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8-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to the New York. If they -- be extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Yeah. Tom hourly -- go home. Whether to let them know what about how lengthy and I got covered -- -- welcome. It's live its local capital. All -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for -- And I'm pretty heavily. Started a stretch we -- I know what's coming and it's always me -- By the way -- behind the times but I started watching -- Santa over the weekend and yeah I'm still laughing -- right I'm not laughing about this story. And let it out just through dispel the crap out that are. -- liberal clear. Because we have some deaf people in the audience. Of people who have selective hearing. I think ninety to 95%. Of people where police uniforms in America are great people. I think they do their jobs like consummate professionals. They put their asses on the line. Am. Very have every intention of always doing the right. Like any other profession. There is a certain percentage which I would estimated about 5%. Who basically are thugs with badges. Now sometimes. You -- with badges. Well biker bar fight with somebody like many. Probably not meant that you need some guys -- old that are a little bit you know. But I don't see why. A dog was shot. By Erie county sheriff's plainclothes guys who show up unannounced at a home. In Concord New York -- Concord New York. In front of a five year old girl. And folks you don't realize that. Sometimes bullets ricochet especially when hitting a hard object like a lot and all up pit bull skull. I caught a 22 fragment in the ankle on a ricochet from about fifty feet away a long time ago was like up peace day. A very a poppy -- but bullets ricochet. They do they have -- well. What opponent ricocheted and killed a five year old. -- over -- you mention. A five year old girl play shortly in Europe pastoral backyard of a swing -- strangers. Show up. With guns. And they shoot her beloved pet in front. How much therapy she gonna meet. We're joined by the attorneys for the family in this the family but we shouldn't burst you Megan Jim Burr ski. Is is the mom who was house sitting for parents met Albert is the paternity. And met. It's bad enough. In my opinion based on the argument you have -- and if it's bad enough that. The dog was shot. Quite probably. Without any cause whatsoever. I presume you have signed affidavits from neighbors attesting to his dog's history of good behavior. Absolutely why was recently retained and it's so at this point in terms of getting at that needed kidnapping cases. You know we haven't filed yet so there would be reason to get the affidavit I have spoke to many people associate it with the -- were more prepared to present. Our defense. Tomorrow night inserting into court and that it can only -- The county thirty that. The people in power that are essentially at this point. Turning a blind side and everything passing the buck. Mr. didian town -- the circuit -- town attorney. And basically doing everything in their power to perpetuate. The misconduct and crimes. Committed by deputies. McCartney -- backer. That's presuming that needle finally come to their sense you're going to the right thing here but you too often that the problem when he when he did. When you get these things and that's why these doctors are running around like -- sitting -- you know out there the here. Because of the fact that their superiors as opposed to correcting their beekeeper behavior or holding them accountable to their behavior. What they're doing what you know our department is doing is digging their heels in and rationalizing. And China not to buy their behavior and that's why that -- McCartney thinks he can roll out. On a beautiful Friday afternoon. And salute at -- look ahead. In front out of five year old girl and -- discreetly. I know you've talked about. You know -- emotional scarring of the daughters get it to Spain and and let me tell you that I am a 36 year old man at 10 my god you know acceptable to wrap it what are my daughter. -- Saturday ahead in front of me I think -- probably -- -- in the blood spill out of that -- had. I think I'm probably traumatized for life. Well I I can't even imagine. You know that this year -- how the girls didn't get a good night's sleep again or when that -- likely going to be I could only I could only imagine. What do you want you're the attorney representing Megan. She reversed what you want. Right wolf the nickel back to what is strictly talking about before with it completely -- we basically insufficient instrument with respect. Back -- a perfect cannot stand I thought that by filing my most into the -- You don't I'm writing letters to the -- by putting all weekend basically keeping them that white line where they could say. -- are the people were in the properly constructed so we're gonna go back and review everything and decide where the weather we're gonna refile. I honestly call me bring -- probably overly optimistic I thought that this thing would get sorted out today I can't think. Brett might indignation. And truly you know might Arctic and it hasn't been I've been on the bullet county attorney they had been explaining. About the new insecurity that the stock is staying. Bringing new facial -- that this -- -- -- -- county custody and that's why not what's going on here at the diplomatic quarter. -- animal I county. Bet I can honestly say I've seen a lot. I have not seen anything like that before. -- look at it who is in charge of the dog is their veterinary malpractice going. What -- a wide. I'm going back to the sequence of events elect when he did not -- sat August 3. Okay Mike might begin to exercise their first amendment rights and complain about the police officers that the country. August 3. A support group for lady upper leg and a lot. Okay and basically saying please Catholic sister did make it to complain about their actions -- being -- mr. Patrick number. And then. I'll -- that keep their mind alleging. -- that target the -- stopped eleven days after the fact but only duties after. That these super group got formed in weighty support what do they do they go to the -- in its -- Would bet stand. Oh did instrument that I email you earlier this talk about on the air saying it would. -- -- -- Did -- -- they get a signature and that's when the -- is the -- It is retailer it is essentially a brutal bullying campaign -- -- -- should be ashamed of them -- and they do under the guise of banks and bond or connect. OK want Tim Howard had a lot of extra support among my listeners because of his spirited defense of the Second Amendment and his opposition to analyze say. So role did you wanna tell me. -- wanna tell me exactly. What my listeners can do. I mean I lost trade with the sheriff over the cell phone thing because to me it's a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment and police statement cents. Bright and adding that I'm a big proponent of the Second Amendment let's think about what its Second Amendment was why it was built into the constitution not to protect and I think that one but not to protect. We thought that they're against in selling dogs but rather to protect. The people the citizens from the government and I think that this is but now right it's different but it -- at -- -- In other proponents of the First Amendment that are within months or spectacle around seeing dot they would do well to recognize. That effect I'm. It you know -- I again I'm what like album was that the quest ended up but I would tell them. Okay so what I've had my question is what can my audience do 22. To help this me first of all the family I mean you. I asked you before what you want it primarily right now you want one lady out of the county's custody you want lady returned to Megan should -- -- so Megan can arrange veterinary year. That -- -- pulpit at the moment is to get their dot. -- with the same -- that little girl could certainly -- out as a little bit as beautiful -- circuit -- Look at this Stanley could actually not have their lights scattered. By the bullying and cowardly act of those three your character. OK but don't think -- did beat the guys you describe is Howard I mean third our detectives right they've got to answer to somebody. The brass for example. Have you talked to Tim Howard about there's. Not them and I I try to talk to Tim Howard but I get in Howard's -- but you don't need -- leader in they'll talk it over and they got to get approval from Solana will work. I'm an end you know I'm not a need a lot of them have actually been somewhat you know pleasant to speak with I get there and somewhat respected well I gotta think that. Ultimately they're bring in thanks -- Tim Howard with Tim Howard. Whether they can't get all the carpet and our workers chipped them in the I don't know. But no I've called him our April letter -- -- -- everything in my power to it and that's it Tim Howard Tim Howard and wanna talk about -- -- Okay so in addition to getting the dog back what. Do you want the Erie county sheriff's department to do I -- -- right now I believe it ought to be paying in full for every one of ladies surgeries. I believe that they ought to be paying in full for any counseling needed by the five year old girl who saw the dog shot by strange men with guns in her yard she's five freaking years old. Know what can I would also like to seek punitive damages to send a message to law enforcement you just don't margin somebody's property without a warrant and opened fire on a -- -- Right I mean they're certainly -- future. Lawsuit that. It certainly could be enacted and they've been active in these cases that I mean we're not about the money. So what does is about it they're not accountability. That you McCartney gonna go latitudes so well -- doctor he's done it before it can do it again. It needs to stop and again I agree with -- -- I've been a month sportsman I respect and had ever region a lot of them are my friends to this event. It isn't against law enforcement is to get in this particular instance -- -- and it. Use of their -- -- -- excuse to commit crimes of animal ruled. It's one thing to support. Look we all support police a week we recognize the need for laws we recognized the need for law enforcement we know that sometimes -- by virtual what they -- -- (%expletive) off people but there's a difference between legitimate police work legitimate law enforcement and basically being a -- a -- heavy -- with a badge and there's a difference between police and supporting police -- supporting a police state that's a different -- official together. Absolutely and I mean agree wholeheartedly and again this is -- about. You know I noticed my annual. You know brand -- that with a lot of lot -- operators they might. Ultimately not be present Internet but it. Also make it right exactly and as one where. You know he'd. Been on camera what does -- really matter you know and it means that is one that and it said it has. I've done a lot of -- -- -- -- the -- -- One that is how -- need I I would BC. As much as any other key if not more so now McHale. Let me let me -- let me asked the question that I know is gonna come up and you sound genuinely passionate about this if you take in this case a retainer or on a contingency fee being paid 33 and a 3% on future lawsuits. -- opted you know the typical 333. I just look -- I wanted to ask the question just because I know what's gonna come up to continue. Hang -- does take some phone calls with -- say they've had a busy day all over the media but there's no show more important than mine as you well well. Why I appreciate that now that they take from -- would. Let me do it made it I mean -- I -- -- traffic -- with traffic situations and if I don't go to them I'm gonna sing soprano so let me go to -- Harris now watch in traffic. And AccuWeather we got some rain to the south over the lake periods of rain in some heavy and it's some spots a thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow look out for some flooding overnight low tonight in the sixties the high tomorrow 7583. Degrees. At WB yeah we're talking with Matt. Albert he's the attorney representing the woman whose dog we shot. By one Erie county sheriff's detective there were three there one opened fire. A guy by the name of McCarthy. I'm mr. Albert says there is detected McCarthy is known as a serial -- shooter basically shoot dogs first ask questions later. At this point he says that is -- innuendo. How do you prove there is this gonna have to go to discovery in a lawsuit -- -- can't really either. Not really I mean it's it's -- -- released under Freedom of Information Act but under Freedom of Information Act they have by -- to respond and that that has -- -- Late went out late last week I did subpoena. Also any prior report to which deputy McCartney sisters is firearm you know it anyway she performed so. You know I should be getting but again these are different. You know I've been making a phone call to get on the Nike didn't have -- around. You know as we as we draw closer to tomorrow's dangerous stock proceeding. I'm I'm entitled to those documents so I mean I'm gonna walk over there tomorrow and and random. You know if I don't get him -- something doesn't shake up by the afternoon. All right we're talking with -- Albert and -- do politics and calls. -- I go to 25 -- got a 24 -- let me get one call in and we're gonna keep -- over Matt is a media start today and I wanted to do the show last week actually but there we just couldn't. Joseph north tunnel under a WB -- hello. It was more occur so you never believe if you cool cool cop shoots it's not. Double what what what -- -- don't need to do. And that's good -- Little did. Paid by the taxpayers what they need to do to order -- warning shot across the Powell the trigger happy as. If you shoot. You're playing her. Well apparently worked out or do you need to. Because that only the -- stop wars sit it. Out of their fellow officers but beaten. It would take the dog like -- would -- -- -- The way too quick to be. You know shoot first ask questions later underdog. Well I you know what I'm Joseph I'm a big believer in patterns of behavior and I would not wanna see a cop bitten by a dog irrespective. Of the injury that might be incurred by the cop when you sign up for the job you don't sign up to be a chew toy for dogs -- But there was no evidence that this dog was anywhere close to the -- when the cup opened fire that's number one number two. Is this a continuing pattern of behavior I think that has to be looked at Joseph. Open or by what briefly back. Things one in terms of how common this is just to give you an idea. I have another key locals were doing that at least apartment very similar circumstances. Pursued another dog. Neatly. Some coincidentally nature would be so I mean numerous -- -- in the same name are getting shot you know in between municipalities are hurt in counties in effect it is. Week infrequently and I don't think that the case where they're really scared of the big dog he used at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of artwork ever I think they're always wait I think. You know -- -- I think need to that really from retreating with you know what they'll deal with animals because they're in tiger QE. I'm because I need to break we're gonna keep you on met Albert is represented the family of the dog shot by Erie county sheriff's deputies back on July 25. Apparently the sheriff's department according to mr. Albert is engaging in retaliatory nonsense because the family dared speak out. On FaceBook against the police state tactics this is WB. -- -- Did score 33 industry. He's got 930 WBBM. Which is that a gigantic Mongolian cluster dance with the musical -- I said the joke before the show is that hey Joseph I don't have the weather and Joseph Cole got this really didn't talk they are about -- I -- 30930. Start I'm 3180616. WBBM. So I. If you get through me. Plainclothes. Erie county sheriff's deputy showing up -- -- rural property. In vehicles and they opened fire on your dog I would pretty much call that Nazi storm trooper like tactics. No I will not apologize or what buy back up from that statement. How one can support police without supporting police state tactics. And did we mention a five year old girl was feet away from the dog. Also attorney met Albert who is -- says that their forensic. Reports from the veterinary and indicate. That the dangerous dog lady who by the way enjoys a sterling and stellar reputation as a friendly canine in the area in which she lives. I was at least ten feet away from the officer when the one officer out of three that are opened fire hitting lady. In the head and I think the other wound was a a grazing. And folks before you start trying to. Policies delicately. Just Google police shoot dogs. And this is happening all over the country. And frankly it's something that a lot of people with the animal protection groups don't like to talk about. Because they have with a lot of law enforcement all the time. But they know damn well. That what what we're talking about today is in fact reality it's a reality they'll never admit to public. Because -- what these people. Joining us now is met Albert on a W be the end up met the up. The the the question is however re asked that because Saudi citizen Facebook's and he brought the issue -- -- Did the police show up at the wrong. Address. Why. Again what should be very detailed and clear. As to why Megan should burst d.s place. She was house -- for her parents why that was even a target of sheriff's deputies. Her well to begin with. He would there with her children who in Chile. Nine in her dog. Her dog exit stay in her dog was playing with the other dog -- were trying to enjoy tonight -- weekend with one another. Secondly in terms of why this year so that I have no idea the best answer I can give you would be best. I'm -- and -- republic -- they've already started their smear campaign which is cover up 101. Way predict. Yup what he's a bad person she does that she does that make that the criminal convictions okay make it work. Make it pays taxes her parents. Whose house that who pals this took place at. Okay. Her parents are salt of the earth people compliment to nurse. The others were thirty years that its green nursery. Irate that these are and that that -- to -- -- people no criminal activity criminal convictions and taxpayers unit. So what we decide to go here while evidently -- in and out sometimes. We had somebody who evidently is someone suspected by the spirit of amid these I don't know the details of those that because it's really not too relevant. To this story the reason being that this person upper -- and her parents house. Okay this person. Never spent a night and repaired now and that this person that have been better parent out in about five week. -- but why we still -- at that residents. I don't know but I will say that I just found out. That I have seen it of course they don't send me anything but evidently they're releasing some kind of document or police report which says this is there there's prospects. The person speaking what -- -- -- after the -- speak about that. -- negative soldiers friendly with it was his last known address. All -- like I am gonna get to the affidavit from the homeowners to establish it is good. -- -- -- -- and -- reporting an intricate and another in April to reporter duke and at this point that's a crime in your state. So this is one that I don't think they conduct out on because for them that they that there was this person last known address. Again could not be further from the truth. And again ball precisely -- an instrument basically prosecute and that as well as will other crimes they committed. I mean again that the bullying and rights to the level of criminal activity at the brutal bullying campaign. Done under the -- of sanctions law enforcement activity it is compare these it'd be. And -- -- can you describe the dog in this case on several occasions as being angelic. Tell us about Megyn does she have any criminal convictions are there charges pending against her does she have a history to -- machine. You know not no she no convictions not tired coming -- -- economic too -- evidently there was I'd like that it. I don't wanna get into too much about and I I don't know much about any. And insurgents or anything else I will say that if there's one thing she's guilty of it might be might be being friendly with someone who evidently. Commit. You know -- every now to get -- crimes. But that's the case but the -- -- my pets you know our I mean. The fact of the matter who you might be friendly with. Never give right you know what you're friends -- don't know obviously your docket for your child it's not been entered a plea to put up that position now. There again that the cover up 101. You're the victim of Famer. You know everything else and that's what they're doing -- they're trying to play -- mr. mr. erection. You know they'll look at what we -- look at that we get it to. -- -- -- Let's say it takes a more calls -- 030930. Starlet 3180616. WB EM I cannot see the name of the caller line one but I know that we have a person in Akron. I did under your. John and WB and hello John. I'm sorry guys to infections like my call -- -- our -- our shepherd that I live in a rural area and get somebody approached my house police -- police. And locked up my property and suspicious manner I'm I'm definitely just catlett Laporte and a golf course. And their third child well backed meaning -- -- child well backed. I would assume my dog would probably rate and I route to Mexico that are not being aggressive but my other issue is. Y -- -- just got to push for an they have all these old plank holder not to disarm something something that let -- get debt elevated as a threat level. Okay where they're lesser means. They could have employed at their disposal. If they believe that the dog was a threat. That's Soria and employment. And -- Obviously absolutely yes you know we're talking about three. Officers in a while the other they're big they're built they're -- officers. They've got a they got everything he -- you name it they got they got the pepper sprayed the -- again that they get bad. I mean they were well armed. You don't mailman didn't make it out okay every single time -- ordered to read stories about -- blowing up not that random why is that our -- may not in contact with dot. You know probably about a hundred times more than -- paparazzi are absolutely. And they're by themselves and they don't go to the dot. And they don't get bit up and they don't be don't get you know serious physical injuries from dog eat their health. You know ethic that -- -- root for these doctors say oh we needed to do it all my oh my god you know we really wish we didn't have to do it but I was scared for my light come on you know. I mean you know. If they are gonna believe that all of -- pretty abridged and it's not. Well I don't know carriers are effective tax. And are they big source. A letter carrier injuries but the number one -- slip and fall especially in the winter but also right up -- dog bites dog attacks. May not rise to the level of fatality. Or even serious or life threatening injuries but. As somebody who has been bitten to the bone by eight cat try to break up a cat fight. I can assure you the feline a dental here. Leads up to the. I mean I'm hoping that bites don't sometimes occurred and they let it typically speaking they almost never write the level of serious physical injury. And I mean at some point you have to that there needs to be new legislation instituted added I think it will really kind of curb these this type of behavior. But basically where this sanctity of the -- flight is recognized. I'm there their lives have meaning their lives have meaning in an up and now they're like that meaning you don't do their Stanley to their loved wanted and everyone else. And the mere thought that an officer Mike stopper. -- -- would probably get a good amount to a whole lot anyway Connecticut pepper spray or get the -- away with a night stick or whatever. I'm ill suited give ground to deputy McCartney thing you know when it suited dog there sitting you know he's got that -- for sport he thought that thought because he can't. That's why not -- dot. -- -- -- that they did not once again neat picture directory of the -- room completely discredit and he's completely as a witness. You know incredible and I mean he -- bad. I don't know what the other guys so much split he absolutely positive we should -- as bad trinity should be I'm part and I -- you know writing a memo. The district attorney. Let's hope that. You know I mean I know -- know -- I prosecuting Phillips will be considered as one. Because I think I can really outline a memo detailing each and every crime that deputy McCartney committed. And Germany -- one aspect of -- -- which hasn't been reported on much it would Peggy. Which I can't neglect is the fact that after. He -- that dot these operators need Mike -- and will be no war no nothing she wanted to get to the doctor and that American -- they did not add deduct up blood spewing permit that in front of five year old. They did not let my client built to the veterinarian for about an hour afterwards to meet added. Just as deplorable. -- On what grounds where she under arrest on what grounds which she details. -- -- And -- and -- -- she detained for an -- reasonable level of time leading to a probable civil rights violation also being alleged by US lawsuit. Well again a prospective -- -- it my focus my focus at this point it may be in the future but right now it's about getting that got out of that shelter. We're by the -- he's suffering from new moon. New facial work. That just think they took. You know put weight when when the stock was in county custody I need to say that it never seen anything like that it's unimaginable. The said that he had to get their photo -- overtake both of the dot. They irritate your personal got for that reason and they feature are lawfully but of course you know my client when he five year old. Mother to your kids that are there she doesn't you know what do you know I mean not what does -- know what. You know that he could either I guarantee you that I believe they probably would of course stranger. You don't -- to need to know they were really until late walked into her house she went after the dog which the piece you run to the backyard who. Comfort her daughter of -- he brought reflexively after what the instead. Ski goes script her daughter to bring into the house the caps are standing right there seek help them I'm calling the police. You can imagine how they respond we are. I mean that. -- here brutality of their behavior. I would not think that this happened then it brought us. You don't yet alone. In Erie county I I can't begin to describe my -- -- outrage about what these captives and I mean in all honesty up whatever it. You know it's deputy McCartney needs to be behind bars but whatever your -- that you do in terms of the proper bone called the pissing their. You know local represented to get involved with this thing whatever they got a stupid. It just can't keep ethnic. And learn it for those of mr. earlier basically you are alleging that because of a FaceBook post made by eight Megan chamber ski. And another FaceBook post supporting Megan and the dog ladies. -- what the sheriff's department is doing right now is retaliatory. Because she has spoken out against the cops. Oh yeah well I mean it hanging I think speaks for itself. That affected the game you know see lady was injured dot target Europe -- -- likely it or when he thinks. Or when he you know but on August 3 my client you know not my client but at least put groups she didn't start at nominal. Arises in ladies are a lot of these -- indigent Pittsburgh you know I don't want to. Because this is you know we don't -- as we have been done with a couple of positions in government we advocate and I am an animal advocate. Before party and you know all we can't get their passion for animals. -- -- A needle that's the league and we -- use the bumpy. Flight he also at a right there on April 3 April 4 is when the phone call her on the dog. On paper yet -- April are for August. Port as -- and the -- are confident that mr. department. August 8 is when call the repeated active -- look for -- -- -- court all three. Because it was not a monumental pretty much agree that taxpayer dollars. That all three detect it at -- your mind despite we're gonna global work judge. What a night in Armenia and league leading indicators dot because when he did. Cole and people. -- Sorry I forgot it for laughing but it's just it's absurd. For -- Well look I mean I can honestly tell you -- my my a my ex wife's -- had a pit -- I've told the story many a time -- was Edie -- had obviously been in -- based on the scurrying all over her body yet that the argues to sleep next debate sometimes on top of -- And she'd ever face right next month and boy you know lot of probably slept next -- about 100 nights and I lived to tell the tale. -- violent pit bulls are just. Thought yeah I got one that -- in my house right now I mean he's been gone by the that they didn't need that kind of funny because that's one serving up a while so I'll be at home keeping. And it'll -- -- a thing as he's had to right putt I meet -- along with me fifteen minutes I mean the most well you know pit bulls some -- you know they're all built there. Differently they're -- you know but this one is some of emerge as the nicest -- you'll ever meet. All right not stand by because. I just a lot more information people have some comments and questions for your I -- keep a little bit longer met Albert you can do that. Yeah okay I regret -- -- -- -- is the person of who we are speaking we're talking with your attorney at the white folks if anything like this ever happens to you. Get a lawyer get an attorney in a situation like this you will not be treated as a friend of the police and after how many people you know I badges I don't care how many people are in your family Wear badges get an attorney attorney attorney attorney attorney -- A W via. Mark down but they have the ballpark -- his take on the Norfolk tied 705 PM as the first -- and -- should be OK for the first pitch later on tonight I can't make any guarantees tonight and tomorrow some rain. Some of -- heading into spots a thunderstorm watch for areas of flooding overnight low 66 the high tomorrow 75 right now 83 at WB EM we've got -- Albert on he is the attorney representing the lady whose dog we shot by one of three -- county sheriff's plainclothes detectives back on July 25 and he's walked us through the timeline. And he can make a prima -- a case that what the county sheriff's department is doing right now against this family is retaliation. For FaceBook momentum basically asking WTF did they do to this dog. And why. Let's go to Carl in -- -- WB Ian -- Heidi. -- -- I think all of this whole report that would really show up and are ready to paper. Be sure it happened that's for sure the purple underwent they're cute by -- -- right now you're able to a center tour don't want our culture. The popular overshot again. At this what if there may well -- -- engineer and I can't talks. And I see -- Rangers put that certainly include district what that my property I do trillion point 47. I would want protection at Chatham. It would have been a real real nasty thing they have in which -- -- currently without the -- struck by protecting myself I might get. Property it stopped like. Now the question is what a grand jury think that you acted in a reasonable fashion according to article 35 of the New York State penal code that's always a judgment. I can answer that one nominal. Thank you very much of this thing about it though but this could could a bit of had a very different and tragic out. Right and I mean I think it still may unfortunately because the target in danger in all I'm in the stock. It's it has not want to would add is not suffering you know severe facial source. While in custody that it developed while in custody county and nobody from the county do you think it would AM you know -- -- -- -- the -- A well you don't now that the Jordanian town attorneys issue you know. But they know that they record at this here and they're obligated by -- to represent -- shares however were trying to pass the buck here. You know they're all trying to say let's wait and see how things shake out in Google Sardinia. You know and again it's just it sit on that local communities that found people make a mistake owning it. Eagle and eagle indicate if you're worried you're detectives made a mistake. All -- -- you know thanks to them do every ethnic jokes but in this case there's not there's no accountability when their superiors. In my power you know in its right. He condone that behavior essentially by -- lightening up by justifying it by allowing the public information. Could be disseminating -- in the media to try to smear my client. Now look how. I was out of the country when this story happened in the immediate aftermath has he made a public statement yesterday. Now they're complete report it then issued I get to at least media today. -- immediate in his first comment on the issue and then I guess there's how writers. If somebody calls -- -- that you haven't heard the whole story yet. That kind of thing. But I mean public statement in power now he's running for that everyone has. And that's the thing that god alone is scandal everyone sort of has a lot wanna stay away from this one that's on top. You know and they're adamant column -- now because they know the county attorney's -- now. It is targeted you know suffering. Okay there is no question that -- suffering out of all the accusatory instrument. Legally speaking what's going on is they -- furthering an active will need to work any to work an animal by depriving that. Dog a proper veterinarians here he would they know that they should be instructing Beecher would rather sloppy. -- -- -- accusatory instrument. Met I know you are busy and I'm going to let you go as a as a promise and I've got your cell phone number that's the one from which you called it earlier right. Earlier yet -- now could have been on it so much but yet. OK okay well you've got mine so watch is certainly one from viewers like an edge in the context like and I keep up to what date with the story thanks a lot for joining us Matt and it's been a long day for you. And that thanks for sharing your side of the story -- -- and I hope things work out well for the dog and more importantly the little girl. Okay thank you thank you met Albert who's representing. The family involved in the dog shooting incident it is up 456 -- news radio 930 WB EM.

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