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8-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and it just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going several world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- yeah. You could do. They're told. Yourself and it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom -- Arthur -- news radio 930 AW. Well good afternoon and like you I'm sad I am. Surprised. By the suicide of Robin Williams and again it does not surprise me. That's somebody in the entertainment field. I'm in Albany times -- -- talked about that eagle offstage. And you can be the law holiest person in the world. And you -- people one of the few that you wondered if they wanna be with me because I -- me or did it one could be with me. Because what they think I am. The radio or in my band. War onstage as an actor in the movies. -- funny story outside the entertainment world. I am aware of an individual. Who basically busted his home for 2030 years. Built up companies sold a part of millions of dollars. This guy was that whole mood in the room to women are -- for years but all in the rural. He sold his company for tens of billions of dollars he bad. And I don't mean he's so that's optimistic this is a true story. He's dead gorgeous women by the busload. Knocking on his or calling him -- alien suddenly. We have to be the most attractive guy who walked the face not. And the quote he used. Absolutely brilliant. He said you know I used to be lonely. Now. I'm -- and paranoid. It's like you know what. That sums up. In a very few words what I try to get that in my best camps on money fame success etc. But depression can hit any body obviously because what do for a living I always pay extra attention to entertainment stuff and that's my area of expertise. But. Let's face. How many veterans. How many people who've had nothing to do with entertainment take their own lives because there in this dark hole of depression. And I'm actually -- to specifics but at least three people -- I have been close. Have committed suicide. The most memorable. Wise. When I was in my twenties. Early twenties I just turn twentieth. And I'd go on with my cousin the Cape Cod. And on the kitchen table at my parents house when I got back. There -- a note said so on so called. Next to the article that so and so had called. Was. A little snippet from the newspaper. About a friend of mine. Who had committed suicide. And I won't tell you how she did it it was a public hearing so it made the news because it was public. And I always felt some guilt about that but as I've got. And more of epic mature and understanding. Of depression and suicide. I realize that. There is probably nothing I could ever have said the her. Or done. That would have changed what ultimately. Was her decision. And she was a friend of mine -- battle over. And to outward appearances. I must tell -- issues extremely attractive. All I enjoyed speaking with her she was highly intelligent. And. I always. Will want to know and I will never know why. Why. And that's the thing that Robin Williams family will never settle okay. City beach talked about this very subject on his program this morning. You know we looked at Robin Williams from the outside we see Robin Williams the entertainer of the guy who made us laugh. They knew Robin Williams as the guy Robin Williams. For the rest of their lives. Is -- daughter's 25 -- wife. For the rest of their lives I think there's always going to be that question of why. Is there anything I could have done to -- preventative. Why. And I just hope. I pray. I sent positive vibes. That in some way shape or form the people closest to the reel off stage Robin Williams. The human being. Can find some affirmative value. In his suicide. Or let's go to Jack in -- wanted to thank you so much for holding. I apologize for doing such a long monologue which I had not planned you're on WB EN have you been touched by depression. We're suicide. Suicidal thoughts etc. Well you know vote for all right come on it's a pleasure to our parking Q a mom a little nervous doesn't refer to read your short. All of them shoot so bear with me a little bit. But I know I'll wanted to thank you are the amount of time it -- that you yeah who contributed. You the subject of -- mental illness and depression and bipolar disorder thought that sort of thing that -- Mean a lot a lot. -- is a lot to me that you say that because I've been doing shows about mental illness since the 1980s. My first meeting with -- Schuster of the -- alliance for the mentally ill changed my life it changed me from. You know thinking that people with mental illness are you know crazy goof ball not swords to you know what this is a medical condition. And I would know more insult somebody -- mental illness that I would insult somebody with cancer -- Absolutely. And I'm in response to a -- or comment beat Brittany arm our current observation. Arm earlier on the show. On where it's are you Robert Williams -- around it by. Double and all the all the money and should be surrounded by the that the that our error does send a psychiatrist and that sort of thing that that the by -- I guess I quit being a approach secret struggle -- -- to Peter. Are now on I can actually go to that story at all. If you wish but on I arm I can sort of liken it I -- in the arm. A marathon are on her arm. -- on access to the fortune the past lingered on that and staying in the world. But you -- a compound fracture your way. You're not going to be run -- it don't matter who it is on that is that treating. There are what you know a bit of forgive my interruption but the point I was trying to make is. To emphasize the seriousness. Of that kind of black hole of depression. That here's a guy -- Who again he didn't have that he could hit any therapist any medicine any thing in the world but there was nothing that was going to that was going to. Winched him from the whole of despair in two which he had fallen and I don't think a lot of people Jeff. Understand that about true depression and what an all consuming bastard leaders. It is -- -- -- -- -- I have in our struggling we have such different level. -- depression on and we're actually for a while at our senior. And I thought that finished college. Bottom end. Two but the test. Year. For. Are at the end that the worst I. Diagnosed with our future our clinical depression are about. Three years ago. Bomb I can't chew on that debt -- often employ an extra OQ why I don't I. The lights are -- -- Q. Or our our house like -- a good job when nine people shop that. Think on the outside. Or outsider looking at that -- boy girl that. This guy's got out of the spam it's got her arm and -- -- on yeah and dead arm. In deep that the depression and sort I get triple for our I want you to the point where our -- -- Or sign. From my position I say yeah I've got a future. I felt like recruit. And more you might -- Are these my plan and quite straightened. On in the weight that I I I thought that I should be able. Okay Jeff I wanna talk to longer and by the way for either usage were nervous call on my show but bigger I get a taste your contributing. Valuable stuff you don't sound nervous. And forget about palm the radio guy you're talking to Tom the person who happens to be. On the radio and wanna hear more about your story. -- cars you are going to be able. Two I think put a lot of people into the picture. Years and years of depression I can only talk about the deep depression I was in last summer. Which was you know an organic thing because of brain inflammation and units and in and that gives me some. Relate ability to what you're you're describing. Except I had it easy -- EU. So hold on on news radio 930 WBD and your calls have you been touched by depression. Suicide. And your thoughts in general on. Robin Williams a great talent. And I'm just so sorry that he was that desperate that I feel so bad for his family. Again money to -- do you think they wouldn't give every inch of that beautiful house and every car every good jewelry to have Robin Williams back I know they. Let's go to trafford right now here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather forward today we're looking at a hazy of -- heavy gusty thunderstorm. Rain could be -- -- now stretching it otherwise cloudy tonight a couple of showers anytime 62. Tomorrow more clouds than sun breezy a couple of showers 72 degrees -- or are we right now temperature wise. 78 at news radio 930 WB and drove Emerson master control. -- is leaving us at the end of this week you got a major promotion at Bed, Bath & Beyond I middle it was gonna happen sooner or later I'm very happy for -- I think to -- Diego. But you know what he's doubling or tripling his salary. Andy's gonna be driving a better car tonight how the hell can I say no jokes that you work for minimum wage John Sherman is you're. All screener. Let me get back to Jeff in north tunnel Wanda -- and Jeff your your. After all of these years of dealing with. Absolute clinical depression. Have you found it any easier to handle. Because you know you've beaten it back before -- have you developed. Are coping strategies or. Have you become callous enough to say screw you depression I have better things to do. I guess it would help of my Princeton is -- Jeff I think you're heard the question. Oh yes I did hear the question and it's in its interest in you that you bring that question. I mean. I. I I can I get on an -- are pure political oppression -- on our site. It hit a while for a year ago are I -- that I had or sign -- Cheering -- and that sort of thing I. Aren't trying my my hardest. You know try and went back to. That the depression on tight it's things are such votes on. Vienna opera doesn't regiments were anti depress our dedication. I I was hospitalized. Dying art. -- -- -- -- Patient or should I that we expect our troops I had a individual counseling group counseling. Thing that I think the arm to try it again and then come back. Are all boycott like view how we're expecting. Might stay at -- And I are certainly a affecting me and I just I I bring it to keep to keep plugging I need to keep fighting fighting. And it's so. And at their story as well -- certainly are a little bit of epic. -- in March. I went and saw extreme psychiatry at wet and were mutual -- number on -- watch or select. And I'm gonna have to stop you there because I have to break. And I'm gonna keep you on hold because frankly you're grateful caller and I want you to pick up the story -- Then you got referred to wait neurological. Psychiatrist because that's how I was diagnosed with my brain inflammation which gave me the depression last summer. Was a neurologist he just knew immediately went what's this guy is pretty amazing but it is not a psychiatrist is it neurologist but he know. Dude your brain it's inflamed this isn't you. So while whole run on WB EN. Hello folks I hope you'll forgive me for being honest because. I I don't feel any shame about it while -- feel the change because my brain got small. Why would I'd be ashamed of and the result was a depression last summer. Didn't kill myself never. Contemplated putting a gun to my head that is just. Where's my reason given to the doctor -- are you kidding me it would make too much of a mess. I really did say that. It didn't feel good to be an -- -- -- be back ladies and gentlemen I waved from what's your name. Latin ball iPad owners now can make by Allen made a decision about a lot on the hit point. I don't think there is a better -- labor in the entire world of comedy you're entertaining brand Robin Williams. -- -- you know what. Every living but then aunt living and being funny and at liberty and tying together all the loose and you've just ad -- just an amazing talent. And I'm very saddened by his death. I'm very saddened that depression is so widespread. In America. There are a number of theories as to why depression. I'd shared earlier one of the you know sociology 101 theories of an old me. That the more cohesive your group is whatever your group happens to be whether to blood relatives. Whether it is you know you live -- a whole bunch of people in Chinatown owner whole bunch of people in. In Latino neighborhood. And your first generation. You know you've got a certain closeness to certain commonality. A certain -- esprit de corps. And then you get away from that and you become more isolated in fact in a psychological -- Those of you with Intel trading -- aware -- -- In a psych up one of the main objectives is to isolate the target deprive the target of friendships and alliances. Because they know that basically no man and no woman is an island or Iraq. And unfortunately. As life circumstances haven't without anybody on the outside acting as an agent and I don't mean agent like CIA -- his agent of people can find themselves in a disconnected. Frame of -- we're. Now again some people have 3000 FaceBook friends. My ultimate test is in this is a personal FaceBook page. Of all the people were my FaceBook friends on my personal page. Which. One could I call at 3 AM for bail. Which one can I call at 2 AM to help the hide a body. I'm exaggerating a bit. But you get the point is sandy beach that you wanna find out how real your FaceBook friends are ask each of them for fifty bucks. It is 436 that news radio 930 WB you know what the back to Jeff because Jeff -- -- telling us the story former schoolteacher who quit his job. Because of a disability that this ability is depression. And for those who. Just assume automatically that well scholarly works WB yen and he's -- conserve Terri and their four he's opposed to anybody being a disability. You obviously haven't listened closely enough. To what I've said about disability or social programs over the years. And I have no objection whatsoever to people who were legitimately disabled receiving disability. Where people who are genuinely going through tough times being assistant. OK I think that is a measure of greatness but it is a measure of suckered them when intergenerational. Lee. People become dependant. And it is also an alternative form of slavery when you are dependent on somebody else's money. That you did not earn for generation after generation after generation to get by in life. My caller does not fall into that category. Now he eventually did get a godsend if you will just psychiatrist refer him to a specialist a neurological. -- psychiatrist. And I'm sure you noticed Jeff but every neurologist. Has to do a period of time. In psychiatry I believe it's a third of the training. Them yeah yeah well. And at that particular one arm CQ special lights on in art or retrieved by yarder again. Certainly all underneath. The neurological feel well as well on -- night when I can go and and I I do make the appointment which him. I as you go through sort of pay. Pretty extensive. What else arm and -- the test. On and out there saying -- that was one approach spring that he did. And -- what they've found belt on route of what has been. Why -- is that I bet on one of the that your form or -- -- that it. On -- you're talking about she shouldn't send out that sort of thing keep electing him you depression incident from which you perform well. This is genetic mutation. It's called PM. Each -- are Sheen. Why indoor it is fiction and art that has been our recently I don't art should contribute. Are -- -- Ought to deal clinical biological. The pressure or depressed going on here in our individual. Now here's -- here's the question. How often does that particular trait surface in a given bloodline and do you have paper genealogy and enough information about four bidders to say you know what. Great grew -- also was known to be a depressed or shall we say different individual what corroboration to having your family tree. Will IQL on some. Certainly some on aspects a depression arguing who -- within our my bio culture. And you know where I I -- General obviously touched on my information the information that I. That you you know many people out as it's like -- because. On the teller I culture especially on that you you know make sure that could immediately get it out and so are checked out and does everything like that. -- are as okay now you know Richard had this gene which predispose you to depression. With that college. What that knowledge then what. Well on it turned out and -- -- -- I don't wanna go so much in the scientific argument I could talk forever on the science and all that -- as -- which. Sheep and goats. -- but basically on what year is on its in ability the ability for the body are -- a we call or upset or four. And sort of are built for all all the fall late on in in the Wall Street and or fortunately. -- on you -- not on the upper insults all with. And the. Well let me be specific is there a medication. That will mitigate or even eliminate. Armed and there are serious and actually it's funny it's it's not a medication. It is being written here in particular what I I spent. The dollar. Opening for medications. And all that spoke at a ball sort of formal challenge you to that level -- what. Our all and end I I had to keep the name because I don't want people took or I'll. You know what and that's why I prefer you not use the name because I think it's important that people get their -- work got done and -- appreciated if you wouldn't because you know I don't wanna put a band aid on a cut artery. Right and there are so I mean that there are doing and billions of neural pathways. In the brain and an irked that. That there are. And upon thousands of reaching. Why you know so what do you more likely to experience depression as opposed to somebody else and so jobs. Sort of apply upper more upper you know I -- I spoke with much. Bob but you know again I think it's up to individual. -- to really. Look at -- as much. Or harder. Or are you that. -- in the morning and an advantage by. Like I -- order of things that I guess. You don't win. Here. I'm I would look to Internet. I. General for different information about depression. What I would oh they won't give out. But oh. No that was being offered. -- -- He broke that never try to give their treatment and it's a war. But. Why -- and I guess I hit fight you. -- one out or quit struggling. Are we depression clinical depression. Depression -- are there -- are met or fell. What are why why yet. Yeah sure sure why your information and you're up quite. Well for so much. That people like Robin Williams. Are -- There I. Believe -- we are on -- I -- or are nowhere near what he what is going on for. And what are sure that that. Partly according to up to a certain way there so. -- archer. Pupil in you're in in -- our situation. Where they all all Port Arthur. Their goal that total. I'd want the people who don't like that. -- -- I I hope you know what I I hope Jeff that you were right and the the blackness. And the all encompassing feeling of dark genuine. Depression is such that even the expression. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem does not do it justice because people don't understand. Exactly. How all consuming. Depression. Is. I have a small the most of it I can't imagine what it's to go through life. Every day like it went through last summer I just I can't imagine what that. Again arm just go. And and just. Just in -- by our. And had no I've been through and where where I -- I've bought quite bad -- on -- yeah. We go there are but I can I can I say that flight after the key here well I I know. Like in I like course and what I know what they are. Never. Why -- that -- I I I -- fuel in the black and the hopelessness. And I've ever -- that there -- still washed out at me for four. Almost drugs you're still you're still here. I don't need I don't mean to pick a man -- butter pepper but you did you know you did prevail it was a struggle and your head is above water and you know and by the way before it which ago. Your wife sounds like an absolute saints and I am so happy. -- had a woman in your life. Who stuck with few. In sickness. And in health. And who was there by your side. To help get you through Paris. Not everybody has. Are so stupid it felt like it does a market like this but what people work sport where you got. Go about. Where you were were so what. Jeff I'm glad you called I I have to leave you -- to get some other folks but nothing you said in the least sounded stupid in fact quite the contrary I think you've made extraordinary contribution to the program. And it's really been delightful speaking with -- I wish you and your family nothing but the best thank you so much. Well. One of the most compelling phone calls I've ever taken. And you can tell what was from the heart. Have you ever been touched or or family member by depression. By suicide. And your general thoughts about the suicide of Robin Williams. Medical examiner has ruled suicide due to asphyxiation and himself but with a belt. After making gestures with -- a -- that would not have been fatal. And again folks. We're not talking about melancholy. We're not talking about the blues. We're not even talking about that -- cute feeling of holy crap my wife just left me for another dude. We're not even talking about me that might be factors that lead you down that road but we're talking about a depression. That literally. You know can't have you on your bed. -- in your couch or not wanting to leave the house for anything but we absolutely need to leave hosted do. It's it really is hell on earth. And unless you've been there or you have seen as somebody there I don't think he's quite grasp it. And the darkness Specter I've described. Just soul. So incredibly spot on. And you don't need to be in the entertainment business. To be susceptible to. Depression although I've always said that being in any kind of entertainment business you've got to have one foot in reality. The other foot in the esoteric that is able to see things in perceive things. Other people may not going to be able to see and perceive. -- kind of got to be weird but you also gotta be practical. Most of my life that's been. -- bribery well. It is 448 at news radio 930 WB yet it is by hourly. And again folks I want it to go back and listen to sandy -- your show today from mine until noon. Some of the best radio you. Will ever hear incredibly insightful. It was must listen to radio it's at the WB and archive at WBN dot -- today sandy beach back from vacation ninth and. And here's the WB -- AccuWeather forecast now it is so polish festival like at the ballpark we're keeping our eyes and some rain and a heavy got a gusty thunderstorm may hit us early. Otherwise a mostly cloudy tonight a couple of showers anytime overnight lows sixty to. Win. Poll. It looks rather threatening outside but then again looks can be Pacific. Tomorrow more clouds than sun breezy a couple of showers 72. We're 78 at news radio 930 WB yet hey -- just an observation. I've noticed around the neighborhood I don't know if you've noticed this as well but. I wonder if that's going to be an early fall this year because have you noticed that this squirrels. Are getting squirrelly. And it's only early August and usually the squirrels don't start scrambling for not some things until September they're already starting to. Squirrels are already -- going about their winter food storage business now. And if you've noticed but I pay attention to squirrels. Some respect squirrels are smarter than people. I was gonna say something but it would hurt somebody's feelings so -- best. 454. And I need to break make up for when I missed earlier has depression suicide. -- like touched you and your family. And your thoughts on the tragic decision by Robin Williams to take his own life. And folks. Never ever ever apologize. For your material possessions and what you have earned. But Smart people. People who have a faith in the creator. People who have some common sense understand what money is and what money is not. And money. Does not guarantee. Happiness it just keeps the wolves at bay. Having said that the won't apologize. If you've made it but you know better than. That. It -- the be all and end all of happiness at 3 AM 455 or WB.

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