the public consciousness very quickly. But I hope that at least for wire. People do Gibson bought to folks they know you know into your friends your family. And suddenly you realize you know what. This person I'd love. He is depressed. Not just bombed out. Just sad. Not just melancholy this person is currently going through a clinical depression. So that realization is one thing. But then trying to get that person. To get help. Is and other kettle of fish altogether. And again at the risk impunity MIA. I will play it that people told me last summer. Tom you are this is not you. You're not a guy who lets his long get over -- You were not a guy who spends all of his time on the couch doing nothing. You're not a guy sits there with a pillow over your face to keep a light. You need to see a doctor. And because I have this fierce independence streak nobody. Was gonna tell me anything. Until headaches got so severe I just did it shorts. But my own stubborn this in my own failure to recognize the symptoms of depression. Simply made everything worse. And I made a lot of it was a bad decisions. But. I think the stupidest thing ever did was put ups in the doctor. But in a way I'm glad I went through the experience because in a small way. Because I had a brain inflammation. In which caused this deep depression and I was never suicide. But I have this deep depression. Then it was caused again by an organic thing my brain was -- It does allow me to empathize with those of you who battled it your entire lifetime. Because of a disease. Which isn't as simple for you is taking pretenses. We're getting lumbar punctures to have fluid drained your brain. And and I think I do have the ability to empathize with that kind of you know you don't wanna leave the house for anything but the bare necessities. Trimmed the bushes screw that moat the long screw that weed the garden how that. Wasn't it. It is up hourly let's -- out about traffic right now it's them -- Harris Allen. I presume -- game is still scheduled because the raiders pass through -- I'm sure they have the the diamond covered up and OPEC TARP off but. The polish festival like prizes take on the Norfolk tides first pitch 705 PM. And we may see it we're gonna see cloudy night tonight a couple of showers at any time but they shouldn't be anything like the know a lot like -- luge which were down upon us over the past ninety miniature cell. The overnight low 62 we've gone down to 68. Now we were at 78 degrees. Ninety minutes ago. We're now at 68 degrees so remember when Bob Larson from AccuWeather said were seeing the storm because you've got. The cold front moving them. Pushing the war front out of the way causing a clash of the titans in the sky over Western New York causing that they're very inclement weather. So 68 degrees right now tomorrow he'll be cloudy breezy a couple of showers and 72. And you know as an aside. And nothing to do with depression Robin Williams or anything like that. Pay attention to the squirrels in your neighborhood. I think we're gonna have an early fall guys. Cars are getting more and more feedback on my FaceBook page. You guys are not only noticing the squirrels engaging in September behavior and frankly acting squirrelly. But also. Leaves are starting to change. It's only early to mid August and leads are starting to change. Specially the -- trees. First term let's go to the calls and next up whose outline what I cannot see the name on line one. Karl on WB and thanks for holding Carl appreciate. -- -- -- -- A couple of reasons first of all I'm the director community advocacy. Association of Erie county. You know the world country -- greater buffalo and we try to provide services that you know and I'll I'll. And it'll educate folks so that they know what to do in times of crisis. We also offer -- -- -- -- train which rolled in the program which helps that the department of ice on open. But -- made a lot of. You just -- Tom -- you know my friend Sarah. -- is greatly. Absolutely absolutely. So 11 of the top operations one. Idea of isolation and not what and order 34 year. But for what happened when I was going to college in Michigan. Completely disconnect and the court system. You're the drug and alcohol. And it all came together for storm that and each packet flow can't stay. -- I want Karl this is a very important call I have talked way too much today and it's my bad. I wanna continue this after the break -- a wanna hear more about pump your more importantly. You're talking about something that I mentioned over and over and over again the onset of mental illness during their college years how susceptible people are to whip -- very vulnerable point in their life. When historically and you know medically speaking. That bipolar issue and in many cases schizophrenia. Can first present significant symptoms in that you know sixteen to 22 year old age groups oh hold on if you would Karl okay. After letting this -- help some people on WB. What do you mean you do voices that I can point. It under the plan looking for intelligent and I -- even if they go to the computer -- yet but that but it didn't count that it. But that doesn't erupt meaning it's not going very well the media that -- given a -- you're gonna listen up anymore. But couldn't right now -- and 100 up or get to know. -- -- and wouldn't you know here you're looking for the other have when. Keep it. Could. Make -- back if we opulent DO. Had a great impression of. Are -- Robin Williams again unique talent unfortunately. Like many Americans. Eight prisoner. Of a deep dark black depression. You have unsure Robin Williams living within a half mile of your whole. Depression. Use so widespread. And again folks. Please. Differentiate between the normal ups and downs of the normal sadness of life. And the depression. That is debilitate. Review literally all wanted to. Neat thing in you know I think one of the best examples I can give you news. And this is how bad it was for me and again keep in mind mine was caused by brain inflammation. Okay. End of story I didn't need antidepressants. I didn't need -- appropriate medication and all I needed was medication to bring the swelling in my brain down. But to give you an example of how batter wars for the longest time I wanted to see Bryant sets her in concert. I had primo seats for Bryant censor. When the time came for the show I did not want to ago. I could not be dragged off my couch and I'm not exaggerating. It bitter fight it if the father the son and the holy ghost you know if if god Jesus the holy spirit Mohammed Buddha. And it. Yoga and Honda had entered my living room and said they buy -- get off the couch dude. You got to see a doctor. Out of told them to get the F out of my house. I don't need help re talking about I'm fiercely independent unlimited actor. -- -- Having had just a small slice of it. Due to inflammation in my brain I can kind of relate. To what it's liked. And it's hell. I would wanna go back here for a billion dollars. -- get back to Karl on line one of Carlos is with our column appear and Carl you talked about a program you guys are initiating called mental health. First aid. Talk to me about that and how people can avail themselves of. Now first aid in what they call a time and space program which means that and picture it would be effective. It's designed for anybody in the general public who want to get more information on my -- it's designed to. -- into the -- applies to -- on this also raised our awareness to mental health and reduce stigma. So I'm pretty well and from my colleagues that the -- -- species can't hear you twist and services offer the program. We yeah actually you know it's other -- you know most people. Well but this one I people who are diagnosed -- -- one out of four and we touched. -- model now want to recognize that despite the numbers most people. Are able to recover are able to be treated successfully got a couple of hours earlier. -- -- that they can't. The is it treatment that does happen but the story people do respond to treatment would be some medication. Psychotherapy or other -- itself. We want to try to let people know that you know it is possible to recover you know I'm a -- -- was diagnosed many years ago. And I've been able to find a way that works and how that works for everybody everybody is as is tradition of the depression anxiety. You know bipolar whenever they have the final vote for them and not -- the one you know one. -- shot deal for every person. Well I hope they send me an email because I would like to put a link up to your site along with my Robin Williams post I could ask my friend Sarah. And we wish Sarah good luck and her upcoming licensing exam by the way. I met Sarah out because of the greatly Rachel wells we have the mutual friendship with Rachel and Sarah and I became friends. Through Rachel. And that she is just a a magnificent ladies and -- a -- that you'll sending information to regular emigres prepared. It all right thank you so much Karl I appreciate. Here's an orchard Parker's been holding for ever ended days Dan and WB Ian thank you for your patience or Europe. I'm a real pleasure dispute you on the daily listener and expect sort -- talked to you. It was the mid eighties -- we will follow released Thursday -- -- remember there. Our whole Italy making me feel ancient and you know is some liberals would -- answered some progressives would say. Well outwardly no longer has any relevance like with. Older than even meet so let's -- my good. Both want to torture and so we agree -- -- mentioned in the last hour I have been suffering from chronic depression forms in the last warriors -- -- work part days when you. You just don't want to get that at all. -- -- I am by no means. Famous but I have a position of entertainment and New York stereo where the daily racist people come in and say oh you're trying to does that sing. In the Portland to make which may or may not trying to Robin Williams thing is that. Where and whenever your work more -- out and I'm sure your experience this as well. You almost have to switch our. To what they expect you to be regardless of the fact that I didn't want give it that this morning. I'm well coached or someone who expects me to be what they expect me. Should be an almost four separate view. Like there's support for you that's always aren't in the misty you were 3 o'clock in the morning it was an interview with Robin Williams last night. As for monetary interest and that she said. He got the common stock in Q the performing aspect of a slice. Any -- -- part of that was being able height according. This -- so personas. That that's what got into the -- what that's what made him. Comparable in lights and I wonder coming from person who has suffered from depression. And in the entertainment business. Maybe you Robin after three years start the point possibly where. She couldn't quit. Which me use me. My diagnosis just from a different you know -- -- standpoint I know that that's very real. I would you bet you know what I would view that as -- distinct possibility. And again I realize we have a lot of veterans and the late in the combat veterans a lot of people of whom you've never hurt. Who. Commit suicide because of depression like Robin Williams I mean in many cases is because they no longer feel like they're part of a group. You know suddenly they went from being part of a unit to just being. Themselves and they don't know who they are. So I think that -- that theory about Robin Williams not knowing who he really was I think it may carry. Some -- You know in as far as the celebrity aspect of of being an entertainer I used to be a total Dick in public but. No I mean I I admit that and I've really tried to change that. And it's to the point now where if more often than not if I meet somebody who isn't like best record jerk -- idiot. You know they say hey man -- loosen your show really appreciate what you do. You know I'm really grateful and I usually ask you -- -- you want a cell phone picture of they don't have a cellphone -- -- -- -- -- -- Because I mean that's you know that that's you know what if if thirty seconds of my time -- makes somebody smile for a few minutes then it's worth. Yeah if if you're well that's such -- -- double edged -- a lot of sirens aren't feeling depressed and someone who -- units they figure that started that'll that'll bring you all of but it didn't give you double privileged -- -- older days where you you just you don't wanna see an award because repression and yet you still have to turn around that. That Robin Williams switched and post war. When you don't wanna be buying or -- about what their overall and fox. But you know what do I think it is very relevant and you know what it amazes me. That of the four Beatles. Not one of them has committed suicide because I would definitely consider those guys to have been high risk for suicide. I -- and again who's just having this conversation yesterday before we even found out about Robin Williams because. We were talking about some of the same dynamics that you have just brought up Dan as a performer even at a local level. And you can only imagine what somebody like John Paul George and Ringo experienced or Elvis experienced -- Bruce Springsteen experiences. Sure I mean I could never understand why guys like that felt the need for body guards policies. And I think I kind of do. -- -- carefully hey listen I'm Corsica where term I appreciate you talking to me this or Robin. Horrible tragedy you know I was so where what what Smart I love them. For what he gave what I am I'm so -- supported for forty did you know such horrible Washington. Coming from someone who does have depression that you know local or say when I'm I understand it and got what some more Prius. Not indeed and his family especially 25 year old daughter because again they will never understand the wise they'll never understand the reason because you cannot understand the rational any more than you can argue with -- insane person or drunk person or some things. You just will never. Understand it for those of us who always asked the question why it's frustrating when we cannot arrive at a logical answer. Thanks very much. I appreciated here's Tom in Cheektowaga on WB and Tom you have -- -- on hold for ages my apologies contribute. Accepted. Or at least it. And it brought their mind once I deal with critical the critical last night oriental no idea what clinical depression. -- can't find it funny and series part economic titled the last thing. Okay oh sure are it was just this little bit but anyway it's brought the minds -- that I never forgot. Not a walk through the years and more or less won this thing hit a few years ago clinical depression. There was an actor called George Sanders who you may or may not remember. He committed apparently opened old -- committed suicide he left a note saying I had an -- fuel. Well. That was in the seventies maybe he was that are 40s50s actor he did -- part is mister Humphries won't -- old Batman series. -- OK okay -- and you know speaking of that -- shook again. -- the curse of Superman as legendary. All of a coach -- would have bet is that like Marilyn Monroe Georgia Reid has never been. Really he's committed suicide or somebody did. -- understood. At least you didn't go out like Bob Crane so there's -- Oh okay edit the good comparison. -- but it but the two or three things that it was thought that movie with -- lack there at -- enough about it but -- yeah. And playing George read it was pretty interesting with the bill would clear up what ever happened if they don't call. So Tom how do you describe our clinical depression two of those. For whom I have not been able to connect with my very brief experience with my brain -- I would look at -- what is that and believe -- take into consideration what the the Buffalo News -- not to bring up any OPEC. What you're you're thing might have been totally you know no practical physical. My thing was I think the build up of years I didn't want to realize it is time and a few years back. I have like a domino effect things happen things happen things happen and all the sudden I I I tried to. Commit suicide. I think it's seizure now they rip off of the game that the -- I think the first movement there and I was fifty whatever. And it's just take this -- is -- that up. There's -- certain things -- believe even that the criminal justice system I could care less about. Ten or so years ago with that they got involved in the -- stop it but he'll. And that's one of the things that lets look -- is not going deep but anyway but that you know and I got fed up. And he takes so much. So that's all I can tell you as far as that goes that I. Diagnosed with clinical depression and played many years wrong thing it might put this thing of like five years ago to break out. But I want -- say one thing about when I first came out about it all the rain we're having. Robin Williams crackdown -- If this thing and then it would allow the yeah and you people. Unfortunately they could use some rain elsewhere in the world that we're getting it here where we really don't either right now. I'm thanks thanks very much at all and you know I should probably mention I wanna talk about the brain inflammation that had nothing to due to with the hippies. In the newspaper and I'm not gonna talk further about that only to say that those who know me the best who worked for beat every detail of my life no it was hippies. And the notary. And -- not yet prepared to publicly go there but at some point I. Here it prevent had nothing to do with what I'm talking about from last summer to see him. It is a 647 news radio 930 WB yet it is our. 652 or let WBD and here's Michelle and all mud and Michelle again I apologize for the hour plus wait we talking Robin Williams depression suicide ago. -- I appreciate this amount of time that I heard the Turkey -- shows I depression and related subjects I really do. I wanted to change quickly. There's an organization that perhaps you and your listeners -- never. -- the -- it's called recovery international. And the web site is WW -- You know what before you give the website I just sent me an email Tom at WB ENN dot com. That we act and make sure it is something I want my web page and I'll put up point. Okay. Thank you that they debt. A local meeting and they have found meetings and can it -- -- And -- It's not a twelve step group or anything like that the it's it was that it came into being around the same time in the 1930s forties. And it's been around it if not we got notoriety or action into action whenever indie. Shoot. Recognition -- -- thank you. And let me. Then -- several -- it was well written by a doctor a -- there were -- -- And he needs to. What we call school. People can use just like. Well that might use -- And -- kinda angry because -- And a lot of that things that he keep his. He can get that most of the things that get people opt for art and and hamper. You know and alive -- well there it anxiety here figured depression anger. Reality. And -- -- the schools peek at how to. Cope better -- and other people and ourselves. A couple of sample of some of the ones and it really helpful to me. That people do things and annoyance not -- annoyance. And excuse to rabbit in the use for the sake of your mental health and inner peace. And you were saying before about depression and the possibility that. In in earlier years land. We were sixteen eking out engage in the kind of put this on then you know it went a bit and start over again maybe it wasn't much. Depression one of the things that he's known for first saying in particular. Is good movement -- the Moscow overcome it's good to feed it babble of the -- And there's the mind body connection between our physical movement and he had one of his. Kind of eager for -- -- you know it did get movement and so could be in a way help to retrain them. The brain. And that you can command your muscles can do that things that you fear and hate you no longer -- and -- to -- them. That's it that's a very interesting theory mom. I I wish I had more time to explore with you we may pick this up again tomorrow unfortunately today show was kind of interrupted by. The damned whether. I thank you for the call some of that website my email is Tom at WB Ian dot com I'd be very appreciative. Our -- -- WB EN dot com I egos check out my FaceBook great thanks to Joseph beamer and John Sherman behind the scenes today. And it is -- they've. Hopefully he'll stay dry tonight I'll watch the squirrels act squirrelly in my neighborhood deceive me. You know yourself about.

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