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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Remembering Robin Williams - Bob Thompson

Remembering Robin Williams - Bob Thompson

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open -- the -- to professor Bob Thompson director of the Bleier center for the study of TV and pop culture. And Syracuse university of course the big topic here at the death of Robin Williams good morning doctor. What do you what would you think his legacy is. Well exposed his legacy will be the films that he -- started parents are going to be Schilling Aladdin to -- -- for many many many decades. To come and I think we're going to be watching dead poet's society and Good Will Hunting and Fisher king and mrs. doubtfire -- all the rest of them. But and who we probably are going to BP are remembering his much what you did to stand up comedy back in the late seventies and early eighties -- free HBO specials were. All of -- like he shot of some kind of it concentrated adrenaline into. Can become that he was watching Robin Williams was like watching. 25 cable channels all of the same time. You know I suppose we are going to learn a lot more above. You know how he died why he died later but still I mean all of us are still in shock. I mean this is the last guy in the world do you expect to do something like this. Right I mean I didn't see this coming and I think part of it was because back when he was and he's peak. Everybody thought it would come I mean when he would. Ed is. You know beat most successful back in the 1980s. You know people who he was -- all of these substantive issues he. He talked about them we thought he was probably going to go to John Belushi route. And he talked about that though all the time and talk shows would every go as a gift I'm not one of these late night show to talk about this and then we get the sense that. He made it out of the eighties and then out of the ninety's and he kept working Indian. Gotten. Is that together so when we heard this it was. I think especially bad because it seemed like he with a guy. That could've gone in this direction along time ago and managed not to. I think in a lot of ways we need to look at his longevity even his last movie was when. And yet apple was still using his voice in commercials as recently as last week. Right apple still using that voice and let's remember he went back to a broadcast sit com. This test means in the Creighton the crazy ones that beat Kelly. Show about the he was an advertising agency guy. You know just finished its run. Not that many months ago what I'm going to be revealed what the big yet but I would -- I think a very charming program so. -- look at one of these whatever became of situation. What was your favorite Robin williams' movie or do you did you prefer the standup show. Well it's hard do you go through this list and it is say it is a pretty impressive by impressive list I think though in so many ways the -- The voice of the genie in Aladdin was. Perfect. Williams he was so. Completely. -- for that part and that let me bring up one that I have not heard anybody mention in this news but it now. But he played pop pie in the Robert Robin and Robert Altman adaptation that comic strip the live action thing. And think about Robin Williams and pop by again casting I would never father of the that was that will be perfect. It's a lovely little gem that nobody talks. We announced a funny thing you mentioned that Bob because listening to a couple of other radio stations from out of the city on my way into work early this morning. Twice I've heard people comment of that was the one movie that you start and that they didn't like. For some reason I don't know why. You know what that movie didn't I mean it didn't get -- critical acclaim it's gotten so it had no commercial traffic with an odd little. Little film but. Is that again Robin Williams was an -- little bit and I think it was a perfect. A perfect match but yet it's certainly not the biggest is. The first the other thing that's worth going back and it is. -- Robin Williams always adored Jonathan Winters and very much have been influenced by the kind of crazy. Stuff the Jonathan Winters have done. And in these latter seasons of more to -- indeed. Jonathan Winters in fact joined the -- and some of those episodes. -- old the script writing isn't that strong it's a silly sitcom watching Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters up performed together it was. Really really any kind of special treat in the latter seasons of that show. After Thompson we are all out of time I know there's a lot more to talk about we can do this forever but thanks for sharing your insights this morning thank you Brett. That's doctor Bob Thompson at these Syracuse university center for TV and pop culture.

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