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8-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- news radio 930 WB ES. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What does this. And look it's Tom hourly. It's live. It's local mark. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being -- Tom hourly. And news radio 930 double. Well. Weekends get a breeze right Biden not it is our lenders ready at 930 WB the end coming up on the shell -- to play -- -- at a sheriff's deputies act. -- budget god damn Nazi storm troopers. And the second the southern part of Erie county a few weeks ago regarding a dog at the closed up. At all. And it was a pit bull which by definition makes it a dangerous -- Just little upgrade for the interview with the sheriff's department who don't know anything about -- balls on to slip of the pit -- on a regular basis and and I lived to tell the -- Being a pit bull does not necessarily mean -- violent dog. And if you are sheriff's deputy and you have a dog in my pocket and your outdoor activity you're guard and your dog charges that may if I shoot it -- say about me. Oh by the way you guys were at the wrong house. We're gonna talk to the attorneys -- heavily involved. And this is becoming an increasing common increasingly common story in the brand new police state mentality that is the United States of America. We're at a cop shoot dogs first and ask questions later you may remember a situation. Over a year ago. Where a man named Adam Oreo lives on the west side who lived on the -- of buffalo. The buffalo cops went into the wrong apartment. Neighbors say that you're going into the wrong apartment. But the cops couldn't careless with the neighbors were saying they went into the wrong apartment and killed the wrong dog that was trained up Ian -- kitchen area. And I was waiting. Four it's been about a year and a few months now. Forum like George the buffalo police department spokesman to issue me the details of exactly what the investigation revealed in two widely a couple of cops were the wrong address and be decided to shoot -- dog it was change up in the kitchen. Again the end storm troopers -- This is just ridiculous you know fifty years you'll only once life. And I don't exactly lead aid. There comes a virtuous I don't lead a sheltered life. Only when -- -- Have I ever come close to feeling threatened by a dog in it was as if there was this summer. It was three months ago actually when I told you about -- -- And the reason I know doberman this is because I love the b.s are gonna sit -- again. I love Adobe's every time somebody has Adobe. I take notice because it's one of my favorite breeds of thoughts. That doberman Pincher. Soul anyway long story short and I have a witness to this by the -- education Brigham delusional. Long story short his dog had never seen before was being walked by a woman had ever seen before. Fair. -- the damn thing looked at me. Look at the witness and I want to play is not done. It snarl that it's snapped. If that dog has not been held onto. By that small tiny frail lady. Bad things would've happened the dog. We wanted to say. Because. He was on public property. I was on public property. I would simply go about my business. The dog would have no reason to attack me. I was not on its property -- what I have been attacking or being perceived as Britain and as attacking the owner of the lady walking the dog. And once in fifty years. If I ever felt threatened. -- -- and I think generally like genuinely liked the thought process was if this dog gets loose it's -- You know if -- gets within ten feet to me its debt. That's the only time I've ever even felt remotely threatened by a ball. And I have been around more pit bulls and you can shake a stick -- German shepherds Adobe's. On -- and a bunch of other dogs which are some of you might regard as dangerous breeze. Sit and not only by the way. Is it bad enough that the Erie county sheriff's department lady giants taking deterred. But what also is gone and I was distraught with the family. They're strong with the family -- other basically doubling down on stupid and doubling down on dish top -- tactics. And we're gonna talk with the attorney. For the family. That all the dog by the way imagine your five year old daughter is in your backyard playing at a swings that in pastoral rural America. Just play at a swing set. Cars pull up guys in plain clothes with guns come out. And you watch these strange men shoot you -- dog you work a five year old girl. You of the trauma. That these this kid went -- not to mention the owners of the dog. I think this story is an outrage. I really don't. It it disgust me it nauseating to me and the game that appears to be being played right now with this family by the sheriff's department. Is is loads of and it's disgusting and it's sickening. And we'll talk with met Albert who is the attorney for the family. Of the dog lady who survived a gunshot wound to the head. But now other -- around with the family. Over the dog they want the dog back this woman has spent 12100 bucks an emergency surgery for the dog. Which frankly I can tell you at. She's getting a bargain better veterinary hospital because it cost me up out that amount of money to have my cat's teeth pulled while some of the cast he pulled you might remember the show we -- about how much veterinary care. Are you willing to invest in an animal. And actually my veterinarian probably under charge given what she actually ended up having to do with my cat cats T. But anyway make a long story short but let's not start are the cops -- let's start shooting aquariums. With a lot of insider we gonna have dangerous fish legislation. Attack hamsters. Anybody ever been bitten by a hamster and attack hamster -- my mom has a box turtle. Actually she did -- Buffalo's it was solid many many years we've had the box turtle almost bloggers have been alive. Because they had a circuit of turtles at the zoo and somebody new somebody who says hey you guys wanna turtle could have basically that's how we ended up -- Donald the turtle. Now the turtle -- -- -- well I mean somebody drops a diamond bottled at turtle. And it might be might feel that maybe Donald his pack and a few ounces are Coke under shell. You know one box turtles go into a -- there's no telling what they're bringing it current terms or contraband. Not to mention the fact they might be hiding dangerous weapons inside their shall. Now Donald I should point out is roughly the circumference of a great effort. Those of you -- thinking turtle -- not like the Galapagos one and I'm talking about. A grapefruit sized cut agreed for -- and there you have about the size of Donald. The box turtle actually Donald is a female. But the name Donald was given a long time before we found out -- was a female service would be a female attacks last drug dealing slash Coke -- box turtle. -- -- all -- of course the worst offender of all in terms of officer injuries on duty attacked vegetables. What is is that next. A -- bulls. I don't mean to be frivolously -- silly about this but every single day folks it is not just here in western New Yorkers all over the country. The new attitude of the new cop seems to be shoot the dog first ask questions later. And they get away with -- and they get away with a constantly. And I hope this woman sues the sheriff's department I hope she recovers the cost of the vet bills I hope that she recovers the cost for whatever therapy her five year old is probably gonna need because she saw her beloved pet dog get shot in the head by some thuggish -- county sheriff's deputies. Be apologizing to this woman. Better -- covenant on bended knees patiently take it up a collection at the sheriff's department to -- this woman's medical cost. -- -- Are they gonna take responsibility for it I doubt it because it's all about protecting your own and the blue wall and of course covering your past. And I -- supported sheriff's -- powered in the last election because of his strong defense of the Second Amendment and I stopped supporting each year powered with these cell phone thing. B cell phone information gathering tool. Which I think is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment and if I lose your friendship because I value the constitution more than I value friendship so be it. And I'll gladly lose a friendship I'm glad I will gladly dismissed any -- -- I'll gladly -- friend or do you like or -- friend anybody. That is not with me 100%. In our founding fathers 100%. On the first ten amendments to the constitution namely the namely the bill of rights amendments one through ten of the constitution. You can't I don't look at the Second Amendment and -- -- sacrosanct but the Fourth Amendment. That's negotiable. Well because that's the same thing the -- -- at the same thing or aggressive do. Don't look at the First Amendment that popped straight for -- each. Paper pretty -- each. Then we'll look at the Second Amendment may well that they didn't really mean that. They didn't really mean that despite the fact that we did when you go back and you look at the deliberations. -- the Second Amendment you'll understand that. The biggest fear the founding fathers had which of course the sheriff's department and Erie county -- recently is. -- over reaching violent government treating its citizens like crap. That's why we have a Second Amendment to the constitution that was the clear intent of our founding fathers was that the government should be scared of its citizens not the other way around. And the intent of the Fourth Amendment. About search and seizure was you don't get knocks on the door like in Nazi Germany at 3 AM. And just barging in and looking into your home without any probable cause without any warrant which comes from probable cause. You've got to have a war. Our founding fathers know that. You know we just celebrated folks always try to bring -- historical things into our current events we just got -- celebrating just over a month ago. The Independence Day holiday the declaration of independence July 4 1776. And if you read the declaration of independence and you might remember the reading of -- I did. On July 3. If you're -- it basically says to the world -- We are now independent. And we're independent because the current king of England is a colossal huge bag and here's why he's a huge -- therefore -- -- independent. And then after we won our independence we wrote a constitution it was a people's constitution the first three words of the constitution. We. People say Whitney we. People. And when you -- want to understand the constitution what you realize is. We are not people really is saying we the people have established this government for we the people. Not for the government verses we the people. We the people are in charge we the people decide what is cool we the people decide what is Kosher. Not some dictator not some king. Not some monarch not some so called blue blood would know his ass from a hole in the ground half the time anyway because all the inbreeding. So what anyway it will talk with the attorney for the family -- represent for the -- for the family. Who just suffered what I think is a traumatic experience. There -- several promise here involved in this number one. Just imagine something you are at home. You have done nothing wrong. On a -- Plainclothes people with guns drawn. Poll onto your property. And start shooting. You're five year old girl is feet away from these so called dangerous dog at which they are shooting. What -- your reaction. I was self defense. The dog was a danger to -- like I set -- -- are -- cops are listening have pet dogs and I wonder what your pet dog would do if a stranger came to your property unannounced. Without your consent if by the way I have the wrong address I really -- one street over I wonder what your dog we do -- what are your dog -- running yet we embark. Especially if the dog is -- ball and is especially. Guard full of and mindful of the children of the household which by the way is something pit bulls are known for. They are known basically as dogs that are very very loyal. To their owners. And as far as pit bulls are concerned. You've got to disabuse yourself of the notion that all pit bulls are these vicious operations fighters. That all know only exist in crack dealers houses and who only exist to attack cops. Boy -- help a lot of -- -- and it won't help a lot of pit bulls. Who were the most docile friendly warm cuddly should ugly creatures on the face of the planet. Soul I wonder if I would be justified in shooting at cops dog if I want to the wrong house and I civil -- you know the dog just ran right up to me and I had the -- or I was obviously being attacked. Well I would be arrested for Alexi probably unlawful discharge of a firearm. I would probably be arrested for a reckless endangerment. Dixie and because my shots would come so close to your five year old your -- daughter. On the swings that I would probably be charged with. -- -- -- Criminal negligence of some kind. Because even though I didn't hit your daughter I could get your daughter I certainly would have my pistol -- take away. Absolutely. Because I would be deemed as unfit. So loud anyway just my at my two cents worth on this and I've just come outraged by -- I think it's disgusting I think is despicable. I mean there are 23 two wagering handle the stick. The first way is to say you know what I screwed up I take responsibility what do I have to do to make this better. -- I have been a lot of times in my life where I've done that I've -- up and really stupid. And I said you know what I really did a bad thing I mean nothing criminal I've got a bad thing. I screwed up I made a bad decision you tell me what I have to do. To make you hold you to tell me what I have to do to make this better to the best extent that I possibly can. But that's something that you were getting from the Erie county sheriff's department the other two were basically getting is sure this family. Budget poor people anyway in this Sardinia area now we care about -- 803. All I'm thirty we will talk with the attorney for the family coming up. On news radio 930 up by the way. You can check out my Steely Dan pictures and my FaceBook page on a much lighter note and if it's even possible Steely -- sounded better on Friday night than they did. Almost twenty years ago when I saw them at the -- And be able to sing like Donald Fagan. You know what -- It's a faustian question but would I sell my soul to be able to sing like Ronald Reagan that might require some serious thought. So here. The area were absolutely. Sensational. I don't even know what to say. Lot of ground here for and stereo you. And a lot of a lot of people at VS they would answer at the casino on Friday night rented a couple of fans hope you guys. The pictures yeah okay it has and the fan I always say you want a picture with yourself it's like real. -- should just probably makes it feels are important but not that important that's a different story important. But anyway. The band itself. Now those of you who are not familiar with the man basically -- Donald Fagan Walter Becker urged the lead over the years they've. Unbelievably. Talented and buried supporting people in the background. OK but Becker and -- And word Steely -- And you know that you've been to an incredible. Went after it's over you realize. The songs they didn't. Low they could have and page could've done Ricky don't lose that number made it up. They could've done. Do it again. Bade did not. Yet every so all the big it was instantly recognizable. Every song was it here. And Donald Fagan I have to tell. He is. -- musical. Freaking genius at a level that. It is just impossible to define. And the way he sings. How he can -- With the kind of passion. That with which these things after all these -- -- they Donald Fagan has son pay ninety how many thousands of times has he done. And yet. Right there. -- put a little video of it on my FaceBook page I was out. Right there on my FaceBook page you'll see him singing the song canine team with as much passion. And with this much talent. As possible. So it -- -- that's the key. Sort of from the hangover part three -- anyway. That's when he knocks the microphone down I will make you hurt and anyway none out though -- but mr. child but we shouldn't go there but -- in any event just enemies teacher colleges that I need of mine blow. And I'm sure those of you went to authorities showed the fairgrounds that felt the same thing I did you ever justice it will -- a walking yesterday. At the fare well one time performance -- I didn't there's so much you can do what a weekend. And has there ever been a string of days as good as nice as we've had the last three days. Well yes there have but very infrequently. All right waiting for a call from met Albert he is the attorney for the family whose. Poll was shot. By a plainclothes security county sheriff's detectives who were at the wrong house. And as strangers come to the property they enter the property. Presumably. The dog had. Approaches in some way shape or form the deputies and presumably they feel as -- their lives are in danger and opened fire. Other videos extent does the sheriff department a video showing exactly what this dog did to justify being shot. Maybe that's one element to the story the other element of the story is the way this family is begin -- -- This happened time -- 25 of July. And they still are not giving the talk Barack. Not only that. I just keep thinking of his five year old girl can't imagine ladies and gentlemen. If what are browns head hit the pit bull in my head. And ricocheted and hit a little girl in the head and -- Just imagine that government. -- is I find this whole story reprehensible. It in so many ways and frankly with the wrong address very reminiscent of the -- or -- goes situation. And I believe it has been one year end two or three months. Since the royal dog we shot. In a botched drug raid. In the city of buffalo where the buffalo cops went to the wrong address neighbors were saying you guys are the wrong place that they didn't hear of women anyway -- the dog. And killed it all right so let's go to have met Albert and Matt is that the attorney for. Megan I should burst he. And -- -- family. First of all -- thanks very much for being -- and -- and let me just say the -- sheriff's deputies are saying that. They opened fire on the pit bull because his very feared for their lives and their own safety they shot in self defense what are your rebuttal to that. Matt are you there. Aaron let's say the somebody's screwed the border or other areas okay. Are here all right Matt what what do you say to be dog being a danger to the deputies. Well I think one of many -- I think. We -- here OK in terms of the number of dog -- that happen in this country. 1% of them cause serious physical injury and that it's a thicket that you believe that but it's 29 research board. So the fact of the matter is. But it's our vote even at the -- worked to bite and -- are the chances of this ever amounting to a serious physical injury. Are -- not. Bulky and I mean ailment in video to locate I -- dog rescue along with a lot of a lot of -- conduct rescue and guess what you know we get that. Frequently and I broke up a fight between a pit bull Rottweiler recently. So I guess what I would say is that you demand you know not all wanted to go to they're -- like -- Absolutely they're not you know in this -- there's compelling proof that. This was just of militias shooting the dog that wasn't even in the vicinity what -- telling us. Well for one thing we got forensic veterinarian testimony. Basically an -- is that the dog was I'm not even close. Can do the opposite to winning this shirt aspire. What is the nature of the forensic testimony gunshot residue. Yeah well looking at the entry -- That the nature of the entry wound and -- I'm not. Forensic expert by any threat but the the nature of the entry -- indicate that the dog was. Not the three feet from the officer -- he supposedly elected. But rather you know ten feet away give or take. Keep the mind of opera -- saw the dot coming. From the backyard you don't have to decide about house. Into the right -- where he -- At any point in time he could have easily got -- lead vehicle which was within two feet. Where he was standing when he this -- -- fire. So with that in mind there is absolutely -- put. And then made -- people called my client or something along those why. It is about a topic is under no obligation to retreat. I mean -- a police officer is allowed to stand his or her ground in New York -- civilian is not a police officer is not under any obligation to retreat from situation here she believes poses. A risk to life and limb. Well I mean -- look at the facts and circumstances. I mean in this -- they're at like mine's parent's house. No warrant plane -- really no business being there and but whatever legal obligation to cap center at that point I think he certainly had a moral obligation. To not letter that Dodd had you know. Open it from a book by girl child. You know I think any decent human being. You know infinity. -- like it adorn it and again he certainly is under legal obligation to do not insert -- -- unless -- Hearing -- period physical injury which as I stated in this case. Is -- that dot com and it big yet spoken many people about that is. Don't is one of the -- friendly god one could ever come across. The target grown up would be these targets -- -- look at. This dog is brought up another dot. This August -- -- -- strangers come at a house delivery man. And not one of them had any negative word to -- you know about the stock conduct whatsoever this -- and Angel simple as that. Okay now what exactly happened on that date July 825 approximately 2 PM rather road east -- what exactly happened why were the -- there to begin with. Good it's a very good question evidently. They were looking for somebody that is associate -- my client in my client don't. Well -- however. -- -- The person that they're looking for. They had never lived at this particular property which against my client parents' house has been there and a couple of times in his life. Okay has. Never -- there and hadn't been there for about a month. -- -- week preceding July 20 that but why were they -- at at time. I don't there's no good reason I think it was driving around you know whatever Sunday afternoon or whatever. See it was on the I'm tired Friday afternoon didn't have anything to do figured let's just. Go anywhere and and you know basically knock on some doors I think they were just kind of trying to find a way to trying to find something to do. Because there was a lot it will reconsider -- think that other person they were seeking to question was going to be my client about. But on on what charges. Did this individual was this individual wanted for questioning by please. I mean Arnold -- out of town because. You know he really isn't relevant to their conduct. Or anything -- object to the matter is there's no warrant whatsoever. I don't know what they were looking -- and because I really I've got nothing to do with that guy and that guy had nothing to do with the case so I can't even the answer is. What what they were speaking to work. Okay now all the dog I just this is gonna come up. Should the dogs have been on a leash should the dog have been behind offense what is the dog's owner in any violation of any dog ordinance in effect in the municipality in which -- home is look here. I don't believe I believe the editor's note that I don't believe there's any you know -- there at the country it is -- court. I don't think there is an -- sorted and dogs. He had. -- you know back in front yard to -- -- and the dog was fortunate enough to have the luxury of being able to Roman is front and backyard. And there's never been an issue before because eat when people do come about how he greet them differently manner. And there's no reason to think that not what would have happened in this particular instance. And deputy McCartney not you don't decided he was gonna sue the doctors and got particular reason from the -- girls. Holiday police officers were at the scene when the shots were fired. -- there were three how many of them shot at the dog. One. And what was his position relative to the dog vs the two who did not shoot. They're all standing out more or less close to one another he was close to his vehicle. You know I mean it was an instance in which he easily could have to open the door it was vehicle got in the car if he -- -- different about. Because people are I know that the -- that McCarthy getting your vehicle. You don't don't don't put your gun it's as simple -- that any thought and my understanding is he's done it before he had cereal box -- I'm -- because there is no oversight for his superiors because they had actually try to copper up. And condone his behavior he's eager to sitting -- and let somebody -- pumping about I don't want somebody stopped in one way or the other. Well how old. How'd you find out later say that this cop this McCarthy from the sheriff's department is your words a serial blog shooter that's based on what. Ending based on the stand well at this point it's simply based on rumor innuendo but it certainly -- -- all of the fact that it. You know -- the proper channels subpoenaed documents. The theater department's spoiled requested documents and their stonewalling me so my thought is if you can't it's not a dot they're gonna send me something back. I'm asserting that -- the fact that they're not answer my call them that respect that they're not -- me any information about that they're not. Responding to my opinion. Certainly lead me to believe that these rumors and innuendo inspect. Equate to true. So if you can prove that the cop who opened fire on lady the pit bull is in fact name cereal box shooter that'll. Well then I guess but you would hope that. You know somebody -- -- -- -- somebody stepped in and conduct a greater investigation and and you know. Indict the top and yet he did -- -- that what charges and also. Well at the -- actually -- the cover up there's a lot of other -- I mean I'll go through the litany of crimes and I think he should be charged with momentarily again. But what you better earlier puppet opera or not having its duty to retreat I don't that they're not in that particular circumstance that practically. Anytime a person to present a threat or they think that a person because you know poses a threat came to go to their fire he's. What he became a couple sitting duck indiscriminately like that a lot of and allow prevent -- and we're gonna tablets were gonna prove that. Well well the cop what are -- a couple argued that debt the deadly physical force to go out. Really contemplated deadly physical force against an animal verses a human being before but I presume that under article 35 of the New York State penal code if any reasonable person would believe that this dog was either committing -- about to commit an act of great physical or possibly fatal. If they are reasonable person would reasonably conclude that. But if -- but the question then is why didn't the two what are cops shoot. Well no I think the question then is you don't that you see that -- coming from a distance. They're all Stater brown won your state either so in that instance the opera certainty now is creating. The -- -- -- situation. You know the one that showed up unannounced at my client you know in her dog property. I think more to the point -- it's kind of -- weird because of the fact that. Dodd and I stated before there's no indication that the stock has never been on friendly towards. -- understood and outlook -- try to be circumspect here and I'm trying to I'm trying to look at through cops point of view I'm trying to look at it through the through the parent's point of view through the little girl's point of view after the dog's point of view. And it's so far that I got to area fifty years on this planet I told the story earlier I have only genuinely felt threatened to. Once by a dog in it was Adobe I have a witness to this. And here it had that -- bin able to break free from the tiny woman holding the -- it would not have ended well for the -- and I'm probably one of the biggest animal lovers there is but right the last thing I want is Adobe clamping down my privates pulled out -- and I would. Got let go ahead. What. I mean. Probably why I'm sorry you know what I get a break and so I'm so overdue break if if I was a woman you'd be panic and hold up under radio 930 WB. Marked on Monday the ballpark devices take on the Norfolk tides perfect 705 and tonight and tomorrow periods of -- some heavy spots a thunderstorm watch for areas of flooding overnight low tonight in the sixties. And a high tomorrow 75. My whether bones do not seem to be bothering me so hopefully the rain will be a well after the ballgame 83 and who's ready at 930 WB yeah. Are you -- -- disgusting story of the conduct of the Erie county sheriff's department in a Concord new Yorker in July 25 in shooting a family dog. The cops had no good reason according to the attorney met Albert for showing up at his home unannounced. There were three cops -- one cup decided to dog represented a danger and opened fire now and we're gonna get more detail on this but to attempt to make matters worse right when you make -- -- I think the thing to do is to say you know what I screwed up -- like need to do to make this better mean that that's the way I was raised now. The sheriff's department. They're trying to stick with this family in a big way -- put this dog what what how strong with the family and the ball getting the dog back. I'm just that we're we lucked up let me just hate it when you're saying look that can't feel threatened what -- did not do what could not running at the officer well I think. The document that you were earlier -- in regards to the -- are all accusatory instrument he hit it pretty. Will be at odd tidbit that I felt threatened and he jumped -- -- -- -- and he -- -- -- -- that they needed that. Well you record -- cited. Here's what. Deputy McCartney's that the deducted. In in the completed that the dog did -- People. So forgetting about the non sensitive at that period that that forgetting. It's a non sequitur. It's a statement that means nothing -- the dog is a -- all their four pit bulls deserve automatic death total is. Mike what exactly would meet with what these doctors evidently attempting to do it institute breed specific legislation. Included into the New York State bobbled it but they -- do they got to look for the proper channel namely the legislature's but it suited to god and tormenting my client her -- her family and that particular dot and that's what we're dealing here and -- get into that right now but we're dealing with the systematic. Ports are a bit of an animal a bit in -- and you don't friendly and Alec animal okay grew up with babies. Corporate kept on top for over at this point a two week period it has to stop and I brought it to the attention. Of the county attorney's office are brought it to the attention of anybody and everybody that I can do. On the and that's why you know I've been appealing to virtually anyone in law enforcement that think the constitution still applicable what I mean. I used to think Howard felt that I no longer do. Right and I I mean I can't speak for. How are technically that McCain made it in New York to bring upon the banks and are you against anybody or any god you got to meet -- that the delegates and what that person or thought it. -- Maybe McCarthy let the dog bit. People and it's on the -- that unintelligible that -- -- Looking beyond that means that it would be -- that -- -- instrument it needs to be dismissed pursuant to your state law and brought I sat at my Bible. Or I'll probably -- you got thousands of people listening and I think most of the people are pissed off about this because we have a lot of animal lovers may you know this fish that's my audience. Generally speaking is pro law enforcement but anti police state and when law enforcement crosses that line into police state tactics and basically screw with a family that did nothing wrong with a pretty pissed off about it. And Matt I'm gonna have you hold on for ten minutes and -- were to busy day for you but. I wanna get more information on bears when you guys are carry. Because apparently does not have a dog Brett. And why why is the sheriff's department torturing apparently when the sheriff's department screwed up. That's what I want and they don't thrilled I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WB Ian.

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