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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>1st Weekend of US Re-Engaging In Iraq - Jeff McCausland

1st Weekend of US Re-Engaging In Iraq - Jeff McCausland

Aug 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior US officials say that the administration has begun directly providing Iraq's Kurdish forces with some weapons to fight Islamic militants. This comes after more air strikes on the militant Islamic state group over the weekend. Retired colonel Jeff -- -- on -- here now former dean at the US army war college he's a CBS news military consultant good morning Jeff. Rory is arming these. Kurdish groups and nothing to forestall. Boots on the ground at a later -- And get it there -- get remains beast being given got a couple of missions going on Iraq simultaneously want is to halt. And then hopefully reverse the gains devices forces the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. Have made in the direction of the current Kapalua repeal that seemed to at least started now to recapture a couple of by -- encouraged to a degree at least supported by our air strikes. The second of all we get the second mission that is protect. 40000 UDD -- some distance from where the Kurds are now. Were trapped on the mound -- threatened with genocide that the -- the President Obama used. Bought by -- -- forces humanitarian -- to -- provided those folks at least temporary recession more perhaps. They'll do very little to reverse slices around that mountaintop normally do much. Devices forces start to decide do -- -- them on proper show that mountaintop and kill those people that are defenseless that are subtle they're just so. Jennifer Atlanta a few of the leader of these guys whose forces Abubakar. -- blog Dolly I guess I'll say pronounces them. The lists for a seemingly just began taking over territory. And the cities in Iraq a few months ago -- -- anything they want to they grabbed. Without much opposition out of the sky -- All of this power in the organization I mean he wasn't even on anybody's radar as al-Qaeda lost control in Iraq. Did he get these guys address he considered to be too extreme for al-Qaeda and that the derivative organization for the al-Qaeda in Iraq. That was operated by -- Zarqawi back in 20067. And they we were able to kill him and that in -- attack and during that period of time in Northern Iraq in this organization has pretty well beat up. By the time we pulled out in 2011. That being said they had a Renaissance. Particularly in the civil war in Syria over the last several years. And -- the great hero powers supporting their fighting against president Assad. That led force in the last -- but it does suggest that moving across the border from Syria into Iraq. And because of the fractured nature of Iraqi society of the last failures which are attributed largely to the actions of prime minister. -- In in alienating the Sunni population. They at least have the non active support for the -- -- the attention that they've gotten support. From three of surviving Baptist led by got him out during a former vice president Saddam Hussein. True lies in the military forces them successful so far. Congressman Brian Higgins of the Western New York area here a Democrat says he wouldn't mind seeing US forces in there to help quell the violence. But that basically they have to fight their own battle and this is one that's been going on for a long time. Do you agree with the strategy. There that certainly could be necessary bit but so Farley the president taken -- so called boots on the ground off the table. But I was CR before talking about large -- -- -- We already have about 800 additional US forces. In Iraq the last couple months about half of them devoted to bolstering security and our embassy back in Baghdad -- we have several hundred. There have been advising. And assisting Iraqi forces to include so are under so. Veteran -- BO which is made the structural deal. Particularly poignant the United States like can certainly -- an advisory role but for the United States in assisting Iraqi forces and Kurdish forces. As president also with the beginning these air strikes. The air strike campaign now is open ended and go on for some period time hopefully in support of Kurdish or Iraqi forces. Thanks so much for your time this morning this a story obviously has a lot more to it we hope to chat with you again some time. That's retired army colonel Jeff -- cause went a CBS news military consultant.

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