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Brian Mazurowski At Father Sam's

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time now for our summertime Friday's series on how it's made in Western New York WBN's -- has -- this week. Went off to father Sam's Peter Brad and he's with us now the channel open about that. Obviously SP -- you might not realize it its top in. Right in buffalo downtown buffalo they make tons of pieces tortillas. Anything you want the -- and is this a product that seldom. World wider at least regional appeal something that something them made in buffalo but it goes awfully far. I would think it's almost the opposite it started -- far in pita bread in tortillas are extremely popular. On the West Coast in California. And you can co anywhere and get anything in a tortilla. It started to kind of move across the country and it's gaining popularity. Over here I think now most people. In the eastern part of the US know what a tortilla is no Wikipedia is they've been using them for sometimes. -- -- is one of the biggest makers of this on the East Coast they provide a lot of I'm certainly our area and also other areas along the East Coast. With their tortillas and PD -- how automated as it is it guys with growing cancers -- robots. It used to be guys with rolling pins and you heard me talk with father -- a little bit. When he was making the bread -- Howell was made by hand. And over the years it's gotten more more automated now they don't need so many people they have these huge machines and robots. And -- author Sam says. He doesn't really know too much about that's always less hands on with the right now and it's more. His sons and grandsons who take care of what is the real origin. Of the company use it bothers them. Father Sam who want is a priest. He may read for a church. Instead of the wafers that the and a communion he says it will make this Hubble was an Arabic bread it's pita bread small flak for it. The people like it a lot more it sure takes a lot better it looks like -- -- little cracker that you take out of a package or something like that. And so we started to make this. Made more and more he said you know this is something that people enjoy -- we can probably -- start to put them tops markets and ever since then it's -- growing growing growing. I was about to bring out wegmans and tops markets and all the other supermarkets and grocery stores when we see tortillas. And pita bread in the market these plastic wraps. This all comes from father -- Not all of it but a lot of hits and you wouldn't realize that not everything that father Samson makes goes out with a father Sam's label on it a lot of its private label -- -- some people who. Want you to think that they're making their own a pita bread right in the bank is actually made. By father Sam and -- now with the differently able how many employees do the hand. Little more than seventy employees on between the office space and the people who work in the back actually making the and once again sort of global brand or at least in nationwide brand right here in west new York and nationwide brand. He said is far is Kansas. They ship out west. And they threes the bread the same day it's made him when the ship it out somewhere else a lot of the places have it shipped rash and it's sold. -- right after it's made but if you ship as far as a place like Kansas. It's. Rose in. Then taken out of the freezer put on the shelves and it's just as -- -- if -- -- -- -- -- stuff Brian thanks thank you don't ABN's -- -- -- the.

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