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Republican John Cahill running for NYS Atty Gen.

Aug 10, 2014|

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Hardline on news radio 930 WV and good morning this safety vote. For the balance of this hour. John Cahill is with us he's a Republican running for New York State attorney general all of opened on the campaign trail he has been talking quite a bit. About governor Cuomo's Moreland commission. As or call a quick recap that was something set up to help the legislature move forward on ethics legislation. It was supposed to be a primarily independent independent investigation. Looking corruption across the state. It was deputized by the attorney general's office to try and look at more than just what do. Typical -- commission would look at and along the way there have been several reports not only in the New York Daily News but the large big expose -- in the New York Times that says. As got closer and closer to Cuomo aides and allies. That the investigation wasn't necessarily as independent as it should event that they were flagged off from sending out certain subpoenas to Cuomo supporters. Now that the commission has been shut down there is an investigation under way. The US attorney pre borrow our rock has got all the records of the -- commission he's looking at not only some of the things that they. We're going to look at themselves before they were shut down. But he is also looking at whether or not Governor Cuomo and his office interfered in all of that. And that's the point we're bringing mr. Cahill for a little bit more thanks for joining us this morning. Were. Your opponent has said Eric Schneider in the current attorney general has set. Yeah that's paraphrasing here yeah I know I deputized some of the investigators but. As long as there's a federal investigation going on. I can't talk about this. What's wrong with that rationale -- disagree. He either Serbia anymore commission quarters in effect for about a year. And certainly the attorney general was quick to stand up -- Governor Cuomo won this was announced a great fanfare. A little better over a year ago on campus -- the more commission was going to changed the culture of corruption in Albany. And a lot of people including myself were hopeful that in fact it was going to do that because not only did the government create more commissioners mentioned but he also. As you mentioned deputize these members it's assistant attorney general's. Which is why you say Schneider -- involved here. He had to Panama under the war which they were deputized. Gave the attorney general in order to receive weekly reports on the ongoing investigation. So I mean your period Mormon mission was in fact. The attorney general should amount. About this political interference that was comments from the governor's office. And did absolutely nothing never spoke up publicly or privately. As far as we know all the respectively into account when it came down to. I issuing subpoenas that might have been close to the government -- close to attorney general. Are none of those those subpoenas were issued and when people deserve to know why. So -- you know. Eric I'm amendment and I want. On a number of issues important to New Yorkers and when it comes down to the independence of his office. This disclose -- independent inquiry led by attorney general's office because he's more on the commission members with -- stars. He failed to stand up. For the independence of his office fail to do with this commission were supposed to Mexico to root -- of corruption Albany. It has been nothing but a lot of failure and the attorney general you know has. -- responsibility. To answer personal questions. Did you agree with Governor Cuomo when he essentially fired all of your deputies and Hispanic -- He certainly put stood up as the attorney general much as the US -- doing down paper to Specter. Having a clear message that there will be actually north parents with his investigation. That's quite different waive the attorney general urged on him handle the interference with his investigation walked. But if the investigation. Is centering on and -- things that they supposedly looking at. If it's centering on whether or not this group was independent whether or not this group shied away from targeting Cuomo allies. If independence is the issue couldn't his statements now while that investigation is going on be seen as meddling being seen as something that -- -- about it. So David thank you for him to stand up and answered the first couple questions barely got to do agree with the decision to dismantle on the you speak -- certainly never commented that that route very critical time. All we expect in the investigation with respect to the integrity of his office -- investigations critically important is no question about that. But maybe more important. It is the independence of the office of the attorney general. Are you know you know looking back at histories of attorney -- -- sort of erupt if you don't -- -- -- back -- -- when -- had. Attorney general Andrew Cuomo certainly be independence -- his office when he undetected investigation of so called trooper gate where Eliot Spitzer was. Apparently he's in the state police for political reasons going back in the seventies where we left which stood up to our governor Kerry -- the independence his office. It's critically important for people that compliments that the attorney general's office. Is working in the people's interest not in the political. Political interest of himself for sport. And that's clearly a cloud over all another classical Albany right now and the regardless of what the attorney general accused in the US attorney's it looked into I think the attorney general of the -- responsibility. Could stand up and say didn't protect the integrity and independence of his office. This might be a time and talk about the scope of the office obviously it's an office you wanna hold. Tell me what you think it's its main reason for existence should be. But the incumbent has been criticized quite a bit for oftentimes using lawsuits is a card so to try and get people to conform certain ways. Talk in a general sense about what you think the office should be doing. Well it just to sit where what it shouldn't it shouldn't be used as a political platform and I think we're seeing. A pattern now over the last sixteen years would be attorney general's office and use nothing more than a platform for higher political -- -- somebody -- mentioned to me appreciate -- doesn't really stand for attorney general -- for aspiring governor. And the other might be able to joke that on the line that is a real. Eating away at the credibility of the office of the attorney general because what he undertakes an investigation when he got to take any action it really has to be. Had the for the benefit of the people that Serbs he can't -- first political -- has to be above reproach with why Hughes was seeking an indictment seeking breast. We cannot do you have in the cloud over -- because he has almost don't hear he has his own political aspirations. But more than -- the attorney general has response to ability yes to defend stayed in litigation and so forth. They're also has the tremendous responsibility to be the advocate for the people that it's surged as responsibility to go around the state. He has the issues whether it's on her own epidemic that played so many of our communities around the state. The issue of jobs and what can the attorney general's office due respect to developing. Practices and policies they'll hold New York State -- the issue of Hydro fracking for instance -- -- lieutenant general has to be growing -- was immediately thrown out of court. But he kind of message that the issue we can't even discuss in New York because you don't have. An attorney general who's very much anti depressant and anti -- So the primary role that your response responsibilities of the attorney general yes -- in this State of New York to a pole awards upstate New York. Armed but it is also being announced -- the people dispute these markets do that. You need to get around the state you to listen to their concerns but no more questions and comments on the campaign trail -- is who's your opponent. That means that after three and a half years observing a statewide elected officials. Eric Hyman has never identified himself for the peoples state particularly the people of upstate and Western New York. They don't know who he is you wouldn't say that about. And the fact -- at this point in time would serve at about at least Spitzer you -- that about Andrew Cuomo. He's been completely absent from hearing and it will be able to react and to -- concerns of the people of the state. Taking your premise that this office should not be political that some of the things that he's done. Are indeed political. Would you advocates for a swing completely to the opposite direction. I would guess a good 80% of the offices is more or less behind the scenes stuff. Where the attorney general is defending the state against lawsuits are involved in reviewer of contracts. Basic nuts and bolts legal review that -- of the nations are concerned the State's top lawyer now. Let's make certainly image part of it the -- the role of the attorney general's offices and mention it expanding -- And force the war and uphold the laws of the state in New York but he doesn't have much -- Allison now what conscious of the charity bureau which is in the critical piece of and corruption in Albany frankly over the last several several years were -- legislators -- through. Not so called not for profit which would like nothing more than the political operations in this district. Bombed -- the attorney general does. Investigatory role that it's critically important as critically important role helping local. Our communities where terrible war. Crime fighting off. Issues in retrospect probably stay that your constantly that there's -- need for some coordination assistance from the used on the state level. As reflected heroin epidemic and you know I talked to merge terrorists and law enforcement officials throughout the state they've never seen Eric I'm. He literally hasn't got one -- association -- we have here is that he's been in office and certainly the attorney general has the critical role in helping to coordinate our response -- How can you respond to crime we cannot talk with the people that are out there on a daily basis trying to protect our -- and State of New York. And that's frankly what we have the attorney general's office right now somebody who has failed to. Listen to communicate. To assist the people across state in the enforcement oral or whether that's in the corruption in Albany or whether it's this duty. Crime in the on the streets of buffalo -- -- he needs to do you should be beaten both. 8030930s. The number if you'd like to join the conversation we would love to have you aboard now's the time. John -- this year Republican running for attorney general against incumbent Democrat Eric Schneider -- 8030930. Perhaps you've looked at some of the things that snyderman is done. And maybe you're an opponent or not an apartment but a critic you'd like to praise -- I was talking about here. We would enjoy that. We could also taken calls obviously where Europe. Talking a little bit about what you think the option do maybe you're someone who has been affected by in some way. Ando on the way if there's any issues you wanna know about I think it's always good thing when we have candidates on. To give folks a chance to ask candidates questions directly. So gonna do that right after the break open up the phone -- now 83 on 930s the number. John K hill Republican for attorney general is on the line we'll have more with him next its hardline on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and good morning it's -- the vote. Jon Kate Hillis here Republicans running for attorney general if you'd like to join the conversation will squeeze and phone calls here in just a second. 8030930. Is the number we do have enough time to take a couple more than are already on hold so if you liked it and now would be time. John whatever have a candid on oftentimes I asked them to give us just a brief. 32 -- I think it's important for people know who you are in addition to just. What you stand for who is John -- Well liked it from my parents her harsh immigrants born and brought in the Bronx -- -- grown -- and still living doctors New York. A practicing lawyer for almost got almost 35 years now but I spent twelve years in government. Government tacking on extra counsel to the development environment a concentration. -- -- -- commissioner for four years I don't want on to serve in the governor's office as a senior policy advisor in the last five years. Assert that the secretary Richardson stats and when my primary responsibilities and during that time period whereas. -- overseeing the redevelopment in the recovery efforts on ground zero. So I've been in both private practice and public service and kind of award now I am practicing -- -- -- -- in New York City with a -- culture opponent clarkin government Turkey and I have also operates. Energy and environmental consulting business I have a wife and a four kids and -- public service. Well earlier in the program we're talking about how the nature of the offices to do certain things and not do other things. Is there a particular indictment or investigation. That has been done by the incumbent Eric snyderman. -- that you do praise that you think was a good thing to do. You know it's hard to see that because frankly band apps on one of the fund of some of the most important issues facing our state. Are you know when you look at what the attorney general ought to should be doing -- insisted upon integrity and government. Can. You know one of the most appalling things within their attorney general has been involved and not only with respect to -- you're Mormon commission. But he his involvement in trying to arrange a taxpayers are. But an assemblyman from Brooklyn who is accuse charged with sexually harassing young women and office. I know out in buffalo you can have had a on issues were implemented is -- we expect to let sexual harassment and ran as an issue where. You're the attorney general again and said the fighting the status quo and Shelly silver and trying to arrange a pay or. For this assemblyman. He just wanna want to get along famously starred in more compassion. Are so I've been you know extremely disappointed. With respect to the attorney general's office to really provide leadership. The politicians you know partisan politics aside and stand up for integrity in government and -- certain resort. Let's bring in a phone calls now common buffalo go ahead you're on the air with John -- I don't I don't have to one. Mr. -- you stated that mr. Letterman woods into business you beat pro business. Now I want to understand. How well. This lady justice. Understand what which one of what is. I'm sorry little Brady just historically get people -- director attorney general right you you tell me you're gonna be cold it. How is that right. Well you don't you preview except perhaps there parameters with respect to enforcement rules what it's in the financial service and should -- and natural gas industry. -- deputy attorney general has a responsibility to say that if there. Playing field for those involved to reduce some state -- your -- your -- and then over the other but not handled appropriately. If not terribly right now. They seem very often it's profitable plant equipment and you can use the example one we're kind of -- effect on the suburbs here where we had an opportunity to. Structure which perhaps on the economy in the states. And even before we get people have discussions about how we do -- what's need to be done to protect our environments we have an attorney general who sued the industry. The case was immediately thrown out of court. But the attorney general basically it's made a point early today dug up -- not going to be. Alleged drug -- -- that's not appropriate we turn -- are you glad -- about cracking. -- are you talking about -- yet plan. Okay when it correctly because you know that every part of the year they public advocate threat. So what do you think frank. You're legal what. Tiger fracking or developing more natural resource it's taking an actual pass along our -- here. And using it to promote economic growth throughout the talk -- attorney general and not so I need my god my elevator or Brett back in the environment where there's some New York City watershed with the typing. Mean acres of land number -- my environmental record that I believe active BDC the right resources that it needs. Where appropriate regulatory oversight. We can smartly develop that natural resource -- construction which changed the economy of this state and -- -- -- -- -- technologies. What about -- broader point that that even having that kind of opinion. Puts you in a category where where you're going against the concept of blind justice. On how I don't think so at all the -- European open -- ran into new technology whether it's still Hydro fracking or whether it's over. Some of these -- Have to be -- Technology he can't sit down there were were just don't go along with the status quo the idea is to be able to -- Technology that's fair. That text you some consumer that the texting environments. So the idea that you can't be we can't -- right what's happening around the world what's happening with new technology. You have to come operative with a policy which implementation strategy. That is fair to these new technologies that allow them entry to market so the consumers and the environment can benefit. Tom we're at a time thanks for calling John Cahill we we would love to maybe have you back at some point and dig into a lot of this further before now this is all we can squeeze in at this point. They were very.