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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Multitudes of Mini Coopers - Lauren Fix

Multitudes of Mini Coopers - Lauren Fix

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did you -- a Mini Cooper. Hey there's another one and another one. They're coming out of the ward Warrick and others little -- -- other drivers are seeing more of these cars suddenly. What is going on here Lauren fix the car coach joins us on the WB in live line Lauren world his -- coming from. Right now at how many on main street there at 14101400. Many troopers. Carpet all over the place and that the coast -- -- that every other year company takes the state and -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's your you know they're doing that. Or actually why did you eat a lot about what Pennsylvania from all different spot. We'll showcase for the top spot. But it it's really cool because the people -- all for the war and. And everywhere personalize their cars from details to rebuild. Cars green card game and let that are currently at 33 with a -- that -- -- people -- what is going -- that opt for a meeting squirm on many. In large -- you just answered my next question the idea that. Okay this is just a Mini Cooper and another Mini Cooper just like the other Mini Cooper is there a range of ages here to vintages that kind of thing going on. Yeah I'll go back to it's it's even bigger global many could -- and -- -- what are rarely marked the sixty that -- the ball. But what we have now is cardinal. -- current production a countryman -- met everybody per quiet might -- -- 2008. You log in you'll get rid of it. Almost a cult following -- really cool because people at Lokhmanian. Many answers my second I don't. Buy it it's just. A fun family gathering the -- about reform and fit and content troubled by local track country. -- people regard -- over a hundred doc what he got all Bernard Mcguirk palatable but -- have a lot stopped right there are a. But. The enemy combatant of people are fantastic to get it -- you know main entry at 4 o'clock. You'll be blown away how many vehicles are here in front of the dealership had taken -- a lot it there's not a spot to park that -- The last night you have a big caravan and all of you drove out to river bend. Just south of downtown buffalo and a lot of one on over there. Well there was I didn't know that we were doing anything like that this area up ultimately make the revitalization in our area but what it is. On the attention like Parker got party -- it's great they had cheered. Your chicken wings impedes. -- -- weapon they have duplicate. Buffalo great and the people and I had a band and it was just a fabulous. Ambulances that accurately kudos to pop local putting it out together and really getting people learn what -- -- but what great people we have here. And where does it go next to his moves around from city visiting. We're going to about I'm canceling -- -- regret the -- victory at the right. I imagine Portuguese government pulling up and down after that we are heading chew up from Pennsylvania -- -- music festival prepared to Boston and that's the end of it so it's a coast to coast around the virtually and clear that people actually -- for people all over the world should. OK before we let you go Lauren what's the difference between a mini. And a Mini Cooper. Okay well that that's a good question I think you call it either. What would you do Cooper acts there. And the small one and many of the boring Amazon I'd be happy to YouTube it's a British company that they'll by the German. Read about like as an air -- every 2 PM -- protect ballot that BMW at -- will meet meet package. -- the bigger the actual number one like our country that would support or. Can have been many miles drives one to Lawrence thank you are people out if you're trapped. I'll you know I'll bet that's one of the new. Again thank you Lauren Lauren fix the car coach.

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