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8-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate. Land on my desk so I can sign wherever and whenever. I can pick -- without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly in a Mets must be within 200 feet of -- school. Or yeah. It's life. He's gonna play. It's local prevent this it's Tom hourly ask another question for me get this much this isn't the real seasons knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. Now -- -- on news radio 930 all here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. That does have -- W. It's five minutes after says triggers ready and I'm thirty WB -- and I don't a lot of baseball -- FaceBook postings by the way every day I am sorry if I I don't need -- clutter up your news feed but there are a lot of things happen I try to stay on top of as much as I possibly can stay on top of they pushed me off but I try to get back on top again. And then they call the cops and that I -- that as a criminal minds episode doesn't work out well all the time but that's just the way life goes but anyway. There -- a couple of stories are we spent their a couple of hours talking about the shooting of the dog did lead the we're gonna continue to follow that story and you know for those who post well he's been waiting until both sides of the story come out. Well. I've waited over a year. Forty buffalo police department to give me the report on the shooting of the dog at Adam Roy -- apartment. That's where the buffalo cops went in to the wrong apartment. And murdered a dog that -- is chain up. And of no threat to them. They were told by neighbors before they barged in the wrong apartment you're in the wrong place you're going up the wrong place. Didn't matter. And the dog is -- And you know at a royal court such as scumbag he was considering your career and I believe. The criminal justice system as a prison guard. Dislike the guy who got pushed down the stairs. And was mishandled by the off duty buffalo cops you know he was such a scumbag. He served his country oh yeah and he was interviewing to be in New York State trooper. Pretty hard to smear people when they really wanna be and you or side. Now the situation. In southern Erie county. I'm not gonna hold -- -- to wait for the story and the official report. To come out. I will not know like if I turn blue and -- its fixed the problem. But. We're all so we're actually right now we're talking about Jon Bon Jovi. I've got got a few -- so if if the bill stuff turns you off don't worry about it. Jon Bon Jovi has. Resubmitted with -- group another bid to the trust selling the Buffalo Bills. That group get to meet a sit down with the trust tomorrow in New York's. -- hit the panic button yet. As I said folks this is a negotiation for a rare commodity. Okay it would be like a classic -- got. That's a vehicle automobile up for sale are right. Others only X number of people on the face of the planet who can afford that kind of that an automobile they don't come up for silvery often when they do. Obviously if you're the auctioneer you try to get as much money as possible for the person selling it. Because you were percentage oh yeah you're you're also going to be paid a percentage of the total. Not sure exactly what arrangement the Wilson apparently has -- -- people work brokering this deal. But everybody wants the maximum. Profit from the sale of the bills. And what you try to do in negotiation. Is hit the Bon Jovi group against the -- group against dollar some. The goal is for the seller to Jack up the price as high as possible. It's like are let's say my contract is -- And I get up big money job offer. Somewhere else. Obviously I'm gonna use that as leverage. -- say if you want me or you don't want me -- about a year. You know it if it happens in sports all the -- happens in the entertainment business all the time sports is entertainment. And you know obviously working in a market like buffalo. Can't compete with -- New York City can't compete with and in the top ten markets in terms of money and I really don't have a complex. And there's a lot in life by the way that cannot be measured. Financially. Mean let's let's put it this way folks the other day paychecks are great. But they're also quality of life issues. -- are also important -- also have to be taken into consideration and you have to know who you are and what is important to you before making a decision on how you're gonna conduct yourself professionally no matter what it is you do for a living guys. There's always somebody willing to pay more if you really good at what you do the question is. Will what you make in Detroit even if it's 101000 dollars more than you -- in buffalo given the cost of living and Detroit are you better off or not. You have to use the salary comparison tools on the Internet and you also have a number of variables to consider like how close is the family. How many times we've got to miss family functions. So it's always a cut and dry issue. This however that's a cut and try issue this as he motionless. This is all about the Benjamin's all about the money. And somebody asked earlier welcome -- -- is getting another shot at this ultra simple. Because you want to Jack up the price you talk with Bon Jovi. That you talk with a glut of actually talk with got a solid open trop as a serious player in this. And ultimately hopefully I think Terry Google is gonna end up with a team now he is 63 years -- And you know it just it concerns me and I wish obviously why when I wish any harm the third -- -- -- be stupid. I worry about Terry -- because. You know I do think he's done a lot of great things for buffalo please do not misunderstand. I think he bought a hockey team emotionally I think he tried to run it emotionally for the first couple years he was here before reality hit him in the face that it had to be blown up and you start over again. But in terms of his commitment to the area I think it is demonstrable I think it is sincere I think it's true I think is genuine or yes and it's well funded. So I think the school will end up with the team I'm not hitting the Bon Jovi panic button yet. Now I well. The other thing is we have a local ammunition manufacturer -- ammunition. And they actually have eight Ted Nugent brand of ammunition. They have donated 7500 dollars to Andrew Cuomo and they did -- six months after NYC past. To me that that would be like me donating to and call it makes about as much cents. And what is your advice my other topic that I wanted to get into what is your advice for rob -- Reno's campaign. I got into this on Friday I'm more than willing to get into again today because another poll. Chose -- Reno is trailing and trailing badly. And if all you're gonna bring to the table is that you don't believe in polls don't bother call. Okay sorry I know too much about how these things are done. Nobody has called -- challenged Barack Obama's sinking poll numbers why. Human nature is yes of course we believe that poll Obama sucks not -- alternates I believe Obama's poll numbers are mad -- nobody called -- But they are. Polls are perfect they represented a slice. Of a sample of a population at a certain moment in time. The larger the sample the more accurate the -- the larger the sample the greater the accuracy and the smaller the deviation is going to be. All right -- get back to the calls on the WB and here is Jack in derby on WB and Jack thanks for holding and you were on hello. At the pleasure that talking it down you know I'd like to send -- regards the blood Schroeder there he's a good friend. -- it's very obvious to think it's thirty period that mister Cuomo is quite a hypocrite. Shocked I tell you shocked at why you would say that they give me your rationale for stating he's a hypocrite I call the thug had called a criminal -- -- hypocrite. Well. The news today. They said that he's making a trip to Israel for friendship and solidarity. He and and who's paying for that it's coming out of all our pocket you -- -- -- he's paying for that and and the thing is. Underlying. On how underlying. He's. Trying to quote this term. New York State. For self promotion and you got to remember -- -- see him as day. An attorney. A very well educated man and he knows exactly what he's doing any setting about his purpose and people need to start holding him accountable. And it it did for one being one aspect of it is I could never understand. How people of the Jewish faith with their background and knowledge of history. Do not see through him as the hypocrite that he uses. And how -- blowing smoke and panic hit by to try to get. In in there. Scope of things to get their vote. If you can explain to me the Jewish vote and support of Obama. That's an even greater mystery -- Big Easy explanation is the self seeding Jules. But I am stunned and if you know what Jack. You know I'm all I'm old enough to remember concentration camp survivors shopping at park edge in -- Wanda. With tattoos on them and it's almost like their children and grandchildren. Do not realize how significant it is that Israel was formed was recognized very early by the Truman administration. And has said the fight for its survival every day of its existence and it's almost like the American Jewish community. Yet even your dog agrees the American Jewish community just that that the younger ones just seemed to have lost track of their own history and I think it's abominable. Who will well you know there's so much it is that bad. It has affected me personally because. It's very important to me to make the correct vote and I see through mr. Cuomo. You know like he conceived through a clear window. He's. Not only with this issue about the fire arms saying but what about. The issue with the beyond marijuana issue. And you know if it it seems to me that. If he was so concerned about the welfare. Of his constituents. That he would and so on need all of a state of emergency. To try to put through emergency care for three children. That we lost in New York State and -- and it it and his watch. And there is. It was so important to him to have. The eleventh hour vote on this date back. To protect us all from the evil gun. And and yet. How many of these drugs. That come from plants that. Could help people and have helped people and all they have to do is use careful. Administration of this kind house. You're talking to the wrong guy because I'm the rebel in the room when it comes to drug policy and everything I believe about drugs can be found at the -- dot SEC website law enforcement against prohibition. I believed drugs ought to be legalized I think it's an outrage. That we have such high incarceration rate in our country. Most of which is because of drugs and another significant part of it is that we fail to address the mental health crisis in America and the reason that so many people use illicit drugs is they are self. Medicaid and you know why is it that every health care professional with whom have ever spoken -- said -- -- your right but so many of them can't go public with it because it's frowned upon. By the medical ethics people hole -- out if you will have -- to talk to further because you've said good things about me but more importantly about but Schroeder who is. A longtime advocate of freedom let's go to traffic right now here's a longtime advocate of getting your home safely and soundly here's Alan Harris. Never ever date Agassi and emergency vehicle if you can safely do so you're supposed to move one lane over if you can't safely do so slow down. I always slow down to at least thirty miles an hour and of people behind me get pissed off so be I don't wanna cup I don't want her to tow truck driver I don't wanna hit hurt any of this person. I couldn't live with myself -- I could live with myself like the squirrel. -- -- that's eligible win -- AccuWeather tonight and tomorrow some rain some heavy into spots a thunderstorm. Areas of flooding overnight low 66 the high number 75 right now 83 at WB -- and I'm a hypocrite I know because I don't hunt but I eat -- You know I know all -- I deserve it. Jack in the derby again. Look Cuomo going to Israel I mean obviously it's a political move nothing but a political move. And of course that whatever Cuomo wants to do. Is is no big surprise he wants to. He wants to not just win the governor's race he wants to destroy. -- Reno in the governor's race why because that will mean more money for his 2016 presidential. Aspirations and god help this country if it's president Andrew Cuomo. Well it it's all about him and that's what bothers me. It's so obvious. And so many people just aren't paying attention. And I have to look they act and night ancestry. And the price that they paid and how they served. And the the overall picture that comes to my mind is. I. That we were supposed to be in a country. That is. Really soon and I don't want the government to be so big that it's an accounting what I can and can't do I respect. The right people. Who don't want to own firearms I respect that MM. Blood the other hand don't tell me that I can't always something that I feel I wanna own. Well Jack welcome to the conservative Terry and way of thank. Because both the Republican and Democrat establishment and not about freedom. Well I'd -- that I've said many times. I don't need I already have I already have a father Governor Cuomo or President Obama neither one of my -- my daddy. Can you prove that I had a reasonable -- can you prove that the other reasonable. I'm sorry I can't do you up. I know I know but you know that it's so infuriating you know what they just. It's and so we're all adults here you know of this country was founded on a constitution that hit an adult thinking. Not a we know better than you know we we know how to take. Well there's something you know what there's something more important Jack and wanna leave you with this thought and actually -- started off the program. This country was founded. With the premise that we the people have the power we let politicians. Borrow that power and we'd limit the three branches of government in the powers they can have and they are supposed to be separate and co equal brakes on each other should one of them turn a rogue. Unfortunately. That is not happened. And if tiger one more Republicans say quit talking about impeachment case you're just gonna hurt the Republicans. I think I'm going to vomit because say it with me there's never a wrong time to do the right thing sprint race hoping that. We eventually get to a point where some of our elected officials. Somewhere down the chain of command start standing up and doing what's right for the country and not just what's right for their pocketbook. Well or or there ego or their future political ambitions. They're much easier to get back and do the right thing and you know a date DiPietro can attest to it. He knows he's seen it inaction. -- discussing the wake her up there in Albany. Billiard -- and require that when we talked to -- extensively few weeks back I gotta go Jack thank you very much. Like well yeah I good could call their projector that's a way to do it folks that's the way to via our great call. 626. If you're on a hole I will get to you I promise number one Jon Bon Jovi guess what. His group has a sit down with the team brokers tomorrow. Are you worried. I'm not I think this is to go lose to win or lose. Number -- a local Andean -- manufacturer gives 7500 dollars to Andrew Cuomo all six months after re rams NY safe down our throats number three you're advice for rob -- Reno who yet another poll. Is just not doing squat. Against Cuomo. On WB. -- It's -- yeah. -- -- Yet only I had deleted and demand via one couple who said Steely Dan has lost its relevance because anytime somebody uses that expression -- automatically qualify in my world as usual -- so. There for not worth my time by the white folks that's a little advice I wanna offer. And you know the world -- so. -- media just remember something you are in charge of your FaceBook you are in charge of your Twitter. Okay. And it is if people car. Bothering you or trolling view. -- being object gases. Your life it's home much easier and more enjoyable. When you -- you know one. -- gone about go -- somewhere else. Joseph what do you look at it but I swear. Now you're looking at something obscene. Now are welcomed -- -- -- I just I played Steely Dan and I've been playing Steely Dan always my musical bumps if you missed the show. It was honest to god it was amazing they sounded better Friday than they shouted in 1993. I have a man crush on Donald Fagan I have to admit. And I have about what eighteen pictures from the Steely -- concert up on my FaceBook page. And thank you very much you know I'm not a trade photographer. And I have to tell here. I refused to use burst photo refused to do that the -- that -- pressed the shutter and it just snapped off a zillion pictures once I try to naturally capture the moment for which I am looking. And I tell -- Took some pretty damn good pictures with which I'm very -- Considering the fact that I'm not a photographer. And outstanding shots of Steely Dan on my FaceBook page. And rather impressed. After this what picture you gotta check it out it's -- they get in movement. Emotion with the bass player in the background heading back to his keyboards technically the pictures sucks but there's a certain energy. And dynamism about that picture. The minute I saw I said -- It. And if you go to the pictures of my FaceBook page up the Steely -- show you'll see the one which I reference you'll see the bass player in the background. You'll see if they get in motion and there's just an energy. In that photograph and again I don't use bursting I use let me see if I can capture the moment. Let me see if I can anticipate the moment and I was using a 500 dollar night on camera it's an idiot proof camera. I don't have a big telephoto lens I think there's a forty -- But we were basically as photographers we'd be back by the sound. Way in the back of the room. So all the pictures you see. Were taken without a tripod. With my bare hands. And I was just holding the camera with my steady hands. -- -- -- -- What can I say. So I hope you enjoy the pictures right -- for the guitar box I put a picture up of the many guitars used by mr. Becker and mister Herrington who is. Those of you in buffalo related to Tommy Tabasco were listening as you know Tommy Tabasco your relative was a great guitar player of the 1960s. Studio musician of great excellent member of the famous wrecking crew. Harrington follows in the tradition he is a guitar maestro. An absolute. Like estimates. And the drum all I'm -- I'm a drummer expert. He was really good OK let's get back to the calls on a WB yen here is. Bill in Amherst -- on WB MA. -- the only feeling until you gonna get there because troubled financial capital Canada. And Rogers will be calling an international -- -- -- until we need to do incidents recounted in Dubai and Hong Kong but I think they're gonna get it. -- -- Well you know what -- partners. One argument in favor of what you're saying it is. That the NFL I think would like nothing more than to go global you're aware of course they played games and England and in other countries. On the other hand. Alternately this is going to be about who ever can produce the most money at the end of the game. I think it will be Google. Oh yeah Warner put -- you just take its money. And by people Ralph and turn them into the you know America's first. -- -- All I'm not no no no no no no no I get a -- are wonder advantage and I love art are. Melt now I think at the end of the day if they can beat the goal is to win or to -- On. A typical like you know the flip flop. Egypt -- you stadium where you don't unity. -- you know 130 million dollars on the court I mean it's disgusting. And being burned -- We've finishing your church and -- the church. That's ever happened -- ever but. But it's I'm sorry that was really uncalled for -- but look I I understand what you're saying but again this is a money game. And at the end of the day I don't think Terry who go low wants to be out bit I really think Terry who grew up. The look he's got more money increases and at the end of the day one of the things that people with that kind of money crave most is adoration and respect and love. And he knows that if he gets the team and keeps it in buffalo. He. Will be seen as even more of a savior. A buffalo sports then he is already viewed as being -- unlike the Wilson family there is no indication that his family wants to walk away from any of the sports empire. You know. But once you're by the keep your -- going to by the CP didn't give him and he's still -- worry that the -- -- you know. Well there's no guarantee that Google buying the ticket is gonna result in a winning team witnessed the Buffalo Sabres and you know frankly. Well look at -- as -- as I said about Terry Google came in here with great fanfare. And unfortunately he viewed things more emotionally. -- rationally. And it took a while to wake up to the fact that the team needed a complete make over. And as much as I bitch about last season that's what I need that's what we needed to see and it's gonna take a couple of years yet for the team to be a strong contender. -- -- Yeah I know this is sports and the all of the support he -- support aren't cheap you know high school college knowledge and -- that it -- yes you know -- something -- so are headed in another city. You know. I I do I do wanna thank you very much for the call. -- appreciate. A response from pierce ammunition. I wrote them an email. Betsy. In the email said it simply why are you financially supporting Andrew Cuomo. And -- response I received from pierce munitions is good evening top. The donation was given in support of the buffalo billion pledged to governor Mobil made for Western New York because our area has been traditionally depressed economically. This has brought on a building Renaissance in buffalo as a small startup company in the buffalo region. We support other entrepreneurs and initiatives that grow our region helping to employ our friends and family. That's their explanation. Well why they gave 7500 dollars to a man who if he could would disarm every single New York State person except those -- badges. I would love to talk with the person who sent the email. In greater detail. With all due respect first of all I'm very happy responded I was not expecting a response. I think that your reasoning is fallacious. And I'll tell you why. Because. Building. The economy the buffalo billion. You tell me something of what use and what utility aren't very. If you were willing to sell your soul in order to get there. Our founding fathers instituted the Second Amendment in New York State civil rights law. There is a clause which pretty much quotes the Second Amendment almost word for work. Andrew Cuomo has violated that. You the individual at pierce munitions. You have decided to support a man. You've sold your soul you've made a faustian deal. You should be all about supporting the Second Amendment. Not about supporting a guy who if you could would -- the Second Amendment to a crisp on a bonfire of his corruption. I'll see -- I can't get the guy from -- and Alicia munitions on tomorrow. I'll send him an email in return I literally just got there's but the what they say is they gave -- put the response up on my FaceBook page. I don't think there's an issue with I don't think I'm violating confidentiality. If I am to the guy appears munitions it was -- to respond. Let me know I'll put it up on FaceBook but if you want I'll I'll take it down. But -- I called you guys draped that you guys an email because it just doesn't make any sense and your explanation while appreciated does not make any sense. It is 646. And is ready at 930 WB -- you know the topics. Not in any order Rochester radio poll after poll show is he is trailing -- ball very very bad very bad. Number and -- vice -- and I have some very specific advice for rob -- Reno which I guarantee would improve his whole lot by at least ten points. Number two. The the Jon Bon Jovi bit. For the Buffalo Bills. Is not done he's got to sit down with the brokers the team brokers trust tomorrow in New York City. Don't get your panties in the not too much -- Revis because again the job of the trust. Is to start a bidding war among billionaires that's with this is about. To about ego. I don't think Terry Google wants to be outbid for the Buffalo Bills. I think he would love would be. The owner the bills. And the sabres and basically venerated and I used that were cautiously because Terry is very much a born again Christian individual I don't mean. Venerated in any blasphemous cents. I think he enjoys. Being Terry Angola seen as the guy making a difference in the awful. 647 news radio 930 WB. I'm busy with FaceBook can you please leave me alone let somebody else to show for awhile do the important thing social media. So expecting a lot of news -- 930 WB ENC -- -- local munitions company. Has donated 500 dollars to Cuomo for governor 2014. Which I find amazing because it made the 7500 dollar contribution six months after Andrew Cuomo. Enacted the most recording and applied outlaws. In the nation's history and across. The country. And I see your real disconnect here between a company that makes ammunition. -- munitions and the intent of governor ball. Which in the when you go back and you read over the years what he has to say about guns and owners and personal ownership of firearms he is not a friend of the Second Amendment. And be a response from pierce munition and side again given credit for responding. The donation was given in support of the buffalo billion. Pledge that Governor Cuomo made for Western New York because our area has been traditionally depressed economically. This has brought on a business Renaissance in buffalo as a small startup company in the buffalo region we support other entrepreneurs and initiatives that grow our region. Helping to employ our friends and family. -- -- -- cents -- news from an ethical point of view it makes no sense this feel like Peta. Having a steak barbecue to raise money. Let's go to. Speed -- on WB Ian hi Steve. Excellent course. Around astronaut. I guess what that you're in a race it is not trying to. I'll go further with that. Well it's kind of like Donald Trump putting a vision for the -- you believe that she really under our. Bill. And that is my thought yes. And there's very slightly higher than simply what western culture and nor'easter and it's -- cracked. If I'm in a race I'm in it to win it a minute to win every day between three and seven. Right and buy a book characteristics and what happened on -- and then get an opportunity get on the radio which actually distasteful smaller things. General you told that it was all. Me it's like it's your admiration for you should be -- a two minute -- the united at all. Well you know I -- posit the theory as well brutal as it seems on Friday that. I wonder if he's under orders from the state Republican bosses to not run a successful campaign. Because. Again. If I could tell him what he is doing wrong and how to reverse this and how to actually. Bridged that gap and maybe even win if I can see it as clear as the nose on my face at a mirror. I don't know why the guy who supposedly wants to be the Republican look at. Well again that's why I believe he's just there are so. So spot and not circular actually won the race. Right so basically what you're saying here is it's not it's only -- what you're saying the fix is in Modesto Reno is basically a sacrifice candidate. His job is to take one for the team to get his ass kicked by Cuomo and then down the line he knows that he'll be taken care. All of it appears that way I'm not saying it's how a bit but on the bank it appeared early and all. Again if you could hear it sing folk and everybody else. You know pretty black and -- Well. -- yeah. I I would like not to believe that because it really sounds like a acted -- conspiracy theory. Jurors you should be doing everything possible to be -- winning a remote if you get. Let me just give -- an example. Just the kind of support what you sent. I've received yet another email from Carl Paladino who is sending out like one email a day on behalf of broadcast arena. As of today how many emails -- I received from rob -- Reno for governor. -- Carl Paladino is campaigning harder for -- -- to Reno then is -- mystery. And that's at least that's the perception I have and it is not without merit. Thank you Steve and I'm glad you called I'd like to explore this a little bit more at tomorrow and I can't believe the show's already over -- A lot of thank Joseph -- for great job master control and John Sherman a phenomenal job at call screening at a busy Monday and I believe your best to reg. Edwards are. Steely Dan -- and know yourself about --

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