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8-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. It's it's Tom -- can't. It's live. -- -- -- -- -- Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being very Tom hourly health effects. On news radio 930 doubles. Between -- Williams and his local ammunition manufactured donating not just federal law all but two. Other liberal gun grab birds -- because that's the explanation. From -- munitions yesterday it was well -- Andrew Cuomo because basically of the buffalo billion. And you know it's gonna support fellow small business people about troop maneuvers. And that's why we as it munitions manufacturer. Have donated 7500. Dollars in two ball ball. Six months after he -- NY -- into law. Com. It's their money they can do that as they please but in the free market when you buy ammunition you can do as you please. Now this company makes that Ted Nugent. MO. I think if you listen to this show long enough I've had some questions about mr. Nugent. And somebody said on my website -- they're no longer making the MO. Well if that's true then why is the Ted Nugent ammo box still on the -- munitions website. And quite frankly if I were Ted Nugent. Well let me tell you what I would do. If a company made Tom -- -- ammunition. And of course they'd be paying me for my likeness they'd be paying me for the use of my name. And I found out that that company had donated to Andrew Cuomo. That company had donated to Tim Kennedy. That company had donated to other gun grabbing Second Amendment haters who peed all over the constitution. First of all my attorneys would have a cease and desist order on the company's desk. As of this morning secondly every penny they paid me would be returned to. As an act of principal or if -- return to the company would be donated to the NRA. Instead of my own pocketbook. So. The plot thickens. -- city. What exactly Ted Nugent is going to say about the fact that a local company. That uses his name the American flag and his likeness on ammunition it produces. Is a donor to the Andrew Cuomo campaign. And the Kennedy campaign. And it just if frankly. To me that's like. Finally savers it would be like ukrainians donating to the Joseph Stalin campaign it just doesn't make any sense. But then again few things in politics do unless there -- strings involved there's only one other thing -- can think -- with a string and it's not a kite. Anyway. I have an analogy may become a perfect anyway. You already he goes there now let's count early. As much as I'd like to be in a jocular frivolous mood today let's face it. America is asking itself a lot of questions today that about itself. But about Robin Williams and about depression and about suicide. And if you had asked me to list ten people. I would most consider. Suicide risks as this time yesterday I will tell -- that Robin Williams would not have been on my list. I won't tell you who is on my list or who would have been on my list I just never thought Robin Williams. Would be quote unquote type. And why don't I say that because I know already people -- stopped the suicidal -- Well the reason I say that is because I thought the Robin Williams by virtue of his having overcome. Serious depression in the past. And serious substance abuse issues in the past. You ever Robin williams' famous quote back in the 1980s cocaine has got ways God's way of telling you make too much money. -- he knew that from experience. And the guys have been there he had done that. Unfortunately. He had relapses. And will never know why. You know I don't wanna bring back bad memories. That the one call or the the arguments I don't wanna hear it today. I don't wanna hear that suicide is a coward's way out I don't wanna hear. I don't wanna hear that suicide is. A selfish act. I I don't wanna hear. As far as a coward's way. My idea. My view on suicide. Is probably not going to be popular with a lot of the only way I would ever consider suicide. Would be if I was diagnosed. With an absolutely. Untreatable. Disease. That could not be managed. And that only had one outcome a slow painful excruciating death. In those circumstances. I would. I would spare my loved one the ordeal of going through that I would spare myself the agony of going through that. I would give it as long as I could take it when I could no longer take it then I would do what I had to do. What time that's just solid Christian OK well I'm not a -- a beat. We euthanize our animals. We treat our animals better than we do a human beings ourselves in situations like that about that -- -- minute. Which is -- -- and by the way. You know I spoke like there were shelled out physician assisted suicide at some point but. The reality is ladies and gentlemen and you don't wanna hear this but anybody in the medical community who doesn't have his or her head up his -- will play the same thing I'm gonna say. Physician assisted suicide or medically assisted suicide happens every single day in Western New York. It happens every single day in eastern New York it happens every single day and Arkansas Texas Hawaii Idaho and you talk. I'm not gonna -- at a particulars on this. But you may have been in the situation where a family member. Why news shall we say absolutely positively on the way out. With absolutely positively. No way in hell that they weren't going to recover. And you may very well have uttered the words. You know. I don't think so and so. Would want to live this way in fact I know that so and so would not want to live this way. May I suggest as a non medical person a very. Very very large dose of morphine wink wink nudge nudge and if you think that doesn't happen. I'm sorry but you lead a sheltered life because it does. And frankly I don't find that to be a cowardly way out any more than I would want my cap. Or a ball to suffer in his last hours but you know again that's kind of opening up a different can of worms. But. What -- springs from is this notion that came up I don't wanna get into names but you -- remembers about a year ago. What -- much beloved buffalo priests committed suicide a man of god a Christian. Catholic priest. Everybody loves this -- I had dealings with the wonderful human being it. Yet he. For whatever reason took his own life. And somebody called that they afterwards and support a coward's way out. And I thought to myself this caller has absolutely no clue. What depression is about. Depression is not about the blues. Depression is not about melancholy. Ladies and gentlemen in your life. You will experience. Vicissitudes which is a fancy way of -- ups and downs. Sometimes you're the top of the mountain sometimes you're at the bottom of the mountain. And sometimes when you're at the bottom of the mountain. It is up bitch trying to climb back up the mountain. And some people can never get out of the deepest part of the ravine to start the climb back up but now. That is what we're talking about. When we talk about the kind of depression. To which Robin Williams eventually -- And no longer have a theory. And what it's not backed up by anything empirical. I haven't seen any research ominous. But it's just a theory. Based on the number of people involved in the entertainment field. Who died prematurely. Benjamin Franklin was one said the nine men in ten -- suicides. Now he didn't mean that nine men in ten will hang themselves or take their lives with a bayonet a musket. What he meant was nine men in ten. Are doing things that ultimately will result in an early death. Sometimes it it is an act of suicide. In a moment. Other times they engage in habits -- behaviors. Over a long period of time. Which tend to shorten one's lifespan of somebody once describe smoking cigarettes as suicide on the installment plan. Has suicide. Touched your life. Has deep pressure. Touched your life. And I don't think unless you have truly been. Where you have seen someone in your family truly. The year. Pitch you can appreciate the deep chasm. Of hopelessness. In which the very very depressed finds him or herself. Hopelessly. Entangled. You try to see blue sky and there just isn't. You try to wait for the sunrise. And it doesn't come. You try to wait for the pain to go way. And it doesn't. You try to find a reason why you should go on and you can't. You'd try to make sense of what you've done in your life. And you can't. You wonder if bought for simple turn or twist of -- things might have been different. And you regret. And sometimes all of those things. In combination. Just making it. Absolutely impossible. For the person who is going through. -- very deep dark blackness. To ever recover from -- But Robin Williams. Is the suicide of Robin Williams surprises me again. Because. He was a -- Who had been basically through hell. He had been through the -- He'd been through the twelve step programs. He had access to the finest psychiatrists define a psychologist the finest counselors the finest rehab programs available. He had money. He had fame he had success he had everything. Bet most of us think makes life a bed of roses. Except regular listeners to my show. Because how many times in the past have you heard me talk about this very issue. If money. Fame and so called success. Meant happiness. Why are there so when he screwed up people in Hollywood. Why are there so when he screwed up people. In entertainment. And it's a very simple reason. There is a very simple reason because all of those things once you have them don't mean squat. And I know that it's very very hard for those of you were making 25000 dollars a year to understand where I'm going with Paris. But. I know people -- I held a lot of money. And -- a pretty good judge of where people are. In terms their mood. Their psychology. How they view the world. And let me just give you one example. About it and look I'm not saying please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that money is neck while you shouldn't try to have material success because then you'll end up like Robin Williams now that's a loser argument. That's a loser argument. It is. Never feel guilty. Over your material success. Never why should you. But you also at the same time have to realize what is money and what isn't money. Money is not gonna talk to you at 3 AM. When you are very depressed. Money is not gonna hold your hand when you're walking along the -- Money is just money. Money keeps the wolves at bay that's it. There is not one. Possession. That you could ever all. I don't care what your ideal dream possession happens to be. An eighteen carat gold Rolex. A Porsche 9/11 a full Ari up who got beat the house at Spaulding lake. Not one of those things will embrace you with love or I'll hug. It's just stopped. You know I I hate to bring this up. But. As many of you know. This show. And America. Lost a great lady right after Independence Day her name was Rachel wells. -- -- Was not -- She was anything but wealthy. In fact I dare say she was poor. Economically. She was poor. But I wanna -- this up. When she left this world unexpectedly at the age of 542. Nights. Two nights. Emma gone funeral hole -- shared -- Evans was absolutely jam. With people who genuinely. Love tour. People in whose lives Rachel made a difference and a positive. Difference. So did she ever Rolls Royce -- Did she ever Rolex no. What she head. Was genuine and true loving friends. Because she was a genuine true loving friend. And even if she had a hat the money. That still would not have changed the person she ones. Because she had the same view of money I had it's just money. I didn't not so well off in my life twice a -- 50000 dollars in credit card debt. And you know what. It's. And I how to say this. It's nothing over which you should feel guilty material success. Never ever ever feel guilty about it. But at the same time. Recognize it for what it is. And what it isn't. And Robin Williams. Just like maybe the veteran next door back from Iraq. Or the fifteen year old girl. Who is bullied at school. Decided at some point over the weekend he just could not go one. I want your stories of depression. Suicide. Your thoughts on Robin Williams. Now Robin Williams. -- have got to break a news radio 930 WBE. -- We are remembering yeah Robin Williams and as percent of the beginning of the show if you asked me. For a list of ten celebrities I would consider high risk for suicide. Robin Williams would not even have crossed my mind. You know I should not sick. There's a female singer. I would put at the top of the list. I won't tell you who it is that would have been my first choice I mean not that I want anything bad to happen to a please don't get me wrong. But given the fact Robin Williams had built up straight over the years. And and hopefully at some coping mechanisms. He was just not even a thought when that news bulletin came across as a whole it was 731. Here's a special report from CBS. And I've started off comedian actor Robin Williams I said holy crap. Because any time it starts off that way you know it's not going to be has just won an award you know it's going to be he's dead. And I was just -- -- up and I'm stunned I'm still stunned. Are politically. You know what I have no idea what Robin Williams used were politically in reality I don't know and I don't clear. Robin Williams was a unique rare talent he wants in a lifetime talent. You will never see his like again your kids may your grandkids -- you will not. Robin Williams was just absolutely. Publishers. He was the originators. -- he talked about for example stand up to a level. That just had never been done before. Are there at that other innovators over the years like Ernie Kovacs very early TV star but he thinks a Milton Berle but Ernie Kovacs. ID -- has you know as a hysterically funny. It in so many ways Eddie Eddie quirky sense that you about a Robin Williams. It that you cork to the tenth power. And not only that. He was a master of every form of entertainment he attempted whether it was stand up. Whether it was comedic drama whether it was serious drama the only thing I don't think you ever did was -- assault or have a hit record. Even Steve Martin when it is that they're they're just consider this predictable. Steve Barton is a guy. Who is. I put him in. The same unique category. As Robin Williams obviously Steve Barton because the word unique means wanna retired Steve -- is Steve Martin. And Steve Martin is another guy. -- Has mastered standup. He has had a hit record he has done serious drama he has done comedic drama. And he is a brilliant man. I was blown away when I saw Steve -- speaking UB. I could not believe. That this was the guy who did king -- He was so good. That I went home and I make notes of everything Steve Barton said that was relevant to me. Robin Williams. Was. -- How do you find the word destroy our Robin Williams. You can't. You just can't. And I'm I'm you know I'm saddened. About his suicide. -- just joining us the coroner's office has confirmed. It was suicide he hanged himself with a belt after making some superficial wounds -- a a pocket -- for a sniper something. He he hanged himself. And the reason I think this is hitting me and maybe some of you so hard is the reason I've mentioned before. We all kind of thought that he had overcome. That he had prevailed. Over yet. And those of you who listened to -- long enough and who have heard by many best camps on what money is and what money isn't. You may also -- call my talking about people in the entertainment field in particular. And that's the field obviously with which I have the most personal experience. Because I tell is something that is sandy beach oh my god. City -- this morning had me several occasions almost like on the verge of tears. He -- was so incredible. Today. And so much of what sandy said I was saying almighty god dude you are so right on. You can never unless you worry perform. You cannot understand it and this is not meant to downgrade you at ball. But unless you perform for a living. I don't think you can ever have them. What it's like to leave the stage. And then go home. To an empty house. I don't think you can quite understand what it's like two goal hole and wonder. Who likes me for me and who likes me because of what I do. When I make people laugh. When I play an instrument. When I perform when it entertained when -- distract people. And you might remember Freddy prinze there's -- show the 1970s Chico and the men. And there was an actor named party threatens. That he he was four time a brief time. He was everything he was everywhere. And that he couldn't handle it. And whether he couldn't handle it. Or he went through that same thing of Jesus do they like me for being pretty friends. -- -- -- like made because of what they think I am based on the character. -- killed himself. There is in performers and I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again. It's always a struggle. To keep one foot in reality. And in the practical. And in the real world if you will. And then to keep the other -- straddling that line. Where your brain is able to see things other people might not notice. Your able to see humor where other people don't rate policy irony. And you're able to detect BS were other people can't. As a performer and sandy beach touched on this so poignantly. When he was talking about Cindy. At what he went through when he lost Cindy. -- he can hurt my voice it was very very touch. And it was so incredibly. Relatable to me. In so many ways. And -- hope that you can go back and listen to see any show on line at WB and dot com I think what city beach did today from nine until noon. Was probably. I mean and this city beach has been around forever. And it was one of the best shows I have ever heard sandy beach do and there have been many. Please don't think that that's a disk it's not issues that today's program. By sandy beach was so incredibly touching. It was -- pointedly relevant and it was so from the heart. That I found myself moved on several occasions to the point of almost cry. I couldn't become at a business meeting at 11 o'clock. So it was like OK I really wanna cry but I can't commit more stuff I won't stop in time for the -- So. Go back and listen to which city beach nine to noon on WB -- But. Getting back to. I've mentioned the performers. Are also wanna mention people who are performers. Just people you know -- your everyday life. Housewives working women. Veterans. Combat veterans in particular but you don't have to be combat veteran. You know folks. There is -- place Davis. There's -- all sociological. Concept you can either buy into it or not buy into it in a lot of sociology is -- is BS. But it's called and OB a MOM I eat. And often times what you'll find. Is that in groups that are tightly bound together for example first generation immigrants. There is a high rate. Of collegiality. And friendship and strong relationships any -- very low suicide rate. Among second generation immigrants. They feel a disconnect. Okay and the more disconnected. You feel for other people the more at risk you are for depression and suicide. And I think that with veterans. And now I'm not saying -- top Thomas say all veterans are crazy are gonna kill themselves the shooter but he just said no that's not wouldn't say. But what you are in the services. And you know this if you serve better than a guy who did not. Did not serve in uniform. The you go through a situation where basically your every move is regulated. You don't heat without getting permission to peace and I'm exaggerating. You go from hat. Into the world of my gosh. I actually am able to make my own choices. And sometimes that can be overwhelming for people combat or noncombat. I'd love to hear from you veterans who can talk to us about that. Because I've often wondered if that kind of going from a tightly structured environment where you have close comrades and colleagues. And it you know what funny thing is there's a novel and I don't feel like getting into it but. Basically in this novel the guy spends chapters bitching about the -- I'd hate the army the army sucks I can't stand the army. But then something happens. And suddenly. He becomes the army he gets it. He becomes unified it integrated with his fellow soldiers -- starts to allow the army at the same time as he takes the arm. There is say I again folks that it is this we're talking about something very very complex. Right there is a depressive aspect of suicide. And there are also I think is eight disconnected. Aspect to suicide. Not that the two can't interlaced because they can't. I -- I have a lot of people listening to me who are victimized not just by the routine vicissitudes -- every day ups and downs of life. The occasional -- everybody gets the blues occasionally. Everybody has bouts of melancholy I don't care who you are how strong you say you are if you say that you've never been set a date your life your -- crap. Unless you have been truly truly actually depressed you can't understand. You don't get it and you can't understand it. Because it swallows you get envelop you in a -- this debt is seemingly inescapable. And -- coming up after the break. I will tell you. I'm going to be brutally honest with you and there will be a moment of levity in it. I will tell you about something that was going on in my life about a year ago. That probably would qualify as a deep depression. And I'll play some of the problems. Of dealing with it. Especially when you were stubborn as I am an especially when you. Live at all until you're 26 and you've got this inner need to prove a damned independent you war as I did it. It's not a sad story. It's actually -- happy Easter it's a growing story but I want your stories as well folks. This is something about which I have a special interest. And the sad thing is and this is a tribute to my colleagues city beach no matter how good my show is today it's -- to come close to what city did that are. Sandy beach honest -- -- folks just back from vacation. And it was just like some of the finest three hours a radio ever hurt anybody do ever in the history of being a listener. And believe me that's a lot 8030930s. The poll number start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB. And AccuWeather a heavy gusty thunderstorm early otherwise mostly cloudy on a couple of showers at any time 62 the low tomorrow cloudy breezy 72. And it's it is up festival tonight at the ballpark would look at the game in the -- -- on the Norfolk tides burst at 705. That statement from the National Weather Service mr. -- told us about that earlier today. You'll go about it in about eight minutes from right now during the news at four because I forgot to print it out. On that WB and what Tom -- I can go to W the end account but I can only mall but as so much look at it if it rains and it's going to be you know it's raining heavily. Up before I think some phone calls. I I also wanna assure you of something. Again I'm not a doctor all right I'm just -- guy I do a lot of Reading. I know a lot of people I know I held a lot of doctors. They'll help a lot of cops. I know a lot of people a lot of different professions. And I'm gonna -- that depression. Is no respect -- persons. I don't care if you're rich or poor or middle class. It can rear its head at any time. I do know that there can be a familial component to depression. As there is with many mental illnesses or diseases. In a part of your genetic makeup unfortunately. But it's not always. Something that is quote a mental. Illness. This time last summer and it really got to share something with your -- I don't think I've ever quite put so -- before. Last summer -- 49 years old. -- -- Was basically to hold I was being moved to the afternoon shift which I did not want to do I was completely happy doing nine to -- I did not want this year. I was looking at fifty. And I spent a great deal of last summer. Unlike couch. In my living room. Raft with excruciating. Headaches. -- I've been told that that's what migraines are like. I didn't feel like doing anything. I didn't feel like mowing the lawn I didn't feel like doing the garden. I -- -- -- -- usually. You know people would say it boycott your garden as immaculate house is just awesome. I didn't do anything. I just stayed on the couch. I'd come to work I would do my job I would go all I'd throw myself on the couch. And I we just closed my eyes. And I would try to just deal with the headaches. And people -- dude you need to see a doctor you're not you this is not you. No I don't need to see a doctor I'm fine shut up. I didn't even feel like going to wegmans. Are right. Not a make a long story short what I'm describing. Is a typical. Symptom -- series of symptoms. Can be described as depression. When I finally. Got Smart. And went to the doctor. I was told at that time that out dude your brain is inflamed. Badly inflamed. And I told the story about the diagnosis being cerebral vascular lives. And I went on around at present zone to reduce the swelling and that made a big difference. And oh by the way it did not result in any delusions or hallucinations or feelings of paranoia believe that that wasn't part of it was headaches. And a feeling of last its food and not wanting to do it didn't even go to the -- sets -- concert for which I agree tickets. People tried their dander is to help me and I just refused any help because of that stupid independence program. And it cost me a lot personal. Cost -- great the personal. So in some small way because of an organic situation. I can kind of relate to what it's like for those of you who were in deep depression. And by the way I would also say it remind you that at no point. That I ever. Consider offering myself in -- Funny story -- I don't going to be labeled make it. Funny story. Doctor asked what I described the symptoms that have you ever thought. About using a gun to kill yourself. And meeting me and any wisely asked under all circumstances I looked at the doctor right in the and I set are you crazy. Do you have any idea of the kind of messed that would leave for somebody that cleanup. Hole. The doctor looked at me and said. Already then never mind. I mean that's been made again it's it's called keeping your sense of humor even. When things don't look so. But I'm sure that with you just to let you know what can relate to what depression is like all the mine was an organic situation. Don't mean to share too much but I I can't empathize.

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