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8-11 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- away so easily every time. It's like 930 WB ENN. -- won't be away for long he will be back tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock from his Alaska vacation. And I am so looking forward to hearing about that -- wonderful explanation that he got to. In joy and maybe you have caught some of the pictures that he has taken of the venture. One day out once in a lifetime wonderful opportunity I have heard so many wonderful things about people who take in the vacation in Alaska. Denali national park I I'm about the nature lover I love the outdoors. And I just here it is absolutely gorgeous there and I'm going to see it someday I'm going to go up there. And and enjoy it take a couple of weeks to skip away and see some of the beauty. Of our 49 state. Larry hunter for sandy beach were until noon today than Rush Limbaugh at noon some hourly will be in today at 3 o'clock on WP EM. We've been talking about it traffic. Vehicular codes and laws. The problems with stop signs people not stopping. A cycle lists and Somalia's problems that they incur when they're out in the roadways and and writing and in the bike lanes. And there's there's another concern I I have. That is going to be brought in to New York State in even more specifically the village of Williams still within. About a year from what I understand. And that is the the hawk signal HA WK. The hawks signaled the -- beat him. I would suspect that 99.9. Percent of you. Have no idea what that is because this will be the first one installed in New York State. My thoughts are. Well and let me say this first the elected officials in the village -- Williams will vote the politicians. There are raving about this how it's going to make things safer. For pedestrians. I hate personally feel that at just the opposite is true I think it's going to make it them more dangerous. I think it's a waste of taxpayer dollars. And I think it's going to cause more problems. Then it will solve. Let me explain what -- -- beacon -- -- signal is because it could be coming to your community. Very soon. It's a a pedestrian activated. Our crosswalk signals. And it's put not at an intersection but at an area. Where supposedly people have a tendency to cross a street where they shouldn't. Now this is going to be put in on main street in the village of Williams -- About 45000. Cars today. Drive down main street in the village of Williams -- 45000. Vehicles today there are numerous. Intersections with traffic signals. And win the little. By electronic boxes that say walk and don't walk K to assist pedestrians in crossing main street. In the village of Williams -- But the elected officials thought they needed another crosswalk not at an intersection. But in the middle of a block. I'll buy out 250. Feet from an intersection with a traffic signal. Now now picture this. You're at at an intersection on main street. Main NK Uga. And you're going eastbound. You get the green light -- You have to make sure that the cars have stopped at the crossroads. Hey you have to make sure the pedestrians have crossed the road at that intersection so you can proceed. -- last thing you're thinking about. Is that you have to drive 250 feet and slam on your brakes again because a pedestrian decided to press a button. And make you stop so they could cross the street. And that's exactly. What's going on here. In less than 250. Feet. Once you get the green light. You may be expected to stop again for eight pedestrians to cross the street. This is -- hawk signal does. It's a high intensity activated crosswalk signal that a pedestrian can push to stop traffic. On a four lane highway. So they can cross the street. Now if I was an injury accident attorney. I would love this. Because. You are going to have a number of rear end collisions and accidents. And there's a good chance that a pedestrian. Could be yet. Because this has been placed where first the ball. If you were to walk 250 feet you'd be -- civilized intersection. So drivers aren't going to anticipate this being there. And -- in the wintertime of course it's going to make it harder to seed because if there's snow on the road you don't even see there's a crosswalk there. Plus there -- vehicles that can park. On main street which would block your view to see pedestrians starting to cross anyway. So taxpayers are gonna spend thousands of dollars. To put an -- block crosswalk. 250 feet from a centralized intersection where you can already cross. It's stupid. That's what it is it's just stupid. But we have tax dollars to waste because. People in the village -- Williams they'll think. That it's okay to stop thousands of vehicles for one person across the street. In the mid -- Interestingly enough I was watching a press conference a few weeks ago. In the village Williams -- where they were announcing that they need one of these -- mid block pedestrian signals. And while they were having this press conference for about ten minutes. I've probably watched. I'd say twelve to fifteen people. Jay walk across main street. Where. In an area where they were not putting up this -- signal. Is -- One of the problems. That elected officials don't seem to understand. Is that our society is so different today than it used to pre. And if you're in a hurried and you want across the street where you're not supposed to. You're gonna do it -- C'mon let's be honest you're going to -- You're not gonna walk. All the way down to press a button and wait. The stopped traffic so you can cross where you don't want a cross. Just gonna coach law. Is there anyone in right now sitting at home sitting in the backyard. Sitting in their car driving listening to the Chicago. Who has never seen someone -- Anyone. I didn't think so. People are going to cross the road and if they're in a hurried or it's convenient. Where they're not supposed to. And yet the taxpayers. Of New York State and Erie county and the village -- Williams -- can afford. To put up a signal. 250. Feet from an interest not even the length of a football field. This is 250. Feet from an intersection. Where they already have cross walks were they already tell you where you could walk and not walk and went to walk and when not to walk. Think about this you're driving your car. And you get a green light and -- proceeding are you thinking of stopping 250 feet down the road. Because some pedestrian wanted to stop traffic. It's it's absolutely crazy it's embarrassing to think. That there are two more important things going nine. In our communities. Then trying to stop. A number of cars. In a four lane state highway. For one person across the road when they could walk 250 feet in cross of the signal lies intersection. How dumb can get. 8030930. -- our numbers start 930 is a free call on your cell. Is there or anyone who has never seen a person Jay walk. It happens every day on every road. Everywhere. Larry -- for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE and Larry hunter for sandy beach -- said he. Returns tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock here at WB and we're talking about those cyclist. Pedestrians. And this new -- signals set up that the village of Williams bill is going to install. They say it is going to make things safer I say just the opposite it is going to create more confusion. It is going to create a number of accidents and I guarantee you there going to be some attorneys who absolutely loved this -- signal. Because there -- going to be some lawsuits big time once the accident start to happen if you don't. We can't. Please. Every one. If you're in her area and the speed limits only 35. We can't raise it just because your late hey if you're in the middle of a block. And it's gonna take you a minute now have to walk to the corner across the street. We can't just put mid -- cross walks just because you're lazy. You know what are we have been hearing for so many years now how important it is to exercise to stay healthy and how good the walking is for you. Why is the village of Williams bill. Fourteen a pedestrian signal lies crosswalk. 250. Feet. From a signal -- intersection where there already is a crosswalk I mean think about that. It's not even the length of a football field. And they're going to make traffic stop on a four lane highway on main street if one person wants to cross the street. I'm sorry but that is about as stupid. As I can think golf. 8030930. Is -- number at WB and I got Robin west Seneca what is this morning -- Iran thanks for calling. Okay thank you and you are. Wearing an avid biker -- all of our. Many are are. Operated truck -- or other. Why can't meeting -- call. I have my my. -- -- opened fire. There are a record but their -- and we aren't logical and it seems like almost. Very hung over. -- -- -- There's an attitude. In some areas in Western New York. That we'd need to change things. Because people are too lazy to Obey the current rules and regulations. And my thoughts are we need to enforce. The current rules and regulations. You know one of the things about this -- signal it in the village to Williams bill is that. A cycle list. Could it not be aware of this ruler regulation there's no such thing in New York State right now absolutely not so. Why would you installed this. On a four lane highway. Where there are 45000. Cars a day where nobody even knows the rules or regulations. Of this thing it's an. Accident waiting to happen. -- -- I'm better stop automatically -- per minute. Like I don't really quick played a critical problems. A -- now. There -- a lot better -- -- That are bringing. Quite openly. You know they're more concerned about how many are there are dollars. How many people you haven't got more alert and extra yeah. Get out there like the way they are -- he. Act our age so. I don't know where it's actually I'm. He got Churchill and so and so -- -- -- that I appreciate your time this morning at WB and let's head into the city of buffalo and got John with us this morning John thanks for calling -- yen. The way it ought to go to. -- That in -- -- -- poker not be on the 198 dollar art. I'm sorry I didn't hear the first part John. Oh I don't know what it -- the -- that bridge that caused so there. -- a road but it is near Delaware park and I want -- it will be locked up all where I mean like they don't have enough money is. In the wetter it would go to -- poker abilities and you don't -- an -- Up on people -- -- but all he hammered here and I you're expecting to go out but it's imminent break. If John concerning the -- overhead pedestrian walkway there there's a couple of problems there and one is. The rule not available to do it because that has to be 8080 accessible it has to be handicapped. Accessible. The rampart that yes I got. So and when you do though is I mean you basically either have to have today a handicapped ramp or. And an elevator like they do in Las Vegas I don't know if you've been out there but. The there were a number of pedestrian accidents on the Las Vegas boulevard at the major intersections there. With the volume of people and what they've done it most of the major intersections in Las Vegas now. Is put -- overhead ramps for pedestrians. And they've made them accessible for handicapped. Through elevators. And they have made it much safer but. They also had the room to do that and and the money it as well probably some of that money came for me as well unfortunately. -- All right John thank you very much appreciate your call at WB in Toms in Cheektowaga hi Tom. So very welcome back though it was talking to you thank you very much and that's the thing that the good with them I -- -- -- ballot we shall there be. -- but anyway. Typically plus. War. She's the love that you you know -- -- an intersection I mean that -- -- -- -- nobody I mean not nobody but it used to be you can count on certain kinds of days ago or the whatever. Or better than others but nobody who worked -- driver. Eight before anymore if it is so much for -- in certain -- Well of their -- their there's no question about that plot. Well I I feel that the down highway administration over the years has also provided. Increased rules and and safer rules to assist drivers and pedestrians at intersections I mean let's let's be honest years ago. There was never striking across the road to show that there's a crosswalk. Then we had. Buttons that we could press. So the traffic signal would turn red so excuse me read one wearing green and other so weak across the street. But we didn't have the heads up there that say Walken and don't walk and now we've even gotten to the point where some of the of pedestrian pads. Not only say walk and don't walk but they give you the amount of time team you have remaining to cross the street so. I feel that that safety has been improved at a number of intersections. How he had repaired somewhat like somebody that while the saudis do I think they are maybe that's where they decide to do -- -- -- they looked at it that there's a lot of help. People living around -- crop had this bad area because there at William street here -- shopping mall a lot of where -- -- white. Because they live directly. Each they're going to -- little laundromat. All of this. Drama I've got a break. All right thank you town. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star named -- and our toll free line is 1806169236. Rush Limbaugh coming your way at noon today Tom Farley at 3 o'clock on WB -- Larry hunter sitting in this morning for sandy beach sandy returns from his Alaska adventure. Tomorrow morning. At 9 o'clock as we talk about pedestrian access. Bicycle lists and drivers. And safety on our roadway today. The village of Williams bill has announced they are the first place in the entire State of New York. That will be installing a hawk beacon or -- signal. They're going to install it just 250. Feet from a signal lies intersection -- cross walks this -- signal. Basically is a. Activated. By a push button for a pedestrian to cross the road. The interesting thing about this -- signal is that when it's not working. When it's not being used. The lights are not green yellow or -- they don't exist. Okay they have these traffic signals our on the roadway. But they're turned off. And then went up pedestrian wants across the street they press a button and then all of a sudden these signals come on. And the village -- Williams bill thinks that among the 45000. Cars that drive on main street every day. All these drivers are gonna know what it means what's going on. They're gonna pay attention to a signal that didn't exist that all of a sudden does exist. 250. Feet from -- signal -- intersection where there are cross walks. I think this is really -- I I understand pedestrian safety. I understand concerns about getting across the road safely. But when you can do that. 250 feet away why do we have to spend. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars. I'll hawk beacon. For people to cross. Where there's really hardly any reason even cross the road. I have to ask what is the village to Williams -- thinking here. Are they so desperate. To try and make it look like they're doing something for people that they would make. A section of main street more dangerous. Because that's what they're exactly doing. I've got JoAnne and Williams Phil hi JoAnne how are you this morning. They're good effort and collar I live and so is it between -- really -- In the area from Bernanke. -- -- -- and -- is atrocious it off and I don't think it is pretty won't get toxic not my daughter that's important aren't in the end. Eight it crops grow a crop yeah crops. -- your crop -- And that the death in in Portland pregnant and they hit it right away and people. They're they're all over the place earlier is that it's one here in outlook apartment. -- -- -- -- It is horrendous picture but I would try to get I'm going home uncle -- I try to it's going not an irate side. And then in the richer and the people are -- matter what you eat or get into right true. And I got -- -- silly comment on it I'm Wendy and it would. And electric -- on streets were clear. But you're gonna -- next to get people happen out in. And I he. And frustrated I think in there and -- -- I -- -- -- and. Well first of all beat the intersection right near you main NK Uga. It is a a very. Carefully signal lies intersection you you may realize are you you may have seen a number of times where. If you are on the northbound on K units remain. They have the stop bar further back from the intersection to make it more appropriate for cars. Making turns off of main street because it's not a perfectly. Ninety degree -- intersection. Plus they have the crosswalk marked plus they have the pads for telling people to walk and not walk. Plus they have advanced green arrows for traffic on main street to make a left hand turns it as well so. The New York State has done an I think an outstanding job of symbolizing that intersection. To make it safer for vehicles and pedestrians as well. So why would they interject. 250. Feet away import another signal -- that is activated. So it doesn't always show the light. But sometimes comes on where drivers in New York State had no idea. What it means. And and what you should do to meet -- creating a more dangerous situation and not only that but think about this Chilean. The fire department is right there. Now. If some pedestrian presses that hawks beacon. And activate it to stop traffic. Traffic is going to block emergency vehicles from getting out to the village -- Williams still even think about that I doubt it. I doubt it to mean that anything -- epic trek across Bloc's first. See how people react to get back to go with the expense and I think they -- in your edit and then Ayman. -- in the economy and it just. Said that angle where every month -- -- came -- I think it's doubtful -- note that congested area -- This whole idea that toxic -- -- very upsetting and I actually enter. That area so. Great people and -- talking about it and I don't know how much is gonna be dying down a hypocrite -- Dot -- into an -- I'm concerned back. Think history here typically you might come out. It's rhetoric particularly. Thank you -- couldn't feel -- call again any time. Let's go to -- fill in Cheektowaga this morning Phil thanks for calling WB ENN. Good morning I just wanted to make a point this isn't about the traffic light but there's so the other grand plan they have for that section on main street. Or they want to put bomb pops I don't know what the proper name for -- -- at the corner so another words. It's closes up from two arranged a one lane at the corners. That they thought that true. All. All they happen. One night when you -- 11 night while in the wonder what is going to happen. Anybody that lives on the -- outer coat over streets you know that all the snow gets -- and you're in your drive. And out. The same will happen there at that -- out when those plow drivers have to swing the plow out they're going to feel let down that area that. The -- out. Now I mean really. You have people from. States where you don't yet know when you don't have real liquor and also what what is going to happen is our ears. If there is an accident there main goal is to make main street one lane in each correction. And what is going to happen when that one lane is blocked by no exe and under what. Well let's be honest here year. There are a lot of deer and Amherst and I have driven down main street in the village to Williams they'll. And had a deer run out in front I mean I've had geese walk across the street I had ducks try to cross a street on on main street what happens when a deer runs out. And a car hits a deer and there's an accident. And it backs up traffic for ever this has not been well thought out at all that this is. It appears to be there's just a few people. In the village Williams -- who think that pedestrians. Should control the village and there should not be any automobiles in the village at all they wanna go back to the horse and buggy days. And here's the thing here's the catch 22. The village of Williams they'll. Would not be what it is today. The merchants there would not be successful like they are today if it wasn't for main street. It's what has brought people to the village and made it what it is and now they want to make it more difficult. Four vehicles. To get into and through the village of Williams -- Well it says exactly there's only two. Two towns that are actually halfway decent wanted to williams' guilt or you can park without worrying about getting a parking ticket. And secondly East -- But the rest of the towns they're very they really don't understand and that is why in. In downtown buffalo I want I I refuse to go down to -- in downtown bubble I got a parking ticket in a parking ramp. While parking in a nested parking area. They paid nine I paid my I'm 35 dollars but I still do not know what the hell announced that are didn't parking area. It. Makes two of us felt like I have no idea but here here's another thing that bothers me either they're talking. About putting this hawk beat him in front of the library in the village of Williams real. The error is part keen to the side and behind it. The library in the village of William Israel and there are sidewalks. And a crosswalk intersection 250 feet from the library. Why do you need a crosswalk. When you have parking behind in next to the building. At a crosswalk already existing 250 feet from the building this is ridiculous it's a waste of taxpayers' money. Well let's put it this way you provide money and not find a way to spend. I'll wells said Phil thank you very much for your call at WB yen. Larry hunter for sandy beach will be back with AccuWeather right after -- you know my question is if people aren't going to follow the rules or regulations. When it comes to pedestrian crossings. Why are you going to create more rules and regulations. That have never been instituted in New York State. And why are you going to do it on a road where there are 45000. Cars a day that's what the village who Williams it was doing. There are expecting. That drivers are going to understand. What I -- signal is. I'm sure most of you have never even heard of -- signal. Or hawk beacon. It's basically a pedestrian activated signal. And when the pedestrian presses the button to cross. What was totally blank all of a sudden becomes a signal. That that that's right. There's no red light there's no yellow -- there's no green light it's totally off and then all of a sudden a light appears. And all this is being done just 250 feet from where there already is an intersection that is -- and allies that you can cross. And if you look at the national highway administration. They will tell you. Bet they hawks signal is far less safer then an eight truly activated signal lies intersection. So they're creating a less safe. Cross seen. Just 250 feet from where it is safer -- cross why. Why are you wasting taxpayer dollars on something as ridiculous as this. Because you wanna have people be able to go to the Williams -- library. Most of the people drive to the library in anyway. And if they -- you have a crossing an intersection 250 feet away. I mean. If people are not going to go to the intersection to cross. What makes you think they're going to go to this intersection. To cross when basically you put up a -- signal where there's not an intersection. Why you create a more dangerous situation for pedestrians. And create a situation where drivers. Aren't even going to be aware of what's going now. And then why would you create the problem. In front of my fire department building. That is just stupid I can't think of a better word. Insane that is just open it. Because you could put other people's lives in dangerous when the fire department or emergency response vehicles can't get out because they're blocked by cars at your stupid -- signal. Win our politicians going to realize that you can't please everybody. All the time. Pedestrians. Are going to Jay walk they have four ever and they always will they're going to cross where they want across. And just putting up. Thousands of spending thousands of dollars for a signal that is going to disrupt traffic is not going to solve the problem. Common sense. Should be used. Not. Politics. And that's what it gets to all I'm a politician and I'm going to make it safer for you or not. You're not only we can make it safer for -- Only -- do that bills and -- Wanda a bill. They can particular color them that they aren't isn't that -- -- -- an additional I would -- outlook and the bad I'd be up. Why even do what you're looking at potential. Because you have to cut. Because -- the idea that are hurting and been interchange. And it doesn't work right got a lot of the people you're in the area will be condition such an action. Nor the people you know. How that how well he's a patient if things get rid of it. Or somebody gets hurt and it can't get sued because there always are open on a book that says that have been killed in the idea. I think you bring up an excellent point I wonder if the people in the village -- Williams bill. Understand that they're putting themselves out for a lawsuit as soon as there's an accident there and I guarantee you. There will be an accident there. I can't you know that that that I mentioned the volume of traffic. Wouldn't it still does not like. -- on the -- a very as a community have a lot of traffic. You'll want to announce something like that you've got to isolate that whole area. Right now there are no other venue between Trenton road and that's true away. Except me history you -- -- and at bat in the such gridlock at. It's just ridiculous. You know one of the things people don't understand bill is that. When there and and think about this because it will make a lot of sense when I say it when there is more traffic. Traffic has a tendency to go slower. When there's less traffic. People have a tendency to go faster. So. The people who are running in the village Williams Phil -- are telling you how terrible all this traffic is but the truth is. That because of the volume of traffic. People are going slower in their cars. On main street in the village of organs -- And now they want to make it more complicated. And put themselves up for a potential lawsuit I said earlier if I was an accident injury attorney. I would put up a seat right there and wait for the first accident and jump and give them my card. Physical mind right there her lawyer that -- It like at any ill conceived idea about what our group. And now without public input. You know -- chilling what this bit -- bite into. It yeah. Always around. I appreciate your call bill you have a great -- now. And I appreciate all your calls today I wanna thank -- Tony Caligiuri for doing such an outstanding job for me. The last few days the last couple weeks Chris Johnson who has been Manning the phones thank you Chris always -- -- enjoy spending that time and and talking with you. Tony I'm sure will be talking about the bills and in the upcoming season as time goes by looking forward to welcome it's good things that history -- taught us. Now did you see those bombs. I I think we're gonna have some fun this year I I think we're gonna see some scoring I think we're gonna see a good defense. I I think there's a lot of potential here I don't know for gonna make the playoffs but like I said earlier in the show we were at Super Bowl 25. A year from now will be Super Bowl fifty I would love to see this team. Get a roster together so we go to Super Bowl fifty I think that would be so much fun and fabulous for for this community again. So to all of you have called in and listen thank you for your time I appreciate the opportunity to spend with you. I'm looking forward to sandy beach coming back tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock am telling us all about his -- wonderful Alaska and venture. You have a great day watch out for some of those thunderstorms tonight. I'm Larry hotter. Enjoy the summer. And will be talked India.

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