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8-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm -- I protest that was it because the guys out for a walk when -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- People don't thing it's alive it's local time. It's Tom how early compare web site where they met the news radio. -- happen all the emails are sure characters it's okay. Really. Hey big guy it was a case of mistaken identity that I wasn't trying to be a jerk that was not his in and there. Have been a few times when I have to do certain things I would -- preferred not to have Don but I had a choice. And even in those situations I did not get to the limit I only used to do. To convince the individual that going further would not be good. And everything was. Crisis. You get a certain point life and you really don't have anything to prove to yourself anybody else about your masculinity. Especially to those who know you the best. And I've often thought the people go out of their way to look for flights. -- who do not walk away and he can walk away the -- and self esteem issues. And by the way. Elected on the little guys secret here. This this has nothing to do what what went on to a top of one history. Anytime rioted -- European there's any time a guy says to you. I know car body. What you instantly know he doesn't now. Cora right exactly because anybody who's actually itself the fence will ever tell you they study itself into the situation. That's like that's like playing poker and say here's. Sugar Bowl card because the minister is is key in itself but that's all well so there -- certain. You -- and people -- beer muscles before and I'm gonna play the best thing you can do is walk away. Walk away you got enough but it proved yourself enough to approve anybody else. I mean it's so stupid. And it's what happened today really. Short trip to tell us what weight because. I should have gotten into a physical fight with them but he. Because a man touched my shoulders because he thought I was a friend of his and he mistook my identity. -- I don't operate that way -- not a big deal. I know when somebody is being aggressive -- I'll try to walk away. Like you walk away. I'll continue to try to walk away as Tokyo walk away. You know -- I do what I have to -- -- that I have Tutu and the situation. And -- You know and a story I mean something happen on vacation which gave buffalo in witnessed and they can attest to. I can handle myself very well thank you very much the things I learned after the age of thirty but the -- the whole key I'm trying to get to is walk away. If you feel the need to showcase what Emmanuel are by fighting average achieved yet that you that you got an issue. -- don't have that issue I know I have no. -- say this I have no reservations. Squall scorer if concerns. About. My masculinity. Or my manhood I don't need to prove. I will I have to do but that's only an athletic and approve -- -- note to. Self defense and this was even close to act. So those -- you -- saying I should have slugged it. I hope you don't have pistol permits. Because you don't do things that way and what are the things you learn. When you have -- certain skill -- whether it is in a self defense modality or whether it is because you have a weapon. One of the things you'll learn is if you're first instinct is violence. -- probably shouldn't be carrying a gun. Because that is only a last resort I've always looked at guns as. -- -- how to say this -- -- out of boiled down article 35 of the New York State penal code into a very simple. Theory and I'm talking here about the use of deadly physical force. The gun. The only reason to use the gun is when you can legitimately say. If I hadn't done it I would be debt -- third person would be debt. Done. And seriously -- are there are jerks in the world. And you're much better off walking away from. So I just that's just didn't -- that bad people click -- a coward so what would you care. Anyway you're not confident and open your masculinity you're worried about what some Checketts and beer -- thanks -- Howard really. Parent. That your bag that your academic fighting stupid. It's good to know how to do it but I think it's stupid. Anyway everybody should take some self defense classes everybody should. You should at least know the basics you know ever gonna be Bruce -- you're never going to be an ultimate cage fighter you're never going to be you know you're you're not going to be one of those guys -- ESPN two. Mean that's a special kind of crazy. And by the way notice of a lot of those guys are like five foot five and maybe a 120 pounds in the savage. Seriously somebody once told -- also bet that most of the Navy SEALs. And actually make it through training like the average guys 5859. But the six foot four guys -- and of course of course I wanna believe this because you know but a tall guy. But anyway we're talking about your embarrassing. Moment. And if you're just joining us to go to my FaceBook page. Tom -- hourly it's one or -- in the tuxedo. And I put a picture up of what it looked like from behind as I was standing at my chiropractor check out desk. This morning before I came on the year. I literally -- all out of bed. Went to a chiropractor. I'm standing. At the chiropractor check out office. At -- rather I'm paying my bill setting up the next appointment. And I feel hits. On the tops of my shoulders okay. I'll use the non medical terminology. And that I feel the problems starting to go deep into the team -- borders of this calculate. And I'm thinking to myself all right -- this is awesome thank you doctor state. I'm thinking that doctor Steve is like loosen them up after the adjustment. And I. I said out loud to the receptionist said that is doctor street right. If she looked at me -- that no it isn't doctors the and I'm thinking to myself okay. These are obviously masculine hands they're very straw. This has got to be somebody I know it's got to be a sponsor it's gotta be somebody with who might work could have been beamer it could have been Sherman it commitment the commitment. I'm thinking of myself obviously if somebody I know who is just seeing how well. And I turnaround expecting to see somebody I know. It's this guy I've never seen before probably my age. And -- second I turned around. Folks go look on his face all I can tell you is I wish I had a camera -- the my forehead. -- look on his face when he realized that he had just been rubbing shoulders of a guy he didn't know for fifteen seconds. Was absolutely. 100%. Priceless it was worth the price of the adjustment. Just to see the look on his face. And he was under the word the only word that -- is appalled. At himself. And he always sole. Embarrassed it was sold word for him. And I really 100%. Holy did not bother me especially when he said. You look like a friend of mine my buddy mark. And he's starting to turn red any stepped out and I said dude don't worry about it it's all good. And I think I don't try to lighten up the situation is that aren't you do we fifty bucks you know. And he was just too embarrassed I think even laugh. And I hope he's listening because dude it's totally okay we've all about that we've all bit of -- situation may be of mistaken identity. And you say hello to somebody by name and it's not the person you think it is work god forbid you hug somebody and you think it's somebody you don't but it isn't. Especially when you approach them from behind -- one of my most embarrassing situations ever which is still it's still cracks me up to this day. I wears in my early twenties and I was doing right along with the Cheektowaga cops. And those with the lieutenant Rick roll in eleven of the Cheektowaga police department. And we were at that the apple tree mall. And from a distance of probably 100 yards. I saw this hot -- -- full long blog here. And I like nice -- so I senator Rick actually -- would you look at -- -- On that you've got to get a little closer. The closer we get. Though more beautiful the but is look. We are five feet away in the squad car. It was a guy. It was a dude. Do you have any idea. What it was like were a young twenty something year old boy man. I was caught somewhere between a boy -- -- man if she was seventeen and par from in between it was summertime in northern Michigan but anyway. It was like one of the funniest things ever -- to -- and it was it horribly embarrassed that. But laugh about it 'cause it's just it's funny I'm sorry I find humor in stuff like that. So have you had an embarrassing moment like that were either somebody has mistaken you for somebody. And I'm starting to massage you from the pocket or are you a stalk somebody for somebody in the well and here's here's something that was. Say not everybody. Is this cool about it is I. Guess I'm pretty import admirable if it afterward. Things like that don't bother. I've been around the block a few times. Nothing really surprises me and it takes a lot to really bother me. And I tried my best. To just let the guy -- dude it's really quite okay. I still think that he was just in terrorist horrible. By what he had done. So have you ever been on the receiving end. The giving end of mistaken identity. Or -- most embarrassing and awkward moment ever it could be something like that. It could be something like. Well two are really wanna get in the flat excellence on the first date probably not. All right 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start on 3180616. WB -- how would you have handled. Because I was I thought it was funny I honest to god I thought it was freaking hilarious. And I'm thinking to myself OK I now have a great show topic and mr. They don't three or maybe not 8030 -- thirty start on thirty is the cell phone and 180616. WB and your most all word that moment your most embarrassing. Moment and at this Singaporeans are got a couple I got one other one that I want to whip out. Maybe that's not a pejorative words given the precipitated events which led up to this topic. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB EM I wouldn't most of you guys have laughed at all presided. 'cause I thought it was funnies now. Here's traffic yours Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. For her tonight it'll be clear it'll be -- overnight low about sixty degrees tomorrow's going to be a gorgeous day sunny and pleasant 81. And a Sunday mostly sunny the high temperature 84 I feel bad for anybody driving to Cleveland on Sunday who's gonna miss out on the beautiful Western New York -- -- we have on Sunday. 75 degrees after a news radio 930 WB EM OK it is up hourly with you your most embarrassing. Or awkward moment either as the -- -- Or as the recipient I've got some great FaceBook stories but I'd rather talked on the phone. Because we've got a great week it shows and I want and agreed to show. 803 old I'm thirty starlet 3180616. WB EN here is. Not not yet not yet. All right I'm waiting for Janet in -- center because she's next in line. Apparently. She will be next in line by the way Sean Hannity is coming up at seven. And Michael Savage Savage Nation takes to the airwaves 10 o'clock here on WB -- now here is Janet in the -- and center on WBM. Janet I'm glad -- tickle your fancy which is nothing compared identical today hello. -- -- A year ago my dire within that you -- in high school here. -- And you know -- and we went to the performance at a high school. Well auditorium dial -- You know and you know what not and we well instructed. Not to applaud after every each individual. -- performance because. There wouldn't be lectured and been -- much time between the moment it was it was a very after the ring. Program that -- it was great. Obvious. Like not much real life in the audience like that not only with the student forming on each. But without -- would have their performance and then somebody up one of the I out of eight performing her student to be along the back of the auditorium and -- -- performing you're never. Didn't know which way you're going to -- -- Kind of like that sight and sound theater in Pennsylvania where they do all the Bible stories. Yeah okay yeah I -- Do you think. You know it's coming from it get the very act of of the auditorium make great music. And I turned around to observe the student. And and I need to exploding at all -- -- Weaver sitting at work -- covered you they were very comfortable here. And so I I turned around and I aren't concentrating on the student and I went into the -- advocate aren't right handed pitcher -- -- -- -- the that the -- that. The Munich. And at some point I realized that my Iranian it was not on the back of my seat it was the last of the man getting behind this. OEU. And yeah I'm like oh my god watch do what I do how little I get it or not saying all water. Nothing. I aid there are so nobody directions I wanna go with this and I don't wanna they narrow view because this is a great story and I love it. -- okay how did you extricate yourself from. My head is -- on your leg too old for. Yeah yeah and I'd ask you know. I'll know by how it -- Something to me and I like you -- and I I get. Made pretend that I never really even noticed what I was doing and I -- Turned around and started talking to my how things won't that was the end of I'd like all just -- -- issue -- ever. That poor guy aid. Be that hard I thought it was just about derided dear penthouse formal letter that's horrible yeah all all of -- This is a great story because it involves touching somewhat like what happened and -- someone you didn't know your touching them in this case. And you were with your husband which was the saving grace had -- been so low. The hilarious possibilities abound hang on Janet on WB yen. Is this the. -- I'm just get myself pumped up and I am just a little bit of you know my and it. It is a 634 news radio 930 WB and by the way check it look like FaceBook page. I'm thinking about this probably not later tonight. Beaten. After the Steely -- show on the political watchers Steely Dan pictures from a casino up. I was very graciously invited to attend the concert by one of -- long time sponsors casino Niagara. And again folks I'm always up front about that stuff -- election all because I don't even want the appearance. Of impropriety it's very important to me in my professional life so. I actually will be working and I'm allowed to video and or. Take pictures the first three songs they do without a flash. So I will get as many photos as I can. And develop online so you can vicariously enjoyed Steely Dan or if you go to the picture. Have sent our go to the concert have so much. Photographic. Memories of zero RIR. Anyway. That's what I would be up -- with you about this stuff because they can't stand people who. Don't have to even go there. We're talking about your most embarrassing or awkward moment either as the suspect or is the victim and long story short -- the character actors office a guy started massaging me from behind on my shoulders. It was doctor Steve my chiropractor. A full blooded Mohawk -- by the way who kicked my ass every time he has like he's. He's exactly what I need he's all muscle I cannot have a week chiropractor I need somebody with strength. Well I -- I mean just it's my bill have got to have somebody could actually get in there and do what I need done done. So anyway I'm paying for -- starts -- my shoulders I think is doctor Steve. I asked the receptionist is that doctors believe -- that -- An -- what's got to be afraid that I realized that difference and a turnaround and he the guy was rubbing my shoulders looked like he was about to die. Of embarrassment. I tried my best the column dude it's totally cool no offense taken I've been there myself he thought it was his buddy mark. And what would really be funny is if the mark he knows is a mark I know who also has long here who plays guitar for the local band route 66. -- let's get back to -- -- in their insider who's at a school perform a function. And what happens to her as she starts tapping her hand to the music without realizing that she's tapping the the leg of the man in -- for who. Cleanup does not move his leg at. Janet is sitting with her husband with whom she immediately begins a conversation. Talk to -- more. Well -- I I just. I don't. I feel and I think about it I think double attention -- The guy's house. What was -- was -- any -- full look of longing or was he like I don't know how I should handle this. I you know like I I I I don't. Like I'm thinking elements how do I gracefully get out of you look at angry at the -- you know. Yeah. You know. And -- try it. Or you're my daughter has performed on stage with -- procrastinate. When they came off the stage there are seating arrangements relate to ideal. In front of my husband and I in the -- and that -- -- -- Where we respect. And at some point because -- performances -- going to act on stage all -- down both sides of the current -- and act. And before this incident happened was he. The white towel went Derek instantaneously. And then the next and where we I young man -- young male students. Doing a trombone solo. Scheming -- probably about you should ask my husband had a great and I. And trying not to reactivate the that -- one term loan. Directly and ears are all. -- -- okay. But considering the extra rich and ever so slowly trying to. -- -- down in his seat without being extremely. OK it's like that feeling you get if you've ever been somewhere all I don't know maybe at a casino. Where somebody three machines down smells of bad perfume still booze and body -- Janice Moodie move over. A whole auditorium they're looking at this young man perform. And the spotlight is -- in my -- it and we're trying to 400 gallon. In his seat and including my daughter and her friend who are sitting too wild had a wife and my daughter is Shia. Like god. Dad. But somewhere in Marion center tonight janitors or -- reflecting fondly upon the time he was at a school concert and the hot woman in front of him started to stroke his leg right when her husband was sitting right next to him. Probably that would be my thought. It would be not what we picked up our daughter after the concert we met her you know Beckett the car. She got in the car and you like adding Hewitt on and on and on. My -- and about how embarrassing it was. And that's where they're down and hit key like getting incredibly Christina you know and and whatever she -- my -- -- -- that actually you're a teenager and are you worried about it being embarrassed and doesn't care about the state that are probably within all of the excruciating pain with a trombone being black in the here oh man I know we -- -- I'm like what Chris. Instead -- -- It love this story. Yeah I think about what happened. All right great story Europe were on the same page great story contributed to show Janet and I thank you very much and they say Gary and senators are good for anything but speeding tickets to. No no no no great exploded. At. All I know but people people get off to go to Darian lake -- fail to realize speed limit is strictly enforced. And the -- hurriedly and many people have a of course that's one. All right Janet I'm glad you called they do. By the way there's a reason why the speed limit goes down to 3035 because it's a heavily populated area there's a lot of kids here's re the on WB -- Randy you are on hello. Good afternoon down and we're all it is extremely embarrassing. Twenty years ago. I do a lot of work in the field service. I won't name companies -- location -- in the southern tier New York -- before Mary. Very large corporation and -- Purpose was to troubleshoot about some problems with the system. And they were -- me in not natural itself. So the end of the day every Kamal alignment wrote Mobil. And I go to have dinner and drink. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- out. I drank a little bit too much and Asia. -- That I regret any stories are tough with I drank more than I should've you know to have an impresario. They're they're the -- is a good part shall I return optimize room. And -- boy got tickets are great to clean up toward tomorrow. And it said and today and starting Q zero. Get prepared for my shower now you uncertain would know. When you have -- -- -- typically when you actually I know after the bathroom. And then straight out into the exit doors to the court are. Well in this state of mind. Dummy here walked out the straight door now again I'm -- down just about ready Kurdish power. That door. I open up closes behind me in it at that moment I realized all my guys should just walked out in an -- -- the doors black. I got bit by news. I believe again that door and I slipped down and I just mad over and I guess callously. And how much time as good. Within a matter of some time to Google come up the manager assistant manager and some aid and he said there. And I says yes and I stood up and I put my hand in my head and I you recognize that old Blake. I -- that. Dressed appropriately and the managers says let me open your door engage in your room. Well I go and do my -- our -- now imagine the embarrassment. I stand up like is there a problem here and put my hand in my head. So my generation -- I go and inflation aren't and totally embarrass. The next morning a kind of discreetly locked out of the best -- to Allentown and I checked out. Everybody giggled and just on all of that again and it went out now wait and I didn't. -- alienation are but he opened around our. Ball. And so area at that -- I was so embarrassed itself. Here I am at about -- now and it says it like they checked out today and I saw that we were the works I go from this. -- -- old now. I am going across the street tool -- battle now would -- rabbit -- black and white TV. I spent the remainder of the week there. Just out of sheer embarrassment. -- there is no problem with one of those hotels with a rather -- black and white. Television sets in fact one might say there is a welter of such places along main street in Clarence not that I would no experience. All right thank you -- budget -- called -- and you know what you survived the embarrassment just like the Fella who started to massage -- at the chiropractors office. I hope I made it easy for him because. I wouldn't want -- am I mean seriously I tried to make him laugh. Yeah but you do know I'm standing got yeah left sort of bad diminished regard at all. And as soon as -- door behind it closes it lacks. And this is one of the reasons why I tend not to drink a lot. Well and I do do still happen every portion shots or whatever and -- make a fool of myself that night so I guess that's one of my most embarrassing moment. Ago I had a wonderful night my friend. I should help thank you and I'm happy to hear from you I appreciate it yes my big all inclusive vacation hey guys guess an alcoholic drinks I had this trip ten days. -- 33. Shots the crown done all right here is -- Claude -- -- get a break going. I must break hold on Claude hold on Glenn hold -- fellow embarrassed people. And I hope the guy who started rubbing my shoulders -- the car tractors offices listening right now. Because do no harm no foul your intent was not to be a jerk I thought it was very very funny and colors. Note three on -- thirty start -- 3180616. WB -- It's 648 -- -- -- -- 930 WBE and as you know I had two thoughts actually after the guy massage my shoulders and when he realized he didn't know me I wasn't his friend mark. Two thoughts number one -- this will be great show topic B. I wonder over the years how many murders have been committed. Or how many felonious assaults have been committed because one man touched another man in such a way. Believing the other man to be a friend it. And having a case of mistaken identity. And this is not something that freaks via I mean seriously. You gotta be really unsure of masculinity if you think that is a fight where the offense really. All right let's go to. Claw bit in Williams bill on WB I Claude. Audi. Well actually America and embarrassing moment that we shared. Yeah. Know all about how do you know you have to bet on that would. This is about 28 or nine years ago. I can hear you but 2829 years ago on the other aides are relics of memory gaps so I figured that your take and it's gonna chance of this one. Yeah I think you remember that. Our winner today. A nightclub restaurant whatever and EU grew at your girlfriend and I -- long blond hair and you were sitting next to me you thought this. That I was her and you kissed me that he told a radio. I kissed you. Obviously what club was that. Courier where -- I honestly don't remember I mean if you're talking thirty years ago 29 years ago there's one place I used to go -- By the waterfront which is no longer allowed at least not under that name. I do and I honestly do not remember that incident but don't be offended by that because. I have met I have a medical excuse I have a doctor's note on that. -- -- You know you can use my -- and I mean that's I guess that's what got -- interested in Delhi is my -- Now although I don't know. Kiss on the -- on the lips. You don't on the radio call -- -- that the long run here or not. Up arguing -- and hopelessness and the only problem is who we men's room at a time. OK now I definitely know euros and they put good burger truck I mean. Yeah I mean really know what I supposed to be all upset and offended over that -- dude if you wanna get an embrace him you -- cola deep regret. It's seriously I mean a kindergarten or could this be better and really. Anyway and besides in a bedroom there would have been a hole in the stall involved. Here is and in Cuba on WB Ian hey -- -- -- -- -- Well a bit of time to start talking 29 years ago you know I gotta say there's some things that happened the last two years -- remember so whatever. And I like John -- I'll make you could talk to me. It up well and catalog not disrupt. We're at the derived Dryden and long time ago. And there was no carry around this at all what my girlfriend. We parked their logos -- -- driving record remember real. Thank unsafe at any speed -- -- all they were not -- beautiful I think so too but Ralph Nader eventually made his name with a book unsafe at any speed. But anyway we're in -- Exceed doing that Nancy and thank you and when we get done. I popped up and it was banned all around those cars here aren't there and they are looking at a. It's and her later hanging out the window and -- you know. On my -- duty that we had to -- different arrested a drive through what was left of it you know we're -- -- never muted. Triangle. There's a funny there's a funny line I could use that. I am -- refrain from from going to get so basically you thought you were in a secluded part of the parking lot. And you were basically surrounded by vehicles. In which the people were watching you all I can say is. But today in the era of YouTube. Or lively. You would be an Internet star. Hair. Well I'd like that but it was very because some people were smiling you know something or around me and now. They're okay here's my philosophy you what my philosophy and -- right every time. You make. You should make love in sanctuary. That. If somebody was recording -- unbeknownst to you. You would be freaked and four out if -- privately and that's -- -- And I had a girlfriend named Bianca ones and your little dot -- -- the Italian -- bomb built bomb bomb long hair down there but. She had a dog named -- a little wired air carrier. I'm I'm not sure -- like where this is going -- Going someplace you know reported that this nip in the bud but. Were you know Bubba -- is dead. And also nagged it's as little cold -- somewhere I don't want a cold nose. Am I wet -- -- -- were -- doing. They go your dogs you know beep -- Don't let him go. That was the beginning of the end you know I'm. Eric yeah and I'm glad I didn't go -- wanted to go and by the way there's a big very famous story involving a Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine. Involving a dog who attacked. The polian went Napoleon was in playground they collect go with Josephine and it looked it up on the Internet at your convenience proving that I have witty too much time on my. Are -- thanks very much. -- I wish I had time to take more calls does this definitely was happy ending in many ways and it was a great topic. But again folks. It's Friday night. In all I can say is my words to live by. Every time you were involved in a romantic situation. Make sure you do it in such a way. As if somebody was recording. You would say yeah. That's me on the Internet what about it. Anyway I think joke ever. For a great job one more week of Joseph -- We love you Joseph got a great promotion at Bed, Bath & Beyond basically -- -- -- he's -- around the company it's important own Bed, Bath & Beyond so one more week -- -- -- gets in for John -- -- call screener. This is the hourly and it looked at my FaceBook page later for pictures of these Steely Dan picture -- to hop into the Bauerle helicoptered out to get up to the casino. And oddly enough in his four wheels of the travel across the ground which is weird but -- -- Only due to work it's no. Or self let's bring you know yourself a WB yeah basic. About yeah. --

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