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8-11 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 PW BE. Good morning -- in -- today's weather it doesn't look has good forward tomorrow and unfortunately. I have a golf outing scheduled for tomorrow. Looks like get it make it canceled. Our -- A -- golfers. Bye week we love summer we we just do you see the PGA tournament yesterday Rory McIlroy. A little rain delayed down there in Tennessee. That there were times when you couldn't even see the golf course. It was raining so hard but young McIlroy -- showing himself to be absolutely outstanding. This year let's get back to our topic today we're talking about pedestrian safety bicycle lists. Drivers. How we can make our roadways. A little bit safer and by the way if you are stuck on the year to 90 eastbound this morning if you wanna. Give us a call let us know where you are and how bad things are. We will passing information along to everyone. And again it appears like traffic is backed. A couple of miles now in the east bound to ninety. And looks like if possible you need to get off that couldn boulevard. May be up -- on Sheridan. And take that -- all the way down to -- sport if you need to keep going on on the 290 again if if you're out there stuck in traffic wanna give us calling yourself star 930. Will share the information we have all of our a listeners. Ironically we're talking about traffic and pedestrian safely and and the cyclist. Safety today. And I'm going to be telling you about eight. A new traffic rule in new traffic regulation that is going to be put in the New York State thanks to the village of Williams fills. Their adding something brand new in the next year -- so that they think will make. It's safer for pedestrians. I'm gonna explain it to you and then you can tell me if you think it's gonna make anything safer. I don't think so I think it's a waste of money I think it's just typical politics politicians. Pretending they're they're doing something to make things safer. I think it's gonna make it worse and process possibly even more dangerous but I'll share that with you. In a couple of minutes and also if you're a cyclist. I wanna throw this out this morning because I've wondered about this a couple of times. If you're a cycle list and you are out on a highway -- road. You are required to basically Obey the same rules and regulations as if you were in cars as if you were driving. Which means you cannot see the vehicles coming behind you. Most -- don't have Amir of where they concede the vehicles coming behind them and I've often wondered as a cyclist. Would you feel safer if you were going against traffic. As opposed to win its traffic. Because if you were going against traffic which pedestrians are required to do by the way. You would be able see the vehicles coming at you you would be able to see if there might be of vehicle that that is -- dream. That that may be there is a driver not paying attention to the road and and doesn't see you. But if you go with traffic as a cyclist. It's hard to tell. What's behind you 8030930. Is our numbers start ninth thirtieth recall on your cell I've got Kathy in Boston this morning hello Kathy. Good morning -- Leo I'm fine thank you very much. Well. What's what's your thoughts. And my back is that we -- I'm. And and we airport on the -- early. European here or nightmares. And we have problems with kids and -- not like I mean I guess the only light. Mile per hour. Yeah I bet on horses. Not riding along the road but crossing the road. And where we've crossed it's not a cross walk. And therefore were required to yield the right of way he -- two vehicles. And I have been at a situation where I've seen people riding horses along the side of the road and IE. Personally love horseback riding -- avid horse fan that I loved to ride. Haven't been able to do it it in a wild but I I love horses I think their dramatic magnificent animals. And I've always thought that. You know horses can get spooked and it. If you get a big get a truck going by or some buddy driving by you gonna blow their warnings in spook the horses it's it's kinda dangerous. And have you had any concerns about that. Well -- we would match the about the fireworks that were broad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean weeks yet we we do right with traffic and let rabbit a black channel and then we caught. So we don't have to worry about the people coming kinda won't be able to get them till they're -- -- help. Most people are very considerate and actually courts and have the right over -- a -- and vehicle and Annie. Now -- I gave wasn't aware of that so I'm. I don't know that for a fact but I I will take you're word. I I know that they're apt and I mean -- -- -- before we stay out all we don't -- -- without -- we try to stay. I'm older and we wouldn't. Armed traffic but the other -- out that you might have a group to retreat bicycle. And I can go right -- the right there they're very why. And other seven people are going you don't import it you don't get me and they might say hey how are you as. Eight era and actors -- -- they're like -- debate coming up. When there aren't that bad that we can be there are gonna be right on I -- but sometimes they're like. People are going forward. Well as I understand it a psychoanalyst who is going to pass on the other cyclists or pedestrians. Is required to. Warn them with with a bell. That is on their handlebars that is supposed to be on their handlebars they're supposed to Warren. Wow when they are going to pass whether that be on a highway or a bike path. I let that happen and I mean average at the area that is -- OK you know motor cycles go and they usually considered doing really I think that acted out in. I hit it really. Public think about the time that the -- yet here. -- -- -- -- -- That direction with here at around you have to watch what I'm not. Do you. You feel -- that it's safer and if you're horseback riding on the side of the road to ride with traffic or to ride against traffic. That we usually why. Traffic. But. We can't to a great worker or -- -- The people behind -- -- -- they came out there we -- And though it against traffic so that we are we aren't like on the front porch and everywhere. -- Until -- but they are. I bet that that's happened to be out after 630. Coming back from our are about the fact. We're like. Yeah -- like that that happily -- probably light. It what kind of horses the F camping. I -- I don't want aren't that I get an epidemic. Now I AM I used to have a yeah an old paint. That I used to write for a while and I had an app. And as well and of course -- Mino is. And are now -- great Kathy thank you so much for your call this morning appreciate hearing from -- WBE. Let's take a quick break and welcome back -- more of your calls as we talk about pedestrian safety cycle listen and I'm asking you cycle it's. The law says you are -- a basic traffic rules and regulations like -- automobile and you're supposed to go with traffic. Which means you don't see the vehicles behind you. And I've often wondered as a cycle is do you have any thoughts about. It being safer if you were to ride against traffic so you could see the vehicles coming to you as opposed to not been able to see the ones behind you. Share your thoughts -- -- at WB and Larry hotter it's a Monday and I am filling in for sandy beach pedestrians. Bicycles. Drivers. Why aren't you stopping for stop signs. What's the what's the problem here why are you walking in the road when you have sidewalks in your neighborhood. And cyclist. Do you understand the rules of the road 803 on 930 is our number it WB and I've got John and Orchard Park this morning John thanks for calling. -- -- I'm I used the right when I was young great right from Orchard Park to Cheektowaga George urban area to Dick wrote I might buy several times a week. And it definitely dangerous to go again. Graphic when you're on -- bike here scrutiny at a pretty quick clicks you know when he when he -- mile an hour and technical faster. In Nazi really should be going with traffic. If you were to go out and check the biggest danger would be a car coming out and making a right hand turn. They generally look for the last. Nobody coming and then go into -- biking to come -- from the right. They're not gonna see them pull right out front Ewing and make an -- spot so that would that would be the main reason why you want to go with traffic. Also in going through big intersections. You know on across the street when you have left hand turn signals and -- coming from all directions you're better off getting right in with the traffic. In you're making a left hand turn it right behind -- are which are -- in the low -- that you can take off quickly with the tires. And then once you get into the market under the road that you're making a left to move over there right. I'm -- -- coming up behind you I never really had an issue about targeting to close as long as -- state and the white line. All the wait in -- in the side of the road in available before you and -- matter of trusting that I think drivers of the RCU and. You know to do it along Harrington and I've never had a problem. John what about this cycle is stuff on sidewalks do you see that -- when you're driving or or writing. Yep by -- -- sidewalks and all the can be dangerous to people are backing out of their tribe -- they don't feel I've seen people get hit especially look it's. Bob Mueller pay attention and that is the experiments are -- eagle -- -- in the world thought it'd be just to be going down inside -- up on your bike. Especially in a city neighborhood. Where -- you know cart or pulling in impacting -- driveway. Ironically this morning I saw coming in into work I saw a cycle is on a sidewalk. Coming towards me and then I saw cyclists on the sidewalk going in in the direction. I was going as well. And to make it even more ironic. There was a police officer pulling out of a commercial establishment. As the cyclist on the sidewalk ago went by the police officer. And I thought to myself in all the the cycle should be taken it but how is the police officer in the car. Going to go through traffic and chased down a cyclists stop on a sidewalk that's. Basically almost more dangerous than than just letting them go. Yeah I know I I agree. I think I've heard I can't recall when but I think I ever heard cyclists being ticketed for not following. The rules say they should be -- you're like -- -- four -- going at a really quick case. -- -- it will be going against -- you can always right which -- it's very important to do that. And night I totally agree that that I would not not changed a lot allows cycle that August traffic walking definitely that you are coming and harsh words and he can dive out of the way when you're right there's many other factors that are being -- up our you know -- wiping -- Thank you John I appreciate your input this morning at WB yeah let's all head over to west Seneca and a welcome bill to the program this morning good morning bill. Doing good so far but they're calling for rain on my golf day tomorrow. Not good at it that well there. I think they're quick point -- -- make you. I'm not certain that the bad or stop -- and do intersection is gonna make it more -- -- no I didn't say that. But -- bit. People would just -- -- because now there they don't really aren't used to stopping so it's like one more thing for them to do so I said. Adding more stop signs to an intersection. Doesn't necessarily make it safer. As long as people aren't going to obeyed the existing rules adding more doesn't make it safer. So basically what you're saying it is the more that you make somebody do. The less likely they are to do the little nitpick things that. Yes I think that's human nature. Exactly. But aren't probably as. That the more that we require someone sighted you know the last they're gonna do -- -- it. In the country the people who actually derived. Are the people who actually produce something in this country that people actually go to work early and so for him to warrant vote harder penalty -- someone who actually. Is driving them being. We have to drive it or. The people who will be nothing personal wanted to but doing nothing they don't have to drive they don't care like. Why would impose higher penalties on and who's trying to beer a weaker and we got to go to work we are. Probably lower the taxes in this country. On the people who actually learn something. So that we don't have to be sold -- all time and we actually slow down drive the speed limit you know not have to talk on her phone calls. For business or anything else. When we're driving. If we were lowered taxes not a Mormon money. They wouldn't be a pre -- I'd like to others saying that. All right bill I'm I'm gonna interject here because I I I wanna make a point IE I didn't indicate that I feel that we should increase the penalties. For traffic violations what I stated was that we should enforce them instead of reducing them. There's a big difference there. If if you are caught speeding. And you're speeding violation is reduced to -- parking ticket. Then we are not really enforcing the law the -- way it is intended to be and my thoughts are if we did enforce it. More people might be more concerned about the rules and regulations and think twice. About speeding as opposed to allow the courts allowing people to have violations reduced to just a parking ticket. Well regarded I was listening when the guy that maybe we should make the -- these so severe like. You know thousand dollar fine talking on your cellphone and impound a car for a month or whatever you're like oh yeah well that would be good idea. You know electric I think it we've lowered taxes on the wager in this country they won't be so -- wife never even had to work before. They had time to execute -- sucker that they weren't worried about running through stop. Well. We have to work so hard to support it 47%. It'll pay any income -- Our bill well bill and I apologize but we're getting off topic here at -- but thank you for your time this morning. I mean lowering taxes is isn't going to make our highways safer. And that's what we're talking about this morning we welcome your calls at WB and go to break for headline news will be back on the sandy beach show with Larry hunter. I'm a pretty good looking Monday. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Automobiles pedestrians cyclists. Hotter we all work together to make it safer. 8030930s. Number at WB Ian Mike is in buffalo thanks for calling WB EN Mike. Yeah good morning. -- writing her in the street I look at appears serial woman on Al more than you know I had to corner -- great hero. Across street from quote street. It is before he isn't campers and -- past that the little -- is -- go over. Is before he used it to feed him not packed building minorities -- -- and that. Plaza area around this Kinko's -- currently there's no way in heck I -- right on the upper right in the street. Between -- work around say 10:9 o'clock 8 o'clock in the morning on people on the wayward eight -- lions. Can't -- and that's why you need to do this slip. So my goal. Underneath there and you know -- to win out of four -- sectional whatever if you slip out on the world there and you're done. You're done it bad enough it's scary enough on the sidewalk. Newborn when you're going -- traffic you can be genocide are locked in a way it that the street. Confident -- hits and two underneath the -- look at. It looks like their car barely armistice you know -- -- going to be -- occurred there's nowhere to broker and -- -- huge. Concrete -- law. So basically Mike you write them on the sidewalk and not in the road. Certain areas. Certainly won't -- I would just be no -- heck I would get out I see a couple people you know act out in California and there right now I don't know middle -- traffic. -- blast them because that's just slipped. It's far by those -- Q does not just he's also going at least 4045 miles an hour not even faster. Is no way to gonna stop in time. Unit certificate or hurt or the like taken from very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going toward downtown they have whereby they have got painted areas -- purple bicycle you know the -- -- but there's -- enough for a bike. But just some personal when there's nothing okay well depends on -- -- All right thank you might appreciate. I gotta get some other callers and here Mike and let me clarify something too because sometimes you you hear what Mike -- said. Andy he made a statement that was based totally incorrect I'm sure it's not intentional but he referred to the the bike path on the street. And a bike path is different than a bike lane and many drivers don't understand that either but a bike lane. Is what you find along the road. Bike path is a separate entity a bike path as. A number of towns Clarence Amber's -- -- that they have bike paths. But they are not adjacent to the roadway and you need to understand the difference between the two with a bike lane. Is parallel to the rode a bike path. Is a totally separate entity let's go to Sarah in Easter were hi Sarah. Sarah you with me. -- -- -- -- -- Littler and a one car was implying that everybody like bicycles that works and I guess that's what really irritated me. I'm there. In this city for years that -- that car right right. Twelve month of the year sure. I'm mark and on Monday. That it's lights out this year at least two times you're before. It straight out there and nobody stopped. At one time I think I outlined when a man -- -- or I am an enemy employing out and you know blaming -- thankfully there was a police officer well I had. And I everything -- fine but. You know when you're a bit area there aren't aren't pulling out so many people need to be aware. But look around and maybe eight but. That everybody that I quite like -- Uttered yeah. Probably don't like that they need to be out. Alex I'm. All right -- thank you very much and may be if they are working they're going for a job interview. That would make sense to me. Hey Al we -- reminded to ninety eastbound at the 99. Bad you wanna be aware of that if you can get off -- cold and boulevard. And maybe go down to it to share in and continued eastbound if there will save you probably a lot of time to lanes have been blocked so far. And we're following mapped in the WBN newsroom we'll keep -- in touch but again that's the 290 eastbound at the 990. An accident there in traffic is backed up bad on the 290 also the 190 eastbound. At exit 58 there are lane restrictions there as well because. Bad eighteen Wheeler that appears to have. Turned over or tipped over and so be aware of that if your eastbound. On the N New York State threw away as well this morning I've got to -- and if you Jay thanks for calling WBE and. Good morning Larry. -- -- -- A -- and -- look for for many many many years that have been lots of different portions of Western New York. I'm living embryo that was in the -- currently that was on the Bartlett downtown Everett might like in pretty much every. Every kind of situation the cute Easter bikes. And and the cyclists are do you -- a lot of -- breaking rules and accurate and children that they would. -- -- put their lives in jeopardy and I'm not saying it's everybody -- and that's what this just a few bad apples but there are plenty of people I think they get excited. Fire by air throw a helmet on and a lot of it is not a -- -- -- -- -- the -- without educating themselves. And there's no excuse that you can go on YouTube you can talk to somebody had a punch out thinking you're the patient will vote. Where you're supposed to be and it killed me you know and I -- -- -- the car I drive a lot for my job -- still need some people. Willy Nilly. Stop late or whatever -- so you get there it's like a prayer to agree with them there are are you jerks out there. The -- article this morning well as the course back person that called one of the biggest injustices. And -- -- in tractors. Places that people are not supposed to be and who do not take anybody into consideration. Are people who write or. -- tomorrow biker I can not tell you how many times I have been on trail designated for hiking and mountain biking only. Where there happened to -- people of course is who always claim that a lot too they don't know how they -- there that really sorry but I looked at that cycle. Do not leave behind large. I don't the group behind them. At the I appreciate it let me Bachmann. When it hurt or person -- up I'm like are valid and accurate toilet that they are all on the. Our object. You need a license. To operate. A motorized boats if you're under a certain age they have all kinds of Coast Guard courses. To assist young people and in learning the rules and regulations of boating safety. Do you think cam down the road it might be a good idea. For cyclists. Two it take a course to understand the rules and regulations because I. I have to agree with the UN and I don't mean to make this sound like. You know all cyclists are put into this category because they're now I have a number of friends who are -- they know the rules but there are also a lot of people who just -- your bike. And and start writing it and think. They they know everything and they don't. I wanna I wanna see you. Become something that's regulated were polite censor something at the state forces people to do. But like -- it's a good idea and every quality -- -- in this talent. As to -- everybody should take number one basic legal and repair of your bike. How to fix a flat at two nearby got other you know -- change great change and the rules of the road all the information as right. Everyone's fingertips. I just don't think they take advantage I would like to see everybody take advantage of that I I really don't think we need any more regulation and state he. Okay thank you -- -- stay here for me this morning on W GE and you wanna join us we have a couple lines open now if you got a busy signal before you can. Get them and will also remind you the two and ninety eastbound at the 990 accident traffic is is backed up if you can't. Avoid that area this morning we'll take a quick break on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter and will be back. All right let's see we got to where were we going Joseph yes I think it was a joke when north tunnel -- high jump. Good morning Larry I'm OK here for a paradigm shift in thinking on this hole. Bicycle. And pedestrian issues. You know we've we've got this one laughter -- mentality which no doubt them that from New York City. And nobody wants to bicycle racing down a sidewalk like in the New York City every movies Jeter sidewalks -- that the people. It doesn't work but. But -- the North Carolina I'd like a lot further on in the exercise. I felt -- 25 mile an hour and that I'm like one of those fifteen to twenty mile an hour. Copper -- or type of people that just particularly get there. But we treat the sidewalks lake lake carpool lane and war you know liking California carpooling actually got air -- people in the car. The only user yes I sure hope for Walker's only put in the -- or shall shall under utilized it. -- on the sidewalk that probably don't have a personal walked out of the hole the entire day and if you had that like the course of the sidewalks. In and -- appealed to Walker's. As opposed to like being a role in the -- field to a bicycle or the excitement in my opinion that this statistics are probably people got killed. I'm sure they didn't get up. Every pedestrian it's ever been killed in the history of pedestrians. By a bicycle -- it doesn't come close to the number of bicycle accident killed like ours. In the course of debate. Shall we needed to say okay -- which of course you can write -- their sidewalks responsibly. And really really don't knowledge of the -- lucky you are there or they're real. Broken without you know elevated blocks in the -- and we -- Are bitten your major bunch of people quarters put I'd prefer to write on the sidewalk -- -- -- I get their best circuit or more going bite me. I concede plenty far ahead there's -- where. Instance where maybe there's Reggie Bush is like cutesy around and -- slow down when you approach that there's a little kid might start out for him but. Again behavior feel reasonably proficient bicycle expects. It never nation by. As far as. All people. Our jobs they're texting teenager driver. Potential political spotlight in the streets of north and a lot about where people just don't see you. I said right now on the sidewalk when ever possible. And whatever shape and you know and you can't take -- structurally from the officer officer. Continuous school you know one thing if you're pretty sure I can feed it. Forty miles an hour into -- for big party and the sidewalk -- would nobody condone and to have one on one little old -- exclusion -- -- -- -- an Italian world why -- -- a blood taken your gonna. And every -- from every sidewalk over something like that it's overkill. So there might take -- All right -- -- Q I I think Joe's covered just about every type of category there is young kids birthday party little lady. It's as seniors the key I think he hit just about -- in that group by the way. When he did mentioned. Seniors and and stuff they reminded me. Of bomb. -- a traffic concern. That that I -- constantly. And that is people who have these handicapped tags hanging from their -- while the vehicle is in motion is against the law to do that. And I see it constantly I see people and for enemies people behind me people driving and in the opposite direction with those blue handicapped tags hanging from the -- Folks it's against the law. It says right on the blue tag to remove it from the Mir before the vehicle is in motion. You know if if you can take the time. To go get a handicapped tag. If you can take the time to put it hanging from the Mir when you part take it -- -- off the -- before the car is moving it's an obstruction it blocks your vision. That's a big pet peeve of mine sorry about that folks dissent that in mark on a cell phone hi mark. Don't go out except for those people -- those handicapped at the tag hanging from the -- Yeah area out. Ever become -- I want to make a lot it's all I can come about Portugal is because I'm also an avid motorcycle rider so I'd older. I -- the editor of people in Carter's. And the way they don't you know look what they're doing them are too busy texting and talking on the cell -- and not paying attention. But what we have a liberal leader -- -- -- remorse cycle. I don't like this -- bicycle shop there don't think there yet still data traffic law. Nobody I constantly actually dumb broad torture you know go rent mortgage go upside. -- -- Sure on the -- themselves. So you know there it's a Jewish street I'll give them you know I'll -- -- your room taught here respect. I'll put -- the same time you know they should if they want to ride on the orders a commuter. They should be all the traffic watchers like I do and Obama motorcycle when I'm driving car. You know what I'm in my car or when you're on your cycle. You stop for a traffic signal when the light is is red. Like you said I see a number of cyclists. Approached the intersection they don't see a cart coming and they ride right through the red light which. Yeah -- is is dangerous because. One of the problems here is that. When somebody else sees that when a kid sees that they get the impression all it's safe to do that so I can ride my bike through red lights. I I understand it's sometimes annoying and frustrating for cyclists to have to keep stopping for every stop sign in a neighborhood. Just like it is for for drivers and as well but I think when you're out on a main road. And your recycle as it is extremely important that you understand the rules and you respect him even if that means you have to stop. And an intersection where there's a traffic signal. And no cars are coming I I think it's setting an example I think it's respect I think it's following the rules of the road. And it again. There's no reason to keep adding more stop signs if people aren't going to Obey him. And if cycle -- aren't going to base stop signs and traffic signals they are creating a dangerous situation. And it you know one of the problems -- that I'd seen it when cyclists. Start to go through red lights. Is that there could be a car. That has an advance green arrow that they're not aware of that allows them to make a left that would run right into that cycle -- That's extremely dangerous. The only period and spent actually a lot more often -- just thought. Still people out with the old white guy and given it against Atlanta second run. -- the first couple seconds a -- -- so they'll edit the truck truck that I. The injury or -- but -- Urlacher got -- some states. Circle and complete split. And you know I actually bicycle. Through that before. Right -- right between no cars. Just try to legal -- like particular can't bridge the term -- And I think they area. I think they all -- to a greater traffic -- If they want the -- Portugal for. -- surely correct or not worry about traffic signals. You know they should put the bicycle and a current and go somewhere where they have all the truck -- what. Take it to bypass the out our mark thank you very much for your call this morning at WB and we appreciate it. If you're not going to follow the rules or regulations. It's going to be frustrating when we make more rules and regulations and that's exactly. What the village of Williams bill is doing to pedestrians and we'll explain that when we come back on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter.

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