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8-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And I. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's what's been within 200 feet of us. Or cheese and its life. Yeah. It's local -- this -- it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this much this isn't the real Jesus knows. Wouldn't. -- Olympia. Now and so on news radio 930 well here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. It does have -- W. All right and -- ever before believe we're gonna do that incorporate some clips -- that we can actually -- from bad Santa. And that Billy Bob Thornton all right funny itself will be. I'm about twelve mentally and please as I've said before given some credit gang. I can recite Shakespeare from memory and explain exactly what it means. And I laughed my ass off over the hangover movies so a -- -- complected person. All right -- a stopped short. -- anyway the rain is coming down like hey you know what. And if you. In let's -- East -- you're about to get it. Couldn you're about to get it sprint bill you're about to get it. Moving or Cheektowaga. Some of you are getting it. And if you are -- transit road if you are about to get mail block port is starting to get some of the rain. Basically it's a wide. Going north and south and we're hearing thunder outside camera stereo because we need. Are located in one of the red zones of severe thunderstorm activity. There is another red zone which is in lack -- want you guys are getting like in new ways that are first night. And others are can be hunted. Relentlessly -- Don't really wasn't gonna go there and it just kind of slip right out so if you do have photographs you can safely take of the polity undertaking. -- that your. Are you conservatively Tom at WB EN dot com yes and they're really good ones Thomas WBM dot com. And then the other ones of the weather you can sense it would newsroom at WB and -- one. Newsroom at WB Ian dot com and if you wanna call because the rain is screwing with you drive home feel free to do so. Start at thirty is free on your -- whether it's just that -- me it looks nasty it is nasty. And I -- realizing too how many if you're probably sound like -- complete idiot about twenty minutes ago it looked out the window -- well. Looks ominous and -- two seconds later the weather service comes out the severe thunderstorm warning. Making me more portrait portal. DB. It is out now and I don't need help 512 we're talking about depression. We're talking about suicide. Were talking about Robin Williams. Am. It started off the show by saying if you asked me to -- and celebrity's I would consider risk of suicide. I wouldn't even have thought Robin Williams would be on that list. There's a certain female singer I would put at the top of the list. Am. Robin Williams. I hate bought he had everything salt. I thought he would live news legendary. Depression. And at what the things goes along with that depression and folks. It's hard for me to explain exactly what depression is like. And how it differs from the normal ups and downs that vicissitudes of our lives feeling blue going through melancholy. We all that hook -- up. A few are. -- days were your -- Okay. Depression. Is something that it is it's around in blackness. It's a round. And it's like at the bottom. Of a bottomless pit. You just keep on stinky. And blow. -- hole. The joy. Just seems to get further and further away with every passing minute these were totally enveloped in this depression. And unfortunately. Robin Williams succumbed to the disease. And I don't want to hear that Robin Williams was weak only here and it was outward. It was it's a sickness it's an illness and its arcs. And not all suicides are the result of that depression. Some suicides are impulsive acts. Such as you know guy walks and his wife leaves him a note I -- about what the mailman. About it. And suicide bows -- him Paul's. Son quick -- without a lot of deliberation. And then there are suicides that are. Because somebody is in such bad health they just can't go on. And the other suicides like Robin Williams. Where he was soul. Deep in the hole of depression. That there is just no getting out of hand. His family. You know -- creator watch out over that he's got 25 year old guitarist when he threw. Am. I just cannot imagine. What it would do to her. Or my son. If I were to die naturally much less make the decision. To kill myself. Which I would not do. Not even at the lowest of the low that I ever felt like I think go to a place which is never an option. But having gone through the experience related last summer. About. Being depressed because of a brain inflammation. Known as cerebral vascular like this in combination whip. The -- tumors are re -- which is an additional pressure on the brain. You know it it had an effect it had an effect on my emotions. When my fault there was a disease. It wasn't even a mental disease it was great physical organic disease caused by pressure in the and it maybe just -- stupid things. The most stupid thing I did was -- people were trying to help. People said you got to see -- doctor this is not you. Just don't worry about five. Those denial. Was it to. That fierce streak of independence I have which have told you about. I don't like people taking care of me. I like taking care of me. And you know personally it was very costly for a course. People away that. I should not pushed away. And compared to what Robin Williams went through. You know I had these. Because in my case there was a cure. You know it's a manageable. Situation present his own you know that's my. It's much metal like predators know if I have -- inflammation again where I have the constant headaches when -- say -- I don't mean -- I mean like. It feels like somebody had put an -- built in my head -- -- hammering and hammering them that's an addict but I bet in the Vista sales are -- Unlike other major right now who is crackling over the studio. Wind is blowing fiercely -- win the -- is coming down sideways almost. Or any priest about it 45 degree angle has gone down so if you're caught in the rain and this source Florida. I feel like a captain on the high seats I thought to -- sectors this year. I think we should start singing the wreck of the Edmund FitzGerald leak. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB -- let's get back to the calls here is -- -- I can't tell you that this everything look at but I think -- late in the -- I personally thought that there are almost birdied. I and I can't look back at -- time. I didn't do what type of cutting into. I've been -- electric shock here. You'd worst times over -- time. It is and horrible thing I blame. When my mother right here aren't particularly not turn out quite -- -- what. -- they wanted to do -- who would be a daughter I would be able. It may I ask your question and it sounds as you know what is sounds like you're right in the middle of the -- thunderstorm. But I. Am the -- didn't did you also experience which your depression so severe and did it so occupy your brain that you actually have memory gaps of things people tell you you did or said and -- just don't remember them. I'm a little -- I think it has -- to do it electric shock therapy. Bottom there -- -- you know when you go out there that. -- a horrible horrible thing is being. But thought it might actually quite a bit definitely -- back. I say that. You know what depression. All out. For -- all umbrella helmet. Pot people on page and heartburn medication -- -- it's utter heartbreak the bill after it up and to work with short period. I'm packed up. -- and we hear completely involved that are. And I and nothing's. Going to leave that. Bottom heat seeking. Well I always OK let me let me give -- the reverse of that and again I know you're having a hard time here and it has an arrangement and -- -- -- the reverse everything is going great you have. Everything you always wanted and then some you make more money than he ever thought you were gonna make you were more famous and things are just want so much better than ever thought they would be that you still feel this in here loneliness and and the news you know explain that. And he did the black then he'd he'd be here all these symbolic of -- body you know -- -- -- you believe in god and corporate. You look up. Every number I mean -- out -- that I can't -- it's not that their equipment fine. Our community was it came out what it ought not feel like I'm in that area just get out but stop and -- cycle we'll watch it. The bottom that's expect I would -- a lot of putts or I -- -- quite a -- court. I could not afford it anymore I -- to be -- made that stability and came back that up. And it's. 8 o'clock AM first wife and children. Pregnant or -- -- I can't wait to go back you know when it got our act and happily not. Well got the murder happened. On. And I know how to act on people by corporate father unfortunate but on life. And it would human nature to be blamed result. And it was. -- and you know what that's that's the tragedy because. One of the things I've learned what people I've known who have committed suicide is there is never a Y ever. You'll never reached a conclusion there's never -- -- Are there any anti people. Need to understand that you know I unfortunately. I say I can't ever let you talk a little -- it. Okay I'm sure -- -- -- to hold a sir -- I need to ask you hold on Jim because we basically would you call we've got a whole storm of activity going on between traffic and weather right did you hold -- insert. It's coming out like real -- a huge severe thunderstorm right now over a lot of us yours traffic -- Harris Allen. Our Allan thanks at any time you need to jump in here with a traffic update given this de Lucia and the thunder and the lightning were experiencing only have to do is just -- -- don't know and a before will be your senator Harris. We have a severe thunderstorm warning underway right now. And I'm getting pictures again that are basically act awaiting what I'm saying. You know a lot of times with severe weather you have these little box of red indicating the worst of activity. But this particular storm were experiencing right now if you look at the radar over Western New York there are significant. Portions of our listening area. That are covered with a dark red indicating really. Really severe. Weather so please exercise caution. And don't drive beyond the capability of your windshield wipers to clear the rain off of your windshield you gotta be able to see where you're going. Selling Larry hunter he used his his traffic expertise is second than you know it's more about -- that I will ever known my entire lifetime. But please I use caution and again folks this is a -- a call this a major. Severe thunderstorm because it's been rear that I have ever seen this much red. At this time as part of a thunderstorm. And if you're experiencing any traffic issues accordingly. If it's severe you can call me it's 930. And you can call Alan Paris in traffic command at 80303218030321. You can always feel free to send an email to me by the pounding you're taking and the weather. At all at WB -- dot com Tom at WB -- dot com. Sorry folks I'm about twelve. On its hourly we need to break in the back to -- calls on WB. While this is -- really dusting off. The final believe -- at least on -- -- -- like beamer as mine technical director on this program. We're getting pummeled by a severe. Thunderstorm. And let's go to Q weather's. Meteorologist Bob Larson about militant usual. From the -- Looking radar picture right now -- -- -- callable last time I've seen so much red and dark. Red or percent -- area. During afternoon drive what's going. It is quite a large star Tom without question and it's on association with the very strong cold front that's pressing him for the west of -- -- moves through the western and central Great Lakes were today it has been unseasonably cool with highs. Barely above sixty degrees in Milwaukee Chicago Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo Michigan. And we're gonna get -- some of the very cool weather coming up over the next couple days but now we deal with the storms. Right along that front and again it's a large areas storms the warning stray thunderstorm warning runs just a 545. That's the greatest risk of damaging winds and hail but the rain will extend beyond that this will be downpours probably for another hour or so before this can slowly move on. They just discuss a couple of scattered showers the rest of the night no more storms into the early evening. To try to visualize this for folks driving home I just imagine the map of Western New York. And you've got this finger. Of almost unbroken red or dark read it in a continuous straight lines stretching from the New York Pennsylvania border from about Jamestown. All the way up to just north of Amherst. Gets a squall line running parallel to the front that's why we see such a large area from south to north. And what he can't quite see in the local rate areas that as a as it breaks off a little bit south to Jamestown. That wind starts in again just east of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania southward too around Morgantown, West Virginia all with this very same front that depressing and slow -- for the west. And again you know somebody once said that you know the shower -- storms last all day but they're heavy ones tend to be quick in nature. This one. This post adolescent world longer than a typical summer potter story given that the upper level winds are not west Easter kind of -- the north. This -- just clinic easing its way slowly eastward. I'll take a little while before we get rid of -- but again the greatest risk damaging winds primarily with the onset of the storm which -- party scene. At this point for the sport for the greatest risk is going to be for flash flooding with the continued heavy downpours you have got. An email from other top -- Wanda can work area Engle -- is basically a creek a small creek yeah at this point. And how many inches of rain are we likely to see as a result of the heaviest of the rain maker and the storm. Like this can put down two to three inches of rain in an hour's time which can obviously lead to this flies flooding. I think lawyers pick up at least an -- that truly two to three inch rain -- truly. Extreme amounts probably a more localized area but I can easily envision her being tune in -- in rain in some places. That's where we're seeing the flooding. So you're saying this wouldn't be made a play mini golf outside and now iron putter straight up skyward and certainly not known to go to do any Bill Murray impersonation window and go well course like got bad advice from the Dalai Lama so he had a heck I -- I don't -- -- right yes. And I EIS. That was brilliant all right Bob de -- face through time from AccuWeather are really appreciate it -- Populated by Bob Larson from AccuWeather and this is that I'm serious I mean. You have to do it was a long time and -- it's rare. In fact I'm thinking the years since they started doing afternoon drive I can't -- call seeing as much red in such a solid line north. To south. As I'm seeing right now and as you are driving him right now. Literally from the New York Pennsylvania border extending south of Jamestown. North into New York just imagine mother nature giving us a big finger -- goes all the way through all of those communities along the way so it's running through. James Stahl is running through. Telling them it's running through the the Amish buggies are probably very pissed off right now. We've also got the hitting Betsy. -- And it is in Amherst and Cheektowaga. And I actually you know what guys I said north of Amherst. It's actually now in going up a lot port of your block port you're about -- -- mailed. With the top of the finger of mother nature that she is ecstatic answers it is. More or less an unbroken line of either red or very dark -- in a swap of several miles a squall line. For all away from the Pennsylvania border reaching north to about -- -- and it's not moving as quickly as these things ordinarily do so please use caution driving. Please be aware that everybody's trying to get somewhere hurried and just be where Hydro planning I'd give you all those bad driving tips but. You'd probably say dude we've heard it before you're not my father get back to Visio. Our point taken 539 at WBBM. Actually I could be your father -- you -- a DNA test over the last twenty years. Anyway its hourly until John you have no idea that you. We do look alike. I mean I guess in -- without impunity anyone -- your obvious. You know we're talking about. Depression. Robin Williams. We're talking about suicide and obviously. If you're in an area that is experiencing severe weather and you can safely call to talk about it. I'll be happy to talk to you about your drive poll. Or what you're seeing is a lookout your window at all I'd be an idiot if I didn't take those calls. Fortunately no word of huge major massive traffic -- as a result. But I would expect that can change at any moment. That we are on the year. So please be advised that an alum wants to jump on forty I don't know if there's anything work going on for but just be where it's it's nasty. And it basically is a severe thunderstorm warning that is going. I suspected that might be the case let's go right now. Make him do some extra duty here to WB in traffic command and Alan Harris. All right well thanks a lot obviously I think you know with the weather is if we just been talking about it the update is the severe thunderstorm warning for northern Erie county has been -- that ash -- OK so -- severe thunderstorm warning for northern Erie county is done. I don't know why because it's still showing is pretty heavy -- that. The weather service must know something I don't so all the giant conspiracy and it's all arrayed against us GO. She humanize against the world. John Sherman is a master control if you're in the weather obviously star 930s a free phone call it if you can safely take a picture of what's going on. Feel free to send it to to either newsroom at WB EN dot com. Newsroom at WB Ian dot com where he can send it to me Tom at WB -- dot com. And just make sure you can safely do it because I feel like a total herded together and an accident or worse taking a picture from my FaceBook page and it worked so only to get safely do. Let's go back to -- Hopeful jemaah I don't know where you are in Western New York last time we talked I could tell the -- for your vehicle which is being pummeled by rain did you see any -- along -- it. Ot know hell I was -- in 1990 before it was pretty pretty hellacious. I mean cards and -- now and it's just sprinkle. The -- say hello to every woman in Clarence Centre because I've known the ball one quarter and other now let's move on to or talking spurs depression and you know -- talked about being you're dealing with severe depression in your life and one of the things that we all know about Robin Williams is that he had. At various times in his life sadly substance abuse issues. And he used to joke in the 1980s that cocaine was God's way of telling it you made too much money. And a lot of times people in -- depressive situation. Will seek street. Drugs. That ten to temporarily elevate one's mood only to have it crashing come back down again what's the buzz wears off. And they run out of bumps so. Has that been a factor for you at all. Now at all good at that your. Not at all. Are all out -- -- my next well that that's not stint because so many people self medicate him any good. And I know now it's our and they today. I I truly believe what you're talking about before you know people older whites were the mailman or what our reduction. Or you know you lost your gawkers completely. Not a horrible car accident. Horrible happened to be a bomber had a horrible that -- you know most people who commit suicide. And that horrible tragedy not Robin Williams there's not a horrible tragedy as well. But yeah I do you consider the beer lifelong depression. Are actually competed -- Obama. Many people you know. He's -- -- whole life and I have other clauses. You know I would. I don't think Jim I'm not trying to be like the smartest guy in the room life is a terminal illness if if severe depression was in and of itself a terminal illness given the number of people who suffer from an -- suicide rate would be even higher than it is. Well look you know in May and may be right. You know I don't know enough heart I don't eat my uninstalled that. Our -- -- you know not today not tomorrow I I'm in campaign -- -- place. And I know bank would help me get to a point where where -- I want. -- and cyclicals like -- -- over you know just under thirty years at that point. In I'm going to aggregate you've. We'll treat an electric might help them voluntarily or been involved accurately track and I'm like old. I think. I'm -- -- I'm working that it -- the medical industry and I am not. -- yen. And and I've worked. With a lot of seniors. And unfortunately added -- of bullets on. IA IC you know all -- depression even then obviously and the elderly as well on. And. Again we'll probably used heavily in his close friends I'm sorry that they lost the close colleague and a and a close loved one and that's a -- thing. Between Iran and rapidly and some -- I'd say congratulations. -- I mean I know you're not contain any -- For those people that don't understand when -- city. The they've just never they've never been at that point where the whole world is jet black -- -- involved and it and they're just doesn't seem like there's a way out. You know I I don't have it in -- to yell and scream at you for using the word congratulations. I kind of understand from where you were coming. But I can't go the year -- obviously we are sold. And at peace. Most people weren't starting a conversation with you. I believe you're gonna disagree with me and I and I do. Only with that one word you used the rest of it made perfect sense. You know I guess I'm in is that say it in my personal opinion. With people I have. You know some ear and your partner as many people our products -- and sometimes you know a small medication -- -- form panicking or not. But for those that are clinically. In. -- -- -- -- -- Those who tried every conceivable treatment -- he literally think of any other treat life after doctors I work for -- In part to -- it worked with. What else can trot well and I do not and seems to work. We know Jim I -- a phone call I. -- on the phone call by saying there may be Robin Williams just hit the point even as young as 63 years old. We're he just didn't have the energy anymore to fight it. He just didn't have it in himself to do any more rehab he didn't have it in himself. To go through twelve step with therapy or anything else maybe he just hit that spot. Where he regarded any further attempts to deal with the illness as futile. And I think it's it's unfortunate it's tragic especially for his family and I'm glad you called and I wish him nothing but the best in dealing. With your depression which we must differentiate from the common blues. Sadness. To which the human spirit has always been here. Thank you very much. 80 yeah unless folks you have ever experienced a deep dark it just chasm like depression. You can't fully understand the severity of the word depression. Okay you you can't it's impossible. Sometimes there's rage. Sometimes there's anger. Sadness. That depression. As our caller set where you just don't wanna leave bet. And you don't even want to talk to anybody. You don't want the TV. You just. Wanna be catatonic. You bet is what we're talking about that's real severe. Horrible depression and some people spend their entire lives fighting it. And their Robin Williams did so -- for many years successfully so. Unfortunately. He ran out of energy. And it's set for all of us but especially his family. And I think about all the people whose. Lives have been shattered by a loved -- suicide. That did not make the paper that did not. Affect the country where the entertainment world you know you were. Suffering has been born in silence. And I know which starts on WB. And AccuWeather -- show us some nasty weather continuing across Western New York in the rain is resulting in flooding in various areas. Obviously don't drive through models and run the risk of drowning. That's always a concern and -- just try to get people break is everybody's trying to get somewhere and the weather is not coop and not making it an easy thing to do I can't name every road. But pretty much every road there is is gonna have well water at that the storms are just cannot absorb pass them up. So I'll be advised it is still less 78 degrees. It's gonna get a lot cooler though because -- a thunderstorm is that the result of a cold front. Which is trying to bowl the warm front out of the area. With that the result and fighting back of the war front resulting in the lightning in the store. I don't think anybody's quite ever used the word ball and the weather forecast. -- I like to be unique spot 55 more calls coming up -- -- -- we will get you in the 6 o'clock hour is the weather hopefully straighten itself out depression. Suicide. Robin Williams 8030930.

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