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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Improvements At RWS - Marc Honan

Bills Improvements At RWS - Marc Honan

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When the Buffalo Bills open the doors to Ralph Wilson Stadium for pre season game on August 23 fans will see a different building them what they left to last December I sit down with the bills mark hone in and asked if the 130 million dollar renovation project will be ready for the big reveal in just a cup. Weeks of will be ready you know -- this project as two stages the first stages getting us ready for those first -- pre season games you know we play August 23 and August 28 and then just like when you move into -- -- -- list of -- -- -- we'll -- -- second -- -- -- -- -- between -- -- -- -- -- home -- What are some of the things you're gonna be looking for those two pre season games to kind of gauge sheet he needed to make any tweaks before the regular season starts. Milliken a lot of things will look at traffic patterns you know how people are getting to their sections. How people are lining up at the gates and will figure out whether we need to provide them more information to say you know we might see that gate three is getting 30% more traffic thing -- for even though. There thirty yards apart. You know so we might make some decisions on okay we need more signage to indicate where game four in game three are so. Those are the things that will really review take a hard look at the beauty of our stadium in what we've done as you know we scanned tickets we get real time data. And so we can make some really good judgments. A lot of the renovation has been kind of aimed toward making it less congested and I assume that goes not just for the concourse and everything but for. Getting into the stadium as well. From the time -- get out of your car to the time you get -- seat -- time you get back in your -- to go home we want the experience to be better and that means. Less congestion. Less confusion. Better service and so those are all the things that we're gonna be focused on. I think one of the first things people notice is the color of the stadium completely different. It has can you tells a little bit about the decision to go from what we've been seeing over the past few years the white to the black. You know we wanted to be able to first and foremost but we also wanted something that really unified the stating you know there's been a lot of renovations done. The relative ruffles and stadium since it was built in 1972 interest played in 73. And you know we looked at the blues and reds and they didn't really do or have the effect we wanted to have put the black certainly did in our graphics. Really pop on that on that black canvas and so we were we're excited about it everything looks great. Of all of that changes that you made to the stadium one are you most excited to see once it opens up for fans as iconic as Ralph Wilson Stadium as we never had a true front door. And I think did a very unique architecture of the new bills store. Really. Will act as the new front door Ralph Wilson Stadium and be a permanent fixture you know Ralph Wilson Stadium for a long time has been a place people came to. Ten times a year fourteen times a year for high school events than those types of things. The -- story is a year round presence -- 8000 square feet that your plays define the best bills merchandise but also some. Historic you know we're gonna have. A tribute to our hall of famers and an interactive exhibit where fans can get stats and highlights and so. I think this is going to be a place that fans gravitate to. Not just their bills season but all year around we have so many people that wanna come down there take photos -- gonna have this really cool. Perfect charging buffalo out in front of that store. And in -- is something we saw that they did well at Gillette Stadium. And this was just a magnet for self fees and for -- that take photos. And we think you'll have the same effect and so that's what I'm most excited about is that Ralph Wilson Stadium. Isn't gonna just be your place for game day was going to be a place to go a year round. A lot of times when renovations made to weather the stadium building something like that it's something that. You can't really see it's a lot of behind the scenes things. A lot of what's been done Ralph Wilson Stadium I think it's kind of the opposite you'll notice it right away in the planning process was or any pressure may be on you guys to say okay we're gonna make these changes. We better make them something that the fans are really gonna notice. We wanted it to be something that really had an effect on the fans you know. We've got a ton of research we've heard from the fans for a long time so this renovation was device designed by their feedback. They wanted. Less congestion they wanted. Better food options so that's why we brought in Villanova and dust and the reason we could do that is because of the renovations the concession -- we could. Prepped the food properly. They wanted more highlights and stats and out of town scores that we put in a video board. Designed in designated just for that purpose so. Were trying to big showcase those things no -- were trying to respond to the fans' needs yes. The last thing I was gonna ask you about is the video ports finally the fans at the other end of the stadium are going to be able to see what's going. Yeah you know the fans in the west and you know in the past always had a crane their knack or flip around to see the highlights those days are gone you know there's two new video boards in the east end and one of them will -- what you're seeing on -- and the new giants Corbett a 165 feet wide. Will -- that so it'll be game action in highlights from the game in progress. The other board will be what we just talked about fancy stats out of town scores in at halftime we'll show reds. I think fans from the time they get out of the car to the time they leave a really and enjoy the experience.

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