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8-8 Beach and Company with Michael Caputo Hour 2

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back buffalo this is the beach and company show here on these -- my thirty W yet it is 1007. In the morning. Very -- as we said we expected shooter after shooter drop day after day on this board and commission scandal that is haunting the governor. Perhaps the worst scandal of his entire political life. The Wall Street Journal comes out with a story today saying that he's actually being targeted. Both for being shut down by the governor in -- that Moreland commission made some criminal referrals and sent investigative files of the US attorney for the northern district. And the state attorney general now prosecutors are looking closely at whether anyone in the administration encouraged the commission. To avoid referring cases to the Albany district attorney according to people familiar with the matter. One of these people said prosecutors also we're looking at the same issue for cases that could have been referred to the Bronx district attorney of course. Bats the locus of much of the public corruption. In New York State come straight out of New York City we have with us today via telephone thankfully rob mastering of the governors can gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party. And the county executive Westchester County -- dressed in a thank you very much for calling him. Do it while doing well I mean we've got here on the coincidentally the fortieth anniversary. Of Nixon resigning from office we have our own Nixon arriving. Are here in buffalo to drop money are in an election time but the Wall Street Journal comes out with -- another breaker today. He's this is getting worse form and. Well that -- locate and they said two weeks ago this is just the beginning. Is it just unfolding at stake dig deeper. And again it wasn't the -- forty years ago that did and President Nixon it was a cover up right so everything since then. Cuomo and his staff in China did not stop. Quick question you know they were active investigations into multiple targets for no show jobs. Hate to play. Teacher -- scans. Tensions asking him. These were referred to that -- commission. And the question is were they getting too close to the governor's office to its supporters to a political party perhaps. And who was -- protecting and we -- at those finals go because. Under state law and this is why Michael I've said we need special prosecutor. Determine. What state laws may have been broken because federal prosecutors are looking. At what federal crimes may have been committed and it may be or may not meet the threshold of a federal crime and that's the case. And the -- can't do anything about it does that mean that nobody picks it up on the state level. Crimes committed in the -- get away Scot free to the governor has a responsibility under state law. It's -- active investigation into multiple targets -- -- commission members have said. Then what happened to all of that wind. See more on commission was disbanded by the governor was -- turned over at this supposed to be eight. To New York State Police -- referral attorney general if they weren't that a crime was committed and that I would have been committed by the governor. That's right end. -- I have to compliment you -- your campaign on these videos you've been putting these tremendous. Or short short pretty you can see. At at our aunt and distressed Reno's website George yesterday was really. Inspiring you you were talking you were asking where are the heroes for the listeners -- buffalo what did you mean by asking where are the heroes. Well look nobody's. Is coming out and saying. That. We need real investigation here I call for state prosecutor. But we had editorial boards we've had state legislators who had that. Politicos and others he -- silent. And and that just says part of that might be a scenario where. They were not state crimes being investigated and so he's gonna get away with -- -- federal. Law won't permit them to have the jurisdiction of prosecuting. So can you imagine that we would absolutely have a crook in the governor's mansion if that -- don't indict or kick -- now. And the voters don't know about it beforehand and all the sudden we find out. That we do have a criminal in the governor's mansion and has nothing to do about it that's like that you know and I think by the way. I think it's fair to everyone I think it's fair to -- I think it's fair to. The voters certainly you know residents of the state more than anybody but it's also fair to into Cuomo. That you know we know and everyone -- before the election right wrong or indifferent what happens and it. Crimes were committed if they weren't and the governor has the right to have that information out to if they work. And voters have a right to make an intelligent decision beforehand. We actually see. Speaking of the lack of heroes. We're seeing. Some Republicans actually heading for the hills and and and have duct tape over the mouth in this situation we know there are Republicans. Who were who have sworn fealty to the governor. But boy are they embarrassed right now. Well that's partly what -- -- you know you have. Know what in the assembly or the senate on either side of the aisle. Speak up against that you know talked about this child and hearing about this demanding information about that. Is that -- silent and that is not that you know it -- up today I think. It's cost illegal copies about 350000. Dollars. To that then the moral and commission the members of the moral convictions are and it happens in Iran and run and run. It 300000 dollars budgeted for the entire more commission operating expenses. -- -- -- Who pays the -- in all of the corruption that we see in New York you're -- you're listening right now that straight decision you're paying. For the -- it's why. We have -- higher taxes. In America. It's wide distances are fleeing western new York and people are fleeing this state. Because it's bad -- that got all this these tax -- highest tax. Well we're getting nickel in -- to debt and and the slimy deals that they cover and a for themselves. Have to be paid for and that's. Why would fall leading this state that's why the cost of living is so high it's a corruption act we're all and not just slimy politicians. Going -- -- drops -- the tactical and boredom. This is true and and it's it's ironic that a commission to investigate corruption. Has to spend more than their their entire allotted budget just defend themselves in a criminal matter it's amazing. And it soccer and and it will blow it. A new governor has put in place and that's why I'm running because the corruption. Has come to net and Michael really. Who really thought that Andrew Cuomo despite what you sentence on -- and and he was right at least in his words. That New York has become a national joke. The corruption is despicable. And that he was going to clean up the cesspool of corruption. He's now neck deep in that swimming -- corruption because. Who really thought that Andrew Cuomo was going to be the agent of change in Albany. Yet the guy who was born and raced into the system he spent his whole life there. It's not Albany and Washington. So he knows every button to push every nook and cranny every way to skirt a walk get a line. And he's got cut every he'll pop vocal advances career warts do you know polian and and make -- difficult people. Who wanted to do the right things. You're not the agent of change he is good system and that's why we need change that's why we bought the shares and military who are running they. You know we put out ten point plan on ethics about five weeks ago little did we know -- Utterly important and timely was gonna date but part of that is term limits. For statewide elected officials to terrorists maximum -- governor. And eight years for legislators I think that plenty of time and I think. It's good that have a turnover without fresh blood and the longer years they -- the more comfortable you get. And this is by the way not a blanket indictment are very good Republicans very good Democrats. In both houses were there for a long long time. Who are still energetic who are still really wonderful people and who would never even think. Of breaking the law. You also have those who look at that hit into the temptation. And I just think. More turnover is good for whole bunch of reasons we would also say that any. Politician convicted of -- should be stripped at that -- tension and I asked people go to Iraq that's Reno dot com our politics play and is there. Keep coming weeks will be coming out of -- tax plan our jobs plan. Our education play and our law enforcement planned so there's a lot of things have to -- coming out soon. But we also put a challenge to that we won outside the front of the 820 new donors to our campaign which could bring it to 5000 donors. Which is incredible. You know we're getting ten dollar checks that the dollar check hundred dollar check. The people all over -- you're and that's the way we're gonna get on TV. Get the message out and beat Andrew Cuomo of Iraq that street -- dot com sort of few bucks and and read more about. Well listen I I wondered if were to go to a commercial break I know you're very busy do you have a plan to visit the Western New York area in the near future. -- been there many eternally in back. I believe Tuesday. -- -- -- While that's great will listen I county executive progress Reno the challenger. 202. I'm gonna donate not a not a Michael shear that I'm allowed to say that on the air but you got me commitment. You're like oh thank you very much -- real ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna take a quick break for commercial -- political right now will be right back here at WB ENN. Your exclusive AccuWeather forecast that day started today with fog in some areas otherwise mostly sunny today. IU seventy. Clear and moon -- tonight -- 56 mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow high of 81 and Sunday sunny again. IV before this is the weather we all desire. Really is that idea I wait all year for this in this is the reason why many of us who left buffalo. Young people it is. New York's greatest export -- people. Are we came back for this I lived in Miami and god forbid. You would ever be in -- in August it's and that's we learn how to sweat for me. But we were talking about Andrew Cuomo in -- -- -- off the year Tony and I were discussing you know we have 400 people in the parking lot of hunting and fishing store opening. But we can't get people together to protest. Governor Cuomo when he comes down it's. It speaks volumes about what voters. Thank you can't even get them to understand or know the issues of what's going non-GAAP and I hate that you people are interest in their own lives they have. You know the travel team with the with their kids and whatever sports. The bills that he yes school war you your summertime nice -- you are trying to do but no he's really a I should say nobody there are a lot of people that don't pay attention using examples of all what's going on in Niagara Falls and told him how Obama gets elected. When people don't pay attention we got a new trash. Assistants and open files. And when we received our told sports recycle and garbage we were given instructions including nick calendars to when he pointed out. I come home yesterday because it was our garbage day in three at least three quarters of the neighborhood. Had the recycles out on the week that they're not supposed to so you have it's just a small example of that people don't pay attention to what's going. Unless there's an audience fishing storm and then you know will be the overnight market we are we're talking about protesting Governor Cuomo Joseph and puke thank you very much for calling in -- WB Ian you've got some thoughts on the. I don't Michael yeah. Our thought -- about it -- in the opposite probably a minute forty spot -- at the APEC. Maybe an awful lot of all the people got very active. All might help all of -- -- the white mark -- We're particular spot will report not the original protest. Or rally you -- call that don't sound awful IP -- APEC. And Albert and then. And leave black and protracted court order that places. Ball more and more we've been restricted at first they were buried. Open to a quote I think we stand out at a hotel where you laws we don't know where -- ball very respond Draper. And there are a considerable lot of people and we traveled pretty mark caller stay at all. -- -- -- you're you're asked about and I'm. Bought antelope lately. Aspect was that the reelection campaign that kick them when you're trying to kill off the quote. They really rain UN and as a matter of fact on main street there are now worried at all. When we were out there to protest when he showed up at a popular yet but you all. He ever police put it Arctic each order feet away. On the drive in the play chorale the band. Prefer that our First Amendment zone. Yeah -- -- just we only have certain zones were -- constitutional user account. Right right right there is a matter of fact you said I thought all the united America was the First Amendment though. And the -- called Smart something and then told them you know would like you place on Iraq in the electoral out of Iraq the war. And now that the way to their conversation why India and our friend die. On deck that you complete an amber. Who law. Basically apologize that it wouldn't happen again. If our Governor Cuomo are showing up and amber that we would be treated that. Bought them a little and opt -- and -- at all. For the latest sign that he was an error error telephone spending our tax dollars knowledge and reelect him -- Are they wouldn't let us back side of the building. Where everything was going -- you're walking in birdie was stolen out and made a big impact it -- police there are troop look at the police started. And not told that we were allowed to go anywhere near there. You know -- also I mean. You know -- Thompson and other organizers of these protests. Against Cuomo makes the point that the our protest together it doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of effort but he doesn't give anybody time to do. We have we have things that -- called the order where a lot Cutler got so discouraging. All we can let everybody know within minutes actually found out and people who get network. We get our work our primary. Understanding -- Who we're going to come back and do more work after -- -- whether -- He's OK we're back. Are we would leave our god all the try to protest them. Bought more it more as we weren't allowed anywhere and neither -- going to be. People just get demoralized and realize look at the law or that -- leave work early. And I can't even get a glimpse of the diet yet. Thought their old size but other people lol what a larger hole but I -- -- all the buildings that are all. And people had no idea what you're doing now aren't accurate taxes on the other part of -- Stewart the local media hopped out at all. All. You know when they -- law because the governor's error. They don't walk there -- ought we can catch them. It is you know like get a statement from -- but they'll videotape -- you don't -- out. -- quality and more into a very good job using the police in the media that -- also that. You wouldn't know people. It. But I don't question about that you know I agree with that Jeremy your efforts the efforts of the rest Thompson and others I -- I want them. The problem we have is that the general population in the gen -- they they. They they're not paying attention they're not paying attention that's why we end up electing these creeps you know really it. Darn I agree we we continue to educate people. It's an error or what the people want to be educated. There are areas like New York State where there's so much free -- It's like go over all policy credit or -- free soft. I wonder how many people are from Mars or morality that's so bad they fight they've -- the voting. Well Joseph you're absolutely right it very interesting comments thank you very much for calling in here it. -- radio 930 WPM will be right back. It's. -- Yeah. It. We're back here on each company news radio 930 WBE. This is Michael Caputo. Enforcing any -- will be back on Tuesday you've got me today until noon and. We'd been talking about corruption. About Cuomo about protesting Cuomo when he comes here -- one thing that I've been reminded of is that. With one of the reasons why he chose goat island first appearance today you can't get on there and -- right. So if you think a 150 yards or fifty whatever way or being on the facade of the building is -- -- I'd like to be on an entirely different body of land. You can't get close to the governor he's coming to buffalo to spread his money around but he doesn't want a seat that keep you just -- disease supporters. Very interesting concept of campaigning like a city ought to just drop bags of money out of his plane -- would stop here in Tennessee in humans. It really is -- very. Very disappointing week. Also by the way. Ball let's. -- that might be it will work difficult but he's got no balls. Kevin in Pendleton thank you very much for colony. He's a leader -- welcome thanks call. It a you know. Yeah unfortunately. It's really a week to. Or two or against this guy and I wouldn't thank you for two. Keep it you -- unity. Will read it in which it'll quibble could be -- It'll be happy to -- intimate look -- quit. Given to people who support for. I agree with you Campbell -- and what I -- junior -- with the republic corrupt culture. And we are a number -- stupid unfortunately. -- We're probably stupid to. We get didn't we can do you know to choose to -- -- -- occasional yeah. Problem the problem I have I I know him as somebody who was involved trying to defeat him it's it is a terribly difficult. Our goal to -- to achieve. Rochester you know has an uphill battle I think he's got more chance then then we did when we ran Carl Paladino against. Actually got to put it rhetorically or something cute child you know -- I hope they don't make -- -- well I think you're making machine -- speak. That that you gays in the county in the air in the sense that -- proud scout people off or wrong it was really. Believe we get people ethnic Russians involved. And then the establishment came in and everywhere here just to the site. I think that before you know there's -- the Ulster county get ready to wraps that. You know report to get any further I think they should really do -- general. Well the one thing we were hoping for an because. In defeating a Cuomo which is akin to Kennedy. In New York State defeated Cuomo is extremely difficult matter who you are east to -- before. Of the election began the state senator Jesus H Christ could -- well. But here's the problem we didn't get any lightning strikes during the Paladino campaign. If we had if there was some kind of a scandal of this. Of this size and immense city of of this importance. That showed just how old. Corrupt Andrew Cuomo is if there was that kind of scamper in the Paladino campaign with some other other things actually -- better as well. Uga. Uga big -- record in in our and if -- leave. In and economic -- -- right. -- security you know but anyway as a site and it it would make. It was an issue we re getting richer. I'm sorry say that again days that we eat what is the ability Eric. -- sure -- argued in my email address. My my idea my company. What the website is brutal PR dot com might do political and work. CEOs also have. By blog which politics and white dot net but if you want to reach -- I'm meant to Prudhoe at Prudhoe PR dot com that CP UT I'd love to hear from. Yet because I would get very very briefly I -- -- -- to reach you yeah you know I stood up but not give my little two cents. When crowd cable. It -- you there were injured this -- And but and away. Well this and -- -- you one -- -- you know Karl and myself I must -- We were both. Not exactly. Optimistic about the about the history campaign that are judging from Carl's emails to supporters and judging from what mastery and it was doing. This this is a well run campaign and asterisk it was a pretty good guy. And he's shown that he's got he's got some stones he's got some stones and and it takes some stones to defeat. Obuchi it really does it's it's going to be very difficult so I'm pleased with the way it's going when I when I told on the air on an opponent on -- and don't and I don't donate all the time. In a -- no politics very well at night. I know that most people in politics are forward. But I think this guy's the real deal. Whether or not it's difficult the guy's got no shot if you don't give them -- -- Andy support he's got no shot if you don't show up when he's in town he's got no shot if you don't donated to camp he's got no shot so complaining about Andrew Cuomo. And his corruption and all of these now being investigated personally by the US attorney. And and you don't do anything about you don't show up you don't don't need a little bit you don't you don't talk about him all your friends he's got no shot. You know. Thanksgiving X optical and -- We're 8030930s. Are 930 and your cellphone. I encouraged to call in this next fifteen minutes segment I want to take calls and talk about this with. With the listeners in the after eleven have set off Bob here to talk about what's up this weekend. I have no idea I I'd love to go to a movie this week I'd love to write -- maybe I'll get my my twelve year old mirror bow. To convince my wife that we need another quick break the to a -- well that would because when you have a six week old daughter and you have. A two year old daughter it's very difficult to get away from probably the best thing elected to public thing really should do. Is give my wife which. You know that's what I should I should watch it -- hurt us if you listen and Johnny said Bob gonna tell you what you should see. We're gonna be right back here in just a few moments after these messages on news radio 930. WB. I just got a note you have monitored this whole situation. In Russia because. I've spent almost a decade for the better part of a decade there. I have many friends their family there in addition. I have I'm married to a Ukrainian woman who is. I've met in Ukraine. And of course Ukraine. -- Russia but what I just -- blows my mind. Now if you wanna -- on Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi. In Russia -- Have to have a passport. To do. If you want to use public Wi-Fi which according to an -- order today you must have a passport. So now they're cracking down on Internet use in -- The funny thing is the one thing I noticed a couple of days ago Russia -- the Kremlin. I just it's it's hard -- -- it's it's Ares. Who hadn't decided to ban any vegetables. Any fruit. From any of the nation's work participating. In sanctions against. So I'm telling it was a guy who move -- when they had no fruit vegetables. A guy who lived there as to vegetables and fruit came in. This is not gonna go over well with his people he says he get everything he needs from places that -- is growing like Guatemala. Like Turkey. And I tell you that the women of Russia will not be wearing Turk issues they won't do. I can tell you that the sushi restaurants in Russia. Will not be using Guatemalan sushi. It's not gonna happen and all of those middle class and upper class people who enjoyed the restaurants that came after the wall fell that they're gonna start -- Matt. You can't I'd move there you couldn't get a salad that wasn't -- you couldn't buy a -- and it was a rotten and so they develop all of these. Ways to ship things all these contracts all these trading partners in order get fresh produce that we in the west and -- And he's decided to go right back to the drawing support its start all over again and that people are Russia are going to be missed but can he do anything about it. Well I mean they can't and they have. But. You wanna talk about a complacent group. They're just as bad as we are here in the United States. But you take away the things that they care like for example we talked about for example the Buffalo Bills. People won't get out and vote against Andrew Cuomo but they're up in arms about the Buffalo Bills because that matters in Russia. The people are. The eight depends so much on this -- -- deep and so much on these imports from the west from Europe. From the United States if you you're gonna tell me that at all what Clark's wife is going to drink. Wine from Guatemala. Do you think -- do you think they're gonna stop buying wine from France I doubt it in fact what's gonna happen here is to create a whole new black market contribution. It's got to be it's gonna start chaos and it's hilarious. I mean I've met who might know he's been in my house. He screw in the -- -- he really is he is absolutely. He's -- that. He's lost and now to get on the public Wi-Fi in Russia you have to pru which passport more. So they have no freedom of information no freedom of speech. And now they don't even have good -- Keep your citizens are informed and down that's -- citizens out of form dumb and eating crappy food. -- just shocked. Yeah I always thought it was a bright -- thought it was Smart but the thing I think we have problem that we have him in -- quarter we have him in a quarter. And we've got you know a jackal in the quarter like that the -- -- Don't he's not gonna stop their conference I can promise you his wife and his growth ansari is excellent his girlfriends are and are not gonna stop buying shoes from Italy. And activists are buying Turkish close it's hilarious. So that the elite are gonna continue to get whatever they want. But the people of Russia vast majority of Russia are now going to be eating rotten produce. Black bananas just like back in the days -- the Soviets. American there'll be offered clothes from a non western sources replace them and their -- Hundreds in Moscow just their last year. There are hundreds of designer stores like -- she -- You know all of those who we've put on all of those all those places have to quote now. So all the shopping there's tremendous shopping and all the shopping in Moscow it's going to be Claude. Claw it's gonna change all the way they live fundamentally. Because you're not gonna replace French wine with Bulgarian line. You know you're not at a place Italian shoes with Turkey issues on what you were seeing -- you know market where long. You're not gonna replace. Imagine the best restaurants in the world are there how. How you gonna go to French restaurant -- they don't -- -- their -- how you gotta go with sushi restaurant. They don't get their sushi from the forma Romania. He's really score -- It's it's a tremendous. Tremendous piece of news because it shows that he's losing his mind. He's losing it might Toni and with -- sorry for going on like that after thanks for pro. Don't you're on the -- -- -- -- -- Any speech the -- make you very much I'm just -- and I learned I listen understand the problem. You know they're there now and great instructor. And that's our. It says Turkey Iran would elections. When extreme. Risking it right now always gaining. He should show you want to Gretchen. What scale -- -- where negotiations. Go beyond election APEC talks. Well will the scandal befall I think it's evolving I think the proof is in the putting I think that. How well. Let's of this thing but you look at the canal side project where the governor's people have screwed the pooch worthy of their doubled the cost because of it ineptitude and stupidity. They're not they have the they have they have requested that the court keep all of that there -- the the documents from the case secret until after the election there's a reason for. Governor Cuomo want to know bad news so. Everything he controls everything he controls at all. Right but he doesn't control this and a lot of politicians a lot of people who were involved in politics the ones who weren't afraid of speaking out who will will tell you that. And this thing has got a lot of issues to be dropping day after I woke up on Monday. It was a Monday. No it was -- Thursday whenever -- this week you saw fewer stories about the more commission. There the brouhaha about it actually called down and I started getting worried that this thing was gonna go away it's not going to wait. It's not going -- it will not be resolved and probably no subpoenas will -- He won't be indicted. Ever but it's certainly not before the election. But the one thing that we can't do is make sure families and friends note that this guy. Is an absolute dictator and that he's corrupt to cork in if you want to clean up Albany. You have to start with Cuomo. You have to. Because that's where resides. -- you'll be. No question. Election this from all come to -- Well you know if he gets in a note -- in Bulgaria and make it right. Actually do that I'll tell you the people of Russia don't like it. They don't like it because they don't like it's because it's like. You know to help people in New York during we were once they're good wines the week by week by California -- because we prefer them right. I mean that's the wrong thing to do but. That's so that to to tell everybody in New York open I want you can only buy New York point you're gonna find some unhappy people. And Bulgarian wind is very good you know when I was in Bulgaria I got when he. I'll tell you that I took -- caught Tony I took a bottle. They do. I to I it's a quick story for we go one break I took -- ports. Others a small town in the mountains of -- called -- preached it's it's the crucible. Of Bulgarian revolution. I took a bottle of red Bulgarian wine and a block of cheese. On a horse up into the mountains. Sat there at the top of the mountain and drink that wine and eat that -- with a shepherd. Could -- speak my language it was one of the most incredible days of my life. Good wines and Gucci's. We'll talk more about these things especially we're gonna have a cinema Bob back in in a few moments here on the news radio 930 WB.

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