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8-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radeon 930 WB EN I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. The issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed house the senate land on my desk so I can -- Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school. Or. It's life. -- -- It's local for breakfast it's Tom hourly ask another question. Try to get this -- this isn't the real seasons knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. -- -- -- -- on news radio 930 people here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. It does have -- W. I don't intervention on rob aspirin -- campaign which I think it's absolutely pathetic. -- -- -- -- email here. And look I'm not trying to insult the gentleman who is nice enough to post actually -- FaceBook post on my via FaceBook page. Astoria -- is one man he can't be everywhere and he has a job Westchester County executive check out his web -- sure is videos on social media also assembly races need to be made about -- -- -- -- -- Everybody is just one person you -- 1 person I am one person Hillary Clinton is one person. That's why people hide her campaign stick this is why people hire campaign. Advisors who make a lot of money. I think it will lead to take -- -- -- campaign for three million and -- -- I can get him to at least within single digits of -- -- ball within about two months. Because I'm confident not arrogant confident. And I know this stuff and and ought to do it never trained there but. When people who have done this and to do this for a living say jeez Tom I never thought event that's awesome or. Well taught. You ought to be doing this for a living. I'm gonna ask you respectfully. To trust what I'm saying on its because doing what I've been doing for living in the media for over thirty years I've seen campaigns -- one. I've seen campaign sort of lost and I have told you Howell George the tacky beat. Mario Cuomo who was supposed to open in vegetable. George Pataki wasn't nobody. Outside of Westchester. -- I know. And he won how did he win. He didn't win by sitting on the sidelines. He won because his campaign every single day was putting taxes out. As I said folks -- Perino not one email from his campaign. Every day I received three emails from They'd never stop. They are relentless they're progressives don't you guys get it. They are relentless. I hate to give them credit. But they know who they are they know that they want absolute power. And they will not rest until every bit of opposition is squelched and they hold every office in the land. That's how we have to start -- and waiting for rob Astoria go to start seriously campaigning. You know I feel like -- waiting for the great pumpkin. And my faith is diminishing. Because this is a great chance for best original Portland and the revelations of the New York Times that Cuomo is in fact. The corrupt sleaze bucket I've told you he was. And Astoria -- failure to capitalize on that. Is mind boggling to me. And what I say it failed to capital -- are we do what an interview with Michael report well. I mean every single date there ought to be three releases at least for mastery you know to every media outlet in the state. Astoria no should be making media appearances every single play on talk shows like this. All across the state what do I say that because that's how Pataki won. And again and I respectfully will ask you to trust me on this always -- year old research okay. That's my game is to tell you to do your own thinking and do your own research but at the same time please understand I know. I know how to play this game. Never did for a living but I know how -- play. And you know we all have aptitude to life this is one of my aptitude it's. I can't change the my own oil in my damn lot lower but this is my -- Now -- lets your Michael reporters interview with rob asked to read all this will be the first time I've had a chance to -- And maybe it will be your first time to Michael was sitting in for sandy beach to a steady returns next Tuesday he's in Alaska right now catching salmon with -- -- teeth. We have with us today via telephone thankfully rob mastering of the governors -- gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party. And the county executive Westchester County -- dressed in a thank you very much for calling -- Do -- while doing well I mean we've got here on the coincidentally the fortieth anniversary. Of Nixon resigning from office we have our own Nixon arriving. Here in buffalo to drop money are in an election time but the Wall Street Journal comes out with -- another breaker today. He's this is getting worse form and. Well it Cuomo eight and they said two weeks ago at this is just the beginning is this just unfolding at stake dig -- And again it wasn't the crime it's forty years ago that didn't President Nixon it was a cover up right so everything since then. Cuomo has stepped in China to dust up. Quick question you know they were active investigations into multiple targets for -- showed jobs -- play. Hatred scans. Tension asking him. These were referred to that -- commission. And the question is were -- getting too close to the governor's office to its supporters to a political party perhaps. And who was he protecting and -- -- those finals go because. Under state law and this is why Michael -- says we need -- special prosecutor. Determine. What state laws may have been broken because federal prosecutors are looking. At what federal crimes may have been committed and it may be or may not meet the threshold of a federal crime and that's the case. And the set can't do anything about it does that mean that nobody picked up -- the state level crimes committed in the -- get to -- got straight. -- the governor has -- responsibility under state law. If these were active investigation into multiple targets which -- commission members have said. Then what happened to all of that wind. See more on commission was disbanded by the governor with those turned over at this supposed to but he. To the New York State Police referral to the attorney general if they weren't that a crime was committed and that I would have been committed by the governor. That's right and it I have to compliment you and your campaign on these videos you've been putting these tremendous. Or short short -- you can see at at our -- an -- three notes web site. George yesterday it was really. Inspiring you you were talking you were asking where are the heroes for the listeners here -- buffalo what did you mean by asking where are the heroes. Well look nobody eats is coming out and saying. That. We need real investigation here I call for state prosecutor. But without editorial boards we've had state legislators who had the politicos and others. He -- silent. And and they just said -- there might be a scenario where. They were not state crimes being investigated and so he's gonna get away with -- went federal. Law won't permit them to well at the jurisdiction of prosecuted. So can you imagine that we would absolutely have a crook in the governor's mansion is that sets don't indict or kick them out. And the voters don't know about it beforehand and then all of a sudden we find out. That we do that criminals in the governor's mansion and there's nothing to do about it that's like that you know and I think by the way. I think it's fair to everyone I think it's fair to us I think it's fair to. The voters certainly you know residents of the state more than anybody but it's also fair to into Cuomo. That you know we know and everyone knows before the election right wrong or indifferent what happens and it. Crimes were committed if they weren't and the governor has the right to have that information out to if they work. And voters have a right to make an intelligent decision beforehand. We actually see. Speaking of the lack of heroes. We're seeing. Some Republicans actually heading for the hills and and and have duct tape over the mouth in the situation we know there are Republicans. Who were who have sworn fealty to the governor. But boy are they embarrassed right now. Now that's partly what I -- you know you have. No -- in the assembly or the senate on either side of the aisle. Speak up against -- you know talked about this sudden hearing about this demanding information about that. It's been dead silent and that is not that delicate erupted there I think. It's cost in legal fees about 350000. Dollars. Too dependent more on commission the members of the moral conditions are and it happens in Iraq than run and run. It 300000 dollars budget for the entire more commission operating expenses. -- -- -- Who paid the -- in all the corruption that we see in New York. You are absolutely you're listening right now the radio station you're paying for the -- it's YE. We have the highest taxes. In America. It's wide distances are fleeing western new York and people. Are fleeing this state because it's that replica all this these tax -- highest tax. Well we're getting nickel in -- to debt and and the slimy deals that they copper and a themselves. Have to be paid for and that's. Why we're all leading this state that's why the cost of living is so high it's a corruption -- -- all -- and not just the slimy politicians. Though property and crops it's the practice we're paying them. It is true and and it's it's ironic that a commission to investigate corruption. Has -- been more than their their entire allotted budget just defend themselves in a criminal matter it's amazing. And it soccer and and it will blow it. A new governor has put in place and that's why I'm running because the corruption has -- to that and Michael really. Who really thought that Andrew Cuomo despite what you sentence when he can and he was right at least in his words. That New York has become a national -- The corruption is despicable. And that she was going to clean up the cesspool of corruption. He's now neck deep in that swimming pool of corruption because. Who really thought that Andrew Cuomo was going to be the agent of change in Albany. -- the guy who was born and raised into the system he spent his whole life they're. It's not -- Albany and Washington. So she knows every button to push every nook and cranny every way to skirt the -- -- a line. And he got cut every he'll pop vocal at -- his career warts do you know polian and and make it difficult people. Who wanted to do the right things you're not Egypt changed me in that system and that's why we need change that's why. This -- the sheriff sue monk Gary who are running they. You know we put out ten point plan on ethics about five weeks ago little did we know how. Utterly important and timely was gonna date but part of that is term limits. For statewide elected officials to terms maximum for governor. And eight years for legislators I think that plenty of time I think. It's good that have a turnover it's good to have fresh blood and the longer you're there the more comfortable you get. And this is by the way not a blanket indictment serve very good Republicans very good Democrats. In both houses who -- -- for a long long time. Who are still energetic who are still really wonderful people and who would never even think. Breaking the law. But you also have those who look at that hit into the temptation. And I just think more turnover is good for a whole bunch of reasons. We would also say that any. Politician convicted felons should be stripped of that they're -- and I have people go to Rochester you know dot com -- -- explained as their. Keep coming weeks will be coming out of that tax plan our jobs plan. Our education plan and our law enforcement plan so there's a lot of things have to -- coming out soon but we also put a challenge to -- We -- aside from an 820 new donors to our campaign which could bring it to 5000 daughters. Which is incredible. You know we're getting ten dollar checks fifty dollar check the hundred dollar check. For people all over you -- and that's the way we're gonna get on TV. Get the message out and beat Andrew Cuomo of Iraq that street -- dot com for a few bucks and and read more about. Well listen I've I've wondered if we're -- go to a commercial break I know you're very busy do you have a plan to visit the Western New York area and in the near future. We've been there many eternally in back I believe Tuesday. I'm going to be at -- -- that's great will listen. I county executive -- -- of the challenger -- that is our -- -- Perino this morning whipped up Michael Capuano who is sitting in for sandy beach who is in beautiful Alaska right now it's kind of a dream come true again for a sandy beach and but again you know Rochester and you're gonna be -- Western New York on Tuesday. EU should be in touch with me you should be -- top ten at ten minutes on your show. You should be sent emails sandy beach based -- ten minutes on your show that's how George -- one folks. Let's find out about traffic right now -- to winning drive all the here is -- -- And AccuWeather -- today a clear and moon lit for the rest of the Beirut and nice evening I. Away -- you outside at all last evening. Did it last evening seem like it should be filled with mosquitoes. Okay. For ten minutes that -- -- liked them mosquito bites how does that overnight low about sixty tomorrow sunny and pleasant 81. A moonlit sky and pleasant tomorrow night temperature about sixty Sunday sunny and 84 so in a nutshell Soviet beautiful weekend and then rain won't it just in time for early next weeks ago and joy Summers taken away the mayor is going on. I'm glad. -- received one email from anybody. Whom I turned onto the Jon -- show at the fair last night. That makes me somewhat billiards but more importantly lack promotes almost brings tears to my eyes. Now up by the way it. But you don't wanna notes. Maybe. But. I a have been given some secret contact information. For rob -- arena. So I will be sharing my thoughts with Robin -- arena. And again. I don't do for a living. It's just an aptitude. All of us are born with a certain skill set my top three. Communication. Politics law those -- the top three. According to at least draw a vocational inventory so these certain national arms -- in natural instincts that I care and you got your stereo. You know some of you were great hours just instinctively. May tell you couldn't trust me to call your bathtub. I said all -- Credits are coming up on by 25 to WB yet they don't well I'd like to give you a happy ending but I'd like to start the happy ending a little bit earlier. -- oh I've got two topics -- -- going to be pretty good one involves. Outside verses inside -- your vacation. And the other one you are never going to believe how I was touched. By a man. Earlier. Today. From behind. I'll give you these sordid. Horrid details. Salacious to somewhat can -- percent on news radio on I thirty WB -- following news. OK okay. Yeah yeah yeah. Because we. I think this is a song about a drug dealer. Yes masters pagan and Becker and backup band collectively known as the Steely Dan there will be rocked him -- casino tonight Seneca Niagara specifically. Up by the way -- wanted to know about The Beatles tribute and a theory county fair. The fab 40 my gosh guys. Day are worth -- and I look whatever already have seen something that I think you guys would like. And I think if you listen to me and a regular basis we probably have a lot of similar interest and stuff. B fab four. It is an outstanding. Beatles tribute band in terms and by the way they're playing on August 12. So marked it down and calendar August 12. Would be next Tuesday. And I've seen them play. They are absolutely. Sensational. Now here's were I have to be careful. Because we haven't awful. An awesome Beatles tribute band called BBC. Buffalo Beatles connection. And bay sultan. Like The Beatles don't look like The Beatles they sound like The Beatles. They also do some great work with some yard birds on the zombies though who. You know they mix it up a little bit. The fab four sounds like The Beatles they also look like The Beatles and they go through a series of costume changes. To reflect the progression of The Beatles from. You know -- suits in the early era to the rag tag Motley collection. With which they left the world with Levitt Abbie. -- If you have a chance to see the fab four. Which is -- Beatles tribute Tuesday at the recount it here definitely do. And I would never steer you to something I would not personally wanna see myself. Fogarty was great last night I did not have a chance to see it. One might actually do have a friend or -- -- of it and all of the Buffalo News whose opinion I respect. I've got to review the Jon -- show Bruce and reactors column I still miss and he got a chance to review Fogarty and he was blown away as well. Let's C. Exe. Nancy. Now. I was at the -- yesterday and the we didn't buy tickets to the show as we were leaving. We can hear the concert going -- So we decided to grab a seat in the park next to the grandstand. And Jon Fogarty was outstanding. We stayed until he finished got to hear all the favorites. We also have the opportunity to -- joy ride. By the way joy ride is a -- with which my brother plays guitar. End this ladies cousin is Mike Lackey with joy ride. Now wait I thought this thing Fogarty came with a price of admission right or wrong. I'll have to work double checked out too late now anyway so let me get it to something different here. In terms of happy ending talk with you guys. Before I get in Tibet I came across a very interesting story before -- came on the year. You -- are familiar I'm sure with that Mercedes-Benz. The automobile. If you've ever had a Mercedes-Benz. You probably a pitcher but ornaments all of more than once the Pentagon where you park. Because some people actually like the tournament and necklaces. Which is kind of stupid. But in any event. Story for -- available Jersey. There is a new Mercedes-Benz. It is the X 600 and it's called the -- 600 guard. It is our -- it is bulletproof. And it is designed to withstand hand grenades and explosive. Charges. It is coated with a poly -- on the inside for protection from splinters. And Mercedes-Benz. Says that the interaction between all the components. Provides anybody in the Mercedes X 600. With a highly effective protected space which not only includes ballistic protection. But also. Comprehensive protection against explosive devices so I read this story about his bulletproof. Bomb proof. Bomb resistant Mercedes-Benz. And two things came to mind. Number one. You know what car Princess Diana and Dodi fayed were him in that Paris tunnel they were adversaries. I wonder if they had been driving one of these. Cars whether they would have survived the crash that's number one. Number -- I was thinking about scarface. With -- Alpa chino. Would help which you know is character goes look at for Porsche. And the smartest dealer says the gun turret is extra. And I had a third thought. About its hand grenade resistant. Bob resistant bulletproof pursuing these -- OK I can withstand all of those things will it stand up to what a teenage driver can do. That is the big question then it might be worth the 160000. Dollar plus price -- see this vehicle goes the based. Model for a 160 -- now with the kind of protection they're talking about. I would it's probably about a 400000 dollar car. And I'm guessing that the miles per gallon. -- it it it's probably. Eight maybe on a good day. So back story kind of turned me down a little bit. Our folks I have never done the show before -- wanna start up with forever like give you a happy ending with a happy and the show have never done before. Which you tell me about the most awkward moment you have ever experienced. The most awkward moment you have ever experienced others -- reason I am asking this question and there's a reason I'm asking it today. And if you go to my FaceBook page. And you'll see several -- -- released on FaceBook. One of them is my personal place holder page it's not an active page I do not accept friend request because I just don't have time. For personal FaceBook stuff. Nor I have the desire for the drama of personal FaceBook stuff. Seriously I just -- Beat a EU ER LP is how my name is belt -- -- dude I'm drive and I'm tired I get things are gonna do what was that again. It's Bauer like Jack Bauer from the show 24. My first name is Tom. Think Bauer like Jack Bauer in 24 at -- eat at the end and that's my name. And you'll see a bunch of pictures you walk the one where I'm wearing a tuxedo that's my professional -- that's my active page. Okay. So all. I gotta tell you happen to me today hoping guys find it funny and the reason I'm directing -- to my FaceBook page news. I have my house cleaner. Once every few weeks -- come over to clean my house because or two hours I don't enjoy doing. Like toilets florists dusting. Vacuuming sweeping. -- deepening straightening you know things like that and once every few weeks ever come over. And I said -- Karen. I need you to take a picture of me from the back. And carrots that why. You wanna see what your -- looks like it's hot. And I said no. As you can really say it's. Ice I can't explain it right now but just take a picture of me from behind. So I stand against the kitchen wall facing the kitchen wall. On my FaceBook page you'll see exactly what I was where. This morning when I went to the chiropractors office. Because. I'm a big believer that when you find the right chiropractor. The right chiropractor. Can make a huge positive here for your health and your pain level. I have to tell you it took me twenty chiropractors. Before -- found it died. That ING is I need somebody. With muscles I need somebody strong. I may be short. But. I am using the picture -- Vietnam. -- muscle any fat. So what are. I'll let the chiropractor Zobrist. I have just had my adjustment. And I'm feeling. You've ever been to a chiropractor. Europe feeling you have right after the adjustment. Were everything is. A moon. Thank you Jesus. My body feels so much better. So aren't I walk out of the car wrecked his office all right doctor Steve is -- man and he he puts his all and every page. So. And at the desk I am paying for these services. On my chiropractor. Might act is to the waiting. You'll see exactly what I was wearing and exactly what my -- looked like. In this photograph I put up on FaceBook there's a reason I put this picture. To shore up my butt but others are reason I put his picture up -- that's exactly what I was where. That's exactly what my hair look like. I'm standing at the reception area. And I fell two. Tents. On my shoulders. On the top of my shoulders. To dance. And I've felt two films. And V two thumbs were massaging the -- -- border of both Scott Mueller. Bilaterally of course and the superior. Portion of these -- -- -- and it was like wow I'm afraid this polish. And I looked at the receptionist and I said. I hope that's doctor state. The receptionist looked at me and said. It's not. Now the person continued to massage my shoulders atop the shoulders. -- -- elevators at to a vote goes muscle areas. And that my shoulder blades and I am thinking -- myself okay. If it's not my chiropractor doctor Steve this is obviously somebody I know well enough who feels comfortable enough to touch me. It's got to be quiet it's got to be a sponsor it's got to be a friend and then I realized I really don't have -- -- so then. I slowly turn around. It is a guy I have never seen before. In my life. I look at him. He looks at me the look on his face. Have you ever had one of those OO MFG. Moments. Okay back is the look that guy had on his face. He turned beet red and he said it all my god I thought you were my friend mark. Now please understand something. I have a great sense of humor. I'm laughing I just break up I start laughing about it. This guy was absolutely. Embarrassed beyond words. Because in this guy's mind he had just walked up to -- perfect stranger. Another guy. And it started massaging on another guy he thought it was a friend I wasn't his friend mark. Now in the world of being a guy. Sometimes that -- and not very well. All right I'm not homophobic I don't care you know what I -- And I understood exactly what happened he mistook me for somebody he know. Ban bull look on his face I wish I had one of those go pro cameras with me on my head. The look on his face is impossible to describe without just saying he had just had an ON FG moment. He sits down. And he's apologizing. Profusely like. I am so sorry I thought you -- my friend mark you look just like him from behind. And I said dude no problem don't worry about oh by the way you only fifty bucks. And he's still like you can Tel -- he was starting to format in his own embarrassment and I try to make the guy feel better if I really don't care. You know I -- I understand how something like that can happen. So today -- I definitely had. The awkward moment of a lifetime. To massage another man in public -- I am thinking if someone you know all -- -- someone you know. And then realizing what you -- just doesn't. In the world of item. Our prayers -- and by the percentage guys. The debate it at that very moment. They feel like they have just lost a lot of their masculinity. Like every point other bed chargers went out the window. Dude it's all good not a problem I totally get that I thought it was funny as -- Now my question to you guys is. Have you had whether your man or woman have you had one of those awkward moments. Where you just simply have to sit down and say I cannot believe I just did that. I tried to make the guys feel better I did not wanna embarrass him I certainly was -- and that's no problem. Talk to me. Have you ever had and awkward moment like -- National Lampoon PJO Rourke wants coined the phrase -- nick. To describe those kind of moments GM ICK. A storm over the work. Tell me about your most awkward moment which may or may not involved a case of mistaken identity. As this for Palo experience today at the chiropractors. And I'm thinking to myself don't do this to be great for Michelle you know three all right thirty. Start on maturity on the -- And what 80616. WD EN. 803 -- I'm thirty start on 3180616. WB yen. Have you had one of those awkward moments. Especially involving mistaken identity. Its hourly on WB via. -- I'd actually -- report tonight there will be clearer it'll be both at the overnight -- about sixty tomorrow sunny and pleasant 81 Sunday sunny 84 so gorgeous weekend right now 75 a news radio 930. WBE. And now it's an exaggeration to say you act got a kick somebody's ass because there's a guy -- a -- Man -- He. He was looking for trouble are right. And I got to threshold just like anybody else. And he made a very bad tactical mistake. He put both hands on my shoulders this goes back a few years. There's a very simple self defense probably got -- karate move you can do to lock up somebody's arms in Indian in the nuts. And I locked up his arms I did not need him. But he I made the point that dude you do not wanna do this to me and he left promptly. It is but I I welcome a man of peace I do not I I can't -- and -- you know it it's just mow most -- are just stupid. And remember you can never argue with a drunken person or you can never you can argue logically with a drunken person or an insane person you can't do okay. But anyway. They -- thrilled I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE. And have you had such an awkward moment is that poor fellow had today with me and I hope I hope he's listening because. Honestly I've been laughing about it Albany law. And I I don't wonder because he said you look like my friend mark. I kind of wonder if he mistook me for a guy I. I know whose name is mark who has long hair like mine who is the guitar player for the local band route 66 now back. Would be -- buffalo you know one degree of separation moment. Here's John on the WB and hello John. John you're on WB -- talked a reminder. Com. I was that way I think what my father a nineteen year old. Back in two years anyway I'm. Thirty wrong there and on my father off the -- from Germany -- stoic guy and not think it and people. Anyway. Walking up -- said port and it will -- -- able -- implement -- -- My father. Your ninety. Minute about this one. It did he say. -- know would you Frito you broke my heart. All a bit -- the other an. Adamant. -- never what is. -- system and it's been. Of like a bit that's funny did you ever -- being I've never give the man with a beard. All all right that's awesome but he wasn't embarrassed by. Well -- You know he had a record autumn bill and so it was fairly relaxed -- we do it again right and that kind of back but that you know. That's going to and I don't want Orwell it's it's right that there ought to help. All right okay that's okay funny as hell bloody assault love this story a lot more like -- development ballot in the final hour thank you very much. All right great -- -- I should say great story given the previous story I just told. -- today's deal of the day for my buffalo purchase 48339. Dollar queen portage rooms stay for two apartment or hotel and spot in Lewiston. For only 190 dollars a twenty dollar dining credit thirty dollar massage and a 45 dollar facial rejuvenation is also included. Go to WBM dot com and click on the my buffalo perks logo.

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