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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>How Depression Triggers Suicidal Acts - Dr Maria Cartagena

How Depression Triggers Suicidal Acts - Dr Maria Cartagena

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about the sudden unexpected death of Robin Williams our guest on the WB in life -- of doctor Maria Cartagena chief medical officer. But the Brian -- the behavioral health system and Rutland hospital. Doctor Carnahan we thank you for joining us this morning. General you know we know depression. Affects countless. People. It's sort of a hidden -- there are people who are depressed and we can't even tell but with that said. Can you explain to our listeners who -- wondering. How big man. What's on your mind can get that you decide did you stop the world and get off how bad can it possibly get. Well unfortunately can get married at hand oftentimes people like hiding their depression and he and the majority of their energy trafficking sort of I met from other people. And then you -- you know I'm not the only feeling he can it can really. I'd be overwhelming it appealing. Hopelessness helplessness. I -- -- -- associated with depression like but we decided well a feeling that there's no way out not feeling -- just. To be devastated. The loans -- very lonely feeling. Is that people describe what they attempted. And why Aaron. He is really just. Or crying -- because they think we all treatment providers and and and people who would have loved ones. Backhand attempted it and I'll feel like if he had only reached out you know -- had only known it could it get them out. Many of these situations you know we're not exactly happen. How prevalent is depression. They're passionate they're an extremely prevalent that companies range anywhere from when you get there EF percent of the population that you really have to actually look act. You know different demographic population in each and exciting in itself. In the last statistics so much without and eleven are outside city nightclub with 40000 completed suicide. A year in the United States. And it actually. Doesn't it and we'll count -- attempted suicide the turner completed. Though is if it actually read between the part eleven. He caught and -- in the United States it's not a lot of -- are. But what is heartbreaking is it is the principal on number in many cases. Doctor Carnahan what's also puzzling to people in here we have a guy and Robin Williams. A man with an incredible success lots of money beautiful all nice friendly hug and someone just leave all that behind. Flight including don't want to leave it behind the oftentimes when they -- eight of depression. I'm not chemical depression. One cannot really appreciate. Also get and blasting. And all of that could be. It at Indy car hands and sound quality claim that you could burning are accurate colleagues. From from all reports it was an exceedingly talented. Artists you know it and and also was very kind Philanthropic individual. Men and -- guard reports sent out he'd helped colleague and I actually don't area where he grew up in the Cisco. But you know it is really -- it doesn't resonate with the speed of depression people can't appreciate. You know what -- accomplished day adopt and kind -- appreciate. A lot of their family it just doesn't Anthony -- it isn't it and giving our logical. Under a chemical. Issue we just don't feel it in that you feel a lot. You -- turn -- disappointment. Actually become even bigger and sometimes in the C. Chapters that you might you know might find usually workable. It actually articulate what I'm out of that hole and that there is no other impact there is not a way. I start to feel like it in the actually be better off without even back in extortion. On is really what doesn't make a lot of sense because what we're not thinking -- -- out the damage -- He indeed act is it I don't. Desperate act indeed the only one not available to about. When we're talking about I'm sure you had. He'll also think that is is -- but -- not opt in should be -- -- you know significantly. When we're talking about depression and in the context of someone like Robin Williams how much of a wrist is there. To become a stereotype talking about someone who was so driven and so prone to the highs and the lows is that kind of swing typical. Well I didn't get. We went that we describing it like you know high and low. -- comes to mind America how disorders such as bipolar disorder. Comment by -- decided not just reserve for patients -- a republic voted sort of the individuals recover from depression. And you've got alcohol. Aggie starters actually. Or all of these you know Simpson into orders hand. Ali what it a look back in general and the -- On eighteen really carpenter individual you have a very uncomfortable feeling. I think at the -- crop that. Oh yes you know -- -- question. -- in the world can definitely. -- -- Jack is about more complex. -- get straight back illness. It actually does carry me an increase that. But what doesn't need actually he'd act. I'm in order should have increased -- the. Doctor thank you for your time this morning. Absolutely. Doctor Maria Cartagena is chief medical officer for the brylin behavioral health system.

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