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Michael Caputo on Nixon, with Roger Stone

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo this is the beach and company show here on these radio I'm thirty WGN it is 1007. In the morning. Very -- as we said we expected shoe after shoe to drop day after day on this -- commission scandal that is haunting the governor. Perhaps the worst scandal of his entire political life. The Wall Street Journal comes out with a story today saying that he's actually being targeted. Both for being shut down by the governor in March that Moreland commission. Made some criminal referrals and -- investigative files of the US attorney for the northern district. And the state attorney general now prosecutors are looking closely at whether anyone in the administration encouraged the commission. To avoid referring cases to the Albany district attorney according to people familiar with the matter. One of these people. Says prosecutors also we're looking at the same issue for cases that could have been referred to the Bronx district attorney of course. That's the locus of much of the of the corruption. In New York State comes straight out of New York City we have with us today via telephone thankfully rob mastering of the governors can't gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party. And the county executive Westchester County -- dressed in a thank you very much for calling in. Do -- -- -- Andrew Cuomo thank you so much for coming on line let me tell you something I'm distressed Reno. I'm -- Our interest in their own lives they have you know the travel team with a with their kids and whatever sports. The bills -- union school. I thought all of the United States of America with the. Well together to protest. Governor Cuomo when he comes to down and it's. It speaks volumes about what don't pay attention using. -- me and a whole lot of other people got very active again. -- -- -- We could be. Trusting concept of campaigning like a city ought to just drop bags of money. -- -- I I I know that can be defeating a Cuomo. I'm sorry say that again. -- sure -- argued in my email address our my my idea my company. It -- feel you're injured champion. And but and -- rarely. So I'll tell you one thing Kevin you know Karl and myself I'm trusted option and all of these now being in that we have. A two year old daughter it's very difficult to get away from meat fruit. From any of the nation's work participating. In sanctions against him. So I'm telling it was a guy who moved there when they had no fruit vegetables. A guy who live there as do vegetables and fruit came in. Should people are we came back for -- -- I lived in my. Right. -- whole team with a with thirteen and whatever. Get the message out. And beat Andrew Cuomo of Iraq faster you know dot -- sort of few bucks and and read more about. Well listen I've I've wondered if -- to go to a commercial break I know you're very busy do you have a plan to visit the Western New York area and in the near future. -- been there many eternally in back I believe Tuesday. I'm going to be at -- While that's great will listen our county executive progress Reno the challenger. To -- do. I'm gonna donate metal not and -- sure that I'm allowed to say that on the air but you've got me convinced. Michael thank you very much -- real ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna take a quick break for commercials were a little little right now -- right. Acura WB Aaron. Your exclusive AccuWeather forecast today started today with fog in some areas otherwise mostly sunny today. Volume seventy degrees. Clear and moon lit tonight -- 56 mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow high of 81 and Sunday sunny again. I before this is the weather we all desire and it really is that idea I wait all year for this and this is the reason why many of us. Who left buffalo as young people because. New York's greatest export is and people. Are we came back for this and I lived in Miami and god forbid. You would ever be in Miami in August it's them and that's we learn how to sweat for a living. But we were talking about Andrew Cuomo and in in fact Amir. -- here Tony and I were discussing you know we have 400 people in the parking lot of hunting and fishing store opening but we can't get people together. To protest. Governor Cuomo when he comes down -- It speaks volumes about what voters thinking. You can't even get them to understand or know the issues -- what's going -- and I guess it didn't it people are entrenched in their own lives they have. You know the travel team with the with their kids and whatever sports. The bills they you know you have school war -- your summertime nice -- you always try to do -- but no he's really a I should say nobody there are a lot of people that don't pay attention I use the example of of all what's going on in Niagara Falls and told -- how Obama gets elected. When people don't pay attention we've got a new trash. System set up an air balls. And when we received our told sport recycle and garbage we were given instructions including nick calendars to when you put it out. I come home yesterday because -- -- our garbage day and three at least three quarters of the neighborhood. Had the recycles out on the week that they're not supposed to so you have it's just a small example of that people don't pay attention to what's going. Unless there's an audience fishing store -- and then you know will be their overnight and we are we're talking about protesting Governor Cuomo Joseph and to puke thank you very much for calling in to WB and you've got some thoughts on that. I don't Michael yeah. Thought I about it -- in the opposite probably in my mid forties -- -- at the APEC. Me a whole lot out -- people got very active. All myself all rock concert -- white -- right now. We're the people are responsible for putting on the original protests. All or rally you wanna call that downtown -- IP -- kickback pat. And Albert and then. And we black and protracted coal workers places. Are more and more we've been restricted at first they were buried. Open to a quote I think we stand out at a hotel where you cause we don't work you -- Various spot Draper. And there -- a considerable lot of people we traveled pretty mark caller stay at all. And I our producer here at the dog and I'm. Bought and hope lately. Are strictly says the reelection campaign is -- and when you try to kill off the quote. They really -- UN and as a matter of fact -- main street there and I'll worry at all. When we went out there to protest when he showed up at the talk -- yet but you -- He ever police put the Arctic each -- feet away. On the drive in the play -- Albert being referred to get our First Amendment zone. Yeah Israel may have certain zones were working its constitutional rights were counting. Right right right neck as a matter of fact you said I thought all the -- -- America was the First Amendment alone. And the guy called Smart something and third album you know -- like you place on Iraq in the reflected on the market for. And I'll bet the way to back conversation -- -- -- added our friend dot. Contact with the chief of police and Amherst. Who law. Basically apologize that it wouldn't happen again if our Governor Cuomo are showing up an amber that we would be treated that way. Bought them a little out of -- and -- at all for the latest sign that he was an error error telephone spending our tax dollars knowledge and reelect import. Are they wouldn't let us best side of the building. Where everything was going armor he was walking and -- was going out they made a statement that it -- police there are a troop look at the police started. And not pulled that we were allowed to go anywhere near there. You know Joseph also I mean. In -- -- Thompson and other organizers of these protests. Against Cuomo makes the point that the our protests together it doesn't just happen it takes a lot of effort. But he doesn't give anybody time to do. We have we have things that -- called the order where -- -- but it got so discouraging. Ball we can let everybody know within minutes after we found out on people who get network. You know work our primary. Understanding -- Who are going to come back and do more work after I've done other girl. You don't they would back. Our -- -- got all its article. Bought more -- more as we were allowed anywhere near where you're going to be. You're going to get demoralized and realized okay I just lost -- that -- -- -- -- work early. And I can't even get a glimpse of a diet yet go all their old signs and let other people lol what's going -- -- -- -- I. Robert -- all the buildings are all. And people had no idea what you're doing now -- accurate factor on the other part of this Stewart the local media. Hopped out how. All. You know when they show law because the golfers that are. They don't walk out there -- we can ask them. It's you don't like -- a statement from off but they don't videotape but -- -- out. Our quality and more is better records not using the police in the media that -- also that you were -- people. Are. But I don't question about that you know I agree with that Jeremy your efforts the efforts have a vote Rus Thompson and others I -- I want them. The problem we have is that the general population in the gen -- they they. They they're not paying attention they're not paying attention and that's why we end up electing these creeps you know really well. Sorry I agree we we continues right at it. Offs it's an error or what the people wanna be educated. You are areas like New York State where there's so much -- -- It's like golfers or is it hard for that free soft. I wonder how many people are from Mars or morality Spoelstra had to fight. If you whatever way or being on the other side of the building is -- -- I'd like to be on an entirely different body of land. You can't get close to the governor he's coming to. You know. -- Unfortunately. It's really a week to try and in the -- in the sense. But if you -- reach me I -- -- at conclude a PR dot com that CP UT or I'd love to hear from the. Yet because we've got very very briefly I want to -- but to reach you. -- I stood up but now you're my -- too entrenched. When crowd cable. It retreated to their injury discount. Time you know because I know politics very welcome tonight. I know that most people in politics or forties are 930 on your cellphone are encouraged to call in this next fifteen minute segment wanna take calls and talk about this with. With the listeners in the after eleven would have set off Bob here to talk about what's up this weekend. I have -- rely idea I I'd love to go to a movie this week I'd love to write -- maybe I'll get my my twelve year old mayor -- To convince my wife that we need another quick break the two of -- development -- when you have a six week old daughter and you have. A two year old daughter it's very difficult to get away from -- probably the best thing -- can do probably thing really should do. Is give my wife -- -- You know that's -- I should I should watch it let her go see if you listen and -- -- Bob's family there in addition. I have came in. This is not gonna go over well I mean they can't and they have. But. You wanna talk about a template Europe and from the United States to be it's gonna start they have no far. Hundreds in Moscow thanks for -- Tony you're on the air for Saatchi and you know -- news because it shows. Well will the scandal ball after shooter drop date. Buffalo this is the beach and company show here on -- I'm thirty WE -- it is 1007. In the morning. Very -- as we said we expected issue after shoe to drop day after day on this -- commission scandal that is haunting the governor. Perhaps the worst scandal of his entire political life. The Wall Street Journal comes out with a story today saying that he's actually being targeted. Both for being shut down by the governor in March that Moreland to. At 930 here in just a few minutes is very interesting anniversary. Of this today. It is the fortieth anniversary of the resignation of Richard -- house -- the only president to ever resigned the office and in the words of writer hunter S Thompson. Democracy's. Greatest mutant. It's funny. I don't know I I I I really respect and admire Richard Nixon and effect. I had an incredible opportunity to meet him not just meet him that drive him around Washington for a couple of hours one day. I was a driver when I first moved to Washington. For a lobbying firm. That that represented Richard Nixon. -- in his later years. He would always come to Washington to give private council on foreign affairs to the presidents and -- to the leaders of congress who would fly -- quietly. Give in to a limo. Driven by one of our drivers and and -- his meetings and quietly go back usually on private aircraft. But one day his he had a meeting cancel I was driving him that in the media at a meeting cancel. And all he wanted to do was go from monument to monument and I was driving around the former president. Listening to him tell me as if I was important enough to talk to open the front seat what each monument meant to him I remember sitting in the parking lot. Of the Jefferson Memorial. And we drove -- And there was a guard there at the driveway that stop -- these are not supposed to drive in there and I sit -- domino window and I said we're just what appear to see the money you can't do that. And our President Nixon rolled down his window he said hello and the gentleman said please go on him Mr. President. We sat there and he told me all about his -- being his favorite monument the Jefferson monument and what it meant to him. And it quickly became my favorite monument in fact. I would visit that monument in my time and in in Washington. More than any in and I never forget that we actually sat in the Jefferson memorial park and after about fifteen minutes and he told me. About his his affection for Jefferson and what this monument meant to him. So at that night right after our 930 yard commercials we're gonna have Roger Stone. On the phone Roger Stone was the prop eight principle and that lobbying firm that I was a driver for a principal. And new Richard Nixon very very well he was it -- -- I mean the Washington Post calls him the keeper of the Nixon flame. He not only was a staff member for Richard Nixon in the committee to reelect the president they called it creep I think for a reason. But he went on to day advised Nixon and help -- free of charge for many many years until his death. Roger has just come out with a book called Nixon's secrets. A very interesting book I actually got a chance to read the galleys of the book before when. A very interesting take on the president of the one thing he talks about is that John Dean. Is a complete liar. John Dean was the one who these are aimed. The breaking. And then engineered the cover -- of the break and then through the president under the boss John -- to with a book the same time. Just a week before Roger stone's book and claims that he knew nothing about it until the media found out about it. And if you read. -- sport. Nixon's secret which is out I think now are on Amazon. He goes through in great detail about how how pal John Dean is absolutely lined up John -- is made a career. Out of Watergate he's -- he travels the world. Lecturing believe it or not on ethics. On ethics and gets paid a lot of money for -- whenever anybody tries to tell the truth about him he soothes them. And recently in recent years he's been losing those lawsuits. Roger Stone told me he would love to be sued by John -- because he would love the discovery process. I don't think John Dean would dare -- Roger's style dinner it's very interesting stuff I encourage this two. To tune in we brought we with a shortly after 930. Roger is calling us from the studios of news Max TV where he's being interviewed about his book he's on a national media to work. An incredible book something I would recommend you read an interview at 930 that you will really enjoy what we're back here ladies and gentlemen. Welcome buffalo to -- -- company here and -- radio my three W the end is nine the 37 in the morning 937 folks I'm gonna dive right in. With Roger Stone. Eighth I Nixon friend a very dear mix in front and on the fortieth anniversary of Nixon's resignation. Roger is releasing a book called Nixon secrets and boy oh boy is that -- blockbuster Roger thanks for -- -- I know you're real busy. Mike thanks for having me and I guess I should say right at the top I'm going to be at the at least bookstore in September 9. For signing I think of the second signing -- announce shortly in the buffalo area so I look forward to seeing all my friends in the Western New York. Well it's interesting signing you have -- last book on JFK and are where you were alleged that Lyndon Johnson was behind his assassination UN a full house -- -- talking please -- your book became. A New York Times best selling you don't have the same hopes for the spoke. Yeah I think I really think we can do quite well because it's very very different in the under. Books that are out for the fortieth anniversary of Nixon's resignation my book is more balanced. It's not a love letter to actions nor is it. Gory action like -- liberal books. It extra good with the bad he did some terrible things shared some terrible things made some major mistakes while. He also opened the door to China. Got -- agreement -- Soviets. Shaved Israel from annihilation in yum Kippur war. Desegregated public schools without bloodshed her eyelids. Gave this environmental protection for the first time Clean Water Act the Clean Air Act. And the military draft that was important when you meet Q I'm Mike yeah it's immediately. He gave a C eighteen year old -- I mean the list goes on and on he was progressive and very successful person. And fortunately all of that gets forgotten because of the mistakes water. Well you've been excerpted on the ABC news website. Also is I think I saw one on another mainstream media -- -- you're getting more attention with this what are what are people finding in this book that's newsworthy. I think there's a number of centrist what the CIA. Black hole to sit there -- is withdraw all us. Troops from Vietnam but -- it is great. Accomplishments getting us out of awarded John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson plunges deeper and deeper into. It doing that over the objections of the hardliners. CIA and pentagon. But the CA was opposed to the opening to China who opposed to salt agreement with the Russians. They were posted tilting towards Israel and not Arabs. They were opposed to the. I'm withdrawal. And I do -- they try to assassinate him twice and they did John F. Kennedy in cahoots with -- LBJ. -- outlined it were to -- since Nixon's life in Miami. They only tell Portland's contract. Workers -- man named Ed Kyzer. Papers right now. Found out that -- -- -- it was important that state -- -- belt. Yeah I saw that excerpt on Daily Mail on line what an interesting story that and -- do you actually have. His that that CIA agents are papers you got them from his son his son is an absolute believer in this theory that the hearings trying to kill Nixon. Yes see any he's got very good documentation. Of his or and I have included in the -- up. So the idea than he did I think foreign to a lot of people that this. The military industrial complex hard liners that folks who later would be known as the neo cons. We're not -- pro peace -- current policy. Well you also. Have taken a position and actually in your bookie you there's a review of John dean's -- rate which is. How tremendous is that you your book comes out just a couple of weeks after John dean's new actually have a critical analysis of his book in there. Europe basically calling John -- a liar. Don't call him out he's a fraud ebooks for eat healthy he's written in the vicinity of Watergate but he admits that he's air brushed himself out -- Because. He is the -- is the man who plans. And pushes and covered our border gate -- -- ease him into hires G. Gordon Liddy and that means to break the gemstone. Which includes -- Watergate break Jardine orders that the Watergate -- chased out. Six weeks before the first break. -- Jardine excellent pressure that CIA to put up the. -- money Watergate burglars. He is the one who -- sent an emissary to dangle presidential clemency in front of the Watergate burglars Jim court. He's the one who authorizes the collection and distribution of hush money for the for the -- so. You know he has really try to -- asks. -- role in this try to deflect all the blame conviction and others who when -- I think is so what are we. It's interesting your book Nixon's secret the rise fall and untold truth about the president Watergate in the pardon you actually. Say that he has a very personal motivation for trying to break into the Watergate and steal those records. Yes I think that there he is trying to obtain. Prove that the Democratic National Committee utilizing this. Specific call girl ring. To supply eight companionship. -- high level Democrats who are coming to Washington. I think he wants that information. Four blackmail reasons sort of so that he can blackmail major Democrats. It may even go further than that I urge people to read book but I really think that's what the -- is about -- now. Nixon is leading McGovern actually. -- point short term break. He's -- Italy 249 state -- What could there possibly be Democratic National Committee that they. I think that this is all about sex can. -- And and meets its salacious but the details in your book I I as I told listeners I got a shot at reading your. Your galleys the details and there are are very very interesting and in in mind my opinion prove this beyond a shadow of doubt but. Dean is out there revising history on a daily basis and he has been since Nixon announces resignation right. -- any gets the way over the because -- of course the host of the New York Times and particularly the question vote question post. As Bob Woodward. We Ewing and John dean's book that's like asking the lucky Luciano what he thinks about -- Right exactly what it that the so you're going to be here you're taking a national what are your book is available now on Amazon. You go to Amazon.com. Barnes & Noble dot com go to Books-A-Million. You can go to -- secrets dot com well -- -- one word yeah actions urged our -- He be little preview of the book he can order it almost. Or you can show up that to turning leaves on September nights I'd be happy to two aside for you. There's going to be a second book signing -- will be announced shortly. So but c'mon now. -- -- Well ladies gentlemen author New York Times best selling author Roger Stone a noted political. Consultant and a friend and confidant of -- Richard Nixon author of -- secrets the rise fall and untold truth about the president Watergate apartment. Roger thank you very much for joining us here on news radio 930 WB and will be back.