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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hyundai Hope On Wheels - John Hyland & Dr Lynda Beaupin

Hyundai Hope On Wheels - John Hyland & Dr Lynda Beaupin

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Later today Hyundai hope on wheels campaign rolls into buffalo at Children's Hospital. It's a program that raises money for pediatric cancer research across the nation has raised 86 million dollars. Let's talk a little bit more about this now on the WB and live line we have John highland here he's general manager of the northeast region of Hyundai. Also doctor Linda bullpen she's an assistant professor of oncology at Roswell park. They have been one of the recipients of awards from the hope on wheels program in the past. The last start with the John thanks for being with us. Good morning guys described. So we're very glad to be here this morning is -- you know I think it's great because. You know we've we've been doing this since 1998 so it really is. Something that really we are behind -- company. And -- we're glad to be able to do it. When you say doing this what does that mean describe the program. Well the program is you know we donate a portion very detailed those two. Fight pediatric cancer it is to do these two give these research grants these doctors and open their research. Since 1998 and he said -- we donated over 86 million dollars in this year alone. Will donate over sixteen million dollars and doctor open is is one of the beneficiaries of that research grant this year. Doctor -- bullpen no let's talk with a -- for a second we are seeing movies photographs of the usual hum die. Automobiles. -- all of these little hands. The decorating vehicles -- about this and how that translates into money for your claws on your research. Looks like we have a bit of a problem we might have lost some of our guests were talking about the Hyundai hope on wheels campaign. They tried to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Some of the information they -- without it turns out they say that less than 4% of Federal Research Funding for cancer. Is actually designated for pediatrics that's trying to bring the connection back in now. Doctor Linda bullpen from Roswell park you with us again. Yeah hello hi what. We're sorry about that what kind of difference to a program like this make for you. -- cute actually for the whole pediatric oncology community especially here in buffalo makes a huge impact. On what I'm actually particularly interested in -- teenagers. Young adult who has come kind of been overlooked in the pediatric cancer population show with Hyundai -- -- real company can really create awareness. And actually propelled research in the field very much. Doctor before we lost our connection had asked you the we were wondering how these little hand is that -- -- decorating. All of these Hyundai vehicles at the dealerships. How does that transform into donations. For your calls and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I think what. -- realizes that there are kids with cancer at temple he actually see them and you see it that they are thriving in their living their lives and you feed him at Hampton ceremony. These aren't just children but their children who've been through a lot. And he actually seen that hopefully. Exemplifies that there is the population of children who get tremendously effective and what Hyundai to -- to help them. Can really be impact well. Specifically how I've used the money this goes to research not just to. Help the kids cope right. That's correct with this funding from -- particular projects we are able to collaborate with four other countries' national. And actually focused on developing a registry for teenagers and young adults so that we can learn more about them. And -- and the first of its kind. And Anbar. -- on -- to communities very excited about this initiative. John -- to general manager of the northeastern region for Hyundai it is also with those those morning. John maybe you can tell us how how do you go about two collecting money but the money that you are distributed would you target. Although we do is is there is a team of doctors that nationally. Take a look at the research that's being done across the country helped by pediatric cancer. At those doctors determine. Which young investigators. Like -- -- been well received a grant four that year. This year -- who -- receive a grant of 75000. Dollars and to date we've donated over 765000. Dollars. Two women and Children's Hospital well. -- end you have specific donations being announced today the event today tell us more about what's happening now. We will be holding our -- -- ceremony where we will go. And we will give the the oversized big check it back to -- and also have had the children at the hospital actually put their imprints on the car. Suspecting that he we've collected these and -- across the country from from little children that are fighting the disease. All across the country and that's where we get those campers from. We captivate and -- implement put them on the car we trip through those two to slam it happens and they stay on the car. As we go forward through the program. All right very good thanks for sharing your information and overall just thanks for sharing this morning. That's John highland general manager of the northeast region of me and I also doctor Linda bullpen and assistant professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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