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8-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sorry there is no way I'm putting my original and everybody's thinking it's you in my life long after his program that. And if I hit the -- back -- -- -- I never thought -- -- at -- Robin Williams. And nudism is quite ideologue. I don't like this. -- any performers stay relevant during their entire career. Robin Williams is as relevant now -- the first day you ever saw him or hurt him. And right after the time of his passing on his zone. His ability to think funny and to think extemporaneously. But also have a you know a lot of comedians by the way. Our good drummer or word good dramatic actors they seem to have that inner. That thing they can reach in and take it's taken rabbit and a emphasize. How they feel about the part maybe they've lived through part of of us some dramatic performance they're giving because if you've seen Robin Williams as a dramatic factories just as good. As a young comedic actor who horses stand up is though is without parallel in his ability to ad lib so these are all things that he had. Things that. He was probably born with a lot of it and developed the rest of it. In any stood out among his peers. I mean Chris rock and Chris -- -- -- set a statement that was like four words long. People as good as Chris Rock I mean everybody's just stood back and admire him but at the end of the day if I can use a cliche. May be in his head he was thinking -- like what I do. They like my performance -- like what I say but that they really care about me. Because I think in the end that's what it's all about I mean you can see it on a superficial level with the FaceBook. With how many friends you have. Are they real friends pro as I said enjoy access your friends on FaceBook asking the lens of fifty books you'll see your number down hurry and I. All of Garry Marshall Fonda Robin Williams how he did. Can you imagine what was going through his mind when he meets this incredibly talented young guy engines and brings in my happy Jesus is here and live. And Gary Marshall was brilliant yeah I mean he really is brilliant. And he recognized that he sought early and even early on Robin Williams was different he was a he was like nobody you've seen before except if there's a lot of similarities between like a Jonathan winners site. But remember too. Jonathan Winters people forget this cool oh is that I wasn't -- Robin Williams. Jonathan Williams opposes idol. Jonathan Williams had some severe mental. Concerns. Remember and I think it was in Boston where they caught him actually. They got him down climbing up the mess of a schooner that was the dock them in Boston Harbor. You remember that you well they did and if you search you'll find it so often times. -- low light burns that brilliantly. It can't stay that way forever. There has to be some open exchange. And babies the kind of things that most of us would would not think about at all. Or consider just a little -- might be of deep concern. As I quoted. These -- Vincent by Don -- the world was not meant for one as beautiful as you know. And maybe the world isn't for everybody in affluent adapted vote. Just because you have everything that everybody else thinks would make them happy doesn't necessarily -- You're the one thing is that people are not talking about depression and not that they haven't before in the past but I think more people are willing to admit. That they have made some form of depression and or anxieties or something like that that really gets them so people feel more comfortable. You know I can talk to you about it I can talk to anybody about her in and feel comfortable I don't feel a stigma. Well look at the world I mean the world was different obviously than it is now but now nobody can count on a job. The used to be -- a job good Albion John I can do this job as long as I want an -- terrible nicely domestic UK economy's job. The world's falling apart. But especially the last two weeks I mean look at the war. In the last Phillies you know because I was away on a cruise to Alaska. I did the best I could to stay in touch which was an easy to do OK but all over the globe were horrendous is happening. There and I don't wanna make this a political. Show by any manner -- means but less faith in our government. Let's faith in the people are supposed to be protecting us and helping us. So there's. A lot of the solidity a lot of the things we come on the bedrock of our our existence have been taken away from. We want to bring children into the world. Thinking that they have a good chance to have a good long successful life. I'm not that some idiot is going to. Put a bomb in his shoe when trying get on an airplane. -- mean it is it's. It up for those who like a comfortable safe world this is they've all read this time. And I don't know of any of that played any part Robin Williams thought process or not but I'm saying that. It's it's tough and people now who have met him work Wear them some notable some non. Comment not only on his ability to do their job but the kind of person he was. That they seems like what you saw is what you've got a genuine nice person like people. Let's go to events and Amber's venture on WBM. Am morning Indian language. Thank -- and there crop for more -- was one of the most helpful useful calls have ever heard your program. -- -- and she had the experience and she shared it well with everyone that. Would you know a need in needs some help with depression -- -- news. What good will come out of this and then navigate these two issues that you know. This. Lou we I would people respect and to be able first appraised then heard. When or negative is that death. Was this smile. When they had the promotion for his latest TV show and that quiet lovely beautiful smile. And then when I'm waiting and it waited quite along and today. You and I can Hamilton's on Friendster. That your been around with -- each other than he gets some good quick lions. And I am waiting on the phone and I'm I'm laughing sometimes and you and can. Some report that ability that friendship and respect for each other. And down to bring in humor and it's many different days well anyway it went good gonna come out of the revenue with a smile. I I relate. Tremendously there's someone who has this -- one -- greeting me. Went to Miami panel yesterday and one of the cruel and they know me and they're of age I -- government take your order in a big smile. And mountain. -- -- -- know that the other lady. That attitude cheeseburgers with some extra ketchup. So we both ways manly and each other and and it went out. Lady who claims the tables on the and we know each other. And if you said let me know when -- ready for here is. A big smile okay. And it's going to be in my mind for a long time. To me use my smile and them yes some people I don't know why I don't use the its sale load that but. I'm gonna try and with a smile. And amnesty. That did it contribute -- -- do it and I am totally agree with yeah. Analysis of the world falling apart I mean we Aaron at day's end there was that they count just stand. And the BBN. -- well it -- -- original pieces were -- true. A real tough period with regard as a net negative knows he said. Don't read the paper for example they see it don't listen to the radio don't listen to those TV knows. And that is given to a quiet and and then of that business -- and man and them them and that they did and -- butter opening gambit. The reality is that the UN can and you're a year -- Sometimes and I did I dismount. I have a dear friend then and thank that that we are you know and respectful of each other. Well when I'm calling her I smile home before the end of all. That's great I mean the -- nice to have those kind of relationships because those are bedrock relationships that -- -- thank events. I area bank -- much will be back tomorrow Beijing government -- -- and I had thirty in my voice holds local -- W the end. The question about to -- and this can you know look at it. -- -- -- a lot about him. Thanks good political aspirations and hope sexual orientation always. So last night idea was talking to Tony because -- but I was been away for two weeks to Alaska on the -- -- And ask them what those subjects have been done and his suggestions. For what's out there that is of interest right now. And what we ended our conversation. I said okay will probably go with this unless something else happens we always leave that open to change -- at the last minute. And me it's after I hung up with Tony the news broke -- Williamson's side. And as you think about it and as I'm thinking about it now is the show is progressing. There's some things we all want and that we may we don't want it as much as we thought we wanted to. For instance individuality. We all we teach our kids you wanna be an individual that's great you wanna think as an individual. That's great so you have your own method -- you you're you're creating your own path. You're thinking if you're really on your game nobody can do this is -- like into it. Now that's all beneficial but there is a negative sides who want to think about this when -- going through the dark times in your life. You want company. You don't wanna think am I the only one that's going through this you wanna know that other people fighting the same battles you're fighting. And that as much as you like being an individual. And standing out in the crowd you wanna make sure that your still. Yeah that you -- not the only one going through this. And I think that's important. I I've often said that -- to tell when you're really in love. When the words on the songs make sense to -- things its use is just casually dismissed. As OK that's a nice catchy tune as funny and has stood in this Bob Bob Bob about when they mean when you suddenly realized the meaning of the words. And I gave an error that's the -- says that's seminal moment in your life. And I gave the example of Don McLean singing. A -- about bits of Bengal the world was not meant for one is beautiful as -- there's also another good example. In -- John for Arkansas. I'm John trying to figure is superb and there are great writer writes a lot of -- stuff and he is rarely a greater individual performer. He has the song about a male female relationship. In one of the lines and it is he was forced to live in his head. And think about like that how many of us have been forced to live in our head. Where nobody outside of us as individuals know really what with. What's going on inside -- -- they can see what a lot of the embassy. But no more. So that if somebody close TO was is attic because catastrophic event like a suicide. And you feel guilty. Because maybe you should've done more maybe should have seen more. Maybe you should have been more aware. Don't beat yourself up on that because you can only pick up what they'll lock you replica. What they'll share with -- if they don't want to you can't you can't do it and you're not a mind reader. And so while doing the crime -- of he was forced -- -- -- has said. I think is very apropos. This let's go to Pam in strikers bills of them here on WB yeah. Good morning Andy hello welcome back thank you very much experts. The people that -- for you and Iraq gone also but it's not like and they. Well your sweet thank you -- what's on your mind today. OK. And -- and up and grabbed the -- him. That's followed him ever son mark and then the end Federer and two things really stand out in my mind about him. And Mother's Day this assures that go what are so he had mothers from in the stars then -- mother was one problem. And seeing. Was so profound and explaining. That her father at a very young age like around so. We're always trying to make people like yeah. And he would just do things that were just out of this world. And then another point is. -- -- him -- -- them. I was working around twelve perk for years. And when that movie came out was very profound. So other children -- award responding to him when he. Put the rubber nose on things like venture. And that thing was I was so touched -- -- happens genuine performance. And mentally that I purchased for happy for them will be. For various factors and know that needed to change their bedside -- learn yeah. And I mean what a talent and I mean without this way or what you -- earlier. And weightless world today. It was a profound. One is -- interact and non. Now. And that talk show. That -- And he was a razor sharp there was nothing they could do to get past him he instantly had a reply. And you know he gave it all away. He gave little -- he gave away all of the joy. All the laughter but he didn't save any form self he didn't say -- forums. That's right well and does bless you rather play him. You got a view it wonderful. Thank you we will thank you Pam thank you very much Yahoo! lump of doctors the doctor. Who makes the comedian. I mean they're always been argue -- go back to party got. The clown. I mean there's all kinds of examples in history of people who gave it to everybody else but didn't have any for themselves we'll take a break. A newsreader and I'm thirty W via. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Yes we're shocked as everybody else is shocked is the correct words to use when we heard about the passing a Robin Williams especially. When it was suggested that it was suicide. I would like to know if there's something positive become come out of this my first thought was yes there is and that is an awareness. Of what people go through that. You know you can only be as as aware as though let you. Because some people just -- will keep at all inside but if you have an opportunity. Somebody wants to talk or somebody will I need some help or suggestions or forwarding. I think we should all do what we can two. To accommodate that. But as I said if there if it happens of the tragically happens that the someone that you're close to. Idea I think though one of the real sad part is that people feel like could've done more I could have said more. It -- intervene more arm. But maybe they didn't let you win and if they didn't Adam. And then that's that's something you shouldn't beat yourself up over. 803093018061692. Visits are -- thirty also your pleasant memories. I'm Robin Williams Chris we have several FaceBook post the -- couple. This is from a sandy she says what I'll always remember -- rob Williams -- how we help out Christopher Reeves after his accident those two were very close. And very sorry that Williams could not fight his own demons. You know he was an -- he paid -- the Christopher Reeves. Hospital medical bills so he went to Juilliard with the Christopher Reeves. Christine Baranski went their -- I'm not sure she was in the same class. Or not for us from buffalo obviously very long known but ER that's when you help people when they need it like that you're there for them. That's the real deal remember that -- been playing in his head to. Because Christopher. -- left way too early and as did John Belushi was also a friend that is. I don't know if he was friends with other people like Chris Farley whatever. People who burn brightly and then disappeared from -- Wednesday. So that could have all played a part of it but we'll never know another please. This is from. As well -- very well said that's true and also. You don't usually you'll only re prioritize your life if it's a personal if it's family are coworker or neighbor. But it's a good opportunity for all of us to re prioritize. Well what are our goals what are we looking to do what we're looking to acquire things we are looking to have something somebody else doesn't have. One of -- of those goals worth that. A what are we have to give up to get those to get those goals accomplished if we don't get -- we failures. These -- questions -- You don't look you don't need a psychiatrist or psychologist. Four of those kinds of questions you can answer those yourself if you need help reach out for it'll be there professional and non professional. But a lot of it you can work through yourself by saying. The things that I always wanted to monolith now maybe they're not as important as I thought they were that's why. When they do cliches. Like there's some politician. Who's been a politician for forty years and finally. Gets defeated. And says I wanna spend more time in my family. I don't buy that at all it via if they really wanted to spend more time with -- family they would have done it when they were winning -- when their loans. You know the ones who also wanna go home and write a book same thing. If you if you step out when the games in progress means something to step out after the game is over just means you're gonna excuse. Let's go to Guam Tony and Clarence Tony you're on W via. Yes I can hear you loud and clear -- Goran. Back. It cricket -- bet. That poor guy a lot many doctors. -- Eight Latin. OK what. Look a bit here throughout. -- republic -- -- -- -- not addictive. I Africa correspondent Beckett got a lot about it -- not been at this like pollution it and other people. And it's a shame what happens to be able and they spectacle that it stopped. -- -- -- Well that's true and it's a different -- onstage in doing. Cutting edge jokes about cocaine nobody's joking about the drug addiction or alcohol addiction or anything like that today. -- because you see the real effects of it. Yeah and it's not elected before you call it live look and -- well in a battle going to be they're probably. Outside. But they apparently don't. OK -- I would you like I think that's very well said thank you very much. Yeah I'm always leery. Of course performers use whatever they canned. To achieve their goals as far as they're getting a laugh or getting more applause -- a bigger contract or whatever but the -- what I call the Smart ass. Comedian the standup comedian who jokes about using cocaine and other -- others are there drugs. It doesn't always have the ending that you would prefer. Seems like the beginning is is much the same people enjoy it's of -- go to the next step but it doesn't always end that way. And a lot of people do that profession. To appear to be hip. Those people -- pathetic. There absolutely pathetic. Because what they'll do is try and show you how cool they are because they did what other people wouldn't do. You can't see through that I feel sorry for. But. You know as well as I do that the bottom line is if they were better at their job they wouldn't have to do that. Let's say let's go posting a break and although the final segment on news radio and I'm 31 yard WB yeah. You know when you create someone he nurtured them. And hope. I can determine. If you don't life. -- -- -- -- -- And knowing your brand is going -- upon us. Please keep my. And -- next weeks and and. If you wanna check out there's some of these sites and in an atmosphere what went on in our trip to a low Alaska. -- go to our FaceBook page and they are documented by the way the animals that I am a photograph with. None of them are real just wanna tell you say don't be afraid in my welfare. I'm the one where your Holden the menu was there really mousse patties on it. -- That's -- I was afraid quicker -- you know whatever it one of the -- One of the guides on the trip said. But of the toughest animals in Alaska. The one that could take any other animal is a full grown moves. He said don't be fooled by that bullwinkle walk. You know how they look funny and cartoonish. He said a full grown bear creek camp takeoff role models. And that just shocked I was really surprised but I know I'll he said that so that people would be yeah alert to the fact that. You don't walk up to almost if you happen and come across one he said bill kick him from the front the back gold. They can be really really nasty. So was just be alert and measurement across the -- and Amber's. Luckily does not end in Niagara Paris and -- no I did not practice in you know I also was the emphasis. From the tour guides or whatever. Were not on Bayer's bid because bearers are there but there and immediately in the southern part of but on moose and Eagles. In some of the other animals that they have up there in the Fisher course are fantastic. But again and as I said before at the beginning of a show. I I think they should use this as a slogan and I just Ottoman. If you haven't seen America unless you've seen Alaska. Plain and simple. It is. Just tremendous -- I'm not easily impressed I'm easily impressed that I spent a lot of time out west. Montana Wyoming you know just a beautiful Colorado. Is beautiful states nothing matches up with the last. I gotta go the united got to go to Alaska. Be careful of the most well it's only okay Chris how about another FaceBook entry force boys. This is from Chris and she says maybe you wherever we always passing. Well and some of the stigma associated with mental illness and depression hopefully the situation more props and people who need help to go get help. Well that's sure -- because I remember as I said before you can only be accountable as an outsider. For somebody who may have a friend that's going through this or relative it's going through this you can be only accountable for what they'll let you know. Oftentimes they won't. And they won't share with you if they don't share with you. There's nothing you can do I mean you can use you can do the best you can to try and open up that conversation. If they feel comfortable but it's important to get talked to somebody to get treated properly. And to learn to deal -- that -- keep it to yourself because you're afraid you might be ostracized we have a caller earlier from -- And it was very well says. From from people who -- Will ostracize you if they think that you have any kind of a mental health condition which isn't obviously Russian. One of the problems we have in America. Is that fine line between confidentiality. And a place where the public could be at risk for instance with firearms we've talked about this before. With firearms. It's important that. The people who who proceed with the licensing and some states like we have here whatever. Be aware of any kind of conditions but they don't always have access to. It's not always report. So that's the last thing you want you wanna make an atmosphere is safe for everybody. Including the person and the general public. How do you walk that fine line I'm no genius a half ago. But it's important that. If somebody does give you an opportunity to help that you should do if if if you feel comfortable. Because oftentimes that that when those clothes they won't they won't tell you. And all the old all you know about anybody is what they'll let you know. If you don't want to know there are gonna find out. So don't feel guilty about it because that's one of the major. Major road side effects of a suicide is that those left behind and I've read this many many times. Feel tremendous. Guilt because they think they called it preventative and most of the on the court and another one please -- This one comes from Eric he says Williams was a classically trained Shakespearean actor with a -- flexibility compassion he can play any role. It was a once in -- generation perform yeah I don't you know before you come. As part of what Robin Williams there was Jonathan winners who was graded improvisational. And I had -- razor sharp mind. And did some acting parts in was was all right and in as an actor but I think -- Wales was a superlative actor. How many can make you laugh and make you cry. Almost. Back to back he could do that he's made us laugh his whole life and though -- this season ministry. So he didn't them he couldn't help himself field delivered meals and other please. This one comes for Cheney says my first man named him saying. Yes my first memory of it was for more and Mindy. Who would have thought that somebody can make a show about an alien funny he was able to do what he was such a talent he could do it all over all gonna miss them. Yeah now we really well and we're going to miss his work. The air and and here's the deal I think you think about that if you are. If you are a performer. Like Robin Williams how much do people like me for what I'm saying and doing as opposed and they like me as a person. And the people who were interviewed -- know him as a person. Admired him as well because of his generosity. There are some people you admirer as performers. Okay you'll like the way they sing like the way they act feel like the way they do stand up but in person or deck. Okay he wasn't like that not according to the people and no mine never met him obviously. Or item I'd mention it but yeah he's he's the kind of guy that cared about people. And had. A demeanor that was approachable and friendly and it wasn't just the performance that's the key. There are people who are funny. And there are people who are good actors. But he was all of that and more and that's I think that's the reason and we all have these burning memories. Of different things that he's done and they're all different memories some bottom of the stand up some of them are as the guests on talk shows. Some of them are our movies and they're all. Very effective. You know trying to figure -- pinpoint. My favorite parts of Robin Williams in his career -- I don't think I can pinpoint one thing. Just as good as he was in a dramatic role he was amazing in the comedic role. And don't forget what's the name of that -- up comedy concert series at -- he didn't know who I with Whoopi. What area oh OK go you know -- Whoopi Goldberg and Billy quest Billy Crystal ya mean his aunt living in that was on. Believe the ball and he's on stage with two heavyweights yeah. And he's left them both in the DOS like ER I mean it was it was a real a triumvirate. Of talent on the stage at the same time. He gave so much time and effort and there -- people from hospital saying he was due to visit to go down there and a couple of weeks through. To cut a new commercial for them whatever he was very generous with his time and his talent. But people like that who burned so brightly you -- -- It's almost like a light bulb a traditional light vote. It burns its brightness just before if Ailes just before it -- you get that brightness and that it goes away. And he had an in my mind he had many many more years brilliance to com. That that he could've you know with films and couldn't brilliant and. It's always -- way it is luckily for us the one thing we can take away is he has a huge body of work. A huge body of work he's got four films coming out in the next year that are that are in the camera already. Soul there would going to be seeing and hearing from Robin Williams pulled going to be missing humans. About wraps it up I'm not going to say one word between now and 9 o'clock tomorrow morning trying to get my voice back towards your great. We'll see event on newsreader and I'm thirty W via. Wish they never dreamed could be used.

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