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Cong. Brian Higgins on Iraq

Aug 10, 2014|

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With all the stuff that we're talking about in Iraq there's some interesting things going on there and earlier this morning we were able chat briefly with congressman Brian Higgins will be hearing from him. That the situation in Iraq is getting getting out more intense the United States launched for more air strikes against an Islamic militants overnight. The militant group there is accused now killing 500 members of an ethnic minority kidnapping even some more let's get the latest from holly Williams at CBS. In the latest offense if I think it's very clearly targeting Iraq's religious minorities including Christians and and not that little nine group cold he is DD. The Iraqi Government said today that 300. Young his -- women have been -- it it's late and that hundreds of audits have been killed including women and children. And some of them what buried alive. And this is where the politics comes into of course this is a weekend when all of those so's mine. Like mine is equal to Meet the Press. Mine now face the nation and all of those begin to talk about this issue this morning Republican Senator John McCain told CNN's state of the union. That President Obama is not going far enough to stop the militants. McCain says while the government cannot be unified that's not an excuse he says the nicest group the Islamic state in Syria group is gaining ground. And he says President Obama is ignoring really how serious the problem is this crisis is metastasized. And throughout the region. An opposing view from congressman Brian Higgins of buffalo. In 2006 he toured the northern regions of Iraq the Kurdish areas that are issue now. And he joins us congressman thanks for chatting with us what to what degree do you have fears that what's going on in Iraq will end up escalating. Well we can't profound -- there's two. Faces the river currents and military action ones humanitarian drop. Food and water. You -- a Kurdish areas of north. To assist these CDs about 40000 people in this area who can't -- Target buying. The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and then secondly you know we have well launched airstrikes against. You know to force it upon their artillery. Militias are using it and what occurred. -- humanitarian. And military objective without putting boots on the ground but obviously we're back in Iraq. Do you think this could lead to boots on the ground. Well the president has been very clear outlook all of this was predictable there Ramallah is actually. -- he was told. Upon you know the united states military leaving Iraq and -- I see into form inclusive government that seems so weird. The you know this would be consequence. Very well what we're seeing today. Is there will too. And anyway. Take this couple other steps and end up using it as a way to get rid of the Islamic state group. Well it's not that easy you know they said your Melky failure acute race this Sunni community. These sentences the consequences that and what. Sunni. Muslims in Iraq -- seen is that if you handle government controlled machines. Headed by prime minister Al-Maliki is not inclusive focusing on population and that they are better off we're extremist group which is more extreme -- Congo which is also in the group. In control. A program but. Now let's go that she did in the very into Genesis of this thing you know -- can be initiated -- fighting and that's part of the world. And since seventh century. And what's going and Islamic state. Rack in Syria is seeking entry utility. Excuse me Islamic state differently true cheer throughout the entire Middle East and certainly wish that we Syria and Iraq. And they don't recognize you -- the boundaries to increase in in force by dictators. And drop by westerners so this is a fight. Between senators in the -- it's been going around it will continue to go on unless and until. Two warring sides recognize that the future together. It is something that they wanna pursue the American military can do it when you're Iraq. You know President Bush -- it's very very clear and he indicated it -- the American military could do -- -- on the -- Between Shia seem to do it and he really means standing -- which GQ political reconciliation include ensuring opal program -- -- We thought they -- quality -- And actually a majority countries were excited be -- to be exact opposite of what he needed to do. To create these people. Be a semblance of for democracy. -- antique shop and this this and community when you do look at. You basically -- insurgency and that's what happened early on its way and American green in 2000 treatments protecting today. As they expand across borders into other countries. Do you see a point to where we could maybe pull together a coalition were enough people are threatened by this group. That perhaps there could be broader action not just from the United States but from a group. Well you know the predators gave everybody you know I think he's twenty nations terribly. 494. Countries in the world gulf states as you know we have to do something about there. But it's Americans have always do the fighting and the dying in the paying for the fight and -- something that we can continue to do we can't litigate. Civil wars between. You know. Sectarian groups. Because. All you know when you try to create -- -- in democracy like you appear to be favoring one side over another. -- sometimes and fortunately civil war is part of the nation building you know we weren't sure would in this country you know 600000 people had died. During the American civil war mongering nation of about thirty million people -- -- that was significant. Percentage of our population and so unless and until you know these countries these warring -- recognize. That -- political reconciliation. In a peaceful method. Toward nation building is it the best way to go you're gonna continue to have these civil wars in America can't continue to litigate. It costs too much money. Our reputation throughout the world. And do we need to build a strong America and that's the greatest inspiration. Of America provides for the rest the world. How do you see this playing out what happens next. Well I think they've seen you know DT airdrops. Are are part of the American military tradition and -- -- -- and hearing throughout the world. That's -- good things some 28. I was in the you know in in 6800. Gallons of water and -- drop in Serbia she insists these CD population there. In the immediate term. I think the United States lawn chair of airstrikes again. -- militant forces. In bombing artillery. Is helping the Kurds. Defend. The capital city. The Kurdish region. Wreck appeal. But those are short term you know the Iraqi Army -- step appear you know we'd -- to rack. You know the problems. And the Iraqis you know we affirmed that they were ready to defend their own country well -- to test and and again up in there. And dissent and definitely it has partner or act in Northern Iraq he went fourteen to Kurdish area I was prepared to go out there. It feels very different from the rest of the country just in terms of its stability in terms of its functionality. It's much more inclusive and definitely. A model for -- In terms. Be inclusive with minority groups that. Right now this Dmitry trip that. Do we need to armor further arm the Kurds. I I think that's something that occurred in in in the Iraqi Government have to figure out there's two pieces and military. And they had -- to stop -- Kirsch and that is occurring on Tuesday. And then secondly get to the root causes of why. This insurgency. Is develop life has developed because. Which is the Sunnis who want to be part their their minority in Iraq. Where a majority under under Saddam -- I EDT Maliki government or who ever his successor. Have to embrace the -- and incurred community. Only that we hear of any kind. Semblance. Stability toward the goal of treaties. Democratic form of government and the nation building is so long drawn out process. That the execute in the united states military can do. The solution true and the problems in the Kurdish area right now Iraq generally in the Middle East generally have to come from within Africa. All right very good thanks so much for your -- -- That's congressman Brian Higgins earlier this morning.