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8-8 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Michael Caputo

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Instead the GOP it's ingenious invention. Yes indeed. That was. Oscar winner. Tony award winner brilliant stage actor Henry Fonda as pitch man forward -- view next. It. Now we are in -- this is the issue all. Sitting in that Michael would never. We -- before we haven't I was here on the sweet woman in town. -- -- -- regret missing. Well deserve it Asian Tuesday morning I can only assume that he's he's sitting on the cruise ship in Alaska listening to issue right now streaming. Yeah hey -- -- cruise -- prices thirty dollars a minute yes yes I'm still. Still little upset. That looks up that he he didn't deem -- -- fit -- to -- to bring me along on the trip but. Not. I'm originally we were gonna have clip from. To -- ninja turtles show. That's a big movie that's that that's opening today nationwide and probably going to be number one the box office I learned something about. Teenage mutant ninja turtles before that I did not know it's a big buffalo connection. Always there yeah. They often will shell out as most ninja is -- column -- dude before they they kick somebody to the ground. I did not realize that cowboy and a is actually from buffalo Bob Smith's Howdy Doody show oh it was a bit of -- Indian language that they created for the characters and they shared using column long guy as a a normal thing that the Indians and surfers later adopted dad and the teenage mutant ninja turtles later adopted. Not knowing they were actually quoting in Asia I would note the circuit with deals. It is it is it darkened as there there otherwise just sterling reputation. As fine fine American citizens. But this is show business so let's take a look at the box office number one last weekend in the big way. Guardians. That galaxies. The latest. Franchise to come out of Marvel Comics. And this one took extraordinarily well 94 million dollars which makes it. The biggest opening weekend ever in August. It was the third biggest opening of the year the only two movies that opened bigger word Captain America another marvel. Property and transformers. Interestingly enough. Strong female attendant for a comic book movies more so than usual so apparently. Chris Pratt. Who normally plays the very schlopy -- on parks and recreation buy -- himself ball often good looking for this film. The ladies did apparently respond to that. Or they were dragged their -- they couldn't be it but the numbers are so many of them want. Boyfriends so that's that -- they might have heard Bradley -- and it and didn't realize that he was actually the voice of the room. The law firm meet rocket lit room. The Bradley Cooper character for my money. He was the best character in the film I -- that character I would happily watch a movie starring -- that character. This movie got such great reviews it got such terrific audience polling numbers that when I saw that on Saturday. I gotta admit. I had a bit of that feeling welcome. -- Didn't knock me off my feet I was in wasn't blown away abide by videos and I enjoyed it enjoyed it. At a patrol -- we discussed a few days ago lunacy. Did eighteen billion dollars it is -- eighty million dollars is made twice. Its production budget. In just ten days and it's going to be opening overseas in late August through September where it's men do this fantastic. Match. -- you saw this in what did you think they'll lose I was. Not impressed my my what my twelve year old daughter last weekend she loved it she's she absolutely loved but the one thing I mentioned Q which I think -- -- whether it's a good movie here. When it was over I thought it was under now. But within our nearly an hour and a so you know I I think some of the plot was a result I think -- with -- -- could have been develop better. But the concept with -- the idea of some -- -- percent -- what they could accomplish. When when you know something seems like -- -- quickly but with much longer in real time I'll often use that you know. When. Go to bed with a woman and she says geez that was quick and I say no actually it was much longer. You're just having such a good time that it seemed like it was refused reached over. That's what I that's -- that's what I do I enjoyed the film lot which bothers me a bit because. That would mean according buy your scale like the same movie takes his twelve year old girl I think a lot of people have already. Have already figured. I didn't take the signs of the film. Seriously. At all because of the factors it's not a documentary I thought it was a actually have more on Lucy and I did -- cartons of -- and I did not expect. Coming in number three. Get on up the James Brown biopic did fourteen million dollars. Very solid opening for film received limited promotional push. It should have good legs strong reviews strong audience polls. I'm now I'm. Looking forward to catch in this one myself shortly. At number four Hercules did eleven million dollars it is now 53 million it's dropping quickly in the United States. But overseas markets are already proving to be very strong for this picture. And a number 51 of my favorite films. The summer -- my favorite films of the year. Dawn of the planet of the apes. Nine million dollars it's now 189. Million it's already done over 260 million dollars overseas so. Out yeah that apes franchise. Is is alive and well you can expect. I did I I really liked and I thought it was very well done. Well my wife and I wanted to go to in the East Aurora theatre. But it -- it another pretty quickly I was conservative had been. Put off knowledge doing it's doing awfully good business I think the situation with. Or the other to try him out here they like to move them. Quickly if they had just the one screens or especially during the summer that one ticket manager. The newer releases. But now one of the things by going with TGI rather than the masks that they use him really wonderful mask make up in the old films. And they. The CGI really allows for just remarkable facial expressions and performances. Two characters. Now you were impressed by the box office on the one there is one box office milestone I want to take a look at. Transformers. -- distinction. The latest transformers has passed the one billion dollar mark this week. The US box office for that is 241. Million dollars which is quite nice. But the foreign box office so far 760. Donna -- million dollars for a movie that. And I've talked to receive it is really not particularly good at all but it is. He's in a lot of people. Look at it it. Yeah so we'll we'll take a break now and welcome back with our test your movie IQ question and talk about. The movies this week which it's an odd mix we got a movie that's coming here after several other areas boyhood. And then we'll talk about the wide releases for. The country which -- next actually not a mixed bag at all. They're all pretty lousy except for the top movie and talk about. That sounds great will be right back your news radio 930 WBM with cinema -- We're back here and news -- 930 -- yen the beach and company. I'm Michael Goodwin for us and he's on until Tuesday. And we're here with cinema Bob talking movies as we do every Friday at this time. I bought some of these movies are incredible this pointed movie I'm I'm really looking forward to maybe it's not everybody's cup team but I would. While I'm very excited about it but I I I do have to deliver a correction. Here at the bottom of the hour. Rim give the answer to our tests are -- IQ question eyes -- that William Faulkner. Start a splinter. In the new teenage mutant ninja turtle movie. -- play shredder. Splinter is. A four foot tall rat who teaches them how to do ninja stuff. Shredder. Is. The -- villain that fights the turtles and I believe he spends his spare time yes. Using shredding skills to make Jeremy Cole -- All of our question is where did William partner graduate from high school in 1974 and the answer was Mary -- high school out in Cheektowaga. But our next movie is teenage mutant ninja turtles now. Michael Bay the guy behind the transformer movies. Has made just a pot of money with. Those transfer flicks so -- he had to be walking around. Toys 'R' Us thinking must be some other eighty's toys that I can you know you know get a hold -- here so he decided to jump on. The teenage mutant ninja turtles I would assume in a few Summers we're going to be seeing for -- -- the movie. This one is in 3-D. We no longer have turtles and -- suits as we did in the the films in the ninety's. These turtles are all CGI. They are much rougher looking they're much more articulated. That they have a less personality they don't really have as much personality. Separating them. As as they used to. And in the original teenage mutant ninja turtle comic books it was geared much towards teens it was seen as this entire. Superheroes. And had edgier darker feel for teens then in the ninety's when they get to -- tombs. On TV. They may get a lot lighter a lot more a little kid friendly. And this tries to go back to those teenage. Route. It is much. Darker much more violent than the previous films it is rated PG thirteen. Not PG. -- mom. And this this kind of gives us. Men of steel. Movie violence the Superman movie from a few years ago where you have. Huge destruction. Of property and building huge chunks of buildings -- -- -- found. Obviously. Killing dozens of people but. So that you don't actually show the degree landing on people. Or show the street littered with all those unfortunate corpses. Well you are able to keep that PG thirteen rating so that's pretty much what they've done here. So this film is much rougher. That -- earlier feel if your kids have seen that transformer movies or any of the current Batman films or. A man of steel and they and finally -- I'll probably. Be okay with -- -- If the transformers movies are too violent for your kids and you might want to think twice before taking them very little ones. Two this one. The the turtles induce still love pizza. But. They do want -- call that this is show business. So it is the place for enormous. Product placement now the turtles love. Pizza Hut pizza. In fact. I especially like. Pizza Hut pizza with the exciting. All new recipe. Which there rent. -- say. Describes all the wonderful ingredients that go into the all new Pizza Hut pizza yes. -- hot possibly the only major dining chain in the country. That has its virtues explain to you by a four foot tall ramp. There also is bizarrely product placement in this kid's movie from. Victoria's Secret. You've got Will Arnett in the -- as a comic relief cameraman. Who works for April O'Neal. -- always just a regular mice Gail. In the in the old cartoons and all that not play by Megan Fox she's got a lot more boom happening here. Will -- and it as the comic relief cameraman seems to be. In in the difficult position it seems like they wanted him to be -- funny guy but you really don't give me any funny material. So he's just. To be funny without keeping peace and stop Bill Murray was and it's similar situation with the Charlie's Angels movie. And was -- frustrated with it which is why you and that's. In Charlie angels true enough that franchise pretty quickly followed our -- William figure Boris play shredder. He is the big band he has the final showdown with the turtles out on -- roof top. But. Pork or bill. He has. To deliver lines like. Well time to take him by the Big -- And when April O'Neal suddenly shows up while he's doing something diabolical he says. It looks like April Kaymer early this year yeah. Nobody said being a working actor was going to be easy I -- -- -- I'm sure our. I'm sure he survives a well if he survives every week she's terrific actor. And the biggest crime all over this movie at no point in this film does any turtles. How Obama got vests just. Act like a white pop I suspect that's no good. They released this week that is of course extremely similar to -- teenage mutant ninja turtles movie is Helen Mirren. In the hundred foot journey. Just not getting very good releases. As well. But I don't know how much it will it will matter this is very much comfort food cinema. It is predictable. It is familiar that is part of what makes it comfort food. I would say for people who enjoyed -- Mena with Judi -- earlier this year or joint exotic miracle hotel. This is a movie that will be right in their wheel house. Helen Mirren plays a rather tight snobbish woman who runs a Michelin starred French restaurant. The news and where's the country France yet she is in France and can't family from India. Moods and France to wanna open a restaurant and they open right across the street from her. And on -- he plays the the chef and owner of the Indian restaurant he's he's an. Acting legend in -- he's not very well known here. But Helen area and on -- get in all sorts of oh grumpy old men style battles. But and his son. Altima with pursue shaft. And then Indian friendly faces racism. And who comes to their aid could it be -- mirror and now may seem like I'm giving everything away. But if you see commercials and trailers for this movie. You are all this stuff prep inaudible -- they show you the whole film in the trailer once again this kind of movie where we don't -- It we want. Something nice here. It's produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg who show up in the commercial all the talk about -- well it is what you saw the producer of a movie. In the commercial. This is what I call an aunt -- movie you can take your -- Rosie to or your arm. Race CEOs say. Downton Abbey you know it's it's it's a nice comfort zone. -- it. Tell David got a lot going wrong for him in the movie yes and when we come back the winners and dairy. -- -- Well -- write accurate news radio 930 after these messages. Welcome back to the beach and company show as you know we're in the studio with cinema -- still some talk in movies and we've got a few minutes here. Left -- there's so much out there. Yes a lot of that well this is. And in August tears and the dog days of August and this is like when you go to Walgreens. And you walk around and and can happen they've got that one and camping area with all the little orange clearance stickers on things with. Stuff they didn't want to do with and they just one Q&A door that's kind of what's happening at the cinemas in in August and things. Thrown everything if all things are only gonna get scarier as the months progress that's. We talked about -- which finally came to buffalo a film is getting absolutely stellar reviews nationwide and we have teenage mutant ninja turtles. Horrible reviews hundred foot journey really pretty bad reviews but now we have into the storm which is getting. Reviews that are so that really make your mind Bob yes that that film is currently. At 10%. On rotten tomatoes and all the areas there's only 10% said it's worth to him. This is kind of a rebate reboot -- a reboot of the twister film. In which we watch huge tornadoes as they tear apart houses and lives and people who chase those. Storms to get the footage. Matt Walsh from BP plays a freelance video her. Who makes his living getting amazing -- shot. -- This actually could be a full time career I thought nowadays people just. Shot video stuff and put it up on YouTube according to this this is how a person makes the big box. On. Wonder with this film which seems twisters. And her cage to hear troops home and eat pounds and stage in this country. Just commercials. For this they catch. -- ties and people all over the place. These people who just can't. This has fallen entertain. It. One of the things they do here that is particularly. Annoying. It is this is one of those. Found footage movies supposedly. All of the all of the film is put together from footage from cell phones and video camera. And hand held. -- cameras and things like that that they then put together and they go to this one and they want to and don't want to I mean it is crisply edited and they are. Often shocked warrior like well that wasn't conflict to sweeping your shot that's obviously you know just playing film making. They really don't want you to think about that they just want you to think about all the remarkable carnage in the special effects. One of the things that helps. The film. See you know shell all of that is huge horrible disaster is that all the people who live in this town apparently are. Jim waited. The one that one big plot line concerns that the high school. High school principal all the all. All sorts of warnings on radio and TV about the calming tornadoes. He insists. Graduation. Must be held today. And of course be held outside. With everybody sitting in folding chairs. If this plan goes line somewhat. You have people. Who are standing there while cars are literally. Surely we are behind them and -- wondering why their cell phone doesn't work. These are not particularly bright people. But after the I was getting terrible reviews I think there is one. One thing they could have done to save this picture. If only they had -- sharks. To the tornadoes could then -- got something. Then you got a movie that people are gonna get a little excited about but into the storm is not gonna cut it. Next we have a very odd picture Mike -- Couple years ago. Wrote and directed a film called another earth that was his first big movie. -- iPhone I think peace -- very well reviewed very interesting picture. This one is who saw more effort and he is suffering. Mary -- her views now. At the beginning of this year in in the first quarter we had to. It's this film's catering to your faith based audience and they were very much faith -- science. Stories God's not -- -- Having this for real. I mean these films did did very very well. And this film kind of takes the flip side of God's not dead in which we. Have a film with a scientist. That. Feels that has a theory that -- hole two sets of eyeballs are alike there like a fingerprint. And he's trying to show that evolution is actually part of their development. And that because you can show that guys involved somehow that just proves. The existence of god somehow I don't know exactly -- So rather than -- not -- which geared towards a faith based its audience with the PG film. This movie is rated. And going for -- or indie films -- crowd I cannot imagine it is going to find the same type of success. On the film gets very preachy arguments are made -- -- Without strong characterizations. From the people and in the end the film takes a final plot direction. That a lot of people compared to and I chow line is worse. So this this I don't think is gonna be a day. If you want to if you're thinking OK so those who -- -- Needs something more upbeat. And -- step up all in this is the fifth. In the step up dance series. The one that made Channing Tatum a star is the first step up and step two these are ones that really got him. To be noticed and in this in this one they get all of the old answers back together. 12 to kind of put on a show everybody but Channing Tatum and she's actually busy making you know millions of dollars -- big big east. All of the plot here had decided not to even worry about it plot. They pretty much just compete in a reality TV competition. How bad is the script for this film let me put it this way it was written by John sweat them. What did John -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes yes still coming out this week so if you're headed after the movie this weekend. Personally I would recommend boyhood. If you take mom out to the movies. Ten acre to -- hundred foot journey -- and bury. That pretty much sums it up that doesn't. Yes I'll tie it up I wish I hope perhaps a minute let my wife in the movies this week you know that's probably Smart. It next week I'll do it and I'll listen to sort of -- next Friday as well. Thank you very much buffalo for tolerating me the last two days on the beach and company show. Sam back on Tuesday -- -- great weekend buffalo. And come back to news radio 930 WP.