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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tony Stewart Involved In Track Death - WGR's Dave Buchanan

Tony Stewart Involved In Track Death - WGR's Dave Buchanan

Aug 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We continue to talk about the events of last night NASCAR driver Tony Stewart struck and killed a driver on dirt track. And -- a candidate to. And joining us now on the WB and I want to talk about it is the host of WGR sports rodeo 550s. Fast track Dave Buchanan that -- and you've got a show coming up here enough. -- half an hour so I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you first your initial reaction on hearing what happened last night. I've got more -- India and fortunately it's a very sad and tragic accident -- -- Hendrick motorsports park. Just a terrible accident that involved unfortunately -- -- typewriter -- high profile member of moderate being -- -- that track is much attention by. Really judging you know just unfortunate looking at the ego. But it just some it could happen in any racetrack anywhere where it happened why it candidate called Stewart internal war. Yeah I know a lot of people only have that video or descriptions of what happened to go by. But a lot of people also interject in a couple of things here Tony Stewart known for having a bit of hair trigger temper. And the fact that Kevin ward junior at the that the gentleman who is now dead because of the actions of last night. Approaching Tony's car on the track after being spun out by Tony which have precipitated what happened after. I mean again did you see similar incident like that play out in short -- across the country I won are in -- every adult somewhat similar to that article that pirating it is it. I don't think there's been militias and and I really being. That's just my opinion metal -- Tony was trying to get away from heaven ward and when he sped up I think. Fortune when you're you're gonna under great strictly that back and -- a -- -- and the flight out. And I think that's when he sped up the back and one out and Kevin deputy to close and -- it -- I don't think has done injure or harmed in anyway and I think it's just a terrible accident fortunately. Yeah -- but that does beg the question I mean you are talking about a veteran driver here and Tony Stewart who had to know. The conditions and it's not the first second or third time he's been on a track similar or on that very track to know how that car was gonna react. You're you're you're right now at a function. Again it's excuse it Angola and Cam Ward kept walking all of the car so. I don't think could really put the blame -- on one party or the other and that's an I'm sure they'll we'll continue investigating. And you know but just. I think it was just. Bad accident in you know maybe you know we named -- may never -- but did we even see him he would you know wearing all black lawyers sued and you know which is escalating everything I mean who -- -- -- -- how well are you really was. -- align with Dave Buchanan host of fast track NWR Sports -- 550 talking about it Tony Stewart. Involved in the incident -- other driver was killed in the dirt track race last night and Antigua. And another thing that I I've heard but I don't have stepped substantiated in your got the guy with the expertise I understand that many times when Tony Stewart will. Drive on these tracks he has like a little go camera. In the cockpit if it if you will not but there's much of a cockpit in these particular vehicles but. At do you know all whether or not he may have had won their last night and how that might be used to a try to determine what happened. If on the -- -- turns into -- -- -- matter and I'm sure there -- some -- that they can you know -- that footage is if that does exist I don't know like -- there and from our people are talking that they -- aware nobody. That to me whether -- optical -- and a camera what I'm -- experts are. Yep that's what it does exist I'm sure in authority it will take a look at it and they dirty. You know they're impound earlier to investigate every night so I'm sure -- RT. -- -- and I am sure they already come to that conclusion what bothered to -- -- -- -- I'm sure they know that by now but they're -- -- that information. That is -- that it did it at a potential on the in this story it that if I put it -- to get even more. Information. Short and they that the last thing -- have -- the obvious thing how that's going to affect the race at Watkins Glen today as of right now Tony Stewart entered into. Does it appeared to be intending to race. Now two things here is there a possibility that the Sprint Cup will step in and take some kind of an action and can they even do that. And the second part is how we talked to John -- go from -- WR OC TV an hour ago and he suggested that considering. The the weight of what happened in the fact that Tony probably didn't get a lot of sleep when he may be just step aside and not race anyway. Well the latest for NASCAR and -- -- about a minute ago is this current juncture now occurred. And says that Tony is is going to -- today. -- in the way -- Fate clarified her statement they'll make out like that it could change till the morning but as of right now. And each and complete it ain't going to compete to be a lock in on. Really there's nothing in it in the NASCAR rule book itself I think that. Critique and firmer and it is not under our current -- he thinks he wasn't under the influence of any kind so. Technically going to ask our from the rule from just from me sanctioning body implant that can really stop them. Based on the rule out however obviously considering that the gravity of the situation. -- you'll need -- they can possibly. Step in and -- in victory today by. Really I think that the decision like compounded Tony himself or his own car -- so there's no -- I can tell him not to drive the car. -- new applications with the sponsor history today. In. You know again and what NASCAR you know. Try to talk about it you know I fully expect him on to compete today that the -- and try to walk and on the afternoon. -- -- -- Coincidentally and sadly though on the computer this is the second time actually that police had an incident in a big normal or Barca. The last year he was great mayor and got an accident with a female driver and she was injured that was -- -- Development and situation they were -- a great art great and her position and they tangled legal and crash and fortunately arbitrarily struggle she was hurt last year during. The crash last year but it and that the totally different situation but just about there equipment bro that well. He had just a very sad situation this year as well and Dave I know you'll be talking more about that top of the hour of run down the dial -- The -- your sports rodeo fire fifties fast track and appreciate that spending a couple moments with the here on that today. -- it will be unable Cunningham we'll have more interests me into some phone call to implement smoke and a wealth -- on had a chance to give up their Friday and that's optical drivers including I talked to Carl Edwards about it stringent -- so. So that they at all and be on the show to date to at 11 am on WG air. Great looking forward to a Dave thanks again. Think -- ineptitude Dave Buchanan from WGR Sports Radio 550s fast track.

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