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8-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello -- is -- government and I'm sandy beach and I don't know if I remember how to do this city Marvin Roberts who wigs and Alaska. As I went to the north country and I conquered well exactly but I was on a nice cruise ship. We'll be talking about that -- of course of the heart of the children they would get through what's -- all of our hearts and that's the demise of Robin Williams. We ought to do today -- speech and company. Yes yes so we well. Dress Robin Williams at the -- of the top of everybody's mind during the heart of the show which will be in about twenty minutes. Very very difficult day for for all of us -- who enjoyed his work and low who thought he was the best of its kind no question about that. Meanwhile just go back from Alaska I have a cold. Although I'll tell you this that that princess -- cruise ship. Had more pure around on that they could have done they -- they -- -- operations on the -- Surgical operations would no problem I -- clean as a whistle and injustice I get back to avoid get a cold. Why isn't everybody that comes back from vacation get sick now I don't know why as soon as I get back here I got a call. First of all when you're on vacation in your desk jockey it's easy. You come back you play the next record. Intelligent oh -- giveaway prize you'd get to say things like what's your favorite radio station. Or something news something meaningful like where everybody played Bon Jovi again and I promise you something with some balls though you're talking about. The wing -- talk show host that's a whole different ball game. Came back from Alaska had to go through fifteen newspapers fifteen newspapers went through Sewell was going on while I was gone the world was ending while I was gone. And -- that I went to my email. 586. Emails of which and I'm not making this up if I'm glad I'm Diane. Four. Are out of 586. Meant anything. And of the four only -- at any relevance to anything but at least the at a two -- -- so did all of that -- all that done. And thanks to a AAA and thanks the princess cruises in the people who we cruise with. At a good time bet. That's already a -- I've met a couple. And yes against their last name. You're going to be tough for you okay and met a couple that really like very nice people and debate. They're retired from an -- when they -- -- where they were retired from. I'm thinking all this could be a long cruise the buffalo school system are all the I named -- -- guy and Margaret OK first of all it's GUY and I'm thinking do I call him guy. What were in Alaska but lower in Toronto -- column -- and it was a really sharp I guess what their last name. Beach I don't know what to really. Item you're -- -- laws and it's yes very very nice table. Yeah and via the bought it was our art tour guide she did yeoman work we had to Gerri there and Don -- and Ian nice nice family via. John Betty. It's -- -- I'm sure some people out but had a great time in and thanks opposing those pictures. As I have to admit though the pictures of me live. I don't bears and -- whatever. Those were real bears the most reckless those stats -- itself. The bottom the Love Boat having a good time the food I -- a lot. Because the food is phenomenal. All and all you want -- time. Time you won 24 hours today it never stops please do me one favor explain that picture with you who was announced needs. With some girls and costs well here's what happened this is the truth I swear you it was not set up. They have they have very. A dinner theater kind of thing in which they do an Alaskan skipped. On how Alaska was discovered when they discovered gold or whatever and they have those singers and dancers up on the stage. They go down among the the people at the tables whatever and they pick people out of the audience to get up on stage with them. And and do some shtick and they've -- gave fun of them and they put wigs on MO -- up. Well a big jump off the stage. This one girl -- jumps off the stage and they do visit every performance. And she's. She's walking down the house is is I need a real man and as she goes. The the first guy sees as an out now your regular two main. And mention those of -- I mean it up. She walks right to me and says. I've found by a man caught up in chief takes embody our leads me up on the stage it wasn't planned it was not set up there was not arranged. So we get out there and there. I guess most people don't have live when the -- there but I did. An under it and does she said. You've done this before haven't I -- -- hurt you say that all of this. I got what it I don't care -- Have there are very good about it because they've figured out they go live wire here. And it went very very well. And I got a lot of compliments I it was a I was a via a star there and in Alaska. And I wasn't you know I was a senior middle. There was -- probably 300 people where house desperately out it was not setup Tripoli didn't set and a prince of students at a it was just that's the way it works. Also later in the -- one of the things that they offered. -- one of the 01 of the show places was. All these trivia. Okay haul home so the first -- I didn't -- -- 'cause I'm OK and then of people it is you've got to go because you have these songs right okay. So we get to an arena it has. A lot of people I mean it was a lot of people knew you played in teams. And they were played part of a song and then you have to give as of the title song and the artist whatever and he got a point two points this and that whatever in and out of a hole. Rome came -- second. 43 points one and I have 41 points and the only reason I didn't when I can tell you right now is they did three songs from movies. Of which I wasn't that interest and when I played a London but they insisted it never playing him again and so that's that was the difference. But it was great to payments that goes on here I am on stage one day. Coming in second well aware of what my partner's there. That it was a lot of fun cool Obama fund but that the food especially when I was sick and you. But you really are out of touch I can tell you that. Because you I I guess they do have some Wi-Fi here and there if it's -- really important. But the pictures that we've posted were a lot of fun on the shipment with the animals and stuff like that here the animals I actually saw. Because you expect -- gonna go there's going to be wild kingdom right -- exactly like that their -- But you have to keep your eyes over and saw a a moose a column moos will have accounts. Pretty good. -- on eagle. Eagle I mean this is a big eagle on the top of a building would no more than ten feet away. Guys that's the closest I've ever seen an eagle. And saw a couple of other I didn't see any bears. None at all about -- when you're wrong -- did see some Wales I wasn't a whale watching trip but I was sitting out on the balcony. Of the Rome. And saw the whales there also in humble which was that a lot of places we weren't -- this no I think no wasn't scared like. It was one of the places and they are there a seat planes taking off right accident ship you can see him it's really cool. And -- say this about Alaska. It's fantastic. It is more than you could ever imagine if you ever wanted to take a trip to Alaska doing. Save your pennies whatever you have to do but go to Alaska I'm thinking and -- this to be either state slogan. You haven't seen America unless you've seen the last. It is remarkable. It is absolutely remarkable now one of the things that we that we went through. Was. Yeah it did not see if you can tell me why this is the famous I catcher -- we've all heard of that June also police gag way. Would be -- railroad the Eagles a 3000 feet in the air which I took very organized. But how about Wasilla. Ever was on me never to Wasilla. How about willow now never heard of them while those at Sarah Palin. Who lives in Wasilla. And her daughter's name willow run that's the next now. But it's a bigger town and you -- So just -- -- just had a great time but let me just tell you this there's a long walk. Now let me just tell you this again there's a lot of walking RN. But if you pretend that you can't walk at all people help you economic area shoulders hey it's an American air pop up on my shoulders. But let me also say this about this. Triple it was great princess was fabulous had good traveling companions. Bonnie are our guy was great made some new friends. You know what sucks big time and I got to say it because I would not be true demise of of I didn't say it and then as the Toronto airport. Let me just tell you this it sucks that I tell you how much -- -- doesn't socks and pants -- I'm not gonna get into the details. They have the worst customer service I've ever seen in my life in Toronto. Now I'm not talking about the airline -- airline was fine. That was -- Canada nice people all good jobs good landings there really good at landing nice and smooth -- hardly even want that if you want that you wanna -- Atlantic. But trying to get your bags checked in and check in is a nightmare. It's and absolute nightmare let me tell you this if I fly again out of this town it's never going to be through the Toronto airport ever. -- I will I will take -- hang glider before I go there again. But everybody else was great next time I just who -- a little differently from buffalo that's the only difference but other than. Back ready -- ago so we'll be talking about the stuff we comeback on news radio and I and I do have a cold inflation did notice you have ever. Like in line I have a poll we just leave it that the ideas -- and company one thing that I found interesting was the amount of security. Well well well well. Yeah I bet each way you're asked is show your passport or your boarding pass. Easily twenty to thirty times. Every six feet you have to do it and I'm thinking OK if you know if if there are gonna have -- terrorists when they just go to Mexico and again just walk in. I'd be just -- line like that end up once. And let's see it was customs in Alaska. Which would be US customs. Go up and give the guy that stuff they want he's looking in my passport and it turns out. He went to for don't. Yet he was working capital. In the hands. Because it's got my real name -- -- Because he went two up. He went -- on yet and then a total 1000 and he was a listener cool in the effort and -- medical. So it via the trip was excellent lot of fun as it's a lot of walking everything very smooth except the Toronto airport that I mentioned -- Toronto airport. Sucks I hear it -- I hear it's sort -- believe me it sucks push to add another buffalo encountered a picture that you posted. Outside establishment at a parking sign says for Buffalo Bills fans parking for bills fans only now so we posted in the -- Perks that come and emotionally honest so I mean buffalo everywhere. All that that was on the side of the jet boat building they take the jet boat people from there they're cool jet boats. And yes she she I know is from buffalo the woman that owns it -- husband right so that that was conical -- to meet a lot of vote lot of -- people. And today it's important to what. As to work and see things like this because if you've not been to Alaska you're you're missing out. Now what short area where it was mostly lights are troublesome yet how about twenty hours a day and they show. Of course we got some rain so to get a chance to see that any midnight showings of the show nighttime showings of movies up on the top deck outside. Oddly next the last day coming back to it's to Western New York. It was bright sunshine and they were showing -- me on the outside screen it was crystal clear I don't know how many pixels are in that. The machine they use but it's it was incredibly clear great sound system and the so it was just beat it. So that was a that was gonna cool now I got back and I'm thinking you know what I -- a lot of important noses happened while I was gone. And nothing more important -- this. I opened up the Sunday paper yesterday the -- section. And I'm thinking this is where at this is the heartbeat of America this is what people are thinking about this is what people want answers about here's a question. To the parades and Walter Scott's personality parade from ED. In Boston. Which teenage mutant ninja turtle is the most popular. -- some critical but she. Spurs are going to be institutionalize those -- think it's funny because we're asking them in the afternoon and they. Judging by action. There and the figures sells its Leonardo. With Raphael close behind. But -- show heroes are back in theaters August -- so don't count out the other pizza loving turtles so all that was placed by some problems says. But get something no -- would send that in. I mean how how could you to be that out of it. To do wonder about a question like that it can't be. Any more shameful than the movie itself cinema Bob was telling -- and here. Pizza hot logs in it you -- just the way he described you thought Pizza Hut paid for the movie. Maybe they did and so bad that was there you believe its doors again Ambac. And now I went to the police blotter because I'm thinking it was not at Walter Scott's personality -- is going to be in the police -- right. OK on Monday July 14. A resident of east Robinson road reported an older man with a white beard was yelling obscenities. The man said the man was reportedly. The residents of the man was reportedly intoxicated the bank. -- shouting I am the devil. And I'm going to get everybody. And I'm on a three no I just that it the last part -- just sorry I just -- and I couldn't help him the devil may be doing you can pick of the white beard maybe -- will be back in Santa Claus ho ho -- that's three votes. We'll be back with -- bar under his radio and I guess. Four times I -- doesn't. Rebecca Jarvis. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach -- for me tonight ten to one on WV can be bad. It back -- region governor of sandy beach getting caught up on some stuff that went on though while I was gone to Alaska for a couple of weeks. And the police blotter you know crime never sleeps of the cameras be and shows us the sometimes the very different calls him a speedy -- tonight. On July 21 an employee of -- Niagara Falls boulevard business reported that a woman believed to be about eighteen. Was lying in a patch of grass between the sidewalk and the street police responded to the area discovered. She was lying on a patch of -- she was taking now so that's at Jessica I mean they could have been calling. The -- tragic accident but no she was napping there on self Longstreet a group -- -- reportedly knocked over portable toilet. I hope you're alert to that you're writing about that analyst. Very portable toilet knock things over on the -- was reporting that talks breaking that was it was breaking news. -- campus drive west they resident reported that he was confronted by an elderly neighbor who threatened to beat him up. Police responded advised moment stay away from each other about that duking it out with senior -- I like that. This one is good this is right out of a clinics would movie on Alan -- wrote. Radio resident. Reportedly -- a woman steal a football from children playing catch a mystery. According to the resident the woman was driving her vehicle when you stop the car so she could take the ball and yellow the kids. Of capitalism that that's going on that kind of dastardly crime. -- -- This is brutally ever get that tickle in his throat you cannot get rid of not what you do. It just doesn't go away if you drink water you could have cost Volcom floss injures nothing works. If -- were doing music -- like to play thirty -- But you know if I played thirty of those thirty will be Bon Jovi nobody's saying gotta take a stand alone where I think actually should have a Bon Jovi bonfire. What if thing bonfire Bon Jovi and burn any -- and it's just like we did the Disco era. When people who didn't like Disco had the bonfire. Because I ice did you see that that -- in the paper from Gregory and yes they did it says you're judged by what reply which is true. I don't know from out of this in the building at least once toys. In recent ordeal told them out of buttons and parades. And other Moses none of those things include bonds -- -- no lynch Marshawn Lynch is still holding -- side and now he's back back. Well Marshawn Lynch being investigated by the Seattle police. For assault and property damage stemming from incidents Sunday he has not been arrested at this point it's still an allegation according to. -- police public information officer set Tyler. We haven't confirmed that there that -- where crime has been committed. The alleged incident was reported that twelve hours after it happened we don't know what it is. But there again he has a history of being attracted to people wearing badges that's a beast mode thing it was UMB smoke to have. If -- like breaking bad which a lot of people denied -- I haven't. The lawyer the sleazy lawyer on their assault. I's gonna have his own show and now it's it's it's definitely happen and it's AMC it's called better call sol make -- the view in February. It'll follow this sleazy attorney Saul Goodman. As he defends drug law lords petty criminals and those supposedly heard -- minor traffic accidents. I wonder if he has a phone number that has you know seven of the same numbers could be so that's a better call -- I bet that would be sponsored if it's on locally by yeah -- -- obviously -- Now hey crisis -- to see this in the life and art section today. Which is section C of the buffalo and those it is rambler -- driver. -- rambling little is that the fair and this is many many consecutive bush years that the fair. But I -- is really an icon I mean truly is -- he's easily musician and he's the entrepreneur or. And he's a great addition civic community I'm so happy to see him and his family -- -- this article written by America owns Goldman. Because nobody's better. -- mean to slow. -- tool. Because he plays the real country this isn't -- secede phony full full country this is real it's the real deal we've all seen the -- a shot all the -- -- we're out in your -- nice. -- Lowe who -- but it was -- cow a couple of weeks ago when she refused to give -- milk because I know you called unheard of for your cup and she did not show. -- -- wasn't very cooperative that they've put I think we've got everything all straightened out when you're in good condition do you -- personal liberty as a machine phone nor in the -- personally -- give the Euronet. Retarded of -- and -- -- yes that's right he took. Element that they cute as a check out that picture -- -- -- don't want the already missed the point festival right that was yeah salon. And the the -- got a fair is in progress right nick Linda made his walk across the affair okay with you wire some McGraw and I just took a walk through their. Yeah -- cowboy cal we all know you had a -- to how it's Gelbard -- the president what's on the ground. All cowboy cal we have come doll. So that's that. All right let's take a break a little early so my throat and you know and then we come back we're gonna talk about something that's them hanging over all of our heads. With heavy hearts and they talk and Robin Williams on news radio 930 WB it is a beach in company. And the best laid plans sometimes I have to be set aside. Last night I was talking to Tony on the -- and though because we live quite a ways apart that's the best way to communicate with -- there were talking about what subjects have been done for the two weeks. And which ones and and Don and I asked his opinion on I'm thoughts of of subjects for today and and we came to a conclusion and that and -- believe we chose subjects. They're always subject to change always because we've changed employees who do a promo it like one minute before the newscast before we signed on. And we will promote -- gonna do. And during the newscast we had to change because of something happening that's the that's the nature of drug talk radio. So said that Sony are all right will do this unless something. Else happens. Meaning a bigger stories something of more interest of the audience. More involvement with the audience. I swear. We we didn't hang up whom minutes. When all of a sudden it has broken all across the social media. And via the net and the networks and everybody had at that Robin Williams. Had died. And the first thought was total shock. Because. You know we're used to seeing him as a very vibrant man we knew we had battled alcohol and drugs. And had some financial problems some marital problems although he's married now to. A different woman. But remember wasn't that long ago. That he was talking about having to downsize vote -- Robin Williams you never -- -- was joking about because of the settlement. In a divorce. Situation that he was involved with. So the first thing was absolute shock and then the next thing in notices this you know result and equipped anchors are. To do interviews. Anchors read this is what they do they read. And and that's -- but the anchors that I saw and I went all across the dial didn't have a clue on how to interview there really didn't. They were good just recite. One after another is a credits is acting credits. And finally they get some people on who knew him rather than just knew of him and it was interest thing. The the thing about them -- about the good news was that. Suicides has seemed so unlikely. For a man who brought so much joy to the rest of us. -- he brought apparently a lifetime's worth the joy for us but he didn't have enough left for himself. There we often judge people by their work what they do what we see what we hear. But we only see and hear. What they want us to see and hear and that's the performance side. Performance -- -- was better than Robin Williams I can't think of anybody at any time doing the kind of things that -- Williams did Jonathan William Jonathan winners. Used to do that manic off the top of your head a -- And he was very good at and he was one of via. People that the Robin Williams looked opera opt to. But I don't think anybody's ever done and as well as Robin Williams only find out he's them magnificent actor. And whatever. But I think when you see somebody like that. And take their own life and that's the suspicion there will be a press conference today but that was the preliminary. Suggestion that he took his own life suicide. No -- when you see something like that happens. That what. What happens is we re prioritize everything. We see that things that we thought would bring us absolute happiness. Doesn't bring happiness everybody. I mean if you really think about it well regarded thought -- -- a genius. Very much in demand he's got -- he's got four films coming out after his death. Of the kind of things that material things could probably have anything ever wanted but it wasn't enough to have to keep him happy. It and so it's it's not about that and I think that we all. Eventually. Come to the conclusion that life prison about things. And it's not even a vote. What you present to the outside world it's what's in her head and not everybody is willing to share that. We know he went to rehab that's almost the whole hum thing we expect celebrities -- go to rehab and he went to rehab ended very very well a couple of times and then we find out his last stint in rehab. July. Last month. Last month and -- he's been in rehab for alcohol. It and he's been in rehab for drugs. And he's been severely depressed. There is a difference and I'm no doctor but from what I've read what I've what I've observed. There is a difference between being depressed you know just being sad and down and going through real depression. And often times we don't know. You know what happens is if it doesn't get treated sometimes it can lead to this sort of thing with suicide. And what that does is that leaves a legacy of a lot of people around him. Who knew him will be carrying guilt complexes for a long time because they'll feel like everybody left behind after somebody commits suicide. Maybe I could've done more. Even if they did a lot even if they did a lot to help them and a edwards' -- to help guide him through a tough period. There's always -- thought I could've done more was their some sign that -- -- that I missed. Is that Europe a reason he did this specifically. That I -- helped though are you really think about and do some homework you find out that he was a very close friend. Of Christopher Reeves as a matter of fact. He played being paid so. He paid for the hospital bills after he was paralyzed. And they went to school together they went to Julia most people think julliard is just music but it's not it's. Several aspects Christine Baranski. I think was in the same class of -- -- is from mobile. Asia as well as well known. So that happens he was very very tie with John Belushi. And we certainly know. This though what happens John Belushi it may have helped him at that time because it may have scared of -- a little bit but it wasn't long term solution. So would you look at somebody who you think has -- world by the tail. With talent and admiration. And nobody. I don't ever recall anybody having a bad word about Robin Williams ever. -- the so he's got admiration he's got talent. He has the wherewithal to get anything you really want some of the world but he didn't have what he really wanted to and that's the peace of mind that we all seek. So it's it's a very difficult to it's time for all of us you know will remember the movies will remember the stand up the HBO specials. The more -- ware first broke out with Pam Oliver. And the kind of things he's done that have provided us with a lot of pleasure. We've provided him with -- everything else -- provide him with the will to live. It's it's nothing we -- and so we just don't know and there can be somebody close to you if we summoning your own family. And it's important to the pay attention. It's any kind of warning signs as I said I'm not a doctor not a psychiatrist. But I do know we have to be vigilant. And what this does. The low post that was. On our FaceBook page is one anything positive come out of this. In your thinking no can't be positive just some some of the things that I just said but the answer is yes. Positive things can come. And I think the most positive is the awareness. And of some of the things I just went over the awareness of somebody close to somebody and in your family somebody you work. Somebody's that that you know next door neighbor made. India. Not everybody's willing to get treated not everybody's willing to admit that they are having a problem and as I said there's a difference between being sad. And being down. And being -- going through severe depression I think that when you lose a -- the summit is close to you a wife husband and a child the mother father obviously. That you can go through severe depression and re prioritize your life because and this is the key to the hole Thursday. They'll be a day. When you'll make a decision that it doesn't matter. Anymore okay the things they used a manner. The things that used to be important to the things you always dream you would have been the position you always dreamed it would be in. Don't matter anymore and when that happens it's -- Just single. I want your opinion. Of us something positive -- coming from the Robin Williams apparent suicide. And also your general thoughts about him as a performer -- kind of things he's done. For charitable organizations and things like that the best memories and something positive coming from Robin Williams. Departure will be back with more on news radio I'm thirty W --

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