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8-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- you're the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover. You go and do something like this there have been told. Yourself it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. You know the one for which I'm waiting Joseph I guess you're gonna keep in suspense. Are you gonna tell -- it's lost in the 0:6 o'clock. Hi good afternoon it hourly and get into your car. -- today may be right now after a hard day of work and I hope you have a nice drive home page -- me along with you on the driver made your or you -- Linda putts around the kitchen whatever you're doing. Thanks for making me part of your life and a I do count my blessings everyday when it comes to bet that really do. And we are talking right now and I told the guys is for I don't do political shows every day -- talk about life sometimes the most interesting topic on any given day is politics. Like yesterday -- being crazed with anger. At the time something else got to grab my fancy. And I sue it for harassment but. OK guys did you just see what happens the arm thing just came off the cheer again I'll fix it don't worry I know how to fix it now. So anyway. Really plan on doing this topic. Literally five minutes before I came by the year. Roughly at the same time is eight giant hairy spider decided to crawl on my arm and I gently brushed him aside to molecule of for my efforts I was bitten by said spider immediately applied Hydro cortisone cream a record -- of Cordoba. Benadryl cream to it. And -- it doesn't it -- and the swelling is gone down a very. Insects things for whatever reason got to get to me very ivory. Brief time to -- him but I I read this email from this lady I said you know what. This trumps any topic I was gonna do today. And basically I don't wanna read it word for word because I think -- like -- the lady had trouble. But it kind of goes handed him with a topic eyes started to do but it started it too late a while Barack. What are people doing anymore out of common courtesy or safety that they use to do you -- a -- few weeks ago I mentioned. Think they're teaching today's drivers about the blind spot. When you are driving next to somebody if you are in a certain area. Next to them behind the driver. And a little bit close to the back passenger seat. The person in the car you were next you cannot see you in the rear view -- side view mirror. Let's call the blind spot. It's why would you change -- you always want a glance over your shoulder because people these days apparently are clueless about the blind spot. But I wanna know what people are learning these days they used to be second nature to us. Now the specifics of the email I referenced. This woman is basically apoplectic. Because people in her neighborhood. Allow their dogs to bark. And bark. Embarq. And -- this lady works hard. She busts her hump every single -- she likes to spend time in her backyard after work on her patio. Having a glass so why and listening to radio maybe do a little bit reading it she can't do it anymore. Because she says lately. People allow -- dog to bark and bark and bark and bark and no dog owner anymore seems to say. No barking or shut up or -- apparently I need to let the dog. Total lack of consideration. And this woman also was upset because. The the pool factor and we've all been there you don't own a dog. You're walking barefoot on your lawn. It's about 85 degrees outside. And there is that unmistakable. Squished in between your toes. EU and yes it's kind of like an intercom meeting but. It's that feeling and she's just angry as hell about it. She's fed up. That worked well as a political slogan a few years back for somebody you know 30930. Is the phone number 8030930. So I want -- In your neighborhood what is the issue that is driving you crazy. And as I said before. And again this isn't bragging this is just like counting my blessings. My streak is so cool and the people on my street are awesome. And it's like I could not ask for a better street on which to. Except for the Sherman spent. John Sherman has Michael screener and he lives about seven doors down. Well you. See I've got to I've got a lucky many of you are not in that position. Now one of our other callers brought up that unmistakable. Sound bit children -- between the ages of two and about six a certain high. Frequency piercing shriek. That children will do. I must confess I've heard that a few times it goes through me like a boiling hot knife goes through butter. 8030930. What drives you crazy in your neighborhood. And what are people learning anymore. Like I mentioned earlier the blind spot shutting up your dog when it barks incessantly. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EM. My closest dog. Is a Siberian Husky the only time I ever hear her. Is about five minutes before her owner comes home she is so in touch with her owner. I swear she knows when he's coming -- even though he worked different hours I can always felt but Bruce is on his way. -- -- don't like get up she'll get all excited five minutes later Bruce pulls out of ashes like it was app is a clamp. Here's run on the east side on a WB Ian rob welcome to show. I can't don't -- turn America into a -- my dog does show. On. The one of the things that are annoys me about be summertime you know the sort of the neighborhood. -- creatures is via. You know there. I live on the east side in the city. And it's a relatively quiet street residential mall owner -- very close and 90% of the time. But -- -- 10% of the time I'm sometime during the paper often you know what electorate like most normal looking people -- You have these sort of put your greens. Walking around and you know making all kind of record. Oh -- brains first of all love the expression I may appropriate that and claim credit for just to put you on notice. -- earlier you'll thank you thank you -- I'm not above stealing your creativity and calling it my own. Secondly what kind of -- are we talking about a we talk about like the one who girls who have. Sometimes it's sometimes it's who'd been hollering and I are sometimes it's really loud talking on the cell phone. Bill screaming into a cellphone about some sort of unrequited -- situation. And you know and -- yesterday for example what it was a good one. A couple of -- a couple of beer brands or or -- he's spy. And decided to unleash -- pebble. In front of my house and I were a very powerful very large. A Molitor typed on pit bull from now serves also put my dog got about a hundred pound bond and the cripple. Arm and never get to see the reaction of my dog who are we very large -- bit larger issue which looks to have -- -- -- -- -- -- So women with -- basically tried to instigate a fight between bear hit ball and your dog. Yes and I have a five foot five with parents and for myself and I've seen my -- -- maybe what what a simple eloped with a -- Gallup. It's clear the -- effortlessly like you know you're you know we it would take every physically everything we can't call are they able to clear the -- And we would still end up getting -- quote it was caught on one of the fence things and yes my car my dog here -- recruitment and what -- -- -- -- And these to your brain decided that it was going to be an offer -- a normal weather and a forty and I'm a couple or I'm not sure which. -- Decided to that the other will be amusement. Park Michael Owen and all all -- -- -- you know. I can I can deal with the noise that night I can Leo Leo some loud music and the and consider people in -- to get there and look at model. 1130. When everybody got a real opponent to call each other but. But but. Investigation and I was really opened -- -- the fans. And import. -- at a clip that you didn't because. You know that I might have been on the -- -- on the -- for medical medical law expensive. Not necessarily but I'm not an attorney but I think you could offer pretty good defense. But. I think I think -- works -- that if you're if if you're if you're dark -- another dog your only on the hook for the value of a deceased animal. Richard dog named another dark you're kind of on the -- But it would be the person who would be suing you and since the person was the NC Gator you do have a better case against the person than they would have against you. Nonetheless your insurance company your homeowners were probably end up settling out of court. I have I vote because of the breed of my daughter. I have very -- The insurance company the -- what lightly because it is -- -- China always. There because she's not appropriate or proper burial. And now I'm -- dinosaurs. Yeah actually go -- radar of the Canary Islands and not him you know it is a leather off in this sort of a name speaks for itself. So that you're here are basically was docile and didn't respond didn't take debate. You gentle and we I mean -- -- to the nursing home my granddad well cared to outlaw. Humans and every of every type but she's cute little animal. And and in -- not an -- program for together or just an open space and elegant. Economic control when something sort of charges are property line. Shouldn't shouldn't take too kindly to a. OK so that would be the most recent example of Gucci bags in the hood. All he could do Gregory would not be -- could not agree more. Full fledged -- bag. Unmitigated. -- -- I'm -- you go further with theirs but. While I'm sorry that happened to you because you sound like a really nice guy and and frankly you're neighbors selling it on a large really but at large. Very very nice people except for the 10%. That clearly. Needs some remedial education. My my neighbors my mind while while my neighbors may represent the 99%. I would say 99% of them are actually decent people they're that would circa 1% sort of it sort of -- social. I hear -- I believe. Are. Thank you for using the word again and I like it it's caught on. Thank you very much -- I'm happy it called and I hope that doesn't happen again and you know people get off by watching animals fight and if there's something fundamentally wrong with their psyche. Remark and I think that I would like to see them try to hop a barbed wire fence with very short shorts and end up. With certain it's brutal lacerations of the most painful major thank you for the call. I challenge any other talk show host to put those words together with that kind of fluidity. Let's find out about traffic right now here is Allan Harris. All right well thanks and tonight it's just albeit pleasant evening it's. Thursday so even if -- not go to the fair you might have a softball game was an outdoor sporting event which to actually participate instead of living your life vicariously by watching other people having fun and living their lives -- -- the spirit that I SE CR I mean if you the voice and he was the man behind credence Clearwater revival a moonlit sky comparable to what the overnight low 56 tomorrow sunny and pleasant 78. If you are Jon Fogarty and listening to the show dude called me and I'll have you over for beer cars I know that nobody ever offers to have you over for beer ever. Because you're down 274. Degrees we'll jammed dude will -- 74 at news radio 930 WB Ian by the way. A little secret and I told you guys this before most great rock songs are. Exceedingly easy to play. And virtually every single CCR song is a -- But again when your musical genius as is Jon Fogarty. The easy can be beautiful. Let's go to Diane in a cell phone on WB and Diane your neighbors are driving up African Walt talked to me. I even being aliens into that -- an apartment complex. In the third and one day and -- and about -- I have read or any which. And it doesn't and that of southern in the evening. -- she does -- yell at airport shelter in. -- the reaction of those. Either -- yelling at them or -- yeah. Does she sound as though she is shall we say not all beer or perhaps intoxicated. -- I don't. Know aggregated at it it was. I'll say. What kind direct and that the record business. I. -- my old. You know -- bit. Well. It interviewed do you without naming her on the -- do you know precisely who this woman is. You don't you just cure she has -- audio presence felt. Definitely I he got them out side of that kind. And when they. Eight. -- -- -- -- -- Market see it right that that's there's something wrong. In her hand. I'm sorry that it's not normal. Behavior. And I'm not a big fan of anonymous CPS calls in fact I don't believe in anonymous CBS calls because I think -- -- people are way too busy chasing down. Didn't and dad is from vindictive people. And a lot of people in need of their services go through the cracks. Based on your description. It sounds like this woman is a verbally. Abusive. Woman and frankly words can hurt and linger a lot longer even the broken bone can. I'd like to talk more about I'd like to talk more about this I've got a break if you can hold up. All right what drives you crazy about living in New York neighborhood that's a pretty serious one. -- -- and Jon Fogarty. Sometime during the show you'll say those kids are used to believe that the lyrics were there's a bathroom on the rights. It is out of series 530 borders ready at 930 WB EM so anyway before I can't earlier today received an email lady who has had a -- air. -- neighbors who let their dogs bark without any discipline just all I want. Act act. And that we don't even have to go -- But she basically is about to -- thermonuclear. She's upset. She wants some peace quiet and tranquility. In her backyard. And she is the pride of it. Because of inconsiderate neighbors. Well other dogs every single evening to bark. Hour after hour after hour after hour which by the way. It is one of the most common complaint calls to local police department there's only so much they can do. Here's a -- again on a cell phone and I have concerns me that's called us because -- she's talking about a woman who. If I am to believe Diane and I have no reason not to. A local mother who is clearly. Verbally abusing her children if this woman is literally yelling at her children from morning until evening. There is something that is obviously not right. Com. I know her mother also libertarians are out there and the grandmother lived there. Even go to bed. And here I know the equipment or other -- -- it was there are no longer hair. In the two chances they blame them. I. Sure can't keep on -- -- -- I know -- this order would shake you can be irritating. And you'll really get. Okay it's okay see now irritation is one thing now if the kids next door on the trampoline. Are right and were shrieking. Wildly. Without any discipline that is an irritation. What you are describing as I said sounds like verbal abuse. It's definitely verbal abuse in my heart breaks for those little generally like three -- your soul. And -- being fully under heat and we're going aren't. If I were in your position as much as I aid. If I were your position I would I would call CPS and I'll explain the situation and say you know what. I couldn't live with myself if something happened one of those kids after years of listening to this woman. Hour after hour after hour yelling at her children may she's -- Like. -- and my second hour hearing it. -- yeah I know. If if -- well maybe we'll get some input from our listeners but frankly I think this this should definitely be investigated. By a professionals who know. The signs of abuse and to give your complaint credibility. I would give my name they won't give her your name. But anonymous complaints to me I think -- crap I don't think people ought to be allowed to give anonymous complaints if you feel this strongly about it in -- I felt strongly about it. I would get my name and say here's who I am this is where this is happening and I would like it'll look into it to make sure those kids are okay. Okay com I will do it today and then I'll let you know what happened. Well again the question is how would you feel if it if the verbal abuse escalated to physical and how do you know that it isn't behind closed ports. Equity Erick gill off for -- I think this woman frankly sounds like she's gone couples but there's. A gray. Yeah opt out I. Don't know like I don't feel like let it go you know me. Our age don't feel right. I wouldn't feel right telling him not to call you I believe that what you have to hold me is grounds for at least eight someone who knows about this stuff. To investigate -- All right but then we'll see what other people have to say I -- and I'm out of again. But if you're gonna complain. I think you ought to give your name. Because I think anonymous complaints RBS. Because he's -- and you know what it used to happen enemy. Because people that like what I would say in the radio somebody calls sepia because in a way that kids and it got it got ridiculous. All right thank you very much and -- called. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB and would you do that Joseph would you work. If the war that was yelling at her kids it is the second summer there's a she describes -- morning until my time just constantly incessantly. There's supplement it right here and I think it ought to be looked into. I think would be irresponsible not to call somebody's got to look out for the kids obviously the mother isn't. 803. On -- thirty start I -- 3180616. WB and let's put this where your mom. I hope that your mom communicated heard this pleasure with you. More with her looks. That she ever did with her words. My mom had a look. And once that look was on her face. Words were not need it. Here is. Rob. In that Cheektowaga we're talking about that things that are driving in knots in your neighborhood. Big picture like call. I -- I have a favorite had a dark about black neighborhoods they were an organ -- now perpich. My article problems. But why well a follow what are our people and our people are we outboard. What ever dog -- that you would not the market or veto it ordered neighbors that you haven't been. Well it doesn't hurt ought to do it like it bull sharks in a ballpark you know what -- -- How long OK now the tableau BM reader in me is interest and how many times did you have to use this device before the dog got the message to associate marketing with that device. Are you about two weeks and it worked and never -- Dude. I I almost hate to ask you the name of the advice of the device but I have to. And I which added about my. You know upon I don't at a -- you can email about it but he can find him outline. On their and they work really well they don't -- the dark. Again you know what range they work because my streak is perfect but I can hear the barking from other streets where people literally. Have allowed their dogs to bark you know from at least the time I get home to about an hour after the sun goes down. And it just drives me up on wool. Right right it's three different -- out and I think that our history to reach out cute about -- Supper urged pretty get not for the -- or how you don't allow the market. Elvis also may may necessitate my buying hyper stealth geared to secretly. A light are or or to secretly or trust -- but -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here if you don't know what -- dolphins do a Google search you'll be blown away. Yeah you'll. I talked a bit the last caller -- I would want or autonomy and I got a lot of Q where. People hesitated on call about -- debate may have heard over from a neighbor. And I think she's like you have it or in the mail our nation is at call because. It to a long and particularly in -- -- the drop they'll call. So I think he gave -- by Kurt -- involved right away. Well yeah I hate to me. And it was the only advice I could possibly give wood which I felt comfortable. And again if you're gonna make a complaint I also believe that you should have the balls to give your name with the complaint and frankly if I -- CPS I would give more attention to complaints that came with names that I would anonymous complaints which generally are then that is somebody electorate custody thing -- divorce or somebody -- like what somebody says on the radio. -- -- -- More -- played memorial can do it well. Okay well our rob them I'm sure you're not -- -- you are rob you're still -- rob thank you reluctant magical. Are my phone just index kind of something funky that's why women thought this is -- it now looks like he's Lloyd but he certainly is Suzanne. It is 542. And they couldn't answers and but it wasn't. It's up 542 a news -- -- thirty WB -- up my. -- quickly in addition to what we've been talking about which has been a remarkable success for once again bet you do not have to do politics all the time to be a talk show host. -- and this is real life. This has hit you where you live at all it's summer your outside you'd like to enjoy some peace and quiet. This lady who email me at five minutes to three. Is basically having her entire summer ruined. Because people the longer apparently shot up their dogs let their dogs are barking and barking and barking and -- Now I don't have that issue of my street. There are some tempers in my neighborhood. And now. It doesn't effect my quality of life. The little tranquility. Like a little piece. Of and quiet. So it's a very common complaint. Shrieking candidates. -- -- other. And if you go to my FaceBook page or even more in addition to what's driving me crazy in your neighborhood. Which by the way does not necessarily mean you or streak is -- got a cool street. You went to Cabela's this morning. How much did you get on your gift card and was it worth forsaking a night of sleep. To get sporting goods. I will not wait in line for anything. Now you can tell me I'd could wait in line all -- for a chance to get front row seats to Bob Dylan. And dinner with him after the shuttle and I would not wait in line. I'm sorry Joseph -- and John -- Bob Dylan is an American singer who rose to prominence in the early 1960s. Putting it in your terms. Let's keep -- Now we're market here is. Susan. Powell. On WB and Suzanne welcome to the -- -- Kind. Of I don't know I don't know that I don't think people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not the parents -- This this is a societal comment in general something else I've noticed is America has a mirror crisis. Not enough Americans apparently have mirrors because when you -- -- you see more and more people who. And what this is I believe I'm not in the latest in any way shape or form I despise elitism. But sometimes people leave the house in outfits I wouldn't even we here. Around my own home -- nobody there. -- here it's just I had to say the it I think about it one of those people at all -- -- campaign so I thought that's different. Yeah. -- it's lucky in the contaminants into the best but you aren't that -- my -- column. About. -- that can't be yelling and things like that. I. I have a three and your daughter by for the first tenure and an extra four years I -- Really at they just leave without pressure. And -- I had -- why I get sick I was not like that all of it does not like that yeah. By and kidney or not probably should tell -- though. I wouldn't -- screen meant so much anymore but I would say. They leave that where negative and it where counterproductive there are eagle at throughout his years. On her developing a healthy cup succeed in it cause problems or and and I and I wish that somebody would have actually called me because my daughter but could have been battered now. That takes a real big person to admit that what what was the reason I mean obviously you spent a lot of time. They can about your motivation and why you behaved in the way in which you behaved. Why was that. Well when I became pregnant her father -- very different. I left and when I like he actually went away two years after she was born. Which gave me a great rates and -- work out but I had taken on characteristics and the violence and -- very late in -- -- Household in my defense mechanism to get away from him. -- at a certain point prize because that I've been beat up from Iowa. But because we like crazy this statement it would be shocked that would give me like it's thirty expect a lot a lot -- my daughter up. In our on what I need this player can't say they don't own people. So basically what you're saying here in layman's language hope rolls downhill. And you were taking out your own inner frustrations. On your daughter. Because she was basically you or hurt. Receive as she was the recipient of your venom when actually it was more directed at the guy and a little bit yourself. For being with -- ago. Yet by itself even as I was doing my daughter I -- -- lie to cops not on the upper income each. You know I'm and yelling here and then they would get -- -- -- -- all of that and if I wanna I wanna do it to my daughter. But make it can -- it's functioned fine apart patent. I don't know how much of that stuff seen. Is is developed for our futures. Says that'll hold out I wanna talk to further and I I'm up against -- clock and I I need to break but I think this is a very important call and -- -- takes a very big person to. Admit that they screwed up and to tell us what they did to. You know basically stopped the bleeding and I don't mean that literally amusing a metaphor it's 548 news radio 930 WB Ian. And AccuWeather a gorgeous night in Western New York I mean better weather better winner. German suddenly at. That. Better weather tonight the whole YE is enjoying. A morning yes the state that brought us Obama. A moonlit sky and comfortable tonight the overnight low 56 degrees whatever you do an outside the night softball football soccer. Seeing Jon Fogarty a partner which one -- I've got to be beautiful overnight low 56 tomorrow sunny and pleasant 78 right now 74 at news radio 930 WB -- -- get back to Suzanne and I want it was prompted the call him. By another caller. Whose biggest complaint about a neighborhood is his mother who basically from morning until Mike is just screaming at her young children like three here five years old. Answers and basically says she wish. In retrospect that somebody has called CPS on terror because she my caller now would do the same thing to her kids. And basically involve being in a bad relationship with a guy who left her. And taking out her frustration on her young daughter let's finish this up Suzanne. What else have you learned about yourself -- what advice would you offer. If the lady about whom we spoke earlier who's yelling at her kids is listening right now. On. That the word. Oral. That. That their children don't understand. On the biggest stage in your -- and they are dying and Eric are you know -- and they don't understand it. What begins to basically looking at that and treating them with Christie and as if there's something wrong without. And even any -- for the most part yet and I had to be corrected her cot. -- net by young and -- but it generally does it is so -- and -- it makes them. Now. To an interpreter and talk tomorrow I'm not gonna learn anything from that really teach -- not constantly yell. And it. Well yeah it sounds like this is good discipline issue it does not frankly this woman it does not -- -- she's disciplining it sounds like she is venting her own frustration on her kids. And you know look I know the world's second world every kid gets a trophy for participating but at the same time between that and a healthy level. Self esteem you know you've got to have a happy medium. Suzanne thank you so much and magical. Thank you so much and you know what. Takes a lot for somebody to admit something like that and bag gonna look that group up parents anonymous and look at the web site.

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