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8-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- And and then it just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom -- just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover. You don't do something like that -- -- Yourself and it's live it's local happening -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- -- -- While I honestly didn't realize -- This would be such a big story. I put the light up the FaceBook wake up for the FaceBook page justice for ladies. Lady being the dog that we shot. By Erie county sheriff's plainclothes detectives. Who. For some reason decided that a suspect for and they were looking might be found. At the address at which the dog is domicile. Did that search war. They really thought it was -- they would have gotten a search war. Far as I'm concerned they have no business being on the property. And you know you think about the ramifications up the light -- it's one of our previous callers. You're in your living room you see three guys with guns shooting your dog in -- your house. Two are really have to go there are really have to get at the what could have happened. It upon other grand jury you know what I say -- this dude I gonna send this person's trial. Anyway it is ten minutes after five news radio 930 WBS I put the lake up on the FaceBook page my FaceBook page Tom -- -- BA UERLE. Being a UERLB. There are several listings my personal page is not functioning it's basically just a place keeper I don't do anything with -- the only. FaceBook page -- really do anything with -- -- professional one which is the one were used to be -- area tuxedo. So there the other one -- your brother Chris and Austin Italian made sport -- thank you now. I -- you go to some other things that I did you know what. Monday is are supposed to be -- uneventful. But there are so many things. I wanna get -- I'm gonna throw three -- about two year. And hope that one of them or all three. Are interesting enough to you to have some feedback I never want. Are you hitting the panic button yet on the Buffalo Bills. As we just sent out -- -- WB and news alert. The Bon Jovi group bit. Has earned consideration now. By the bills trust. And remember the bills trust what is the job of the goals -- It is to get as much money as possible for a very rare commodity. Eight buffalo eight a National Football League franchise they don't come up for sale every day of the week OK this is like just think about this. If there were like thirty or so rare coins in the world. All right in mental condition. Maybe even proof condition. -- -- -- -- -- People help -- to them and they've ever made it to the market because they were such illustrious status symbols the met one of them comes up for auction. People with a lot of money. Break up that money because they got to get -- they got to have. An an NFL franchise is even more rare that. So the Bon Jovi offer is now being seriously considered. Bon -- is group has heard a meeting with the NFL this week in New York City Terry -- -- also. I guess to weigh the good with the despicable -- -- was group. Also whether they sit down with the trust this week in New York City. And Tom Golisano was only to the party. Whether or not he's gonna have a meeting with the trust this week in New York City remains to be seen. So we'll just have to wait NC. But. Are you a little bit. Yeah. About the fact that Bon Jovi he's bid has at least now is at least now being seriously considered. By the trustee in charge of getting the most possible money on the rare commodity known as an NFL franchise. The Buffalo -- So well that's what -- a week ago. And I know that a lot of people are not big on Bon Jovi right now. It does go to show you though that public affection is very very fickle. Because I can remember when Bon Jovi was on tour and people were willing to do almost everything to somebody in a radio in order to get decent Bon Jovi seats. Mel Bon Jovi and everything Bon Jovi is basically all they have become persona non -- In buffalo and Western New York such is the antipathy. Toward Bon Jovi because he is seen as you guys simply wants to be the front man to lower the Buffalo Bills out of our community and into Toronto. So are you are you start to become a little bit more concern now about Bon Jovi. I think -- a bidding war. The goal is gonna come out the winner. Because he's basically got limitless pockets I think begala is willing to go deeper the Golisano. I think Google is willing to go deeper. Then the Bon Jovi group. The goal where basically you know what. When he goes to the bathroom million dollar bills come out of him that's how much money he had. All right. Now the other thing years this is a serious WTF. Story. And as much as I wanna talk more about the dog. This story -- also have got to get into. Because. I I read this story and I re read this story. Why can't you stand Andrew Cuomo. Let me count the ways. Well one of the big reasons I can't stand Andrew Cuomo. In addition to the fact that he is a corrupt slime bucket. Who drips costs from his every pork the stench of rotting pure perfection of corruption. And the mishandling of public trust. Is NY state. Which was a fraud perpetrated on the voters of New York State. Which had been written. In advance of what happened in Connecticut. He was just waiting for the crisis to happen so that he could beat Barack Obama to the punch by enacting the most draconian gun laws of any state. In this country and why say it. He did it in it underhanded way he did it in the dead of night and because it was a quote message of necessity. There was not the usual period during which actual intelligent thoughtful debate. And -- I don't know careful consideration of the constitution. Could actually come up on the floor he basically jammed it down our throats and then of course we all remember the in same speech he gave extolling the virtues of NY say -- and I'm gonna tell you this I've told us a zillion times. If Andrew Cuomo is reelected when it comes to and a wife safe you ain't seen not them yet. Andrew Cuomo has a long history. Of aiding. Guns and despite using. Gun owners the more you read about Andrew Cuomo and his true thoughts on guns and gun owners the more you realize. If he could he would disarm. The public and then of course his hysterical. Ramp things. During that speech you. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No one. It's that yeah. Until then. -- is my all time. A man of lesser power would be -- wrist straight speaking like that that was ever ball so. -- all hates guns. Andrew Cuomo has seen New York firearms manufacturers say you know what -- bag. Because you are so anti gun we're out of your state we're going to more go to friendly constitution recognizing states. So can somebody please tell me why a local. And manufacturer of ammunition. Has just donated 7500. Dollars to Andrew Cuomo's campaign. I kid you not ladies and gentlemen from the New York Daily News. -- ammunition. Has donated to Andrew Cuomo's reelection campaign. Being New York Daily News reports pierce performance ammunition. -- Jeffrey boulevard Hamburg. Has made a 7500 dollar contribution to Andrew Cuomo's reelection campaign. The donation was made six months after NY shape which passed so let's just get this straight. At the same time as people like -- all stopped and scope. The shooters committee -- political education. At the same time as gun owners across New York State. Were trying to fight -- safe. And tell the people what a menace this was to freedom. A local ammunition manufacturer. Is writing a 7500. Dollar check to Andrew Cuomo. I hit it if it did you hear the stammering in my voice. Well. 7500. Dollars. Now if I am not mistaken and I don't think I am. This is the company that makes. The Ted Nugent. Ammunition. This is the company -- which Ted Nugent allows his name to be used for ammunition. So all this is just very very very very. Very strange. I don't understand the logic. Well I guess in a sick way I do. Because this of course is a paid a place state. They know Cuomo's gonna win they're giving 7500 dollars to a guy who if they could would disarm the American public. But I guess maybe what they're counting on is. The cops are still gonna need guns and they're still gonna need ammunition so maybe the 7500 dollars will give them the inside track. And then Cuomo can come to town on your dime and tell everybody -- York state is doing business with this firm in Hamburg new York and helping to support the Hamburg economy and the Western New York economy. But I to me like this would be a ten to me giving a donation to -- mobile. Because it is antithetical. To everything. I believe an ammunition manufacturer. Ought to represent. 7500. Dollars. To Andrew Cuomo 24 team. Now I have yet to hear whether Ted Nugent. Has any comments on this whatsoever. I do not know. I just do not know. And by the way there's other things too but let me get to the phone number on WB at 8030930. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet are you hitting the panic button because not job by Joseph b.'s -- group. Will get a meeting with the NFL. And why wouldn't it ammunition manufacturer. For whom Ted Nugent does endorsements because his name is a brand of -- they produce why would they be donated Andrew Cuomo's campaign. That makes no sense. And I think you know what the next question might involved. But before we go better. RWB Ian let's find out about traffic and Alan Harris. Listen a look at the WB and AccuWeather forecast for today. And tomorrow some -- some of it heavy -- spots of thunderstorm you can look -- for areas of flooding the overnight low 66 the high of 75 right now 83 at WB EM. And up my question is. You're advice for rob asked -- Reno. I do one thing I I will not deal with today any more than I've dealt with on previous programs unlock -- given to peeing match with you about polls. Okay. I'm I'm just not gonna go because two polls now indicate. That Andrew Cuomo has not been touched. -- All. By eight. The -- commission scandal. What is your advice to rob Esther -- What do you tell him. I gave some on Friday may have to reiterate that today. It 030930. -- 3180616. WB a muscular christened west Seneca Chris says you're on WB Ian hey. And it's. One thing I don't get that whole process at that she'll let. About only. Group that Kelly Ripa and mark won it twice. And that -- Bakula offered at the time I hit bid upper -- -- a belt he urged. I don't know Jerry younger romance -- until we -- on the do it -- and and Oklahoma Iowa they. -- timeout timeout timeout I need to interrupt you what's the obvious answer to your question c'mon you know the answer god gave -- the brain what is the obvious answer why would the people selling the Buffalo Bills allow Bon Jovi to submit another bit. Thank you more money the more bids for comment the more you get Jon Bon Jovi and his group to offer the more you can squeeze out of the gullah and more reasonable suitors like Al Osama. Right well I -- I'll Jerry does get. There it. I don't and I don't like until mark you break that at -- and -- on that. Well your love -- bad medicine. It's a -- Rex will take care of that at least on a somewhat regular basis I would advise you consult your physician for more information and so pirates. It's antibodies drug justification. A lot. All while your -- -- out like eight people girl and hang up and and well. I'm not gonna demonstrate the effective doing that on the year but we got something on Friday that I think is worth resurrecting today for those who missed it on Friday. And basically folks I'm gonna play audio of two obviously insane social -- One of them has been on a California prison. For murders committed oddly enough around this time of the year wait -- went in the 1960s. His name is Charles Manson Charles Manson should have been executed but because of the I'm constitutionality of the death penalty he's got their three cops on the -- for his longest this warped mind continues to function this is the voice of Charles Manson. -- And this is the voice of New York's crazy governor Andrew Cuomo. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. You do realize that Charles Manson sounds more Cogent insane and Andrew Cuomo all right lets your -- and again. Right now Andrew Cuomo no one -- with an assault rifle. No one. You are a psychiatrist. Whom do you judge -- in need of therapy. I rest my case I'm WP year. Okay. Yeah. Yeah net. Allocated years ago there. No way you know expressions that drives me nuts and it's it it it's an expression that is used. By liberal. I wanna use that word. That ends with a RDS. But it starts with -- Yeah that one I wanna use that -- so bad but. Actually got troll. On my Steely Dan captured pictures. Some -- awful actually sick and I kid you not. Steely Dan they've lost their relevance. Does -- even -- lost their relevance. Well. Hi all the people could you don't -- at a casino on a Friday night launch for their relevance. It. I saw thousands of people from all demographics enjoying a tremendous concert. By truly consummate professionals. So if that isn't relevant. What is where I mean -- you know it's just it's such at duke shoots. It's somebody trying to be the smartest guy in the room. OK I know that type I've dealt with that type you don't put them to. There's always that one guy. Lost their relevance its like they read it somewhere in Esquire and they must think that that makes -- sound really Smart. Like that what we were -- Alec Baldwin makes periodic appearances to tell the guy who smitten with this girl that this girl has absolutely no depth at all. Yeah that's that person who says so and so lacks relevance. All right a couple of things are on the agenda right now first of all Bon Jovi. -- he has his group has submitted another bed and VN FL I beg your pardon -- trust in charge of selling the Buffalo Bills are. Our he will be doing a sit down with them. In New York City tomorrow. And again ladies and gentlemen understand. But trust selling the Buffalo Bills has one goal. That goal is to get as much money as possible for their clients the Wilson family. So role. Don't know does try to hit the panic button about Bon Jovi. But what they're gonna try to do is involved Bon Jovi he's group for grew -- and Golisano. I don't think trump as a serious player in this at all. I think they're gonna try to involve these three in a bidding war which when -- tried to capitalize on a rare commodity that's exactly what you're. You try to get three or even more people. To get into an ego contest. Involving well over one billion dollars. And at some point somebody's gonna fall and they've got two left and at some point. One of those two will fall and then you'll have a new older. And I have a think that new -- will be Terry Google would because as I said demand -- money. He's at the bottomless pit of money the only thing I wish about the goal is that he was more in his forties. And what I mean seriously we just got Ralph Wilson had an extraordinary life -- folks. But he let -- it was ninety's most people don't listen to their nineties. And I look I don't wish any ill and Terry Google would be serious nor -- -- insinuate that he's got any health issues. But I'd like to see somebody may be but ten years younger. End up with the team and keep in buffalo as opposed to somebody who's older. Like a dot com dude from buffalo I'm sure we don't have any dot com -- in buffalo throw in the Silicon Valley. Right it is up by 37 at WB EN and also -- local company pierce ammunition. Ted Nugent has lent his name to -- ammunition for the of course I'm sure. They have donated six months after NYC was passed at a law 7500. Dollars to governor Andrew Cuomo and I I I I'm stunt. Let's go to blood in Lancaster next up on WB Ian but -- I don't IA MD MD. And I know that but -- and today. I'm always did. I know this is the fallback thing. Well okay it will not talk about that. Donation. As you probably are aware you know. Not a big political Waltham intact I think that my prime objective. Well this year is to do my best to see that he doesn't electorate that. -- -- -- -- All right but sorry about that I didn't instantly recognize the name but the voice got -- -- -- want and since we brought them. But hey Leon this way you know this as I heard about this and I got a boulder up my email but. Overeating. The appears company did those donation. The end I don't Ted Nugent for a lot of our time together on the NRA board. And consequently I sent debt as an email down and -- -- two world. Get them aware of this like immediately that everybody in the art station about it by now and know what's going to happen -- this because such a terrible thing for. Somebody in the business to support a follow. That this trying to destroy a Second Amendment Rights I think is horrible and believe that school is going to do something about this to get it out. Well I have by just say you know but on my website and answer on my FaceBook site I have put up. The -- ammunition email address -- Mardy sent them an email asking why they're doing this. The email is info at pierce munitions dot com and follow. At pierce munitions dot com folks this is a local business in Hamburg appears ammunition. They have donated 7500 dollars to Andrew Cuomo mr. NY safe and they did -- six. It's after analyze say it was jammed down our throat at a time when most of us we're trying to rally the troops to get this damn unconstitutional law thrown -- Wondered about this I understand that the manufacturing process is done by native Americans. And since they -- into the casino business. And I wonder that there may be some sort of connection along here with -- the corruption going on in Albany that would be surprised if there's some under the table conversations. That would. Be involved in this transaction. So -- would -- yeah you know it's just a case they have absolutely no trust. And Andrew Cuomo I think that he is out to destroy our Second Amendment Rights. And but. I mean look at the figures here they say that he's got such a lead against industry helped. And yet he got only yeah. 58% approval. And the -- scope is working now with the signs and getting the word out we're doing a lot of public relations work and trying to get -- wrote Esther -- no end up. The import -- -- -- who would give their campaigns speeches. Encrypt that believe that history that was going to be at the Genesee County school meeting tonight to work in the group there that's pretty good group or cock. He lives he -- I'll -- -- -- emails don't call -- the emails don't cost a lot a time out but here's right gotta disagree the emails cost next to nothing. And a free radio time to talk about Moreland would be his for the asking all over the state. That's what they were one of the reasons I called comic nerd -- that you were offered to do their and I do have contact with. Both Davis and brochure losses campaign and I. I have -- burritos personal email address. And I I can right here -- five suggestions. That will boost him in the polls by at least ten points. -- -- -- full cooperation to move that along with QA have a lot of contact as well. And I am going to make sure that everybody knows. About your generous offer and I know that -- their wide acceptance. Throughout the community and about yeah crazy bastard. Well yeah that's one of the reason to get the word except as. Steel. Others -- may be true. And you also anyway route west arena is going to be at the Genesee County school -- that. Yes now it's at Baptist Church up but I'm not the only road and the starting at seven. I guess some mobile repair work being done now I don't know probably get there on time. But I think that would be something for people that are in the area to stop they don't go to that you actually have. But it -- Scopes objectives is to get him better result and from Korea from its point of view I think we can be a big Coppola and you can count on that you know. Take into the bank that I'm going to do everything I -- have to see that the get sometimes with fuel in effect. But it's not just -- but you know. But but here's here's the thing. It's not just meat and I talked about this on Friday and I do want people's advice on how Robert -- Perino ought to be running his campaign and again we've got to have people going from weekend. Number one. Every day. -- -- George Pataki won. Every single day at least one and often more taxes from the Pataki campaign. Outlining why Andrew Cuomo sucked. See George Pataki was everywhere he was ubiquitous. Rob has to -- I'm sorry is missing in action I have not received I kid you not won a single email. From the -- Reno for governor campaign the only person who seems to be campaigning for Esther -- -- is Carl Paladino I've I've received about 45 emails from Carl Paladino about rob asterisk though he's campaigning harder for asteroid belt -- asked a -- campaigning for asked arena. Well I'm going to be a work -- you know along with the car was well these personal triumph and so we're going to be doing great actually stuffed it should be done. And school is just about tripled. Its number of Cook County chairs are chapters throughout the upstate New York where we cannot Manhattan. Yet but and upstate New York we've got pretty good presence they protect the other excellent presence and we're going to be using that to get -- but what I was saying there. -- There's only 8% over the they have played more part. -- a pool of Pall -- and if we can change -- and get that down to less than 50%. We got a chance of beating a. Well OK let me -- -- -- If I am -- -- -- I am launching. Today. Massive upstate voter registration campaign every single day to get every single gun owner registered to vote and then to make sure they vote you're never gonna do it New York City but any county west of the Hudson. Every day there need to be on the ground boots activist getting people registered to vote and then reminding them to vote in November. -- feel -- looking at the prime objective of scope that's our focus as well to get the gun owners show off their doubts. Out who the board of elections to register to vote -- and -- off their books again and go to the out the polls and vote him out of office like ABC anybody what Cuomo. End I think that we are doing our best and you've seen the signs all over the place the repeal receive fair. And I kind of thought of one that there might be well I actually didn't think of the -- from -- -- -- as a vote for a formal visible for continued corruption. And I think what this. Bar with conviction not been coming up that in the newspapers are not doing their jobs by bringing that to the forefront the way they showed. Well me period I don't take newspapers as seriously as I used to newspapers are dead trees talk radio -- -- it's that I hate to say it social media is where it's at. And that's how you're gonna Alter public perception is you could you could wait all day for the Buffalo News to change its tune it's never going to happen. It is surprising that the New York Times. Gave -- Moreland scandal the coverage it gave. But. Astronaut -- he needs to be. All over me every single day he's got to have a message of global is corrupt I will repeal and -- say. Well he's got the message out over the Internet I get a little -- every single page that comes over my email and -- an iron into agent and booked. OK quickly to look at this thing moving I will make sure. They're terrible there's a campaign manager and losses campaign manager get their conversation. And they will law. The pay attention to it because we're ready to pick up anything they wanted to do and we got money and we have the -- the incentive to get critical. Yeah see what people need to realize too is I get -- I mean I don't do for a living I get it and again I hate to blow my own horn but it. You look at the stuff I started talking about in the eighties and you look at how it's unfolding now is reality and you also look at Miami 2012 forecast for the Obama reelection. And I didn't held at their only about three people in the country who got better than I did. I'm just the two bit talk show host in buffalo and I nailed that election big time because I literally went through contentious State's -- like -- I looked at them and that's why you know I did my homework and the results were. Phenomenal quite frankly. Up but what are we gonna do just getting back to what we started off talking about but Schroeder by the ways with stroke shooters -- a political education. About -- local ammunition company donating to Cuomo because. I could see easily how discouraging it is for people like you. And people like me who are very supportive of all of the bill of rights especially the Second Amendment and include inclusive of course of the Second Amendment. That and ammunition manufacturer would be given to a guy I went to who who basically is because it would disarm every private citizen in this that. We will be on that one too but I think what it's called wanna give me a little time may be later on this week I'm gonna do a little bigger. And I'll get to call -- And though we cannot kinda share ideas on this and also all credit for the women with what. What -- I. A senator I don't honestly. -- Steve also not has my cell phone number I just -- -- give him my cell phone number and text me it's -- best way is that where you'll get lost. -- every day I get like hundreds of emails telling me that there's a site that's kind of like FaceBook except there's different first word. I'm getting about a hundred solicitations from them every day millions of Russian women wanna marry me. And everybody in Nigeria is a prince must listen to my show on line. So you gotta get it -- etc. I can understand what -- 11 well no it's called green card and getting together with their Russian mafia boy friends in Brighton Beach but that's a different story. I'll look good question call -- and we'll talk to -- soon but Schroeder. Arnett thank you let. Yeah I have a hard time grasping the fact that a local ammunition manufacturer. Pierce ammunition. Has given 7500 dollars to Andrew Cuomo that makes no sense to me it's kind of like. It's kind of like ukrainians for Russia really. And AccuWeather all right tonight and tomorrow we will have some periods of rain some heavy and it's spots a thunderstorm look out for terrorism flooding overnight low 66 the high tomorrow 75 now the last -- other radar the rain was like over the lake and -- over you read that area down that way and it's going to be moving almost at a glacial pace. Look up the windows port -- Now it looks like it's not as nice as it was over the weekend 83 degrees after a WB yet. Marked down Monday at the ballpark the bison steak on Norfolk at the ballpark first pitch is 705 on a marked down Monday. All right guys you need to break it. 54 or 5055. Are -- like to talk to -- -- to make sure when I need to break Joseph -- by the -- this is -- final week working with us. I've always joked and I -- the -- ahead big things out of neutralize it and and this is personal. Joseph beamer is one of the greatest people with whom I've ever worked I love Joseph. Joseph is he somewhere between a little brother and almost like a second son to me in a way. And I'm gonna miss him a lot at the same time I always knew. That he was gonna get some huge promotion at Bed, Bath & Beyond which is where he really works he does this for fun. Working with me for fun. Because surprisingly my crew actually likes me. But anyway we're gonna miss Joseph but in seriously I knew the day was coming -- just wasn't expecting it so fast. We will continue after 6 o'clock with a serious it's serious stuff that Syria serious stuff number one. Do you believe a local ammunition manufacturer has given 7500 dollars to Andrew Cuomo all six months after he ran and -- safe down our throats and Jon Bon Jovi is gonna meet while his group. With the group that is selling the bills in New York City. It's called trying to get the most money that's what it's called don't hit the panic button yet.

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