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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Gaza Ceasefire; US Aiding Iraq - Robert Berger

Gaza Ceasefire; US Aiding Iraq - Robert Berger

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A lot of news to report coming out of the Middle East today. In Iraq the US military has dropped food and water supplies to rebels in the northern mountains. President Obama has authorized US air strikes there if Islamic state militants start to move on troops around or BO again and the northern region there. And in Israel Israel and the Gaza are looking at more attacks a three day truce expired today. And cross border attacks resumed right after that and expired let's get off to the region now bring in CBS's Robert Berger lives in Jerusalem. Good morning Robert. What's the view from there. Well. You know in this ceasefire began three days ago that feeling was that the war was probably over. Israeli leaders including the Ari told people in southern Israel that they can go back home on -- would return to normal. That lasted all of three days. And a lot of decided to and the cease fire this morning 8 AM local time. 1 AM eastern time. Because they felt that Israel had given and any other demand during the cease fire talks in Cairo. Robert is three roll always insists that it it is not and never the aggressor and only responds when it is attacked or -- security. Is threatened yet now. A -- a Israel. Supporters of -- believe begun to criticize Israel as being too aggressive. -- Israelis responding to this criticism. While the Israeli public by and large that it does not accept that criticism at all I mean they say that no country. Would tolerate rockets being fired on their civilians and they -- Wednesday is sometimes people compare it. Two let it happen of Mexico is firing rockets and Al paso Texas -- in the United States you. So they feel odd that they may have been proportionate and also. I mean it you know Hamas is the one that keeps breaking the ceasefire today is just another example Israel had wanted to extend that streak. To continue the cease fire talks and Hamas decided did it and it. There's been several instances during this conflict once a -- than the ones that decided the Tuesday that the truth is over. What has derailed -- peace talks in Cairo is not a prisoner release situation that matter. Now the main issue is that Hamas is demanding that Israel will. Lived a crippling blockade on Gaza. Now while Israel is willing to ease the blockade there's certain things that one acceptances. Hamas would demand for a seat for. Because of the Israelis say well Hamas could. Sailing ships loaded with weapons. And bring it all kind of sophisticated weapons that they haven't been able to get their hands on long range missiles sophisticated missiles and so on so let's say that's out of the question. Hamas and saying well we the reason we're fighting -- to break the siege on Gaza. So right now we're back to square one. This all happens at a time when things are kind of ratcheting up in the region. The latest in Iraq how is that being seen in the parts where you are in Israel proper. Well and Israel. You know they're they're they're -- they're too overwhelmed. With their own more in god but I mean basically. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a parallel between Hamas and ices. Or the Islamic militants that the US may be targeting -- in Iraq he says overall all of -- one on the same al-Qaeda. I think Hamas Hezbollah. And they Israel's fight against. Hamas and Gaza very similar to what the US is -- doing are preparing to do in Iraq. That it's a common enemy bit threatening the entire region. And ever so briefly were almost out of time here. If the US has authorized airstrikes and the mountains of Northern Iraq is that being seen in Israel as a sign. That that more support or something could be changing. On that side of the equation too. Yeah yeah maybe it would be you have the but very reluctant to use and it out of the air strikes here in the Middle East sort of for a long time they backed down on Syria. I'd say the Israelis are saying will believe it when we did -- certainly if they did attack guys and sooner or even limit in the limited. Form I think Israelis would welcome. All right Robert good stuff thank you for joining us this morning. That CBS is Robert Berger in Jerusalem.

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