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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8-11 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

8-11 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. What a nice looking Monday morning -- Greg did go back to work sorry about that that maybe you're like enough to. Have a day off or or app of the week off. Although I guess it is going to get a little Kool earlier or later this week. And -- is going to get a little wet tomorrow too and of course but it's the watt wide as this happened but once a month. Our gulf league has an outing over Chestnut Hill golf course and area. And tomorrow is our scheduled outing and it's a nice day we always look forward to -- at -- we get dinner we play golf we have a good time. Just a lot of fun. And what are they calling for tomorrow. Here you. Rain thunderstorms. Looks like. We name may not make it tomorrow. Well good morning GOP had a great weekend the Buffalo Bill also won their first a pre season game of the year there now one and one. And -- what are all the decorations. Around here's says welcome back who whose. Who's what's Tony what's what's going on -- all the balloons and and the confetti and and the signs that say well welcome back who was coming back. I don't what are you talking about sandy hall tomorrow yes even met. Mr. beach is going to be back tomorrow from Alaska. And one of the things that it will be interesting to see. How he adjusts back to the eastern time zone I don't know when sandy got back giving its back today -- got -- yesterday. But I I don't know also if Alaska. Is a three hour or four hour time difference. And usually it's not that much of a problem when you travel west four times -- when you come back to the east. Usually can play a little little Havoc with the especially if you have to get up early. So it'll be interesting to see how was sandy adjusts after -- Away as long as he has Tony you would said that he sent some of beautiful pictures -- one of a sunset up. There an -- yeah I guess one from the ship as they were leaving and it's catching now last in the background. At the sunset very nice and then another one of sandy on the ship in join in nice my stand. And I'll I'll be looking forward to hearing. About the trip tomorrow because Alaska is one of the places that I have always. Wanted to travel to. I hear it's just absolutely drop dead gorgeous and for some people it's a trip of a lifetime so. It'll be funding here. All he got to see and do sandy beach back tomorrow morning. At 9 o'clock right here on Israel and I'm thirty WB and as I mentioned the bills played over the weekend they won twenty to eighteen. And Tony I don't know I'm sure you always have a busy weekend that having a couple of kids that. -- were you able to just squeeze the game in for a couple of minutes since football Larry ball. Okay well well I know I mean you were on the radio Saturday with -- your high school sports journal yep Andy the Erie county fair was on and the weather was nice I thought you know maybe you. Might have gone and he is ahead of it. It was we went to all copied to factor in the day and then after dinner it was our football. Football. Yeah okay you you watch football yes I watchful via via. And what did you see Tony and I actually liked what I saw out there I think our our running game look pretty good. I thought EG had a couple of nice throws. Defense. Very stingy like where they're looking. Not so much sold out some of the reserve guys guys and a feeling the issue there might be some easy -- Some of the guys they were playing in the fourth quarter of the you're they're pretty awful. But overall. I take I think I like what I saw I think the offensive line is what makes me a little bit nervous about this team. You had mentioned to me last week we were talking now off Mike a little bit about a gentleman that that you were kind of disappointed in. Number 93 I think it's Johnson and they were talking about him. Saturday night on the a broadcast. And Hussein how they expect good things out of him hit it was kind of like it didn't you guys talked to Tony before the game did didn't you see the wave plate and in the first game. Now he was terrible in the first game I didn't notice some in the second game which is a good thing -- good thing for him. Because that you don't continue making bad plays the coaches obviously see that. So you know and again I I like what I'm seeing especially on the starters it's the backups that had me a little bit worried. Mike Williams seems to be getting his act together as he's fantastic I've known him since high school. And I I really like about the he's a he's a good guys. Unfortunately has some problems but I think he's grew at getting imminent trade was a great deal for the bills. It could be as -- I mean that that could be one of the big moves for years to come here. I had means the -- I had an in studio just before the draft and they at that time he had no idea who's going to pick him. And I remember asking him well who do you prefer and why -- the bills to pick them. Well he -- got his wish unit in a roundabout way and maybe. It will work out he had his problems and in Tampa and maybe now he's grown up a little bit if you're not a big bills fan Micah Williams -- a wide receiver. He's Riverside high school yeah Tony true -- buffalo boy and made a heck of a grab and it in the game Saturday night and we. I think right now I would say at least on paper have one of the best. Wide receiver tandem in the AFC. I I would think were. One or two did it to be honestly I think I receiving corps is absolutely superb. How would you rate at Sony. -- -- -- -- Put any. Position on them just yet we need to see them in regular season and I like what I see every. Sammy Watkins is a highlight real in the and practiced some of the ridiculous catches that catch yesterday yeah left -- -- it always sticks it up that's mine. Is yet another one that the two weeks was two weeks ago Chris that one in the back of the end zone. Where he made an amazing. One handed grab after stumbling coming off of his route making this -- He's going to be the real deal the I think he's going to be a handful for defense is to put up with. Yeah they need to find ways to it to get in the ball. Are something that tell you this really discouraging is there an ability to punch in and from one yard out. To gain one yard your offensive line has to move people to -- -- yard you know what I -- like the way Fred Jackson was running the ball. Well I'll go along that but. Let let me ask you this Tony because you and I followed football for about a 150 years together here I think -- little bit longer than than -- maybe you for -- guarantee you. And down. Went when you get down to the two yard line or one yard line and you've got a big offensive line like like we do. I remember the days of Walter Payton and you just have someone lead over the line of scrimmage rob Rick used to do they expect Kenny Davis Kenny Davis -- used to do it. Why. You don't see any team doing it anymore why maybe because linebackers are so athletic they'll meet you in the air in and put a stick -- Well years ago what was -- Davis. Are running back there -- -- -- the leap he did from about the fiber four yard line when he almost -- in Dixon Dixon ansari. When it when he heat. Jump they're made the people probably got about four yards and it that the replay did look like the ball touched. The goal line I agree with Steve tasker I thought he was then yeah. But why I mean yeah there there's good linebackers and everything else but. My goodness I just don't understand why we just don't -- all -- it's no different than last year for how many weeks did. Fans keep sane when it's fourth and 13 one just dual quarterback sneak. I mean to me it. It's just kind of simple I think there's any faith in the guys up front. -- -- -- it comes down to they have to push the defense of why they have to create enough whether they're gonna submarine. The defense of lying and then it's just an easy jump over or they're just gonna give peace we have pushed the pushed them out of the way. And closure will on them that's what you're supposed to do was an offensive line. Exactly exactly and we know the snap count so we should have a about a quarter to a half a second advantage to it to get down low. Not these defense of linemen down and and get in -- it's very frustrating and if this team is going to take steps forward it has to score from the 32 and and one yard line. Let's take a quick break it is a sandy beach Monday show good morning -- Hillary hotter filling in today said he comes back tomorrow right here on news radio 930. WPE and Tony I would have loved it -- over for a dinner yesterday I I thought this weekend. Probably on unless you enjoy sailing in and want to be a little windier about this week in the -- there was just an absolutely perfect. Summer weekend weather in buffalo yeah it was. It was good idea went out I caught my launches tomorrow outdoor work. Like I said we went to to trim it all cop -- I was great. So why. I just really got in the summer mood I was determined that yesterday was going to be a complete summer day. And so -- got out the grill went to the store bought the summer food I had corn on the cob yesterday I had ribs. I hit cantaloupe. You know I just got into the mood -- potatoes. It it just felt like summer and I was going to eat like it was a summer barbecue. And I have my favorite -- -- turtle pie why are you familiar with turtle I've heard that turtle time. Is like to die for. It is just so oh good if you're not familiar with that -- divided in the frozen food second that it desert area the ice cream area. At most grocery stores the turtle pie it's is I can't even describe it. It is just so good and you know how up -- can be normally cut into about eight pieces. I cut my turtle pie into four pieces that's how big a piece. I am of turtle pot it is -- ago. Good if you never had turtle pie. You have to try it -- look for it your favorite story guarantee you'll say you know all the things Larry said -- match when he filled in for sandy. At turtle -- I'm glad he says that -- that. Was delicious Tony got a track I bring you in a piece but -- -- so attempt to eat it up ahead I. -- -- blame you there yet are you you just wouldn't get it unfortunately. It Tony I do have a question for you about the Buffalo Bills. Because I know you you are such a football fan as a mine and that is. We know EJ Manuel is our starting quarterback yes. Lewis and tool we have to back up so where do you see that going. I think rate now Jeff tool is our second string quarterback Dan Lewis is really had. AER a rough camp I was reading yesterday. A lot of turnovers a lot of miscommunication. With the receivers. Now could that be because he's going with the second and third team receivers. May be but also why I'm thinking that some of it has to be on him. You know last year we saw that he was a streaky quarterback he can get hot and he's very good when he is but when he goes cold yanks. Now we can't put him on the practice squad right now I don't believe he said. Too many years and in the league right. Yeah so would be either. Keep him on the roster or just let him go my eighth eighteen. If I was dog wailing you know I'm not I would dot -- that Lewis and I would wait to bring in a veteran. Back up them. Week from Saturday will be the first home game. For the bills that are in the pre season and we get their. C so much of what they've done would with the stadium there won't be finished though yeah I know I know I'm but I'm I'm looking forward to. It appears like they have done a an outstanding job and updated that stadium. To make it as good as stadium is pretty much Andy stadium in the league you and I've talked about this a number of times to. There is not a bad seat at the stadium at all. Art and this is why I don't understand why Roger Goodell is trying to shove this down our throat. And a lot of them are disagreeing over the weekend and again Goodell met with Cuomo in a couple of times to discuss a new stadium. Very heavy thinking all right let's say Terry -- gore does wind up as the owner we'll just throw out there. And if he says now I don't think we need a new stadium. What -- folk gonna do they get it deny him because he doesn't think they need in the stadium and this this just something's not right here. I have a problem with that and I've mentioned to you that I have been to a number of away games. A bills away games I've been to the new Dallas stadium mile I've been in the dome mud. Down in Houston I've been down to Tampa and Jacksonville and and new England and stuff and our stadium unless you've been to some other stadiums you don't appreciate what a quality stadium. We have it's pretty accessible. Is sure traffic it's backed up but let me tell you it. Welcome you and other stadiums what's this fan experience that we are missing now that the good Dell is trying to sell. And the last time I went to a bills game are soft football that's all I need yeah I don't need Wi-Fi I don't need fancy scoreboards out our football. Exactly. Exactly and our stadium. Is so easy to maneuver around get in and out of the I I'm I'm very frustrated. With all this talk about us needing a new stadium in order to succeed. You know what you need to succeed. A good. Football team that's what you need. -- we need to win isn't it okay we wanna explore. You know new revenue wool. -- what that means is while more luxury suites and things like that we've got -- -- -- with. X I they sold out rate now know in the private box I believe -- No I don't believe so so that Roger Goodell was gonna take these seats that you want. And you know I'm almost offended. By some of the things he's been -- -- I -- -- -- is is from this area. And and I don't understand why he's ended this week we gotta have new we -- a new Green Bay didn't have to have new Chicago didn't have to add new. I mean he says they did that we don't stack up to the renovations that green being in Kansas City have gone under. Really I'll show you show me the difference now -- I'm sorry but the mr. good ally. I I have to totally disagree with you and I don't think we need a new stadium there have been improvements and upgrades to our stadium. People are used it to getting their knowing how to get there how to handle the traffic. It's a great stadium to view would gain from. We've added some extra amenities they pave the parking lot it's not mud anymore. If the weather's in climate. I I'm very frustrated about that and I think all the talk about the new stadium needs to stop and we just need to worry about. The bills making the Super Bowl next year so we can say every 25 years. We make it to the super people we made it Super Bowl 45 I wanna see the bills make it Super -- fifty that's what I wanna sit next year. I want this team to go to the super. Well it's a good look at Monday so far good morning to you Larry hunter for sandy -- others radio at 930 WVU and Joey and Chris are in the other room will be taking your calls shortly. After this break. Dear Rush Limbaugh live online weekdays -- until free on WOPEN. Dot com. I like it Tony. Welcome back it is the sandy beach Monday -- for news radio 930 WB and Larry hunter sitting in today said he returns from Alaska. Tomorrow morning at 9 am so looking forward to hearing about his trip I'm I'm sure. In -- he will speak about it in glowing. Vocabulary. How could you not to rave about the beauty. Our 49 state and again though we want to remind you to the -- on the eastbound at the 99. There is a huge back up there as we understand if you are in that mess right now and you wanna give us a call and let us know. How things are give us call it star 930. It's a recall on yourself. And we will share that information when everybody you may wanna consider getting off at Niagara Falls boulevard. And taking them maple road down two Miller sport and getting back on the 290. Again tonight at excuse me to ninety eastbound. At the 990. There's an accident there and a back up at this time. Now ironically. Enough we wanna talk a little bit this morning about traffic and drivers. But what we want to bring into the topic are pedestrians. And cyclists. Interestingly enough this morning on my way to work. There was Saddam. A cycle list. On the sidewalk. Coming towards me. And I probably drove. May be another hundred yards and there was a cycle list on the sidewalk. Going in the opposite direction. And of course New York State law -- unless you are a young child I believe under fourteen. I believe it is. And bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks. And yet we see it all the time. Cycle lists are supposed ago with traffic. Supposed to ride with traffic in the flow of traffic. And yet to we see conflicts there pedestrians are supposed to walk against traffic. And yet we see a number of times pedestrians walking with traffic. Pedestrians are supposed to walk on a sidewalk when there is a sidewalk. And yet. How many times have you seen. A pedestrian walking in the road. Even though there's a sidewalk. In your neighborhood. And so this morning I wanted to talk a little bit because we weren't summer -- World were in the relaxed comfortable time a year where were outside. Walking cycling driving it in joined the weather. And as a driver. I get very frustrated. When I see someone walking in the street when there are sidewalks. Couple weeks ago I was driving down a residential street that has sidewalks on both sides of the road. And I saw a woman. Pushing a stroller in the street. And I'm thinking to myself. Someone paid for these sidewalks to beat in your neighborhood. To provide a safe environments. And here you are with a child in a stroller. And you're in the streets. Now. That's the type of thing and that to me. Says to young children today. You don't have to -- rules I mean if mom doesn't do it why should deal. Ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. Walk in the street. Walk in the wrong direction ride in the wrong direction and you wonder. Why pedestrians are being killed today by automobiles. You're wondering why cycle lists are being hit by drivers. On the road today. And in most cases. When there is an accident involving a cycle list or pedestrian that appears. That it's this cycle -- or the pedestrian that was in the wrong. In the Amherst area there have been a couple of fatalities in the past year pedestrian fatalities. Because they either. We're not cross -- the road where they were supposed to do or they were crossing the road when they were not supposed to. And we seem to have gotten to a point as a society where. So one of the light is red so what -- the speed limit is 35. So what it says to yield so what if there's a stop sign in my neighborhood. -- old there's no traffic they -- I can go through the stop sign. And I thought we could have a good conversation today. Where you feel that the problem lies and some of the problems that you see. When you're out there driving. Riding your bike or or walking or or trying to cross the street. And what can we do to make our communities safer to make our roadways safer to make our neighborhoods safer when it comes to traffic. And cycling. And walking. Now the village of Williams real. Recently got approval. To put in. A new kind of traffic signal. That has never been done in New York State before. And a number of politicians are radio being. About how this is so wonderful. And this is going to make everything safer and it and better. And my theory has always then. Unless you obeyed. The rules that exist. Adding more things. To our roadways. Adding more rules adding more regulations adding more signs won't make up. Am bit of difference. If you are going to follow the existing rules what makes any politician belief. That adding more rules. Is going to make anything safer. Now most towns and villages have eight -- -- residential speed limit of thirty miles an hour. And yet we know in neighborhoods. People drive more than thirty miles an hour. Most residential neighborhoods have tons of stop signs. And we know that in most residential neighborhoods. People. Go through the stop signs. One of the reasons there appears to be such a problem today with vehicles going through stop signs is. There's too many stops -- There's just too damn many stop signs. You can just ask a driver. To stop so often and then if their familiar with the they're gonna go through the stop sign because they know they shouldn't have to stop the south -- shouldn't be there. Now if you disagree with me. You're more than welcome to share your thoughts and opinions. But I have some information it to back this up and the general consistency is. If there's a stop sign consistent number of stop signs you. You stop for the first one. Use slow down for the second one and by the timing at the third one year just about ready to to go through it. I have sat at an intersection in residential neighborhoods and watch cars go through stop signs one after the other. Tony the slowdown in fact the other day. This this just absolutely boggles my mind. A car was slowing down. For a stop sign. And another car passed it. Think about that. Here in a residential neighborhood. And a car was slowing down to stop for the stop signs. And the car behind it. Either didn't know there was a stop sign. Wasn't familiar or was just in too much of a hurry and they passed. The vehicle. That was slowing down to stop for a stop sign they went right through the intersection ignoring the stop sign. How dangerous. Can it yet. Chances are you live in a residential area. Chances are there are stop signs in your neighborhood. Do you seek cars running in the stop signs all the time. I do. Why why do you think that is 8030930. Is our number at WB -- start 930 is a free call on your cell. 1806169236. Is our our toll free number wanna tell you about this new type -- signal. That they're going to be installing. In the village -- Williams bill that all the politicians are raving about how it's going to make everything safer. And I will tell you why I think they're a 100% wrong. When we return it is the sandy beach you know I'm Larry -- on news radio 930 WBE and RUS cyclist. How do you feel when you get out on the highway today do you feel drivers understand the rules and show you the courtesy that they're required to do. Do you see cycle is this obeying the rules and regulations of the highways. What about pedestrians. You see pedestrians walking in the street when their sidewalks in your neighborhood. What's what's going on today how can we have safer roads and make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians and drivers. When people aren't batting in the rules what are the problems that UC today. Out there on the highways jackets and Williams -- he's also on WBM this morning good morning Jack. Iowa good thank you how are you. It I can't be sure that the topic great about not sign that residential neighborhoods throughout this area. He won it -- I was telling your screener that I and it brought but my -- but we -- outside. Key intersection of the -- -- and and the people culture those outside. I live on the street that runs between I shared it and make -- whatever. And they just -- like crazy and it's been extremely annoying during that nine grandchildren. And -- -- fortunately I had -- But. Eight that complying with or lack of I respect for the although the rule the world. Is just. Just unbelievable how people try and undermine while they're driving. If you're gonna get a point about values on the Butler shot up as someone ready pat. Definitely about two weeks ago I was about ready to make elect can't turn and -- driveway in -- personal way out on my left side. And and I just wonder what Alter people's I don't normally you know what -- in both official warned that they are so. Well I think one of the problems Jack is that people think if you add more stop signs to an area. It will make it safer and that's the farthest thing from the truth. Because stop signs many times -- a false sense of security. If everybody did Obey a stop signs. It might make it safer but then as many stop signs might not be necessary. Most T intersections do not need three stop signs. And people know it because the side street is usually not very busy. And so people have a tendency to run the to stop signs that are at the through street. And the people who do what most of the time are the people who live in the neighborhood themselves because they know they shouldn't have to stop. And if you are in the middle area of a residential. Area and you have to get 234. Stop signs before you get -- it to the main road. And you are just so familiar with your neighborhood that you know when you drive the street there's hardly any traffic and I don't have to stop for the stop sign. People just don't stop. And it's like telling people you know you have to do this more more more more more and people just say no no no I don't. One of the things about traffic safety. That is usually taken into consideration. Is what a driver anticipates. For example. If you are going around a curve. And you need to slow down. Most places will have a Q curve warning sign with a sub -- indicating that the safer speed to go around that curve. Signs like that are extremely important in areas where you don't have trap excuse me a street lights. Because your headlights many times do not give you sufficient distance to anticipate what what is ahead and a -- warning sign will do that. So there are a number of are signs and warning signs and implications -- there to assist drivers. But the idea of stop signs making things safer. It is faults it's not necessarily true and why is that because where do most. Accidents occurred Jack. -- Know most accidents occur at intersections. -- all right and where do you put stop signs. At intersections. K. In fact I recall last year and I think it was in Amherst somewhere. Where a car ran a stop sign and hit a school boss. Hit an actual school boss because they ran a stop sign. That's that's how dangerous it can be. Now I don't know that the story beat behind it whether the person. You know was was ill had a heart attack or anything. But the bottom line is residents have a tendency to believe that you know if we put more stop signs up our neighborhood will be safer. And. All of the what I was trying to make here is that what happened in my street isn't it because of the heavy traffic network because of the over development missiles the other subject. -- Might get into debate -- a culture history. Okay so in the morning. At night you know that orders extreme sports -- Is when we get people bet too that have been a neighborhood but are cottage industry. And they are the ones I would bet. Well below those outside more than anybody because you know they gotta do indeed -- soccer practice or some other stupid reasons. And down. You know they don't and it didn't want to -- under strictly be the first ones up in arms about it. Buy dot I I think my traffic on my -- a lot of mind. My local poultry there in those little ones that I think are often in the big hurry you can get through I think the residence. Because they live in the area and respected more because. I want you doing this on my street you know that you know that -- Yeah I think you bring up I think you bring up an excellent point Jack Kent and that is now. I want you to Obey the rules and regulations in my neighborhood but it's okay if I ignore them in your neighbor and I think that's a great point. They bingo bingo and and personally I think. With any law if you want people local law. To make the penalty that the prime. It's your one stop. Own or rent lights borders I opt out of all. All the -- -- -- not been to increase the penalty to the point where people will not do it in the amount at the end of course not everybody I -- and a but because it's awful things epic it yourself all. A thousand dollar and it out here are the thirty day. I'd bet on results or people talk and they all would drop like Iraq. An award that surround it that -- and it does not go outside to get -- Apparently Omar and elections. So -- A lot of those people at these. Try to pilot but just outside but the other point you make it. You make the LT that the why you want the a lot of people want them -- worst outlook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that brings up up another good point Jack and in -- is the court system that allow knows. Certain traffic violations to be reduced to a parking ticket which is a slap on the wrist and set -- a true penalty. It. Therefore you know may be -- also need to look at the courts a little bit more. And maybe we need some of laws it's a if you were. Caught running a red light they're going through stop signs. They cannot be reduced to a up parking ticket you have to pay the fine you have to pay the penalty and you get the points. That might that might help make people think a little bit more. Thanks for your time Jack appreciate your call at WV EN if you'd like to share your thoughts -- -- 8030930. Is our number. Star 930 is a free call on yourself should we increase the penalties for traffic violations would would that make things a look a little safer. And are you a cyclist if you are I'd like to hear from you what type of problems do you encounter. When you're out there on the -- Sandy beach you know it's a Monday on WBE and I'm Larry hunter were breaking for news. And we'll be back.

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