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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tony Stewart Involved In Track Death - WROC-TV's John Kucko

Tony Stewart Involved In Track Death - WROC-TV's John Kucko

Aug 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attempting to touch base with John Klitschko from WOR WR OC TV in Rochester Channel 8. He has and -- -- -- in quite demand. Because of the incidents last -- candidate motor sports park. Where. Tony Stewart was involved in an incident with another Sprint Cup driver and in fact that John has a broken free for a couple minutes John good morning -- I don't. -- well I'm doing OK but I wish we had a better a reason for calling new. Kind of walk people through what it is that you know about what happened involving Tony Stewart a candidate will motor sports park last night. Yet an effort to bring your listeners up to speed on how the race unfolds in the first place. Every year NASCAR racers and Watkins Glen. Pretty much every summer Tony Stewart liked to go back to racing -- which has the dirt track. Which it in the bigger -- -- it's a very small quaint -- setting in the Finger Lakes region. And Tony it would many times he drove up here from Watkins Glen after qualifying yesterday. Any -- in the -- -- a candidate was it -- During that rapes he. Within the green flag actually and now the twenty year old capital -- junior. Feel like -- now. Haven't ordered an experience like that that -- only Courtney from -- the New York area. Out of the car mistake number one you don't do that your coach not to do that. He was running opt out of the car search string -- Tony Stewart at -- the impact -- the caution lap. Young mantra six steps toward the oncoming -- so what don't you think they're aware are is incapacitated. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now the big question is whether what intentional or not. Anyone vote NASCAR note I'll still Tony Stewart. Operates within the market to competition these fiery competitor you don't look silly thing. If you watch a video. You can position yourself. I believe that -- -- -- were investigating it from Ontario county they did not yet have possession of any video. From what I understand now they're trying to bring it out of here they can't. But -- Portland -- an investigation I don't believe they have video of the actual contact I don't track the doctor didn't get it. He did not capture that they didn't program that effect after about footage. But when you see that video keep contact. It's jarring it's disturbing and it makes you wonder. It already was trying to and that get a message you know. Probably senior political import -- -- sprint car is got to drive report that. I don't think I ever would try to get somebody but I do think it's possible -- -- try and maybe 600 up on the guy you're. A little out and and what happened was the back police -- -- Lou. The right players struck the driver and that driver was killed and avoidable tragedy candidate speedway but. And John now you just mentioned about kicking up dirt so while we probably should explain. The out the make up of the track itself and the sprint car division these these cars. I guess kind of like a dune buggy in some ways would be on with wings would be one way of describing it right. Yeah it's a good way to describe it sprint cars -- not to be confused. With Sprint Cup Series were -- NASCAR stock car. The sprint car Earl little tiny like the car. There are highly popular in this region in upstate New York. Dirt racing it was basically argued in it will be weeks for New York. Just stop are -- -- there are very loyal following reports say an article from small track small track. Is it rates and it really that's where Tony Stewart word crap so credit. It's solid that we -- not the sport at the grass roots level and I think a lot of people like about -- And in this case. You know. They really got out of hand and -- -- -- already with the -- they're very bad wreck barely July July 2013. Also candidate look. We -- utter wreck where -- nineteen year old girl who was driving him. I believe you -- the couple murder rate you're driving very aggressively caught a lot of laps that. But that. Tony is hard charging guy aggregate about times in the gate and personality are charging guy. Well wanna be out that begs the question I mean the obvious thing you want to know now is what. What action if any -- Sprint Cup will take because the drivers are supposed to participate at Watkins Glen Tony Stewart among them today. They'll probably end up right now integration. As we speak it's cars or not a lot and went garage. But I sinister another interview. Without CBS sports. And I say to them and -- -- you I don't know how the world Tony Stewart get in the car at least today. But it certainly guy who was being questioned by police. Is recent he almost. He would have had the lead candidate or take the hour strike down back a lot and weren't you stay on the ground like all the talk -- -- -- at all I mean you know the guy who. It all the fatal accident. Can't argue an effort -- it -- put stock car in -- put a stop in jeopardy put others around him in jeopardy I can't see are gonna -- perhaps. You honestly. And obviously -- Sorry that John. Now at 1 PM which is when they drop the green flag. Ordered to talk regarding. -- the scoop as they look Tony I think that the delegates at the one now it doesn't know what any that your -- -- Probably a good idea obviously state of mind is gonna. Have a lot to do with the -- the outcome of this and now that's going to be tough to determine because you don't know how forthcoming Tony's going to be -- certainly happening here from the other guys. Now now it's it's a tragedy that was the political. And you know excuse so bad for the -- parents from my understanding were in attendance candidate -- Speedway last night it's your -- are twenty years of age fault -- that's what's so bad but -- a truck driver. And an end in tragedy and it it it's a terror all -- While well obviously not the best circumstances but certainly appreciate your input and -- thanks for joining us here this morning John. Okay thank you perhaps they have a -- that. You do the same John coach -- WR OC Channel 8 in television in Rochester.

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