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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Updating Tony Stewart Situation - John Kucko

Updating Tony Stewart Situation - John Kucko

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ontario county sheriff said the probe will continue into Saturday night's crash involving Tony Stewart NASCAR star and -- and -- well. The crash that killed the driver Kevin ward investigators have been reconstructing you're exactly what happened on the WB in -- a lot of help us sort through this is John coach go is sports director were WR OC television in Rochester. Hey John good to have you with us this morning. Or are you were doing OK to learn anything new overnight about this. You know nothing new overnight I -- anterior county sheriff's -- pursuit of anyone who has. Video amateur video. From -- dirt track race on Saturday evening some of those videos. Surfaced on YouTube in the wee hours of Sunday morning. And I believe some were taken down as well they're no longer up there but they're trying to get their hands on as much visual evidence as far as. You know -- take it from cellphones and the like try to piece this together. Will the video show intent is that at least what they're hoping. Well I think that's what they're looking at Churchill this for -- in the last briefing to the media -- yesterday about three in the afternoon and I believe others. Down a -- glance over is not there weren't sure Pablo. Here updated the media in Rochester area but I think that what they're trying to determine into the sport they've not been able to determine that there's intent. If Stewart were not such a hot head at times John. You think that might be less suspicion focused on Tony Stewart. Without question you know are covered NASCAR for close -- thirty years -- done numerous interviews with Tony Stewart. I used to host a weekly NASCAR radio -- attacked. Several years bill Watkins Glen brought to her up to Rochester to -- on my show for our our special that we had here. In the Rochester area of remote sure that we get -- Is a great guy a nice guy off the track but when -- in the throes of competition. He's known to run very hot and this is well documented. And so because of that there is some skepticism regarding that since. Late Saturday evening. An -- are right after this happened he insisted he was gonna raise yesterday and then. Again a few hours later his showdown still to go underage then he pulls up do you think he pulled out under pressure from NASCAR. I'd do -- you know it it's pretty soon because she was being questioned by local authorities in Ontario county late. Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday morning. From what we understand C even that. The candidate that area about 1 in the morning 130. Meeting our armed riot act are reluctant to -- He liked all the drivers stay right on the grounds of military bosses. -- he probably didn't get down there to the track until about 2230 in the morning. Obviously. The struggle -- it happens. The police acknowledged. In their first briefing at about 3 in the morning on Sunday. That Sony was quite upset about what had happened so. He can't let -- get an intensely but at that point he was determined to race. And I got down there early yesterday morning around 8:30 in the morning to the main road course Watkins Glen. And certainly this sentiment among the people round was a dislike it like it by the local car for nothing else. It's not seen him especially for the fellow drivers I mean. You know there's no way he got a -- might sleep. And so has -- and got closer and closer about 10:30 in the morning they decided. To announce it wasn't -- but I have to believe. NASCAR had to put some pressure although there are I don't have that confirmed have to believe -- -- -- -- pressure and that seemed to have Tony that the sort out there looking at it. Well good that a PR fiasco. How do you see this playing out what's next. Well I think this is a two pronged deal regarding the the tragic action -- -- saying all along it's. It's unavoidable tragedy what happened. In a big motor sports -- You've got an inexperienced driver. Twenty year old young man who's following in his father's footsteps as a passion for racing. In what seagate I getting out of the car was eight inexcusable. And be something that private reply from being warned you don't view. You don't get out of a car. Despite the caution being -- You'll do. Especially in the dirt tracking normal people familiar with Easter tracks are small tracks there and in -- -- is no larger than the size of course art -- send her first. The eagle hole it's a tiny tracks so. He gets on well the yellow flag comes out. -- -- still pretty much speed is a common around -- yellow flag until he walked in Paris gesturing -- Stewart. Your -- trouble in and then the other part of this -- -- -- this is. The reputation Tony Stewart has they. Temperamental. Driver. Temperamental ballot in you know I got to admit it when I first saw the video -- about 1 in the morning Sunday morning. I are talking -- being aggressive. I thought -- certainly within the realm that you may have been trying to teach this I'll listen. I don't think he was trying to murder most certainly I don't think that but I don't think -- -- out of the -- in the eighties trying to kick the dirt up. In Indian voters in the with the car in the direction of the Internet and what happened was this can. Absolute tragedy and everywhere you look at it in. Here we are talking about. John Miller good to check with do we have learn a great deal from this morning thanks again. John Koch goes sports director Ruth WR OC TV in Rochester on the NASCAR followers.

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