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8-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna give -- Com hourly -- a -- must be within 200 feet of us. Or cheese and it's alive. It's -- -- this -- it's Tom hourly as you know the question. Try to get this much this isn't real she's knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. -- now. -- them on news radio 930 all here to tell you. So called new Verizon. -- -- -- -- -- -- all right that McCarthy spewing out by drink from my mouth I wasn't quite expecting it I do is coming I didn't quite know -- and that very funny line. This is an intervention island. Are right it is at ten minutes after six it is ready at 930 WB ENS hourly with you and if we -- because that generally. They'll spend two hours on one topics I'll I wanna give -- some alternatives here. First of all the convenience and Genesis for the show -- his. Go to different direction -- about five minutes before I came on the year and out of -- to read it word for word because I don't want his way to begin to trouble. But I received this email from a woman. Who was inching up a storm. I mean she was like. -- of anger. Because the people in her neighborhood. Apparently never -- that other people in the neighborhood don't feel like listening to their dogs barking. And barking. And barking at odd in the right. And she wants to annul when people stopped. Being taught. That other people don't wanna listen to their talks. And that you have to teach your dog not the bark and properly and humanely discipline said canine. From barking and barking and barking when did that stop. Typically and historically barking dog complaint if you listen to police scanner walking up you'll realize there exceedingly. Common. But knowing there exceedingly common does very little to ameliorate your anger when you have just bust your hump network. Your on your patio or you're sit them back out by your garage. You're trying to relax maybe you've got a soft drink a beer -- glass of wine whatever. -- -- contemplating where he went well wrong in your career choices and everything and you're trying to have some -- time. And. The. And it just goes on and on and out and the people don't do a damn thing to shut up their dogs. That start exactly. And again -- old dog in the seventies and early eighties. LP. And LP was never allowed to bark like that. LP was always disciplined within five barks somebody was out there to make sure he wasn't market. So. -- -- from you guys what your neighborhood annoyance news that is kind of destroying your summer. Somebody else mentioned shrieking children something to do the trampoline. And I did make reference to the fact. That there is a certain. High pitched squeal. That children are able to produce at some point between the age of two and let's say six. Which is frankly. You know what. It's it's almost inhuman. You know the sound of which -- speak right it's kind of -- shrieking. Sound it. That is it to eight goes right through you. Okay in boys and girls both know sometimes whether upset. Other times when they're happy sometimes whether Brothers chasing him with a hole whatever you know -- That is annoying to people. Who have emailed me. On my FaceBook page let me go to that by the -- the phone number for your neighborhood annoyance that is depriving you of rest and relaxation this summer. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone and 180616. WB you know they have given up the phone number that -- to -- sorry about that 8030930. Start -- thirty in what 80616. WB EM. What is York neighborhoods neighborhood annoyance what is driving you up the wall. -- is Goodell my FaceBook page. Let's see. Due to new. My -- oh my neighbors are trash. -- don't know any open post it starts off this way. Gets my attention. My neighbors are trash they have no life every evening there in front of the complex talking smack about everyone around them. I've attempted the last some Wesley Willis so they can go inside and let the rest of us sleep. Nights. Here's another one. In urban bliss New York my neighbor has three or four dogs and three horses every day. Even from a quarter mile away 12 with three or four of their dogs bark. By leaving home. Coming home. Going to the garage or anything I do outdoor in terms of movements. At least once a year. The horses carry my law with six inch puncture marks. Yet I've never shot one of them. Well Jeffrey thank you because it really isn't the animal's fault it's going to be supervisory human who is at fault. There's another one. As you listen to what other people have been sick. Oh boy here we ago what do you really get him Herbert -- yours might neighbor has a ten year old Border Collie that is the best dog. The problem is the neighbor is never -- and the dog is left for eighteen to 24 hours at a time. After watching this occur over and over I've finally caught him at home. And asked if I can please let his dog out when he's not all he agree. Since last year this owner has continued to lead this dog alone and even left for the weekend with no notice. And I went to get the dog. And there was a candle lit in the house. I took the dog hole with me for the entire weekend when the -- got hold needless to say I ripped him a new one. To this day he continues to neglect his dog. I would call animal control but I don't want this dog euthanized. There are. Statutes. On the book I'm I'm on the law books I believe this is covered under. New York State agricultural law. And if this daughter is involved in acts that are illegal. It's not a question call animal control it's a question of call your local police. Because if this is animal neglect. That it is an offense against the law. So. Good for you even FaceBook poster for caring about -- some people should not have dogs. If you are consistently got to the go on for eighteen or 24 hours on a regular basis you've got no business having a ball. Blogs need you more than -- To catch or simply -- food source. I shouldn't say that my cats my cats have always been. So happy to see me when I get home from a trip seriously. Love love kisses. All right so anyway the other dog thing has been real -- Dogs pulpit on your wall that has been real -- as far as a neighborhood annoyance. So what's done in your neighborhood. That is driving you up all wall kind of rooting your summer. Maybe it's the people. Maybe it's their pets. Maybe it's their children. Their behavior. You're surprised by which had one person mentioned people using horns -- as they do orbital. Is there any thing more annoying than that happening on a regular basis usually every street has one of those people. Whose friends universally. Regard the whole hawking of whore and the way you and I would look at a doorbell. I don't give it and I never will. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB. -- All right let's get back to the calls this is Barbara in buffalo to jump tempted to do a show on whether or not you'll like camping or you do test camping. With Cabela's and everything because. You could offer me two -- weeks of camping and I'd say melt. I'd be indoor plumbing I need. High thread count sheets. And I want clean floors anyway Barbara in buffalo -- your WBBM. Hello mom -- -- excellent. Well my problem is. Trying to watch television either daytime or night can you want to open your windows it's fresh air here on the cars going bag. Which is not unusual I get all the motorcycles. And then you get the neighbors with direct crap all day long blasting the Puerto Rican music all day long lasting. -- that cannot get to let the Internet but then you can't even hear your -- your watch TV. And what time that they are we talking about because noise ordinance is typically kick in about Olympia. Huckabee all day long especially -- like a business across streets where they don't like to play the music and for whatever reason question outside. It's that knowledge from their most of template from the neighbors it could be time or right to. Get out there there's a couple of ways you can deal witness now first of all whether it's Puerto Rican music rap music or Beatles music. I furious second effect. OK okay music I don't wanna hear your music. -- There are. Unconvinced. Some people who believe. That everybody. Wants to hear bigger music I think in some cases it may be cultural. And I don't know if somebody's gonna say OPEC have awfully race with no I do believe that in some cases it may be cultural but here's what I would do. You have enough money to buy a really really loud. Sound system. Prior OK. I think you know what's coming next right. Okay what I would do in that situation is I would put my martial. In -- window open it up and I would make sure my guitar was grossly out of tune. I would make sure that the head distortion on ten -- the -- would be on ten. And I would make sure that there's a significant amount of feedback would keep it close enough to the -- And I would do that for about fifteen minutes to see if you send the message. The only way some people get it is when you make their lives as miserable as they are making yours. Have you thought about this -- that the -- great hope crap hole tournament I've got a break for traffic on WB and boning up on me here's Alan Paris. And AccuWeather beautiful forecast for the next few days much better than YE a moonlit sky and comfortable tonight the overnight low 56 tomorrow mostly sunny and pleasant 78 -- -- holding its 74. -- news radio 930 WB. -- and heavy now you said you've got an amplifier Barbara. At some point is there have you not -- about counter measures fighting fire with fire. All they have done about it but entirely tremendous support speed making it. But we're talking about your sanity we're talking about your. Ability to enjoy life in your -- And if for those of you who don't have an amplifier. I wanted to direct it and don't go anywhere here Barbara because I'm going some were witnessed those of you who don't have a martial. Or a lab series amplifier or your own musical instrument. Certainly you can borrow a friend's. Hi tech speaker system. And -- the movie Mars attacks. If I ever heard -- music playing at 10 o'clock in the morning or 10 o'clock at night when I'm trying to sleep. I at level ten would blast slim Whitman. Boo. And and just like. Martians in Mars attacks -- little green head would explode like popping teammate sits inside their ailments. This is how you deal with that situation. Barbara I have just offered you brilliance and you can just sit there and stunned silence. Yeah hopefully -- maybe some chanting music of some sort. Where owl (%expletive) did you say a chance to. You know I have continued. At my own personal expects to employee. Chanting monks in the basement here at entered. And I -- offer you a chance. Which actually well it might either go over every Weller might actually be David in your neighborhood. You could play this in a continuous loop at ten level over your high tech sound system. -- I. OK. I. Keep playing yet. And playing it and play yet may be they get they hints. All right. But probably you gotta -- I mean I've offered I've offered you brilliance I have offered you. Absolute urban warfare techniques. I thought about it and now I am going to do to. That's awesome that is just awesome. And remember slim Whitman will overcome any Puerto Rican or salsa music or any reggae or any Beatles on -- can't stand. While. I just remember slim Whitman conquers all including martians. -- Can you imagine this. Some twenty year old kid. -- to salsa music blaring. Nixon really big and and for next door this is what I know. On and you. News. I fight dirty thing. When you -- -- Ladies and gentlemen. I suggest strongly you read the art of war Beisel and -- he would approve of -- it is hourly on WBE. -- I'm trying to do you -- solid here. Right -- Jackson -- It is going to be doing -- show this Monday August 11 7:30 PM at our park values sixty dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply for the two tickets I have left I'm gonna give away right now to caller number twelve. 64498756449875. And the reason I wanna get away today is on Fridays in the summertime I think -- business office is open like from 9 AM to about 905 AM. You may wish to call the double checked but at the shows coming up on Monday. I wanted to give you an extra opportunity to pick up the tickets since by the time I'm on the year tomorrow the business -- will be close so that that giving help a lot of -- -- -- so. Caller number 126449875. If you can get here tomorrow morning our business offices open at nine and when we close three. On Friday -- pocket for some reason it was like. And -- but -- know. 6449875. Jackson Browne -- -- my final year I was gonna do it John Fogerty song right instead decided to try to be in nice guy. Which by the way always -- blowing up my affairs. -- let's get back to the calls on WB EM a talking about the situations in your neighborhood and as a general rule. What are people hurting anymore. I've never go to show a couple of weeks ago lower -- -- and a show with me me give you happy ending. About how people apparently are not being taught about blind spots anymore. Then there are people at the gym jolt if you don't I'm gonna say next summer time 90% humidity people in the gym. What is proper gym etiquette as you have just who used perspiration ball over the exercise machine you spray it. And you wipe down how many times did you see people get up leave a -- of their all of perspiration behind. Thinking that. You must read you re really wanna work out in a giant pothole of their own. -- That's more questions questions. By the way have another email here this is another thing if somebody -- in the neighborhood. I have to be careful because he uses some bad words in this this is from. A gentleman top. How about the blank blank neighbor who went cutting his grass. He blows his yard waste into your hard and seems to think that's the neighborly thing to do. Yes. And double yes. And fortunately I don't have that I know other people do. And in the wintertime the people who blow this well on to -- or freshly plowed driveway Whitner snowblower. I really try to avoid doing. I think most people do sometimes the wind catches it it's kind of tough but I think most people try to help out their neighbor and export of these people. Or does get back to the calls on the WB and here is -- in Lancaster Jake on WB and talked to me. Got -- beyond. That -- Alec that think they might be part vampire could be number number him outside in the daytime. And what it does allow. That trend is jungle across the street that's very -- as well that about. 830. Quarter to nine when it bites and cool air out usually. On the -- China enjoyed evening. And that that's not bad enough I wish I could pay you a picture of what the -- what. I don't know that you need to having just used the word jungle and having just described 8:10 o'clock at night long cutting thing do you live in the town where the village. I would suggest looking up all the I'd suggest looking a village of Lancaster code. My guess is you're not supposed to mow the lawn or blow snow after 9 PM I think that's the cut off time. I believe your -- Somebody should also the -- I'm glad you brought that up because there is. There -- whole part in the backyard that I in know you have to get a building -- floor but he just put that thing up. He got -- in the side yard is not -- -- own. That backyard has not been a crush on and then in the back there that you would spread far and it looks like a lot about the country somewhere. Front route that the four guys out. Is it -- on the port through and there that GI enormous. Entry that when that doctor come down it's gonna do some great. The roof of his house is damaged or his bar. Okay. Okay see now this this is something altogether different because I'm surprised. That he has not had his. Well what do we call that certificate. Help me out here. Certificate of -- ability revoked by the village. I'm very surprised to I don't know it got a note somebody. I don't know I don't know -- I didn't get away with any of that. Well yes -- -- but like -- The last couple years now oh. Hit -- if his yard is all stalled what does he Boeing. The front the very front. It's the jungle part of it and where they're usually it would be a part and up along with other house there's a bunch of horses entered that and -- put out violate the telephone pole. -- about halfway up the telephone pole and actually another neighbor of mine decided to try out of brand new chain -- and act so they'll bounce form at -- demand -- air earned the pick up. Well that's interesting of course I'm sure you didn't see anything nor do you know worker to identify the person responsible for the trespassing onto the property and the but what I was gonna say your news. You know what. You I depending on how long you plan and staying in your neighborhood. Don't -- live with this to rest your life. I would suggest -- haul the village of Lancaster -- officer give them the address and say how is it possible that this house can even be lived in safely number one. Number two. Is there a record on file for a building permit for this barn in the backyard. And you'd also want to mention the fact that. I believe they have a curfew in the village of Lancaster at 9 o'clock on both snow blowing and on mowing the lawn. Well somebody ought to lighten a -- it's it doesn't start until 830 quarter -- nine immediately I'd done and well after 9 o'clock. Well let me ask you -- -- overall. Is he a nice guy or is he somebody -- thank you is kind of a deal. I'll see that it's a target point because I don't wanna judge -- I -- -- -- people and I I'd have never met that element. Final I think that -- that bad -- is being friendly -- -- -- -- number out there to even meet what what state park acquired these -- out at night. Get called on -- for having too many vehicles on its products such so. I don't know I mean I'd like it's an adult he can't -- anything like that -- that might have a -- -- -- meat -- downstairs. The up well look if I mean again. I guess you view and only you or your neighbors have to decide if calling the village of Lancaster code enforcement people. Is worth doing it in light. What might be the repercussions. -- nobody wants to start a neighborhood war you know what I mean. Exactly exactly. Well. We're note I guess -- that's the word go I admit I'll call and find out you know. Of course one of the July just a coach -- rewrite -- -- Limited to a quick searcher village. Of Lancaster. Coal -- And why target Pennsylvania governor put in a New York I was gonna say like you shall not ye shall not drive buggy. I. Village of Lancaster New York code and OK welcome to the village of Lancaster New York. Let's see you've got that services. RS tri services here science. -- tree -- and limb pick I don't know village code. Village code Lancaster. I have found that in less than 20 seconds I am going to put the link up on my FaceBook page I don't have time to go to right now obviously as a on the year and I need every available brain cell to continue the brilliance but. I'll put the link up and you can decide whether or not he is in violation of of your village code and those codes exist for a reason by the. So that everybody has pleasant experience. By the would you like my slim Whitman bit about how to deal -- -- -- that everybody wants to shared -- Sox. I love it I absolutely love it I've figured it might just check that out -- don't know music downloading a -- -- to have some. Yeah IA IA did that once -- Jimi Hendrix when I lived in Saint Louis dogwood bark and bark and bark when more aggressive screw this 3 AM. I just cranked up my. Klipsch heresy speakers and my 100 watt Yamaha receiver. And purple -- probably was hurt at the march 30 miles away. First the point was totally missed on the bill we'd with the dog. Are opening up the village of Lancaster code right now on my FaceBook page. -- out. Hey who's the man. You are are you very much are. Well thank you remember it very very kind of -- I just needed an affirmation of my masculinity for some of them having a bad days so thank you. Well well I mean you know what I think the masculinity drained right after used the expressions total laceration. After that I felt somewhat weakened in my condition thank you very much. Carpet by. 030930. Neighborhood nuisance is that are driving -- crazy summertime we spend more time outside. And frankly a lot of viewer not -- peace and quiet I generally get a lot of peace and quiet my neighborhood. A lot of view I'm finding out to have some issues I mean not you having issues like yet figured messed up but people are -- used to not have fooled enjoyment of your property. Here is. Up in block port on WBM hello Linda. Live here on. -- Guys in my doors at the wrong. All all all all I don't know because that would those that was weird should go to Ed in Sloan. OK let's go to Ed in slow but I'll go to -- I don't do well with lenders. Anyway here's edit in Sloan and WB and -- -- don't do this today. -- there. You know it's been such a great show. And now like the -- have the death calling into the talk radio show I mean no disrespect intended of course but it. 8030530. Is the -- never start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. Double. UB EM maybe it's the dead calling it may be the guy who has the heads in the meat locker in his basement was listening. Maybe that was his way of calling to us today. I had better get on the phone to mr. Baldwin and mr. woods. And get ready to kick some serious -- Paris. That movie from twenty years ago -- -- around Halloween. Mean. It is 645. That was kind of -- actually. But not nearly skiers and equipment are let's try a little bit in block port WB yeah hopefully issues among the living and the hearing. I'll limit your WBM hello. Yes so. Ten. Not knowing I was in you all the time. And I'm calling about a bit about it labor. I love this don't talk to -- yes go. She is up but about the strange you -- -- not think that everybody. And I bit more like I have not shut up until our. It's my grandchildren are playing outside and they make one school beyond measure and that -- I written. You get angry about it. An eighth grade dogs around there or she has the -- let them and her dog barks. Okay I see that action now -- And look nice on its spirit and she just can't something for -- and -- little they connect to -- Okay outlets how long have you lived in this neighbors. What year she's lived there how long before or after you. For -- What the neighbors say about it what's the back story. Well. There's a difference between busy body and somebody who is or shall we say in need of medication. Okay are right about now let let me give me the other side of that calling. I think there's one thing worse than somebody keeping an eye on the street. And that is living demonstrate where nobody sees that somebody can be -- -- at your house in broad daylight nobody sees a damn thing. -- Yeah now would you say she walks up and down the street all day is that a statement of reality or is that a bit of an exaggeration. Well at all day but you want. For labor to neighbor talked about the other neighbors. And then they've got in the act view -- you know it's just like she. -- -- picnic the issue doesn't. So she's a spreader of gossip. -- OK well here's here's how you deal with a situation like that you do not allow her to finish the sentence you look at heard you say ma'am. I happen to enjoy and like my neighbors and if you're going to talk bad things about them I don't wanna talk to you. Please move by. If you have something nice to say I'll speak with you but if you're just gonna talk about people I like in such a way I don't wanna talk to again just keep -- You know grow -- set. But but again remember. The laws I have just laid out. Apply to people were not intoxicated. And or not in say. It is impossible to argue with the drunken person or a crazy person. You can't do. Yeah. The best thing you can do -- in a situation where they drunken person or an insane person is too. Not go to their level keep things boundary called. Don't feed into the frenzy buyers of their ferocious anger. -- -- I deal with people like that and learn a little probably gun case things go downhill. Thank you heard such. -- I will but that's a great way to deal with gossip mongers stop a mid sentence if you don't have something nice to see about people like just keep Walken. -- -- If she keeps talking and just walk away from Europe to an obligation to engage somebody conversation. All right it is just 649 at news radio 930 WBE and with. And it is hourly I would go one more segment the -- and this is your opportunity to tell us what has been driving me crazy all summer in terms of your neighborhood parking dog's busy body neighbor is screaming children screaming parents who won't give their kids a moment to rest. 8030930. Start like 3180616. WBE NN. That is look at the at WB eat and page on FaceBook and though one of our postings and that's. Sorry you didn't really need to hear recently gamut of I don't there. You -- -- -- that he -- hit he next week too yeah that happens to me like every single back. But all we -- posting up on this ad for nine west and it shows a pair of spiked shoes with a leopard print design that. And the ad reads start her husband hunting. And a lady named Heather Willett says. I assure you neither of my husbands or any man but I have attracted noticed my shoes ever. It's one of the funniest things I've read all week well played them well played. Neither of my husband's I presume she means. Not simultaneously. That's just the -- simultaneously. Here's what should the log on that WB -- can you -- on hello. The map brother may quickly your big car alarm deep guys miss. Okay you gotta expand on this because now now you're talking my language keep going. Well it's thinking you know the do actually easy to just walk up to his cart open -- stories always got up. BP in -- open the -- upbeat being -- like the door. Edit every little green it -- -- -- -- alarm goes off he goes to say that super yet and number two haven't had a great hero I don't work -- actually your car man. Turn your alarm opt out and so out there with a bit ridiculous BP pay to market street and it'll be being. You know what I have a car that does that. It is one of the most obnoxious features any automobile maker either domestic or foreign has ever come up with you lock the card is what you say they hate you all. Open the -- beat. -- that's -- the sound of the clicking of the lot tell you that gets -- It's open but there's something else to have you ever noticed that pretty much everybody who has ever bought a car alarm. Was never instructed how to use the -- are and the number of people who. -- Should they lost. It's the worst happened it happened here at goalie. Billy everyday -- it's a singular or urged that. So it's like you know will be you know so you know -- -- the true. Play the parent. Of neglected or sit there it goes. It's. Your standard that pull at your local okay. What are -- this -- what are citrus op it'd be all but two minutes later of course. These options and that's where they're going to. You're sound effects by the way are awesome I have to tell you you're better than Gerson -- sound effect guys -- you know. On that is really good stuff. But yeah I'll let you know what car alarms that that goes. The the routine as you described it the noises when you lock and unlock that is annoying and that of course affected people apparently never receive any instruction how to operate their alarms. On a regular basis happen to -- a couple of days ago but there's only three beeps in it was a middle of the afternoon so. Yeah I admitted being at the. -- you'll just curious that the policy that that you are all too eager to. Earned -- no -- -- To a lot in Hawaii. Oprah tore up. Quite so put all sorts I know I -- -- -- -- -- I point may dude I got a lot of time I could talk to you longer because your funny they -- much hey thanks to -- -- for another great job master control. Thanks to John German for another masterful job as call screener and a thank you guys who's got a fun show it. There will fund showed they enjoy Fogarty tonight and know yourself.

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