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8-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You can physically into the PC and -- and I am. -- -- -- That's Robin Williams from good morning Vietnam about -- President Nixon musings of military. Initials of the standing for various things. We all have our favorite memories of Robin Williams -- whether as a comedic actor a dramatic actor. A standup comedian is always a guard great guest. Any talk show you ever saw on television. In their foursome is his death was announced. People came out of the woodwork and everybody in the same frame of mind shocked. And amazed because oftentimes people we think have a at all. Really they have some of what we think could make us happy. But they're not happy -- and they can't deal with it and that's the sort of thing that unfortunately -- far too often. You know what's amazing is a few days ago. Actually was before my vacation -- a couple of weeks ago there was an article that I had clipped in the was a thing about for a future show. About the amazing. Rate. The acceleration of suicide for people in the military. And I clicked it thinking it would be future show and then I did idea I -- that simply because I didn't. I didn't know if people already -- to discuss something like that it's it's very very private. Most people -- those that haven't and their family. Or road or friends or whatever our -- not -- saddened by that destroyed. In election for a long time thinking maybe occurred more mentioned -- last segment. And does so with the death of Robin Williams we ask is there anything positive vote coming from this. Oh or not a I think the positive is but to reflect on the of the joy he's given the loss. And now the awareness of not -- second handedly. Kicking aside -- -- he had just gone through it again in July. So that was if I'm not mistaken blow ones we know at least at least three different times and promote drugs and for alcohol. So if -- have somebody like Robin Williams who has. As the world by the tail by our viewpoint. Feels that there is nothing worth living form. Then I think we all have to review. Of those around us or maybe ourselves to -- thinking do we have to re prioritize. In my paying attention. Is my world to -- close them. Am I being too selfish with my view my being too cavalier in my dismissal although another celebrity going to rehab those are a lot of questions. Re prioritizing. Is very is is very helpful. Because what you find out is as good as your life changes and as you progress through life and as you get older and perhaps a more successful what you do for a living. You tend to forget some of the early struggles -- some of the things that that he couldn't overcome by yourself usually it's not this dramatic. Such as the taking your life and this was asphyxiation they have not announced exactly. What type of six as six DH and it is but I can't think of any that don't have very very dark images in my mind. 80309301806169236. And start at thirty. If you would like to discuss your your memories of Robin Williams if you have any thoughts. Buyouts. Rehab you have any thoughts about suicide. You know we'd like to discuss some it is not an easy subject to do certainly. As I said people are not usually willing to open up. In the re prioritizing part of your life takes a little getting used to because if you're used to one target. There it is there it is OK -- achieve that target. Now we -- find out what's the big deal member Peggy Lee have -- -- -- -- Called is that all of areas. Where does she always thought as a child. About these things that will be so fabulous as she grew up a visiting the circuits and doing things like that. And then as she didn't them she found out they weren't as great as she thought they would be. And that's it was a song. Is that all the rest -- sort of the thinking about. Life is worth living. Life is worth living was a show. I was you know barely a kid them. Would -- bishop Fulton. Who was very popular he's the only one that ever gave local -- around for his money at one time Fulton Sheen bishop should. At ten million viewers okay. And Milton Milton -- address that by saying yeah he's got better writers that I do Matthew Mark Luke and John and so that was kind of funny. But life is worth living for what. Is that worth living for some thing is it worth living -- to be here when your children here and going through. With the airlines what is life worth living about it it was a very popular show. Yeah and and it was on for a long long time and different -- -- incarnations. But you have to Banco blow what life really means you is an accomplishment of a car. Better house a better job that promotion you've been wanting. The kids though finally you know showing up for your birthday and things like that. And there's a lot of things are going to somebody's mind as to what's important in their lives. And when those things are missing it doesn't matter how proficient you are what you do for a living like he was. If they're missing if they're not there. Life is -- When it's not worth -- see here's the thing you got to remember. People equate breathing. With -- living. And -- breathing is just what is it is its breathing. It living is something totally different. It means that there are things worth your while to get through today. A day there's a big difference between breathing and and living as well a lot of people who have living wills or whatever don't wanna put be put on machines. If they get to that point of an illness. Because it's more than a machine pumping air into -- whatever it's it's not a quality of life that you want. He'd take one thing is that people believe what depression that it's one thing that brings you down you know like with Robin Williams was it. At the divorce was it you know what what what one single thing you know it's usually not it's it's a lot of things that they build up. -- I I've told you before I've battled. Depression since I was a teenager. Anyone Thailand airwaves medicated and you're aware of the doctor. Prescribed me. Forming and that I didn't really think that that helped what really helped me. As motorcycle. Going out Arne that on the road because I had time to beat myself to think and and him. Besides it was fallen hero Harry you have to homeowners yet you really do have to think -- you also have things going -- in in the back your head of what's going on in our Aaron it help meet. To understand things and help me to deal with things. And I can tell you this and this is probably a common experience. With a lot of view if you lost a husband or wife or child. -- somebody really close to some family member a close personal friend. -- win and a loss and he. It and I I re prioritize everything as suddenly things that used to be very important -- important at all I didn't care at all. And then I tried to force myself to get out in public again. What I found was this and boy I've talked to other people sense that and they all both rumors it's a pretty common thing. If you could be at the Allentown art festival something with a 100000. People and you feel totally alone. You feel absolutely alone. And then you'll look at and it seemed to you at that time like the world is in -- they're all couples but your -- And that's that's kind of scary. Because you don't know how that's gonna change and how long it's gonna take to -- if you ride the storm out. It never gets easy ever ever ever ever ever but you can deal with a little bit better than you could before. I'm not saying you recover from because you don't end and in as far as I'm concerned. The healing process is so individual. That there is no one size fits ball. It is. What it is and when it is in its individual. And that's the way it is but basically -- -- talks you about the loss of Robin Williams. And is there something positive we can take out of this in your pleasant thoughts about Robin Williams. And if you would like to talk about -- of the you know taking your own life from the effect it has on those who leave behind and things like that we're willing to talk about it. It'll three 3010606926. 930. These are -- you don't is in fact that you get nervous Yemen and I suffer from severe dyslexia too. I was an only child in my block I'm going to go quicker throughout. Yeah I hear from the young Williams Morgan and but I did the British. Let's go to -- one John John here on WB yeah. Welcome back to John what what's your -- well -- the privilege and honor of meeting probably about fourteen years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it launcher with a maybe five minutes aren't -- autograph everything. On. He didn't look at every port a more I just love to dial. So gentle you know he's right we don't expect six you know but it was larger -- -- and human person and -- You know an. Epic but I see people cry of people -- -- -- don't even know what's the matter what you cry we shall approve this. -- last night I guess I'm telling edit and of people coming and their work today all there was the toppling everybody is thinking like you didn't know. But you felt he contributed so much Jordan your life. And you're going to miss is and his contribution to your life and the sad part is that he couldn't do it for himself in and eight unit of the people being interviewed said exactly what you're saying they said. He did a lot of work with the US all EU he went to hospitals he was a scheduled to record a spot for one of a children's hospitals in the south. He does all he did all that kind of stuff some always knew about -- we didn't but bill said the same thing he was a gentle man who just loved him making people happy. You know it's it's that they had that you know you can make some people happy except the number one person herself. It's true your other toughest audience you have for yourself because you think I have all these other things -- what do they mean. And that you know you always heard about people seeking the meaning of life. And sometimes you think come on would this mean you know like stuff if you got everything in need and people love you and good talent and he got health you should have everything but. There's something missing we don't know. One that you want that point I've been -- now fourteen years and I thought it Auckland New England cute -- can compare reported that. And you know what -- -- -- one thing that people are why -- completely brilliant all the money in all the ratcheted beautiful children like. You better behavior in that position or and that it didn't Wear it like to your audience. It's we talk or any trouble or -- and they're book that we haven't alcohol addiction drug addiction depression. It's embarrassing to see that the people because they don't understand it. It locks you in that little wall they're little now become her close. And it I don't know if these extreme government and the -- so I went through. Well the isolationism. Is though when you feel Euro loan truly alone that's I can see how you'd be deeply depressed if you didn't have people around that. That you felt cared for you for the right reasons. All right good. I'm glad -- John thank you very much -- you know. Rich people from. What we've heard are always concerned that people who they become friends -- Whether they're really friends with them for their friendship as a person or because of who they are or what they have. I assume it's the same thing when you're a top level performer. Like Robin Williams now but you're hearing things differently about Robin Williams and you are. About other people of note who may have died but your hearing not only about the side you're well aware of the performance side. You're hearing about the that the person of the personal side of Robin Williams and the things that he did without fanfare without a camera. Without a microphone without a story being written about them. And so you're you're getting a different view. Item. I don't know what was going on I don't know if anybody knows. But if that's not enough. To know that people admire you for not only what via what you can do. But what kind of a person you are and that's the way -- -- people are talking not only a superlative you know actor dramatic and comedic. -- only a superb stand -- guy. But a standup kind of -- If that's not enough I don't know I don't know how to fill that void what's my. Blowing to me is that you have somebody who was fighting demons so bad. They're in my guest says he's probably fighting those demons for a long time. But yet was able to turn it on when he had to to be unbelievably funny ad -- being creative images -- The zany personality that he was. In and yet have those demons in the back of his money. You can't you know no matter how much you go to school no matter how coach you are you can't. Learn how to become a Robin Williams who -- -- it's either there or not you can develop some technique they can teach -- and style whatever. But it's got to be there but remember what they also say and I'm not trying to be harsher there's a fine line between brilliance and something that can handle more. So you have those moments in fact as a there's a song by George Jones call moments -- bruins' where every once in awhile things come into into clearer vision. And it's right there and you can understand all of it. And then it goes away and you don't know where -- and -- always always second guessing yourself even if nobody else is doing that. Even if your bosses happier life is having the kids are happy the studios are happy everybody's happy except view. What's wrong with -- picture something's wrong with that you're not nourishing yourself. Other people do you think that. Might be close to you you're always guessing why -- they close to me that they loved me the love. Why am what I do and how much money they have got a car drive and all that other stuff with somebody like Robin Williams I'm sure that a million thoughts go through his mind. An idea every Middlesex so I don't know it's a sad day -- will be back -- more -- beach company if you would like to. Trying to suggest something positive. Out of this and I think there is something positive the awareness. But we've got to be more aware of people who have these kinds of problems if they'll let us. And Europe for your pleasant thoughts about Robin Williams and his career and life on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 938 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. This stuff isn't about Shakespeare think about a man basically an indication second grade education wrote some of the greatest vote of -- times I think maybe now. Wandering around Stratford after a couple of Beers knocking endorsement. I -- do we know. Oh man auto loans and Roy -- no good materially going in the punchline is still funny and is a in his mind an incredible -- incredible career. But something was missing in his life apparently and it looks like he took his own life as sad as that may be for us. And so even setter for people closer to -- will be asking if they could have seem more or done more. In the answer probably is -- but they won't never believe that so it's very difficult for those that left behind. And very difficult for fans of love Amanda is a stature so we're asking. Is there anything positive we can take out of this and I said yes there is that is an awareness of that. Things don't matter are they really don't have been nice little benchmarks. For your life in your career. But were really matters is is being contented with your life and obviously wasn't. So we'd like to hear formulate a -- 930180606926. -- thirty. And if you have vote pleasant memories -- -- this year -- -- -- -- Next up will be Ripken and goal Rick you're on WB yeah. All I am happy. -- maybe and end and then it didn't choose. It. That would -- it made me. No -- All of it though. Unbelievable. That are -- talking about the Fed signaled that it blew him. I was that the plan is ahead of him picking his own life and then -- years. Then and and David Mamet play them like that that I could see. I had the bit. I I don't have a group that. You -- them happy in his life -- I guess could I could feel that maybe. Maybe because I'm in that position right now I really don't care -- my life ended the data going with the war. -- ended -- Then and I didn't know any better at that I might have had my wife whom. I have. There's more than me and I took it and asked. Look at who -- who -- and yet you guys. When you -- everything bad about. Now without. Would be nothing in my life. It might -- and the handling of -- that he had to understand any of this. And then I hit and they want the board and I knew -- what do you talk but not on who you with the unions the and yet you'd be alone and I shouldn't you all well. They're both bad with rabid Williams and then it independently. And then I could do it open -- -- -- And that bad but let me say look you do. I hope you have people in your inner circle you can talk to a and it's always Cedric when I went through my divorce even if it's amicable. And it is not contentious. But when you leave the courthouse after the judges -- declared that the divorce is final. There is. The finale of a bit. That you are alone it's one of the examples of being alone but you gotta give yourself some time and a and they give yourself a break because though it's never as bad. As you think it is at that exact moment is it just it doesn't get better but it gets less negative to. I have the bandwidth to say that night I appreciate that blew out. OK Rick hang in there and if you're -- okay a program thank you very much -- much. You know even -- -- divorce situation you know. Divorce is very different golf and that's nothing new you know that certainly but even if it's a friendly divorce. Whereas OK things just didn't work out let's -- let's move on even if it's that it's very traumatic. Because it in your mind represents what I do wrong outcome how come I couldn't have made a better. But when it is final on Sonia and I've told us on the air that you -- steps of vote the courthouse you feel totally alone. And at a performer. Much like Robin Williams is always got to be asking. If I didn't do this. And he made us laugh and may describe I mean is it was a great comedic and -- dramatic actor if I didn't do this. Would people care about. That's always a concern if I didn't have this would people care about me. And any performer I think goes through that. Now Tony and I were talking off the air athletes go through it all the time but athletes -- Eagles sometimes. The size of Cleveland. And they think that and who bared their natural charm. Far exceeds of their ability as an athlete so they they kind of think yeah it's going to be it's fine because it's just drew me. But not everybody not everybody feels like that. But as you see that in performers. In star athletes and anybody whose work is praise. How is it phrases praised by applause big contracts. Houses cars all that kind of stuff. So they think that that they've earned every penny of it. But the what is who are sensitive and Robin Williams has to have been a very sensitive person or it could not have played those dramatic roles. Because I saw several clips where. If you are not sensitive you can't fake this spell. You can't fake it you gotta live it. Although I'm not huge. A supporter of the actor's studio -- back thing I'm thinking that if he didn't have something is said that allowed him to to do that. I he'd be he's a very sensitive guy. And if you don't think that people would would go to care for you so much. Or at all if you didn't have what you have is a talent. -- records that could lead to something like this. And I think that's probably what led to his range. His ability to play so many different types. Of characters because he is so much to draw from. Well look at the song -- by Don McLean. Sorry about Vince van -- And the one go online and that song that haunts me is the world was not meant for someone as beautiful as you. So you are different. -- different character always worried always will be. That's the kind of thing that can be very is a very difficult to deal with. Of those on the outside thinking hey you got everything got the world by itself what do you got to complain about. Obviously don't have the sensitivity of someone like a Robin Williams will be back after this. Wow. Hey that does not test this is rock and roll -- a rocket from the delta did a damn day. That's summit that the president moving revote done thankful. They. 0600 let's it was 1040 my god it's early speaking of earlier about electromagnetic Marty I would thank -- -- mr. Let's go to lying three which would be Lorraine in buffalo Lauren thanks for calling -- on WB yeah. -- Like everybody else and I am as devastated about Robin Williams and the reason I'm calling I really feel bad. Right. And that -- one thing that needs to tap that in the country is we need to get rid of the stigma about people being on the it it's still it. Did not. That there are people and -- I -- to call up and I'll agree -- And they're they're one show where I urge you see. That was when -- -- Not for shields about her taking. I believe postpartum young postpartum depression. Right. On and so we want to talk to that people packed up and she was very much that now. I've been in the public eye on time and might like this basically opened pocket right yeah not all that. On the right. That while Ike Ike could not agree. On antidepressants. Help and they saved my life now you know future not to go out and get right here right. You have no right to tell me you know what what. I should be. -- I totally agree are we doing things all the time to help our body there's no reason we shouldn't do things up our mind absolutely. I cannot tell -- I mean. What reaction I got from the public and people -- station I action. But people saying. How -- I don't like to admit it which made because it was not been. Also people saw that it was the stupidest thing I've ever gotten really well. Career suicide that. -- -- knew it -- -- and -- or any kind. Medication for any kind of mental illness that -- considered a week end at that I retired career. So I got all that accent. And -- it's done. That might debt while I don't think all that -- and maybe some people. Don't go and get help because they don't want that statement filed around. Their whole life I think there might be aren't lie even to open -- dean. People don't get help from from medicine that we know. We all got helps some all it's an incredible. Well I think this sort of fingered just as. Anytime there's a high profile cases it's that it takes I broke our case. Good to get to that but anytime there is people reexamine their their opinions about some. That and the Lorraine knew -- could be exactly right witnessed -- LB reexamining. Because of what's what went -- -- Robin Williams. Their general attitude. -- usually wants people form an attitude takes a long time to change it. But in this case. I think this could be very helpful and calls like yours are very helpful to from people who know this is better for them. And if it is it's shouldn't be statement does. And one thing I'd like to -- We have been on -- and your other places. Are people are so quick. And at that site itself. And I have to tell you what you're. At it here. Because people don't read a lot. When you are in place like that. That's not something that you think about -- you know when you do something like that. The only option and it's sick chemical imbalance in your brain it's -- -- So there's no rational all that was such -- out if you're feeling your -- That's -- now under. So please please forward for the sake of of people who who committed. Suicide lead don't use the selfish work because. It's not appropriate. And -- -- and Cole who was in such a dark place now the only they could do was elect that such -- rock approach to it and. Wells also while several Lorraine and thank you for your call appreciate it. As I set idea I had an article. It was a couple of weeks ago just before Obama occasion. About the rise in suicides. People in the armed forces. And they use you can understand with some of the things that they've gone through whether there in battle or not. Bubba especially those though the war and battle. -- you can see the difficulties of trying to keep an equilibrium. And their concern about that is while they should be. So there is a new awareness that this sort of thing about the people just remember this. He did don't beat up on yourself if something happens and you think you could've done more. You'll people will only let you see part of what they what -- -- that's it they well let's see the whole thing most of the time. Because of things like -- They don't wanna be stigma ties an election feel uncomfortable all or whatever. So all you can do is. What -- allow you to do. That's basically it you can you can encourage them to do something in a cajole them -- could use whatever methods normally works with them. But there early to allow you sold so much. Insight as to what's going on in their head and beyond that you have no control. While -- Robin Williams that I I as I was thinking about this from last night. You know one of the greatest. Well one of the greatest treatments. Force sadness at least the entry level the gateway maybe there's some more serious problems as laughter. And usually. Laughter get -- through a lot of things and this wasn't enough obviously to get him through. Through here is -- concerns. But for a man who made by the bushel full didn't quite make enough from self. Really think about it because laughter get a job out of it shows is -- what is laughter it's an -- of life that's what you're laughing out. You're laughing at some of the things that that are considered that are considered by some people fairly serious -- by -- of -- Embattled pitcher -- things get you through some hard times. But apparently not for him. In all three are Montreal 1806169236. Start I thirty. I would like to ask you can anything positive. Come out of the and that is the awareness as we just discuss -- of the Laurent. The awareness of vote if it can happen to him it can happen anybody. And things have nothing to do with the things cars houses -- trophy wives. Great ability on stage behind a microphone in front of a camera whatever. They have nothing to do that when it's just you and your own thoughts. You say what's my real worth. Is my real -- been selling albums. As a selling tickets through fear is my real worth and driving the fastest aren't out what is my real work. And if you think that people are friends of your resorts are close to you because of the things that you have or have accomplished. That can be. Can be pretty empty. We don't know what went through was there will probably never find out. We'd like your thoughts it'll three on my 3018060692. Visits are not there.

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