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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Presidential Disapproval & Cuomo to Israel Junket - Dave Levinthal

Presidential Disapproval & Cuomo to Israel Junket - Dave Levinthal

Aug 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is here from the Center for Public Integrity we're talking politics with them every Tuesday morning good morning day of I'm looking at something from McClatchy just came out this morning the latest Marist McClatchy poll here's the headline the first line of the article. President Barack Obama is dragging down his party and hurting the prospects of fellow Democrats. As they head into mid term elections that'll determine who controls congress. Talk about these numbers what are you seeing in do you believe everything that McClatchy Marist is saying about that. It's bleak for Democrats and that comes on the heels a couple of other polls. Including and and BC Wall Street Journal poll which sent effectively the same thing that at least an apple that is approval ratings. The president's approval rating was that a low it set it up and during its entire term to bring the entire presidency itself of course it's very bleak for him. Personally and I'm not going to be a position of strength that -- -- some. Obviously the implications -- for the 2014. The term election cycle that this is speaking very very poorly about that the Democrats chances. Not the one. -- in the house would almost seem so a foregone conclusion at this point that it will not happen. I'll sit in more orderly routine in the second the the success that they have right now that there is that it really preventing. Republicans in congress from the democratic perspective from doing what they -- well on Capitol Hill. And that that's looking less and less likely every -- that some might say it he'd hit these so much -- 6040. That is not gonna help the case any year come November when voters are going to the polls and some very very key rate to talk -- and. -- the matter of Iraq is -- taking attention away now from other important matters I'm not that congress is getting anything accomplished anyway. Ali if you look at that's all it. The -- specific amount -- -- only about 13 of all Americans. -- about the president's handling foreign policy matters so Helio with entanglements all over the world that most notably of course. In a lot now with the air strikes and a couple of this is speaking. Of course very ill. The public's faith than his leadership -- -- international issues and nothing of domestic issues that are of great import economy optic networks. I hate to make you our correspondent to help interpret polls but it seems like that's the that tired were dealt this morning Siena College yes you're. Right exactly are. Shuffling not from the bottom of the deck here. Siena College yesterday on the Moreland commission. It's something that people aren't necessarily. Aware of despite all the hammering the Governor Cuomo was taken over the issue. Yes and that it -- this is eat it do you talk about the moral and commissions specifically that I thought that people you work it -- -- buffalo all the time about as. Say you know it's -- but it is that would. Coming out with the Cuomo announced some of the problems that is -- -- so. I think you know it's not the average New Yorkers ever well let -- answer there is some. Acknowledgment that Andrew -- having issues. -- the specifics of it. And that is where is it getting a little bit -- -- it's still an issue it's no problem I and that the summer is cracked down on it has not outweigh its sale. It is going to be something that that he's going to have to continue for apple it as we move forward Turkey purgatory looking. One more question for a before we let you go -- governor Andrew Cuomo and a bunch of other New York State politicians going to Israel today. They say in a show of solidarity. -- this trip hollow political visit or is that nothing but politics. -- the weather and its Genesis in politics story at the Genesis than anything in the treatment and our -- solidarity with Israel. I can be debated among Democrats and Republicans pepper until the end I -- the fact of the matter is that it has been difficult for -- is president. -- prominent governors across the country I'm thinking outlook Perry and Chris Christie being to a paramedic matrix is currently late I think there's -- that believes that confidence that you Michael Bloomberg former mayor city of course he had them in July picnic for Israel sale and New York. They you're in general as a market Jewish population and any entity outside of Israel itself so at least at that level. It makes sense that things that Obama would be taking a trip. Israel is that police them. Great partnerships so that that would be available and obviously would all -- military action in place in Israel and Gaza. And it does seem like a logical place for somebody who has. I'm the action -- -- advocate and a national leader and Obama that is and because there. At the impact is it sure helped divert ethical way from the problem that it's happened in the ethical problems series having in New York if ever want something to talk about other than -- For the time he's going to be in Israel is going to be fairly significant amount of. All right Dave thanks for talking with us about all of it. That's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity.

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